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Chapter 8: Training Day

Jeff was steel reeling from Janice’s balloon talk. He never imagined that just hearing Janice talk about balloons, and how carelessly she blew them and popped them, would make him so horny. He certainly never imagined that this straight-laced woman would suddenly grab his package and start masturbating him. And he also never imagined that she would suddenly stop.

But given that they had just walked through a door marked “BALLOON TRAINING ROOM”, Jeff didn’t think it would be long before someone or something finished what Janice had inadvertently started (and so nearly finished).

Inside the small room, they found a woman with short brown hair sitting at a desk, just starting to inflate a yellow balloon. The desk’s surface was awash in bags of balloons, and right in front of her was a pile of busted balloon nozzles with shards of latex hanging from them. Bits of busted balloon littered the floor, and a few wet bits of latex stuck to the walls. There was a tiny piece of a pink balloon in the woman’s hair.

Jeff knew that such tiny shards usually meant a virgin balloon that had been blown to destruction. It was obvious that the woman was training for the balloon test Janice had told him about, which consisted of blowing a large number of balloons so tight that they were within two breaths of bursting. Jeff could imagine the test, with this pretty woman blowing balloons big and tight, tying them off, and then passing them the inspector (Janice, perhaps?), who would untie them and begin blowing long, hard breaths of her own. Any balloon that couldn’t be blown to destruction in two breaths didn’t count. Jeff wondered what happened to the rejects, the ones that were able to take two big blows without exploding. Would the tester blow again and again, perhaps to show the newbie balloon blower how far she had come up short? Or would she unceremoniously stab it with a pin or dig her fingernails into it, the way Janice had destroyed the cum-soaked balloon in his room? Jeff felt his member warming up to try its missed shot again.

“Hi Megan,” Janice said. “How’s it going?”

The woman emptied her lungs, swelling the yellow balloon until it was the size of a grapefruit, then said, “Hi, Janice. I’m slogging through.”

“How many are you up to?” Janice asked as Megan blew another puffy-cheeked breath into the balloon. It made a rapid and impressive increase in size.

“This is my thirty-third in a row. I did the whole 50 yesterday, but the sizes weren’t quite right. Anya was helping me out, and there were a couple that took three blows to pop instead of two. That’s a fail, right?” Her chest strained against her blouse as she filled her lungs, and Jeff could see the outline of her nipples against the fabric. It looked like she wasn’t wearing… but no, who comes to work without a bra? Meanwhile, Megan blew another big, long breath into the balloon as she waited taksim escort for Janice’s answer.

“Yes, but there’s a little flexibility. If you blow a couple that are undersize, they’ll sometimes overlook it. Did you overinflate any?”

“Only two,” Megan said brightly. “It was toward the end, I was getting a little light-headed and I wasn’t paying attention. I almost jumped out of my skin when they popped! Two isn’t bad, right?. When I started, I was overinflating at least ten. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, I was just blowing and blowing and blowing until I heard the bang. But I’ve been doing better today, I haven’t had a single accidental overinflation. Anya said you can kind of tell when the balloon is ready to let go, because the resistance changes. I think I’ve figured out what she’s talking about.”

“Anya would know,” Janice said. “She probably blows up more balloons than anyone in this place. She’s like a machine. I was pretty good when I was a maid, but she gets through even more balloons than I did. She’s not helping you today?”

“Nope,” Megan said, after emptying another massive lung-full of air into the big yellow balloon. “Apparently someone had a big party in one of the suites last night, and Tammy is out sick, so Anya has to clean up the shards and blow up all the new balloons herself.” Megan shifted slightly. From the way her blouse jiggled, Jeff was now positive there was nothing under her thin blouse. She wasn’t as busty as Tracy (was anyone?), but she certainly wasn’t flat chested, that was for sure, and he had always dreamed of a braless girl blowing big balloons for him… Oh, God, he thought. Please, don’t let me jizz right now.

“Between you and me, that’s no big loss,” Janice said. “Tammy’s useless. She won’t quit smoking and she blows up balloons about as quickly as old people fuck.” She glanced at Jeff. “Sorry. Insider information. Don’t tell.”

“I’m OK without Anya,” Megan said. “I’m blowing them up until I think they are the right size, then seeing how much they take to pop,” She blew again, long and hard. It was obvious to Jeff that the yellow balloon didn’t have long to live. “I’ve been able to pop most of them in two breaths, and I don’t think I can blow as hard as Anya does.”

“No one blows as hard as Anya does,” Janice said. “That girl can just about fill a 9″ balloon in one breath.”

“Yeah, well, she certainly has a big set of lungs,” Megan said, and both women laughed at a joke Jeff didn’t get.

“Go on,” Janice said, “finish blowing that one up and I’ll test it for you. By the way, this is Jeff, a guest at the hotel. I’m taking him to see the popping room. Jeff, this is Megan. She just hired on as a maid. She was a sousaphone player for USC.”

“Go Trojans,” Megan said. “Nice to meet you, Jeff.” She blew again, long and deep, and the balloon squealed in protest.

“H-h-hi,” Jeff stammered. He was picturing the scene: kadıköy escort The beautiful (and apparently braless) Megan was going to blow up this balloon up until it was big and full, and then she was going to hand it to Janice, who would blow it to smithereens! He’d given up on not cumming in front of Janice, who, fortunately, didn’t seem to be bothered. But he was pretty sure the sight of him blasting a load of hot spunk was the last thing the new hire wanted to see.

They watched in silence as Megan huffed and puffed and blew the yellow balloon bigger and bigger. Jeff felt uneasy staring, but it was clear that Megan didn’t mind. She intended to be watched, but perhaps not for the reasons Jeff had in mind. No, he thought, I have to look away, otherwise I’m going to…

And then he felt Janice’s hand on his crotch again.

She was squeezing his massive bulge in time to Megan’s breaths. When Megan inhaled, she would let go. When she blew, Janice would squeeze. He couldn’t believe it – the stand-offish Janice was jerking him off in time to Megan’s balloon blowing! He panicked at the thought that Megan would see what she was doing, but of course she couldn’t, because her face was obscured by the giant yellow balloon she was so rapidly inflating. Jeff looked over at Janice, but she was watching Megan dispassionately.

Blow. Squeeze. Blow. Squeeze. How could a looner boy take much more?

“What do you think?” Megan asked. She turned to the side and emptied another massive lung-full of air. Her cheeks, red with effort, bulged as she blew.

“Your call,” Janice said. “I passed my blowing test years ago.”

“I think it’ll take one more big blow without popping,” Megan said, but Jeff wasn’t sure if the same would hold true for him. He willed himself not to explode as Megan blew and Janice squeezed.

“There, I think that should do it,” Megan said. “Can you test it?”

“Sure,” Janice said, taking the balloon in the hand that had just been massaging Jeff’s rock-hard member. She tapped the balloon with expert fingers, and Jeff remembered them digging into another balloon, mercilessly squeezing until it burst. “This feels pretty good. I think it’s going to pop on the first blow.” She turned to Jeff. “Better hold your ears, sweetie, this is going to be loud.”

Janice took a deep breath and put the balloon to her lips. Her hand went back to Jeff’s bulging pants, and he looked with panic towards Megan – but she was busy sifting through the balloons on the desk, presumably trying to find the right size balloon to blow next. The yellow balloon she had blown so big was about to be destroyed by Janice’s mighty lungs, and Megan was already looking for her next victim.

Janice furrowed her brow, puffed out her cheeks, and began to apply pressure to Jeff’s cock as she started to blow into the balloon. The neck bent crazily and the latex squealed. halkalı escort bayan I can’t take this, thought Jeff, as she squeezed harder and harder. If she keeps squeezing –

But she didn’t, because after a second of blowing, the balloon exploded with an ear-splitting KABAM!! that seemed to shake the tiny room. Jeff nearly jumped out of his skin, but neither Megan nor Janice so much as flinched. Tiny yellow bits of latex fell around them like snow, remains of the balloon that had been shattered by Janice’s breath. This is it, Jeff thought, now I’m going to pop, too! But just as Megan looked up, Janice took her hand away from Jeff’s pants. How he managed not to blow his load was something he would wonder about for many years to come.

“Great job!” said a beaming Janice, tossing the remains of the balloon’s nozzle on the pile with the others. “That was a perfectly blown balloon. You’ll pass your test with flying colors.”

“Yeah, if I can only get that six foot balloon blown up,” Megan said, stretching a red balloon. Jeff looked at the nozzle, and thought of what it would look like in about five minutes’ time: A tiny ring of latex with a few shards still attached. “I got one of the six footers blown pretty big, but Anya thought I still had another twenty minutes of blowing before it burst. But twenty minutes of blowing for Anya is an hour for me!” She rolled her eyes inhaled deeply, and blew her first big breath into her next latex victim, which blossomed into a dark green orb.

“Anya’s a pretty good judge of lungpower,” Janice said as Megan blew the red balloon to the size of a basketball. “If she said you’re twenty minutes from popping it, you’re twenty minutes from popping it. Of course, she’d probably blow it to popping in ten.”

“Yeah,” Megan agreed. “By the way, thanks for the tip about taking off my bra,” Megan said. “You’re right, freeing the girls makes blowing a lot easier.” Megan’s cheeks reddened. “Oops, sorry, I’m not supposed to talk about that in front of the guests, am I?”

“It’s okay, Jeff’s a friend,” Janice said. “Anyway, we’ve got to get going. Keep at it, you’ll do fine.” Megan, who was in mid-blow, just smiled, and gave Jeff a quick wink just before blowing the balloon big enough to obscure her face. Jeff followed Janice out of the room.

“Why did you-” Jeff started to say, but Janice put a finger over her lips as she pulled the door closed. She started to laugh. “I’m sorry, we’re not supposed to touch the guests, but I just couldn’t help myself. The look on your face when she started to blow and I started to squeeze… priceless! Oh, and Tracy didn’t mention what a big boy you were.”

“Tracy said-“

But just then a door banged open up the hall, and a familiar voice called out. “Hey, where are you taking my new boyfriend?”

“Well, speak of the devil,” Janice said with a smile, as the buxom cook walked out one of the doors and into the hallway.

So far, every single meeting with Tracy had resulted in an orgasm – once in his hand and once in her mouth. Now, with two balloon blowing babes who both had expressed more than a passing interest in him, he wondered what was going to happen next.

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