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Missionary Position

We lay among cool, tangled sheets in the dark. I could smell him…the faint breath of his cologne, his own personal smell and a touch of sweat. Our clothes shed, we were naked and sleepy after a night out on the town.

Giggling like children, we told jokes and poked fun at each other. My eyes began to close and my mind began to fall into the twilight of the unconscious. A peaceful dream begins to take place, but some thing holds me back. A warm current of breath makes its way over my shoulders. I become aware of the outline of his body pressed against my back. A thin sheet separating us, I can feel his potent heat and the pulsing of his hungry prick. I feign sleep so he will continue his lovers caress. I feel the heat in his eyes as his long fingers pull the sheet from my breasts, causing them to perk up in the cold.

The pale, D cup mounds are icy in the moonlight, and he can’t seem to keep himself from tweaking a nipple between his fingers. I shift onto my back, and he continues the erotic pull….plucking my baby pink nipples between his roughened fingers. He twists them slowly, letting them almanbahis adres bounce back into place. My legs begin to spread of their own will. His cock is already hungry, but my pussy has yet to be fully woken. I feel the blood rush to my pussy lips and my slit start to get wet. He goes to the other breast and pulls the nipple. My hands tangle in his hair, forcing his head down to the font of my desire. My hips rise and my legs spread. I command him with a few words….”Taste me”.

Using gentle hands to open me, he spreads my pussy wide, taking time to gaze upon its lush pink in the silver light before penetrating me tongue first. Lust takes over and I begin to go wild. Thrusting my hips up, my legs drawing into my chest, I take his face in both hands, pushing him deeper into my cunt. His whole face is buried in my pussy….his tongue flicking over my gspot…his nose bumping my hard clit….his hands massaging my aching pussy lips. I came in his mouth, my lust for him pouring over his lips and tongue. I was sated, but he was not.

His hunger for my pussy had only fueled my hunger for his almanbahis adresi gorgeous prick. I laid him back, and straddled his thighs with my pale legs. Gazing at his towering member, I licked my lips in anticipation. I traced the vein on the bottom of his shaft all the way to the head, where my tongue circled under the bulbous tip. I teased him like this for a while…butterfly tongue flicks on all sides of his cock. When he was tight as a bowstring and ready to scream, I placed my warm and wet lips over his cock and plunged down. I took his heat into my throat, his balls scraping my chin. I used my tongue to massage his prick as I bounced my face on him.

He took hold of my hair…I then told him to fuck my face. He quickly turned me over and took up the offer. He rammed his cock into my face….his precum leaking in delicious drops down my throat. I face fucked him hard and fast….the most wonderful pussy ever known to any man. But this wasn’t enough. He pulled out, and pushed my tits together, pushing his cock in between. He began to thrust hard…harder than I had ever felt him fuck my almanbahis adres pussy. I felt his thrusts all the way down to my pussy….hitting my clit and scraping the tender walls of my cunt every time. Every time his head appeared through my cleavage, I used my tongue to rub the head. He finally came into my open mouth, his hot load splashing me all over. I licked it up with obvious delight.

He was sated, I had had mine…so you would think the story was done.

Not so. I was all worked up again, my clit exposed to the air and begging to be kissed. I thought he deserved a real treat though. I lay by his legs spread wide, and slipped a finger from each hand into my pussy, opening it for him to see …all wet for him all over again. I reached those fingers up into my slit and caressed my wanting cunt. My head tipped back, I didn’t know he had dipped his head to my pussy yet again, this time to suck my little clitty in between his lips while I finger fucked myself into an oblivion. I came harder this time than the last, my moans turned into grunts and more animal in heat than human. I rode his face hard, and my hands harder vying for a piece of heaven I had yet to reach.

But I did get there. And after, we lay tangled in our sweaty sheets…floating away on dreams full of pussy’s waiting to be fucked and dicks waiting to be sated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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