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This is about a 90% true story with the names and a few other things changed to make it a better story.

I have this group of friends – guys and girls. I met them originally when I tried to date one of the girls, who I met at work. It turned out she was super Christian. Nothing against Christians – I’m a Christian, but she was the kind of Christian that believed not only no sex before marriage, but no kissing before marriage!

After she had invited me to a few group things, I asked her to a basketball game, just the two of us (and the other 17,000 fans but we didn’t know them. They don’t count.) We had a fun time together but the next day she told me she normally only goes out with a guy if she’s dating them so she probably couldn’t repeat last night’s activities. It was kind of a gut punch that she didn’t even consider that a date. Something told me I should not formally ask her on a date. I might be in over my head if I did. She was probably the most Christian, but they were all like that to varying degrees. Unexpectedly, they kept inviting me to get-togethers and since I usually had nothing better going on, I would go to the stuff they invited me to. I crushed on a couple of the other girls but it never went anywhere.

After a couple of years, I realized one of the girls in the group, Heidi, was not as Christian as she was letting on. She was only going to church and bible study group every Thursday because her friends did. She confided in me that she found some of the people in the group insufferable. You couldn’t tell an off-color joke. You couldn’t wear anything sexy. you couldn’t talk about drinking to excess. I had to agree. Sometimes they were fun but sometimes I wish we could loosen up.

Heidi and I started messaging on Facebook. I couldn’t believe I had barely noticed her in two years! She loved baseball and trivia like I did and she had a good sense of humor. I invited her to trivia night at a local bar. We had fun so I kept inviting her to dinner, mini golf and then a basketball game. After the basketball game, I realized I hadn’t gotten anywhere with her in four dates and I was risking getting trapped in the friend zone. But going in for a kiss was a risk too because I know some girls in the group thought a kiss was a huge deal.

After the game, we both got in the car and we were waiting for the parking lot the clear out. I must have been debating in my head whether to kiss her or not a little too hard because she looked over and said, “What’s wrong?” I didn’t say anything. I just leaned over and gave her a big kiss right on the mouth. We made out until the parking lot was clear.

Now we were at the stage where we were making out at the end of every date. We didn’t go out more than once or twice a week because at the time I was working two jobs, 60 hours a week or more, and taking night classes. But I asked her out whenever I was not too busy.

I cooked her dinner at my place. We went to a concert. We went on a group date to the movies with three other couples and they all walked out because it was too offensive. Heidi and I thought the movie was hilarious! I worked up to the stage where she let me feel her up over her clothes and then under her clothes. Then one day she asked me if I wanted to play strip trivia at her place. Yes, fucking obviously I did!

She started with a sweater and jeans. At this point, I should probably tell you what she looks like. She was about 5′ 4″, tan and curvy but not fat. Her tummy was flat. She had a nice round butt. Heidi had shoulder length brown hair and a pretty face with one crooked tooth that I found cute. I answered the first question right and she took the sweater off. She had on a tank top. She had thick arms but with nice muscles and with the tan, they looked good. I was sitting behind her and I touched her arms and massaged her sexy biceps. After she answered a question and my button up shirt come off, I got another one right and her tank top came off. I rubbed her shoulders and arms again. I looked at her cleavage without any fear of being ‘caught’. She had on a cute purple bra. I knew she had large breasts. I had squeezed them under istanbul escort her shirt but over her bra. I was really eager to see them!

She is really good at trivia so my shirt came off quickly. She put her hands on my chest and grabbed my biceps. I’m not huge but I work out enough to not be self conscious. Then I got one right and I thought it was time to see what was in her bra but she crossed me up by taking off her socks. She had cute little feet with red toenail polish. She finally missed one, so my next right answer got her pants off. She had nice looking calves. Her thighs were very sexy despite her short legs. Smooth, tan, kind of thick but with good muscle tone. I rubbed her sweet thighs and gave her belly a kiss. She had a cute round belly button. Her stomach was not toned but pretty flat. It was the kind of belly that would jiggle a little if you fucked her. She must have been turned on so she threw her head back and I kissed up and down her neck.

“OK, OK, My turn.” she finally said. Of course she got another one right to get my socks off. She didn’t have anything left that wouldn’t reveal something interesting. I had no idea on the next question so she kept her bra for the moment. God damn, the anticipation was driving me crazy. I wanted to see what was in her bra so bad! I was behind her and couldn’t see much except when I leaned forward and peeked over her shoulder. Then I could see the tan valley between her big boobs. She managed to get my pants off with the next question. I had a pretty good tent in my boxers but she didn’t say anything.

I nailed the next question and it was finally time to see the twins. She turned around and faced me, “You win. Do you want to do the honors?” She asked. I guess we are ignoring the fact that we still both have underwear on. I nodded, reached around with both hands and unhooked it. I slowly pulled it off her shoulders and there they were. They had to be a Double D. They were tan all over, with big pinkish brown nipples. They sagged as much as you would expect Double D’s to sag and they kind of curved outward so the nipples were not pointing straight ahead. They were definitely the nicest tits I had ever seen. I put my hands all over them. I squeezed them and lifted them up and squished them. I was trying to drink in the moment. Who knew if I would ever get to play with tits this nice again.

“I see you like your prize.” She said. Then she kissed me. We started making out. As we were kissing she got on top of me. Her gorgeous tits were hanging against my chest. I pulled her close to me and now they were mashed against my chest. Then she started rubbing her crotch on my crotch. It felt nice, her cute purple panties rubbing against my boxers. My dick was hard with anticipation of what might come next. We weren’t kissing anymore. We were just looking past each other and trying to hit that right spot. What could I say to get her panties off? Luckily I didn’t have to think of anything because she said, “This would be better with our underwear off.”

“Yeah,” I said and we slipped our undies off. She had just a little bit of pubic hair trimmed neatly. Her pussy was dark pink with medium sized lips.

“I just want to rub, is that OK?” Heidi asked.

“Yeah, that sounds great.” I said. I placed my cock right in between her pussy lips and rubbed up and down. It felt so good on the underside of my cock. She was squirming and breathing hard and really wet so I guessed she was enjoying it too. I was rubbing against this sweet pussy and staring down at her sexy tan body. Her tits just laying on her chest, her tummy, her spread legs and especially my dick imbedded in her gash. After a while, I realized this felt great but I just wasn’t going to be able to cum from it. God, I wanted to stick it in her! The thought that maybe she was a virgin was driving me crazy! I could be the first to fuck this tight pussy and have it cum all over my cock. I just couldn’t get quite there without being inside her. I couldn’t cum and after a while I started thinking about all the work I had to do in the morning and told her I avcılar escort should get going. Of course I kissed her and told her I couldn’t wait to do this again.

I can’t honestly remember if that was our last date or if we had a couple more that ended in rubbing like that. All I know is that not long after that she called me and told me that she had been thinking and something about this relationship doesn’t seem right. I act like I don’t have any time for her. Well of course I don’t. I’m working 60 plus hours a week and going to school. I probably should have said that but I just played it cool and said,” OK, that’s cool. I hope we can still be friends.” But that is not how the story ends!

We were kind of used to chatting on Facebook, so we kept doing that even if we were not a couple anymore. We both started going on internet dates and we would tell each other how they went and give each other advice and such. One of us said we hoped we could get some action on our birthday and then we started talking about fucking each other on our birthdays if we weren’t dating anyone. Our conversations got more and more explicit. Then she started acting hurt that I just wanted to have sex and not have a relationship. Of course I responded, “You broke up with me! I wanted to date you.”

“OK, then let’s date again.” she responded.

To which I said, “I don’t know if I want to give it another chance yet. It hurt when you broke up with me.” This went on for a couple months. Of course we both have fall birthdays and this story happened in the winter and spring! Eventually, after work slowed down so I was only working one job and 40 hours a week, I gave in (or she gave in, I’m not sure) and we decided she would come over for dinner and to watch a movie – or maybe to make out and have her tits played with!

She was wearing denim shorts and a cute light blue top. I had on khaki shorts and a polo. I was making Chicken Bryan – a rip-off of a certain Italian chain restaurant that never failed to impress a date. After dinner we sat on the couch and just kind of looked at each other for a moment. Then she dropped the hammer, “So my friends told me I need to tell you we can’t get back together.”

“Oh, is that really why you came over here? You could just text me that.” I said.

“I don’t know. My bible study group thinks you’re all wrong for me. They think you’re not Christian enough.” Let me just stop for a second and tell you how absurd it is for me to be some kind of “bad boy”. I’m the type that if you met me, you would just assume I’m an accountant or a computer programmer or something.

“Yeah, but that’s why you like me.” and I moved in for the kiss. I was glad she kissed me back! I knew I was trying to convince her to stay at that point. I held her head in my hands and kissed her as passionately as I could. The passion was real though. I missed her. I hadn’t been with her in a few months. I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to kiss these sweet lips again, and now, not only was I kissing her, I’d probably get to squeeze those tits I’d been jacking off to. After a while, I made my move. I took off her shirt. She took off mine. I kissed her more and ran my hands up and down her back. Her skin was so smooth. I lightly touched her sides and her tummy. Without stopping the make out session, I unhooked her shiny red bra. She came over here to break up with me in a sexy red bra? – I don’t think so! I so wanted to just stare at her tits, but I wanted to keep kissing her so she wouldn’t pause to assess the situation. So I contented myself to squeeze and mash her big gorgeous boobs. I played with her nipples and pinched them lightly with my fingers.

Then I got an idea to get her pants off. I stopped and told her, “I want to lick your pussy.” We had never done any oral when we dated before.

She just nodded and said, “Oh, OK” I took off her shorts and matching red panties in one motion. Then I gave a little shrug and took my pants off, but left my boxers on. She was sitting on the couch and I was kneeling on the floor. I put my hands on her beautiful tan thighs and kissed the insides of her legs. şirinevler escort I kissed just above her pubes on her tummy then back to her thigh closest to her pussy. Then I licked the length of her slit, kissed it and then stuck my tongue in it. I licked it hard, flicking my tongue as I rubbed above her clit with my thumb. I did this for a while and then licked her clit and stuck my finger in her pussy and finger fucked her. She was moaning and wiggling and seemed to be having a good time.

“Do you want to rub?” She finally asked.

“Yeah.” I took down my boxers. I got on top of her, licked my hand and spread the saliva on my dick. Then I placed it on her dark pink pussy lips. I rubbed my dick up and down her wet little slit. She threw her head back and I kissed her neck while I rubbed on her. The friction on the underside of my cock was really nice. I tried to do it extra hard so her tits would jiggle. It looked incredibly hot watching her boobs moving slightly up and back on her chest. But I wanted to fuck her! Again, I was stuck so close to being inside her but so far away. Then something fortunate happened. I slipped and jammed my dick awkwardly against her.

“Ha, I almost slipped in there.” I said.

“That wouldn’t be so bad.” Heidi said.

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” I asked hopefully.

“Yeah.” she replied.

I re-positioned and guided my dick into her. I was so excited I never thought to get a condom. I went slowly at first, just putting the tip in and pumping slowly. I wasn’t sure if she was a virgin or not. There was no hymen but that doesn’t always mean a girl’s not a virgin. Then I slid in all the way. She gasped and her eyes fluttered. I went in for a kiss. I always had a thing for kissing and fucking at the same time. Then I raised my head back up. I was on top of her but with my arms extended so I could look down at her body. I was pumping in and out of her hard now. I had a great view of her tits wiggling around and with every stroke, her belly jiggled just a little.

Heidi was breathing hard and letting out little sighs. She put her hands on my chest. I wanted to last a long time for her and make her cum with me but I wasn’t used to condomless sex and it felt amazing. Plus, I’d been dreaming about fucking Heidi for months! I had to stop pumping for a second. “That feels so good. I don’t want to cum right away.” I told her.

“Am I too tight?”, She asked innocently.

“There’s no such thing.” I replied. She gave me two quick squeezes with her pussy muscles and gave me a smile. That was hot! When I started again a couple seconds later, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. It felt so good pumping in and out of her warm wet pussy. I could feel her tight pussy gripping my dick. I lowered myself a bit so I could feel our bellies pressed together. The more of her soft sexy body I could be touching, the better.

“Oh Fuck.” I said as I pulled out. I cam three spurts on her belly and then another drop. Some of it pooled in her belly button and some of it ran down her side. Even more of it just stayed right on her tummy to dry. I admired my white cum on her tan body.

“Was that good?” She asked.

“Yeah, that was great. Can I get you to cum?” I went to rub her pussy.

“No, it’s OK. It felt really good though.” Heidi re-assured me.

“I’m sorry, I usually last longer. I was just so excited to be with you again and then to go all the way was really amazing.”

“No, it’s fine, really. It’s hard to get me to cum. I can’t wait to keep trying though!”

“OK, cool.” was all I could manage to say, “Are you free this weekend?”


“OK, I’ll call you. We’ll go see some live music or something.”

“Yeah, that would be great.”

The next day she sent me a text saying we can’t get back together. She wanted to tell me in person, but that didn’t really work last time. I was fine with that because I hate playing games and I was getting tired of working so hard for this! Plus, not to sound crass but I already fucked her. I would have definitely dated her but I’m not going to beg! I asked if she was a virgin because I just really wanted to know. She said she’d had sex with 4 guys in the past but promised herself she “wouldn’t have sex with anyone else before marriage – Oops!” It’s still a great memory. We didn’t message much more after that. We still see each other at increasingly infrequent get-togethers but we’ve both moved on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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