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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


It’s been about a week since Charles mentioned it again. He didn’t actually say he wanted me to have sex with someone else, but that’s what he was suggesting. First he told me this story about a friend that very much enjoyed watching his wife have sex with someone else.

Then about a month later he said, “Remember that story about the guy that watched his wife have sex with someone else. Well I heard one this morning about a guy who watched his wife get a massage and they did it. Right there on the massage table. He was looking through the door. That’s erotic.”

When he told me that one I said, “Charles, that might be fun. Why don’t you see if you can find a couple we can watch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people actually have sex. You know, close up and live. I think we would both enjoy it.” That never materialized.

That was almost a month ago so it’s been on his mind for months and no telling how long he thought about it before he brought it up. When he brought it this time he had a whole new story so I said, “I wouldn’t mind watching. Why don’t you find someone to have sex with and I’ll watch and let you know. Try and find someone about my age so it reminds me of me and get lots of condoms.” No guts no glory.

He said, “Well, we’ll see.” Neither one of us were virgins when we married so we weren’t really one and only forever. I didn’t know for sure about Charles but for me he was only my second although I never said. The first one was in the military, Navy. I only know his first name. It was a really nice time. I think of it.

Charles and I are both 25. Both 5ft10. Both slim. Both active. Love our sex lives. That’s the active part. Well, we do some rock climbing and rafting. That’s always fun. We’re adventurers but sharing sex with others seems a bit soon. We’re still experimenting with ourselves. We even tried sex in public. I told my mom and she stared at me for almost ten minutes.

I waited two weeks to see if he made any plans. He didn’t so I brought it up to him. “Charles. Do you really want to see me have sex with someone else, for sure?”

He perked right up. He said, “Meg,” my name’s Meg. “I really think you would enjoy yourself enormously. You can’t get pregnant so you can turn yourself loose and go for it. I can be somewhere way in the corner so I wouldn’t get in the way. Sounds like you’ve been thinking about it. I’ve been thinking about pictures but maybe not. Whatever you think. How do we get going from here.”

“Ok Charles,” I said. “But I get to choose the guy. Also, you have to have sex with a girl at the same time. I’ll choose the girl too. I’ll ask the guy but you have to ask the girl. If they both agree then I’ll go ahead with it if you will.”

Charles’s luck and brain went through the roof. Absolutely beyond belief. He was going to have stories to tell he couldn’t imagine. His head was so full right now it was empty. I could see his eight inch dick down his leg start to pull his pants up. If he didn’t arrange it upward he was going to do himself an injury.

We were on the patio but I didn’t think the neighbors could see so I slipped a hand over and pulled it upwards. I don’t think he noticed he was so engrossed thinking. His mouth moved a couple of times but nothing came out.

He said, “Who is the guy and girl? Have you picked them out yet? Do I know them. Maybe I wouldn’t want to go with them. You know, for some reason or other.”

“Yes Charles,” I said. “I know who they are but it’s who I want. For me and for you. If either one of them won’t then the whole thing is off. You think about it and if you want to give it a try and see if they will, let me know. I’ll tell you then.”

Charles almost went a whole hour and he said, “Ok. Can do. Who are they?”

“Just so you understand,” I said. “You have to ask the girl and I’ll ask the guy, separately. The guy is your bother Porter and the girl is my sister Suzy. We’ll work out a when.”

Charles’s brother Porter and my sister Suzy are almost spitting images of us. Same size all around and similar life styles, both 19. I knew Porter and Suzy weren’t virgins and I knew Suzy was on the pill and I knew Porter was about the same as Charles in his pants. Porter and Suzy go to the same college. I thought they would make a nice couple. Gotta start somewhere.

Charles had a down face. He couldn’t put it together, it was too much to process. Watching his little brother do me and him doing my little sister didn’t click, at all. The fact that they were grown never got near his mind.

I went and sat on Charles’s lap and said, “You are the most wonderful husband. Thinking about you seeing me with your bother is thrilling. I know you’re casino siteleri going to enjoy it as much as I am and my sister making love to you is going to be wonderful for her. She’s so lucky to get someone so skilled and you’re going to get to play with another me. I can hardly wait.”

Charles finally agreed and actually perked up a little. He was going to get to have sex with another girl, my younger sister. Had to be working on him. He was going to get to see me have sex with another guy, his younger brother. Had to be killing him.

Charles wormed his way around to me asking first so I called Porter and made a date for lunch at an outdoor café after his last class of the day. We greeted, got a sandwich, etc., and chatted. He was doing great on grades and looked good and lively. Getting enough rest. I never got enough rest in college.

I said, “Port,” We called him Port for short. He always liked Port. “I’m about to proposition you. For sex.” Port stopped in mid bite. I said, “Before we get too far into this let me give you the whole story.” I spent a long time explaining everything in a couple of different ways so he had a clear picture of what Charles wanted and there would be a girl for Charles.

“Ok,” I said. “What’s your impression. Do you think you could handle it and would you want to?’

“It’s obviously ok with you,” he said. “Evidently it’s ok with Charles. To me you’ve always been a, uh, desirable person. But I couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t want to get between you and Charles. Besides, eventually he would kill me. Or worse.”

“Port, it’s nothing like that,” I said. “I’m not asking for this, Charles is. I figure since he wants me to I might as well have some fun. Besides it’s just sex. We can get necked and get in bed and see what he does. I really wish you would help me out here. For Charles.”

“Ok,” he said. “I can get necked and in bed but if he’s not comfortable with it then we’ll do something else. If that works for you I’ll give it a try.”

“Thank you,” I said. “Two things. One, if Charles doesn’t flip don’t hold back on me. I want it all. I want to have some of the best sex ever and I’ll give you the same. Second, If Charles does change his mind when we get in bed the other girl will be someone you’ll dearly love to have sex with. You’ll have to trust me on that. Either you and me and her and Charles or you and her and me and Charles. It should be a lot of fun either way.

“There’s also a possibility of swapping partners after the first round so rest up. You don’t have to worry about anybody getting pregnant. Our house. Our king size bed. A Saturday, early evening so we have plenty of time.”

Port’s head was doing what Charles’s was doing. I wanted to get a hand on his crotch but shied away. We tried to talk about other things but finished eating and split.

That evening I asked Charles how he was doing with Suzy. He said, “I called her but hung up. I don’t know what to say.”

“Oh well,” I said. “That’s a shame. I was really looking forward to teasing Port and watching you playing around between Suzy’s thighs. She probably doesn’t have that much experience, if any, and she could use your expertise. She’s on the pill you know. We might could give it a try when she gets older. You’re a good man Charles.”

“I was going to call her in the morning. Try again,” he said.

“Ok. Why don’t you make a lunch date and get a private place and tell her everything. Maybe that’ll make a difference. Might be fun too.” He nodded ‘yes’ and was quiet.

I already called Suzy and told all. She said yes quicker than I thought she would. Horny devil. I said to give Charles a small hard time but reluctantly give in. She did and she did. She said she would screw his brains out. I asked her to. I thought Charles might be having an early-life crisis.


About the middle of the afternoon I started easing away from interacting with Charles. I wanted him to feel independent and not attached. He didn’t seem to notice. Suzy arrived first about 7:30 and went straight to Charles. He knew her because she was family.

Even at 19 no doubt he’s viewing her as a young piece of, uh, you know. She didn’t cling to Charles but did brush up a lot. Sitting down she sat close, hips brushing. She had on one of those bow neck blouses that draped across her bosom a little low showing great curves and a nice plunge in between. Good kissing there. Loose pants for comfort, light weight, great for finger work.

Charles had on a knit top, couple of buttons and almost knee length shorts, light weight. If he got up it would be noticeable but comfortable. Lots of room for growth. I whispered in his ear, ‘don’t forget, you don’t need a condom.’. He nodded ‘yes’ and licked his lips. Of course I stuck my hand down his butt and up under when I said that. Nice feel.

Port canlı casino got there about ten til eight and said hi to Charles and chatted a moment and came over and slid his arms around my waist and pulled me in slowly. A great hug and a one or one and a half second lip kiss to establish territory and he settled in. Charles was watching but trying to pay attention to Suzy.

Port waved at Suzy and she waved back and I think he was waiting a little while before getting close to her. Eventually he did and they talked, along with Charles. They made a few unspoken eye decisions. I think they figured they had to bide their time and satisfy the old folks before getting together. Worked for me. Them getting together was why I set this whole thing up.

There was nice mall music on and the lights were not too bright and lots of sofa space. We pretty much migrated together on two separate sofas, full close view of each other. Nice kissing and body rubbing and casual sexual teasing. Suzy got us going by casually lifted her middle and slipped her shorts off.

Excellent choice in panties. Open leg hanging down about two inches for cover at the bottom and low on the hips. Her top didn’t go down enough to hide her panties. Dark tuff if you looked closely. She laid a hand on Charles’s lap and found out for sure how big he was. He was pointing upward so she was working up his body on it.

Port took off my top. My nipples were getting sensitive in my bra already. I had my hand on his dick and was working it up his body too. He felt about like Charles looked, hard as a rock. I really wanted to get in there and play with the head and spread his pre-cum around. Charles was watching. He wasn’t smiling.

About that time Suzy slipped her hand in the top of Charles’s pants and he got busy with her feeling him up. Everybody got a little more and let it build as time passed. Port took off his shorts and had a wonderful pair of boxers on, nice big slit in the front that went way up and way down. His dick popped right out and up and Charles happened to be watching.

I think it was slowly growing on Charles that I was indeed going to be fucked by his younger brother unless he claimed me back. I caught his eye and beamed and mouthed an ‘OK’ and a moment later he gave me a slow ‘yes’. Obviously not there yet. I caught Suzy’s eye and gave her a ‘get with it’ look. She smiled and went after Charles’s lips.

She did that by straddling his lap, still with her panties on, and pulled his dick out and got into it with her crotch. Arms around his neck she got her open mouth on his and probably her tongue in. Charles got her around her waist and they were into it nicely. Go Suzy.

Port took my shorts off and knelt down on the floor between my legs and got his big dick right into my crotch on my pants. I felt it all over down there. He got my bra off and got into my tits and nipples with his lips and there wasn’t much left to do but fuck. I heard moans from both Charles and Suzy and took a look over Port’s head and Suzy was pulling his top off then her top off. Charles and Suzy were almost there.

Suzy got off and got Charles by the hand and hauled him off to the bedroom, she with panties and bra on and Charles with shorts and underwear. His shorts were fully open and almost fell down his legs. Port got up and got my hand and we followed rapidly. Port with boxers and top on and me with just underwear.

Port and I got in the bedroom and Charles’s back was on the edge on this side facing Suzy. Port and I went around and got on the other side, Port on first with me facing. Port and Suzy could rub bottoms and I could look over Port and see Charles looking at us.

Suzy was taking off Charles shorts and boxers and her panties and bra and Port was getting us totally nude. I made one more effort and looked at Charles and mouthed ‘OK’ with a big smile. This time he smiled and mouthed ‘OK’ back and stuck his tongue out at me. It was a go. His reservations were gone. He had to have Suzy. Well I had to have Port so I breathed a sigh of relief. Not that kind of relief, not yet.

I figured Port would go right in but Charles may have to work it in depending on Suzy. I didn’t think she was stretched that much at 19 but you never know these days. I got my hand on Port’s head and maneuvered him into my tits, which were a really nice size, so I could watch Charles and Suzy. I wanted to see Charles get into her. My present to myself. If they didn’t by the time Port was done with my tits then I could move him on down and still watch.

I enjoyed every little thing Port did even watching my sis and Charles. He was really good at it. I played with his dick with my thighs. He was being taken care of. I don’t think Suzy ever let go of Charles’s dick since they left the den. She got an arm under him and pulled him over between hanging kaçak casino on to his dick.

He got settled and she was rubbing him around in her pussy and then pulled her hand out and he pushed. She ate both her lips and pushed up, not too much. Charles moaned and pushed again. Almost as fast as he does with me. He kept pushing several times and settled into a nice slow fuck fairly quickly. Suzy and Charles were having a really good time.

I got my arms under Port’s arms and slowly pulled him up while pulling my knees up and out. His dick found me and he thrust. He was a little fat and it felt wonderful, going all in quickly. Arms under my shoulders and he didn’t seem to even be breathing hard. Wow, what these young kids could do.

Charles and I looked at each other every now and then and both loved watching. He’s really getting what he wanted, seeing me getting fucked by another guy. Wait until he sees the movies. I had four cameras at different angles. Live and in color. One overhead in the fixture, one from each side and one right up the old wazoo.

Port’s dick length and width was really turning me on more than I thought it would and I was starting to feel his body more than I thought. My breathing was getting more staggered and I started pressing my lips together and closing my eyes. I was thrusting up into him and that was more than I’ve done lately with Charles. I got my hands on his hips and worked with him.

I noticed him going faster and that just turned me on more which turned him on more. I felt like I was getting fucked by a pro. All that skin rubbing me on all my skin and those muscles pushing that dick into me was starting to make me want to pee. I was starting to feel like I’d been hung out to dry and I said, “Port.”

He nodded his head a couple of times and went a little faster. Harder faster. I had one of those pussy inside out orgasms that drained me of all I had left. I let loose with a couple of short screams and grunted along with Port. It was a same time orgasm. First in a long time. Keeping going and slowing down together was almost as good as the orgasm starting.

We finished and Port stayed on top and I wrapped his legs and waist and he put his weight fully down on me. It was glorious. I would be a very long time remembering this one. I damn sure hoped it wouldn’t be the last one with Port.

We slipped off the bed as quiet as we could and Port went to one bathroom and I went to the other. When we came back Charles and Suzy were still at it. His bottom was pulling out fully up and plunging right back in. It was a sensuous fuck they were both comfortable with.

Port spooned me and we watched them. Port got up and got in me from down under, not too fast. It wasn’t a rush fuck, just a hello fuck. Charles got going faster and Suzy starting working him more. She had her pussy wrapped around him like a hot dog bun. He got his hands under her butt and got real busy. Watching those two have their orgasms was explosive and wild. It was exciting to be so close.

They wound down a little longer than Port and I did. They smiled at us but I don’t think they were fully mindful until they got back from the bathrooms. Port moved on the far side facing me so the old guy and sis climbed up between us, Charles with me, although sis and I could have had a good time. Can’t really see Charles and Port together so this was better.

Charles got on the other side of me so we could spoon while watching the kids. We rested and chatted some for about a half hour and Port started messing with Suzy. She let him have the lead and started doing her part. It wasn’t long before she was mostly on her back and we could see his dick masterfully up full. He did a little sucking on her clit and slid over between her thighs.

She lifted her knees and he let his dick find it’s mark and he was fully in the first time. She took a big breath and he pulled out and plunged again, fully in. She got her hands on his hips and it was a fuck. The energy those two expended was impressive and Charles and I both had fun watching.

Port did things on her breasts he didn’t do on me. Suzy did things to Port she didn’t do to Charles. We were learning some things we may have forgotten to do. Watching Suzy and Port fuck was highly erotic. They went a long time, almost forty minutes.

Charles spent about ten or fifteen minutes of that time on my clit and I got another orgasm and I jacked and played with his dick the rest of the time. They finally started acting like the world was coming to an end and both blew their top with shattering orgasms. It even worried me a little. They recovered quicker and tweaked their parts the rest of the evening.

Port and Suzy went off to the spare bedroom and Charles and I flaked out in ours. Breakfast was silly fun and we all showered and dressed and split.

Port and Suzy became an item, or was an item. They graduated and got married. Yea me. Charles and I had two kids, a boy and a girl. I almost got Port in bed again but it didn’t work out. It’s ok, his brother Charles is almost as good, just an age thing.

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