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It’s another Saturday morning, and I wake at the normal time, naked and happy I don’t have to work. I recall the dream I had. We finally kissed. Full-on kissing. And I think, wow, he’s a good kisser. Almost too good, but that’s what dreams are for.

I’m getting a little turned on thinking about him, and I reach down to touch my pussy to pleasure myself. As I slide my hand down to its lips I can feel it’s been shaved on the underside and remember what happened the day before…

I was working late and was the only one left in the office. It’s in a pretty isolated area, and there are no windows. My plan was to go for a swim right after leaving work. I hadn’t trimmed my bikini line and had brought a battery-operated personal groomer, figuring I’d complete the task in the locker room bathroom at the gym. Then I thought about the noise it would make. I decided I could lock myself in the vacant office and do it there.

I grabbed my gym bag and closed the door. I put a towel on the desktop to catch any hair. I had a skirt on that day, so I just removed my panties and jacked up my skirt over my hips and get to the job of removing the growth from the past weeks. It doesn’t take long as I’m not all that hairy down there, and it’s mostly blonde.

As I was grooming I began to think about him-this man I work with-and wondering if he would still like to eat my pussy if there was hair on it. I figured he probably would—he’s old school, but maybe not, who knows. I then decided to pretend that him eating me was a possibility and began shearing away the hair underneath and leaving the hair on the front intact.

Halfway through shaving the right side the door opened. It was kartal otele gelen escort him! I was shocked and mortified. I forgot to lock the door. His eyes practically pop out of his head, but he keeps it together, grins, wide and asks, “Baby. What. Are. You. Doing?”

His voice was a mixture of sarcasm, amusement and delight. I was horrified, but managed to say, “Uh…I was getting ready to go swimming and started thinking about you, baby, and got turned on. Things got out of hand. I don’t know what I was thinking. I shouldn’t have done this here. I should have locked the door.”

He smiled and his eyes lit up with mischief.

“Let me help you, baby. You can’t even see what you’re doing,” he said. And he laughed. Loudly.

I was so embarrassed. He must think I’m crazy, I thought, and I realized maybe I am. But he offered to help and that seemed like an even bigger turn on. So I laughed right back at him, but mostly at myself.

“OK, honey,” I said, and handed him the trimmer. “Just be really careful, please.”

“No worries. I shave myself with a real razor every day and hardly ever cut myself,” he said, grinning and winking at me as he sat in the arm chair in front of me and the desk. Then he took my legs and placed each foot on either side of him on the chair. I felt like I was in stirrups.

He turned on the trimmer, and with all seriousness, said, “Let’s roll!”

I spread my legs wide, and he touched the vibrating shear to the right side of my pussy where I had left off. It took all I had not to wiggle. I was so horny but still a little mortified to find myself in front of him like this, istanbul kartal escort so vulnerable and scared of getting cut down there.

“Relax,” he said, and gently pushed my torso from upright to leaning back on the desk on my elbows. Then he put his left hand on my belly with his thumb just above my clit and pulled up so the skin was taut. (My toes curled at this point and my eyes rolled back in their sockets, but I took a deep breath and watched him go to work.)

Holding me fast, he took up where I left off on the right side of my pussy and in no time was done with the left. Then he took the trimmer and ran it all the way around my butt hole and turned off the trimmer. He looked up at me and then glanced back at my pussy.

I knew it had lubed up. Still holding me down with the strength of his hand and the pressure of his thumb above my clit, he touched the tiny bit of moisture there with his finger and tasted it, all the while looking at me like he wanted to devour it.

Now here is where I am selfless as I have imagined, with help from his dirty texts, his tongue going to work down there and making me shudder. But I thought, “Too much loose hair. I don’t want him gagging the first time he licks me.”

So I sat up and said, “Thank you for helping me with this, baby.” I could see he was disappointed, like he wanted to dive in. Still turned on, I said as I licked my lips, “Maybe I could do a little favor for you in return.”

“Definitely baby,” he said, “Let’s switch places,” then said, “Wait a minute! I don’t want to get shaved.”

“Oh, I’m not going to do that,” I said, and he could see the mischief kartal rus escort in my eyes. We quickly changed places. I stood in front of him, between his legs as he sat on the desk top. We hugged each other and we kissed lightly then deeply, our hands touching and squeezing each other’s bodies.

I could feel his swollen cock pressing into my newly styled and still naked pussy beneath my skirt. I broke away, sat in the chair and leaned into him, unlatching his belt and pulling down his zipper.

Then I reached in and found his cock, straining to get out of boxer briefs. He stood up so I could pull his pants and underwear away, revealing a beautiful eight-inch cock. It was warm and as hard as steel as I ran my fingers along its silky length. I couldn’t believe I was finally seeing it, let alone touching it.

I took that lovely cock and rubbed it against my cheek and under my chin to the other cheek then slide it across my lips before I opened my mouth.

I had imagined the intimacy of putting it in my mouth for a long time, but decided to lick every inch of it first. He seemed so pleased, and he closed his eyes.

“Oh honey. That feels like heaven,” he said, as I ran my tongue from his balls to the underside of the tip and over the head which had leaked a little bit of cum. The salty taste of him encouraged me to open my mouth and lightly suck the head while swirling my eager tongue around it.

He was groaning like sleeping bear as I took more and more of his shaft into my mouth. He reached down to my shoulders and gently held me as I swallowed then released his whole cock over and over again.

And suddenly his grip on my shoulders tightened and held me steady as he pulled out of my throat and let out his cum in my mouth. I closed my eyes and sucked hard on the tip of his cock.

“Baby, that was wonderful,” he said, “Thank you.”

My mind was swirling like the cum in my mouth, and he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

I swallowed his salty seed and said, “My pleasure.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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