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.”… After you finished blowing Steve and John ….” Paige breathlessly asked,”…did you get together with both guys again…at the same time?”

“Ohh yes baby… I took them both…at the same time… a DP,” I whispered.

Paige moaned and wiggled around in bed, “Ohh gawd Jen….how could you?” I could never do something like that…I could never take two men at the same time.”

“It was so good….I loved it and so did they. I want you experience it. Will you fuck my guys with me” I asked, nibbling at her ear?

Her mouth fell open and she inhaled drifting into the fantasy. . She pulled her nightshirt up above her breasts and twisted her panties to the side freeing her swollen clit. She began to finger herself. I jiggled one of her freed tits and then put it in my mouth for a moment and then I licked her neck and back up to her cheek and ear.

“Baby,” I purred, “you have to relax; and then trust; and then surrender. It’s ecstasy. Give yourself to it. Surrender to the pleasure. You can take a man in your ass and your pussy at the same time. Imagine pleasing two men while they worship you.”

She turned and licked at my lips and I opened up and we tongue fenced for several seconds. “Jen we have to stop now. Its too late. What if one of those bitches hears us?… I have to get going. ”

I was Paige’s alarm clock. Each morning I would kiss and cuddle her awake. I always made sure she awoke slightly aroused. Our arms and legs would slowly intertwine on her tiny twin bed. It was during this time that I would also share my sexual misadventures. Our passion would build. We were two sorority sisters sharing sweet little secrets.

We quieted for a moment, thinking about our day ahead. Neither of us was ready to get up. Paige was lightly fingering her nipples. Then she cupped her tits. “Jen could you just … just kiss my boobies… just my boobies..just for a little while? Pleeeease? And then I really have to go to class”

Her thick auburn hair fell off the bed and cascaded to the floor. I positioned myself above her long lean body and descended slowly onto her perfect little tits. I gave each the love it deserved.

Her strawberry nipples were so sensitive I barely needed to touch them for her moaning and breathing to increase. I knew her now. She wanted me to be gentle. I would never bite or suck too hard. I would open my mouth wide and pull as much of her boob in as I could. I would then and twirl my tongue around her nipple with most of her boob in my mouth. I could curl myself up and brace against the wall of our room so that I could suck her tit and finger her cunt at the same time. It drove her crazy. I would delicately finish with the lightest little kiss on each boob before moving on to her swollen pussy.

Her eyes were always closed when I went down on her. Mine were always open. Paige was absolutely gorgeous: especially in the early morning with the sun filtering through the blinds. She was the most beautiful girl in the sorority.

She had the face and body of a New York model. Me, the face and body of a California porn star. The rest of sorority girls were jealous and afraid that she would steal their boy friends. The hazed her unmercifully when she pledged. I thought she was going to drop line. Afterwards, I was the only one willing to room with her.

Stupid bitches. It never occurred to them that I would fuck their guys to death long before Paige would steal one.

I worked my way slowly down her tight stomach and I pulled ever so slightly at her navel ring. I licked and kissed up and down her stomach and pelvic bones before finding her snatch.

I sucked gently on her clit. Paige was accepting it and then.. ” Ohh fuck fuck no..Ohh Jen…noo. ohh baaabeee …. not today..not today,” she begged quietly. “I have mid term tomorr…Ohh Jen it’s no..don’t…they will hear me cum..” She then gave a quiet little cry.

Her pelvis began thrust and twist. I cupped her ass with both hands and began messaging around her little bung hole while I continued to eat her sweet cunt. She grabbed the back of my head and then let go. The last bit of her let go.

Her bottom half lifted in the air to meet me. She moaned and began loving her own breasts. Ohh Jen…it’s so goo…Uhh ohh……it’s so good… you fucking eat me so good… so fucking good … so fucking good…ohhh gaawd I love it so…”

She put her hands over her face and waited for her orgasm to grip her. Her lower body tightened and shook. I held my face to her pussy and messaged her tight ass.

After several seconds she quieted and began to softly cry. Her hands never left her face. She curled into a fetal ball and faced the wall.

“….you are so fuckin’ good….it’s so good and so bad,” she cried softly. “I’m a fucking lezbo and I love it so.”

I wasn’t going to let her get away with that and continued to lick her curled up ass and pussy from behind. She calmed and soon began to accept my face and tongue wedging its way deeper into her from behind. She Anadolu Yakası Escort angled her top leg open. I thought it was to give me better access to her. She was terrific a athlete and moved so quick that I didn’t realize what was happening until she had the upper hand.

She flipped me over before I realized what was happening. She was now on top of me smiling holding my arms above my head with our fingers intertwined.

She kissed me hard and said, “Ok my little bitch…it’s all your fault we are missing class. My turn you little bitch to devour you. And if you make any noise I will put a gym sock in your mouth.”

It was a serious threat. She knew I was a screamer.

“You sneaky little cunt,” I whispered, and licked up at her nose.

She used her strength and length to lick and kiss me up and down my neck, shoulders, all over my face without allowing me to move.

“Relax, trust and surrender,” she said. “Surrender to me this time.” And when I stopped wiggling around her kisses and licks grew slower, softer and more sensuous.

I had always initiated and usually dominated. This was different for us and it felt wonderful to have her take control of me.

She squeezed my boobs. “Your tits are all mine,” she said. “All mine and I will play with them as long as I want.” She was fascinated with my big breasts and I just loved her little ones. I held her head and stroked her hair as she suckled me. It was a quiet gentle love.

I let her do whatever she wanted. But, whenever I started to moan too much she would put a tit or fingers in my mouth.

“Be quiet and suck it,” she whispered. She loved me for what seemed like hours. Wonderful foreplay slow and and soft.

She would bring me up and then take it away. Pleasing and slowing; pleasing and slowing. I began begging for her to let me cum and finally she twisted around and dropped her pussy in my face and began eating her.

This is how we finished it each other in a 69. Two nasty little cats licking each others pussies clean.

After several minutes of post coital bliss, she returned to me at the head of the bed.

“You have ruined me you know,” she said.

“What do you mean,” I asked?.

“After this, after you I could not imagine being with the same man for thirty years having missionary sex. I can’t believe what I am saying but, I really want to join you with John and Steve. At least once to know what it is like.”

We kissed and cuddled teasing each other about pussy smell.

After a few more minutes: “One more story, Ok,” I asked?

“That’s fine we are both going to flunk out anyway. We could get an apartment in a ghetto somewhere. Become drug addicted hookers…”

..”Stop. Let me tell you about Trish….”

“Ohh, the woman that sends you the expensive gifts? Yes that’s one I have to hear.”

“So…Trish and Jim are friends of my parents. They have a 30 year relationship that went all the way back to their years here. When I was a young teen, Trish had taken an interest in me. She acted like an aunt or big sister. No, that’s not right. It was a southern California relationship. Trish had become my Obi Wan guide to the adult world. I knew that Mom was monitoring my behavior through Trish. The problem was who was monitoring Trish’s behavior.

She is a delicious southern California MILF with glistening caramel skin and a voluptuous hour glass physique. She has a pear shaped bottom and tight tennis player legs. Large implants and thick eye shadow are the only signs of her battle with middle age. She loves every bit of life and wanted me to do the same.

Her husband Jim is a great beast of a man. He is an olive colored Mediterranean with an unpronounceable last name that began with a P and ends some 15 letters later ended with a Z or a Y.

He is very flashy: Rolex watches; pinky rings and gold necklaces which always seem to be hopelessly entangled in his chest hair.

Trish warned that I was both beautiful and an open minded. Each can be easily exploited. She taught me how to walk in heels and how to flip my hair back to flirt. She taught me how to dress 23 when I was 15. She gave me my first pedicure. Delightful.

She taught me how to know when to avoid trouble and when to start it. We went on thong shopping sprees. I told her about the first boy I kissed and later the boys I had fucked. My first real boyfriend Tom had a dick that bent to one side and hooked down at the end.”

“Never give a boy with a crooked dick anal,” Trish said.

I had not considered that but it seemed like sound advice.”Thank you Obi Wan,” I laughed. She did the same.

At times our conversations were more serious. “Is it wrong for me to masturbate and fantasize about both boys and girls? Am I bi?”

“Women are now free to be sexual. We are able to enjoy the beauty of another woman in the same way that we can enjoy our own beauty when we masturbate. Never deny yourself, yourself and never limit your sexuality. Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan I enjoy both the strength and aggressiveness of a man and the sweetness and tenderness of a woman. Sexual satisfaction can be achieved in many different ways.”

By the time I had reached 19 however I thought I had pretty much understood things. I had been with Tom and his hooked dick and I also been with Kevin who had an incredibly thick short dick. It felt like I was fucking a can of tuna when I was with him. Trish however had prepared a more fulfilling sexual path. I stumbled in but was more than willing for her to be my guide in the journey.

I had worked odd jobs for a year after high school before deciding I was ready for college. That spring to celebrate my acceptance at my parents college we were all going to go to Las Vegas for shopping and some fun.

We were all coming from different parts of the country. Mom and Dad were back east visiting friends and ended up getting stuck in Chicago because of a late season snow storm. Tom was to join me from Denver where he had been skiing with friends he was stuck as well. Trish and Jim where flying out from San Francisco and made it in ok. I came from LA and arrived at the same time they did. We shared a cab and grabbed the adjoining suites at the hotel. I was going to hold the room for Mom and Dad so that they could be near their friends and then I would swap out when Tom and my parents arrived.

After check in, Jim hit the tables and Trish and I hit the mall. We shopped for a couple of hours and arrived back at the hotel with several bags. We were going to shower and get ready for dinner. I noticed that I was missing a Gucci purse that I had bought earlier in the day.

I knocked on the door of the adjoining suite calling for Trish. She did not answer but the door was open so I assumed she was somewhere in the large suite but could not hear me. I walked in calling her name. I noticed the closet contained several store bags and I went over and started to rummage around looking for my purse.

Then I heard Jim and Trish at the front door. I suddenly realized what an embarrassing situation I was in so I hid in the closet. I could peak through the slats in the closet door. I thought I would wait for them to leave the bedroom and I would scramble back to my suite without them noticing. Jim and Trish had been drinking and they were starting to go at it. I was going to have a ring side seat to my parents’ best friends having sex.

I was terrified. And then I was disgusted. And I was intrigued. And then I was amused. And finally I was aroused. Jim was a Sasquatch: all hair; back; legs; and chest that grew into a thick jungle around his crotch. And then I saw his dick. It was so fucking huge. It was darker than the rest of him like he had sewed on some bull’s dick. I couldn’t believe it was real. Jim laid on his back moaning while Trish licked and slobbered her way up and down in his shaft.

No way, she could take this monster inside of her. Trish turned around and slowly backed her ass up towards Jim’s face. She twisted and teased her ass and pussy up towards his mouth. He tried to raise his neck to get to her pussy sooner. Each time she scooted a little back so he could not get at her pussy.

She turned back looked at him and smiled and started rubbing her wet pussy against his hairy chest: back and forth from his chest to his stomach rubbing her pussy against him. After several moments of teasing the big bear could stand no more. He moaned hard and lifted her up by her hips and plopped her pussy and back-end on his face.

He happily licked at her pussy while she now was jerking and licking him into an even larger erection. They licked and sucked for several minutes and made the most wonderful sex sounds.

This was nothing like I had experienced moaning and purring and gasping with each caress or or lick or suck. It was so hot. I was getting more aroused watching them. I felt safer as their love making became more frenetic.

I slipped my panties down to my knees and started fingering my clit. I wanted to cum with them. Trish was ready to mount. Her pussy and been softened and lubed with Jim’s saliva and she slid her self back up to a reverse riding um cowgirl. Jim had to let Trish do all the work. She began with her back laying flat on Jim’s chest. She slowly took the tip of his dick in while massaging her clit.

Jim gently massaged her breasts and kissed her shoulders. She squatted took a little more in and then went back resting her ass on him. She began to rock back and forth on his cock working more of its length inside. She braced herself squatted again and took him all in.

And, at the moment when his full dick was swallowed by her pussy she let out a pleasure pain cry that gave me goose bumps. Jim know began to contribute to the pleasure by taking some of her weight bouncing her ass up and down on his rod I smelled the sex in the room; closed my eyes and inhaled listening Escort Anadolu Yakası to the sounds and imagining that I was part of what was happening.

Then the theme for the Godfather started playing.

Ohh shit it was my cell phone going off. I had put my phone down and the muffled sound was coming from somewhere near the bags. I fell to my knees and scrambled around in the dark looking for the flashing light to turn it off hoping they did not hear it. I found it and turned off the ringer.

The closet flew open and suddenly I was crouched under a redwood falling in the forest. Jim’s dick was long and thick and straight and true.

I burst into tears at the site of it so close and ran out of the room my phone in one hand and holding my panties up with the other.

“What the fuck,” he bellowed?

“Jim, cover yourself.” Trish screamed.

“Jen, Jen wait what’s going on,” she called?

I went back to my side of the connected suites slammed and locked the door fell to the floor and continued crying uncontrollably.

After several minutes there was a knock and the voice of a very reassuring Trish called, “Jen, it’s me open the door. It’s all right Jen. I have sent Jim down to play Blackjack. Open the door honey.”

“I can’t..I can’t I am so sorry Trish I didn’t mean this the way it looks. I am so sorry. I am so embarrassed.”

“Jen it’s ok. Really it’s ok.”

“No it’s not,” I started crying again louder.

“Jen I am going to take a shower. I will try back with you in about an hour. Please open the door, then, and talk to me.”

Sometime later there was a knock at the front door.

“Yes,” I said.

“Room service,” was the answer from Trish.

“I looked at her through the peep hole.”

She smiled and raised up to my view a silver tray with a rose, a bottle of champagne and a bowl full of chocolate covered strawberries on it.

I laughed, still slightly embarrassed, and let her in. She walked in and carried the tray over the table. She was radiant: her hair; makeup; a little low cut black dress; and pumps that she picked up earlier that day.

She opened the bottle poured two glasses carried strawberries over and said with a very sexy voice.” You know the first time I saw Jim’s pecker I went running out of the room crying too.”

We laughed and drank and ate the strawberries. We ordered up a second bottle of champagne. After the second bottle I was feeling no pain and no shame.

“So what’s on the agenda tonight,” she asked?

“Ohh well I thought you might spend more time with Jim…after all I..”

“…Don’t worry about him….the last I checked he’s winning at blackjack…….He’s was up five grand.” Trish did call Jim again and asked if he would join us for a dinner and a show. He was still winning she said and would talk to us later.

We left the room and were in the lobby before Trish had realized she had forgotten her phone. I gave her my key card so she could double back up to my room to pick it up.

We had a wonderful meal and went to one of those Vegas reviews with the girls dancing around half naked. Trish actually knew the producer and we were able to go back stage after the show to meet him and some of the girls. They were taking a break between shows and sitting around in various stages of undress.

My eyes darted from direct views to mirrored views of these wonderful looking women. I would deliberately get caught looking at boobs and butts and then faces and I would get smiles and winks in return. A couple of girls brushed by me in costume and I felt the feathering of an outfit our the slight smell of perfume.

I was fucking horny by the time we got back to the hotel. Trish checked in with Jim. He still had not left the table. We went for one more night cap and then back to the room. I walked in and Trish followed checking to see if anything was left in the champagne bottles. She closed one eye and looked in each.

“Anything left,” I asked?

“Just a little taste,” and with that she seductively tongued the top of one of the bottles. Trish was flirting with me. I felt my ears and face flush with excitement.

“You’re not the kind of woman that would be satisfied with a little taste of anything,” I shot back.

She smiled and walked slowly over towards me. She stopped right in front of me and gazed deep into my eyes. I was dying for her to kiss me.

Instead she reached for the room phone and said, “One more bottle?”

“Sure” I said and breathing out really hard. I hope she had noticed.

“And how about we order up a couple of messages?”

“At one o’clock in the morning?”

“This is Vegas,” she said.

In less than 10 minutes more champagne two massage tables and two of the cutest little Filipino girls arrived to give us massages. The girls had deep auburn shoulder length hair and soft adorable voices. You have made them for sisters.

Trish was in the bathroom, in a bathrobe and on the table and naked in the blink of an eye. One of the girls covered her bottom with a towel. I followed Trish’s lead.

We laid flat on our stomachs. It was so unbelievable decedent. My goose bumps rose all over my body and felt a little embarrassed wondering if my girl was noticing. The girls, tenderly caressed us with warm oil, while we drank champagne.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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