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The happenings of the day didn’t help Amanda to accept what was going on with her. Back in her room, dressed in her inactive service uniform and alone, she was just as confused as before and couldn’t understand how she could allow that everyone objectified her, that she was no more than a pair of tits to them. At least Igor had managed to get that terrible plug out of her.

Why the hell did she ask him to fuck her, trapped in that pervy bed? She scrolled through TittyCare, gaping at the various pictures of her in compromising positions. Her ridiculous swimsuit, her service uniform in action in the middle of the cafeteria, and now her boobs sitting on a bed in the drama room. She shook her head and wondered why she kept ending up in such humiliating situations.

Someone knocked at the door.

“Ti… Amanda?”


“Yeah, I noticed the light. You wanna talk?”

“I don’t know…”

“Saw the pictures on TittyCare.”

“Oh yeah? Got a favorite?” asked Amanda sarcastically.

“Oh don’t be like that. The one at the pool looked painful. Must’ve been a hard day.”

“Seems I like being treated like that,” Amanda sobbed, tears welling in her eyes, “You were right! It’s all my fault! It’s… I….”

Hanna sat down and hugged her, “Shhh… It’s OK. I know these jerks can be rough.”

“I can’t take this anymore, Hanna! It’s driving me crazy!”

“Don’t be upset. Come on, let me help you. Think about the last few days, the people you met, the situations you experienced.”

“It was all awful!”

“But you asked people to fuck you, right?”

“I… that’s the point! Why did I do this? What’s wrong with me?”

“Some people are wired that way. They enjoy a bit of … “

“Of what? Getting treated like dirt?”

“You’re not dirt, Amanda. You’re the cutest, most attractive girl on campus! You’re…”

Suddenly something beeped. The suit awoke again, her breasts popped out and her groin covers vanished. Amanda yelped, jumped on her feet and assumed the service stance.

“S…sorry! I must have accidentally touched the button!” apologized Hanna, her eyes glued to the jiggling orbs in front of her. Amanda didn’t say a word. She just stood there, presenting her wares and waiting for the time to pass. Hanna wanted to comfort her, to tell her that she was beautiful and unique, that she loved her. But all she managed was to grope the naked breasts and enjoy their warmth. Her lips found the rosy nipples and gently sucked at them. She could feel Amanda relaxing, could see her calming down a little. Without a word, Hanna licked around the enticing breasts and then wandered downward, towards the little slit that was so perfectly pulled open by the suit.

Amanda gasped excitedly as her neighbour traced along her aroused sex, dipping into the squishy hole. Hanna huffed, “You’re just too hot for your own good, Titty. Can you wait a moment? I need to get something.”

Hanna was back only moments later, now carrying her favorite toy in her hand. She quickly stripped and eased the pussy buster into herself.

“Last time you were so high… you probably don’t even remember that I pampered you with this. But now we have all the time in the world! Let me show you how I like to fuck!”

She pushed Amanda, still in her service stance, against the wall, her hand guiding the massive head of the toy into the spellbound girl. Careful to not cause any pain, Hanna started to move her hips, forcing the large shaft deeper little by little while her hands caressed the bare breasts of her friend.

She took her time, kissed and fondled the confused girl all the while she kept fucking her slowly and sensually. Amanda was soon following her lead, now panting in heat. Due to the suit, Amanda couldn’t reciprocate, she didn’t dare to move her hands, didn’t dare to mutter as much as a word. But she was more than willing to receive Hanna’s treats.

When the service interval was over and the suit tried to close, Amanda was quick to press the button herself. She didn’t want her breasts to be hidden, she wanted to stay open for business, open to whatever Hanna wanted to do with her!

And Hanna did everything she could to make her lover happy. She nibbled at her breasts, squeezed the luscious melons lovingly, and she kept fucking. Once she felt Amanda was ready, when the thick toy effortlessly drove into her body as deep it would go, she switched on the vibrator. Amanda’s eyes popped open, shocked by the intensity of the buzz. But Hanna knew that it was only temporary, that soon her body would be craving the additional stimulation. She grabbed Amanda’s bottom, guided her legs to wrap around her own waist. Thankfully, the suit did allow for that change.

The two lovers were lost in a haze. The new position allowed Hanna to fuck her friend even better, and the vibrations awoke ever new sensations deep inside Amanda’s body. And even Hanna, who had so much trouble achieving a climax, felt something big approaching.

A few minutes later, Hanna was pounding into güvenilir bahis her partner hard and fast. Amanda almost broke her lover’s bones, so hard did she squeeze her legs around Hanna’s waist. Both girls were panting frantically when Hanna announced that she was almost ready.

Amanda wanted to feel her lover, feel the wet skin on her own and threw her arms around Hanna’s neck. She pulled her tight while pressing herself down on the gigantic toy. Her suit beeped but she didn’t care.

The electric shock hit her with breathtaking precision. Just when both girls reached the peak, the sudden jolt catapulted Amanda higher and higher. Her entire body spasmed while she screamed so loud that everyone on the entire campus must have heard her. But Hanna was just as gone, exploding like never before in her life.

When Amanda awoke again, she was lying on the bed, her head on Hanna’s lap.

“Did you like my toy?”

Amanda had to laugh.

“The toy? I like YOU! Nobody ever made me feel that way.”

“Thanks to your fantastic uniform! If I wouldn’t have pressed that button…”

Amanda giggled, “Yeah, for once it did its job. Although, I didn’t provide any service, did I? It was you servicing me, not the other way around.”

“Who cares! It was great!”

“Yeah, it was!”

“So… Sorry that I interrupted you earlier.”

“You apologize for that?”

“No… yes. We were talking about you. About how you feel. How everyone treats you.”

“Right. I … I need to think, I guess. Can we talk tomorrow about this?”

“Sure! I’ll leave you alone then. Let me know in case you need anything!”

“Thanks, Hanna. And don’t forget to take that monster with you!”

“The pussy buster? I won’t, I promise. I might need it again later!”

“You’re crazy.”

“You too! Take care!”

Amanda was glad to have such a good friend, and she felt more relaxed than ever. Tired and happy, the young woman got herself ready for the night and crawled in her bed, desperate for some much needed sleep.

“Hey Titty! There you are! Overslept a bit, huh?”

“Oh shut up Igor! I’m here now, right?”

“Sure. And dressed to service, no less! Did you like our rehearsal yesterday?”

“The weird bed? What can I say, I’m all tits to you, ain’t I?”

“Not only, but it’s a big part of you for sure. Come on, today’s the day! Today, I’ll unveil my art project to you. You promised to help, remember?”

“I sure do! So what is it?”

“Follow me.”

He led her inside the main building and through a few doors. Finally, they were standing inside the workshop. Igor pulled an odd device out of some corner.

“Like it?”

“How could I? I don’t even know what it is! Some sort of… Frankenstein pogo stick?”

“Close! Meet PogoFuck 2000! I worked on this for months, and since you showed up, I added a few very unique features. Thought I would have to persuade Dana to demo it, but you’re so much better for this!”

“It’s about my boobs again, isn’t it?”

Igor didn’t answer. Instead, he reached for the button on her neck and entered the debug code. Amanda’s breasts and sex were once again vulnerable and without any protection. Igor fiddled with the odd device which started to buzz and blink.

“Sit down over there and spread your legs, please.”

Amanda didn’t move.

“Sit down, please. You promised to help!”

“That… that stick… it has a massive dildo at the end!”

“I know,” grinned Igor, “That’s the whole point of it. You’ll love it, I promise! Now get on that chair!”

“I won’t. This is ridiculous.”

“Last warning, Titty. Get on the chair!”

“You fucked me yesterday and I was fine with it. But this…”

“You begged me, Titty. You begged me to fuck you. And you promised to help me with my project. This is it, my project!”

“A fuck stick.”

“Don’t be difficult, Titty.”

“Alright, alright.”

Amanda sat down and reluctantly spread her legs. Her shaven sex was already glistening in anticipation.

“Now, don’t freak out but I will have to push this thing inside you, OK?”

“What a surprise. Go on, let’s get this over with.”

The toy was well lubed and thick like her wrist. Igor did an admirable job coercing the thing into her tight snatch, fucking her slowly with the fat head until the whole thing popped inside.

“Ugh… Couldn’t you use a smaller one? It’s ripping me apart!’

“Nah, needs to be that big. You’ll see.”

He put the other end of the pogo stick on the ground and said, “Feet on the stirrups and try to keep the balance once I pull you up.”

It was the weirdest feeling. She had loved playing with pogo sticks as a child, but this one was a completely different experience. As soon as she was upright, the stick started to bounce, forcing her own body to ram itself down on the fat dildo just to pop off of it a bit later.

The smug grin on Igor’s face told her how proud he was of his little toy.

“You’re doing great! Is your pussy holding up so far?”


He güvenilir bahis siteleri grabbed a remote of sorts and switched the devilish device to a gentle jiggle. The fat dildo now merely wiggled deep inside her but the device stayed surprisingly stable.

“Maybe I should tell you a bit more about this invention of mine while I assemble the rest of it. You see, this little thing is using top of the line technology. It’s autonomous, controlled by an AI that intelligently monitors its surroundings. Dana helped figure things out, if you must know.”

He pulled her hands behind her back and put some handcuffs around her wrists.

“Now, on the more practical side… As you surely already realized, the stirrups are moving up and down quite a bit with each jump, forcing you to fuck that dildo like a horny slut. The amplitude – nice word, right? Amplitude? Another thing I learned from Dana. The amplitude is controllable, though not directly. And the frequency as well.”

He snapped something to the stirrups. Amanda felt a cold pole press against her back.

“This is to help you keep balance. Now, let me fix this properly.”

He pushed two loops made of steel wire over her exposed breasts and cinched them down until they tightly squeezed her orbs.

“To make things more interesting, these loops are controlled by the AI as well. But enough of those boring details, you’ll figure things out on your own, right?”

He pressed something on the remote. The device geared up and started fucking her in earnest again. At the same time, the metal loops shrunk down so much that her tits looked like a pair of red balls.

“Oh, I almost forgot. See that little display? That’s the number of orgasms you had. Need to affix this little sensor to your skin. Here you go. Your little tour will end once you reach a certain number of orgasms, or if time runs out.”

“How …Ow! How long? H…how often do I…need to cum?”

“As said, you’ll figure it out. Now off you go!”

“But how do I… ah…uh.. steer it?”

“Oh, that’s simple. Just lean into the direction you want to go. Have fun!”

Amanda tried to ignore the constant fucking, tried to ignore the painful but arousing toy as she leaned forward. Her odd vehicle slowly bounced towards the door, her tightly bound tits jumping around like possessed.

The poor girl didn’t know where to go. She kept jumping on the spot, right outside the workshop and noticed that the bands around her tits slowly got tighter and tighter.

“Ouch! Fuck me, always my tits!” she cursed, wondering what Igor meant with everything being AI controlled. Was there a way to make her boobs less uncomfortable? She leaned forward and started bouncing towards the main hall.

“How do you come up with this shit,” the first girl spotting her giggled, “Are you really such a horny slut?”

“This… this wasn’t my idea!” squeaked Amanda, bouncing around wildly, “This…. ah… fucking… ugh… machine… ooohh… is…. owww…. killing… ahhhh… meeee!”

The girl laughed and called her friends over, “Look at our school slut fucking herself silly! She’s about to cum on that thing from the looks of it.”

Soon, a large crowd gathered, watching the bouncing girl with interest. Amanda felt their stares burning on her skin and the humiliation got to her. She wanted to bounce away but something held her in place. Suddenly, she erupted in her first climax since she had started her tour.

“Ah… ah… Ooooohhhh…. Aaaahhhhhhhh…..”

The crowd watching her commented on her performance, on the obscene noise her pussy was making, and more than one phone was trained on her, recording her titillating show.

Once Amanda was coming down from her high, she became aware of something peculiar. The loops around her sore breasts were much looser now, and not nearly as painful as before. But in turn, the hellish device was pounding her faster and faster, with deeper and deeper strokes. Her pussy was in shreds already and she could barely tolerate the ruthless intruder.

With her head somewhat clear and desperate to slow down the dildo, she managed to bounce away, her big boobs slapping against her chin and each other.

Once she had left the crowd behind, the fuck stick became more gentle again but in turn, the loops around the base of each breast tightened considerably. Amanda was relieved that her sex got some less action but she couldn’t make sense of the change.

The young woman bounced around the campus, entertaining fellow students during their breaks. And slowly, she figured things out.

“So it’s the number …. ah… The number of people seeing me…” she muttered while getting drilled, “The more are watching me, the more that thing fucks me. But the loops are in turn relaxing a bit….”

“What was that?” she heard a somewhat familiar voice from behind, “Can you repeat that, slut?”

Alice! It was that bully Alice! Amanda panicked. Her goons surely weren’t far either!

“So if no one watches you, your tits go through iddaa siteleri hell? THAT’S something I want to see for myself! Guys? I need some help here! Open that storeroom over there, please?”

Cassie and Jodie were suddenly appearing out of nowhere, a door to a tiny chamber opened, and before Amanda could even say anything, they shoved her into it and locked the door. Suddenly alone, Amanda was bouncing up and down in the dark, and the bands around her tits were whirring into action.

“How’s it going?”

“Owww…. Let me out!”

“Only after you describe how exactly you feel right now. Let us know about your plight. Oh, you know what? Isn’t there a mirror? Switch on the light and take a video. You have your phone, haven’t you? Stream it to TittyCare and I’ll decide when you pass the test.”

Amanda hoped she was wrong. Of course she had her phone with her, but maybe there wasn’t any mirror in here? Maybe the light was broken? She searched the wall while the stick churned inside of her. Suddenly, the lamp turned on and she could see her very own form staring back at her, bouncing around wildly. Her tits looked terrible already.

“You can’t do that!”

“I’m waiting!”

Amanda stared at the two, awfully red and round objects that jiggled in the mirror and wondered how much time she had before they popped off and fell to the floor. Fascinated, and quite scared, she watched mesmerized as the skin of her breasts grew taut and shiny. Amanda gulped, concerned at the sight of the two, alien objects, the fine net of her usually well hidden veins now clearly visible.

Any second now, those evil loops were going to cut her tits clean off! If only that fuck stick would stop with the constant pounding! Her pussy was sore like never before already but that damn thing just kept going and going.

She had to do something or it would be too late! The frantic girl searched for her phone, opened the TittyCare chat and started the video. Eyes wide and teary, she aimed at the mirror, broadcasting the sorry state of her swollen and endlessly bouncing boobs out into the world.

Everyone part of her expanding care group received the notification, and soon her fans were tuning in, watching with bated breath what they saw on their screens.

“Fuck me, this girl keeps getting herself in trouble!” laughed Igor, seeing just how well one particular feature of his invention is being tested right now. But Igor was more interested in people appreciating his ingenuity and for that, the device – and Titty – needed to be around people, not trapped in some storeroom. So he decided to get Amanda out of this unfortunate situation.

“Hey, Alice! What’s up?” Igor asked as he approached the rebellious trio.

“Haven’t you checked TittyCare? She’s in there having some fun! Look at how round her tits are already, that… thing… is strangling them for good!”

“Yeah, I know. I built this machine. But that’s as far as the loops will go. No point in waiting any longer. Come on, let her out again, so we can see those boobs fly.”

“Really? That’s all these loops can do? I wanted to see her tits fall off!” Alice complained with a smirk on her face, “Alright then.”

She pulled the door open and yelled, “Back to work, Titty! Let them jump for us!”

Happy that she finally could get out again, Titty bounced out of the storeroom, her garotted breasts rolling on her chest. She sighed relieved as the loops relaxed a bit and was gladly accepting that the dildo and her hopping around got more pronounced.

“Hey… hey, Igor! Which direction are more peop… ah… people? Left or… uh… or right?”

“So you figured it out, huh?” Igor chuckled, “I’d recommend left, down the hall.”

He watched the frantic girl bounce in place and said, “So… five orgasms already,” looking at the little display on the stick, “I’m jealous! You’re having the time of your life, eh?”

“Fuck… you!”

“No, fuck YOU! But I see you’ve already taken care of that.”

“So what’s this about?” asked an older voice from behind. Amanda tried to look into that direction, causing her strange vehicle to turn around.

“Principal! This… Igor forced me to…”

“Oh, don’t worry. I support you helping others. So this is your art project, Igor? I’m really curious about this thing. What does it do? How does it work?”

When Sean had received the notification, he couldn’t resist watching the stream. Amanda was apparently once again humiliated beyond belief. That girl attracted so much attention, it wasn’t healthy! He kept watching her bouncy bound boobs until the screen changed and he could see Igor and Alice.

Alice! That bitch! He had to help Amanda, but where was she? He looked at the screen again. There, the plant and that painting! Yes, he knew where that corridor was! Sean bolted out of the classroom and ran.

A few minutes later and completely out of breath, he saw Amanda bouncing on that pogo stick while the principal himself was talking animatedly with Igor. Both did not hide their curiosity and repeatedly groped Amanda’s bouncing tits and even touched her between the legs. Sean only now understood the true depravity of the device and watched dumbfounded as the large toy rammed into the girl again and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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