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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Brotherly Tail


Fyr growled, his paws balled into fists as Ropes languished back on the sun lounger, enjoying the rays beating down on her brown fur. The cougar purred and shivered, although it was not from the cold as the red dragon’s brother eased into her, his cock finding its home in her as easily as two lovers’ lips came together. Truth be told, he had fucked the sexy demon cougar more over the last few months than her own husband had and knew her body nearly as well as he knew his own. Hell, it could have been years, for all the good Fyr was at actually satisfying her, but all anyone needed to know was that the younger brother’s cock was all any of them needed for one hell of a good time!

“What’s wrong, dear?” Ropes purred, her voice dripping with false sweetness, tentacles splayed out around her head, draping off the lounger. “I thought you wanted to come away for a good time and this private villa…”

She trailed off, breaking into a yowl as Kao gave a more powerful thrust, driving his cock into her right up to the hilt. The effect on the cougar was electric as she hissed and clung to him, tentacles writhing and twisting in an active embodiment of her lust and pleasure.

“Yes! Harder! Oh, so much harder!”

It was not a sluttish cry in the slightest coming from her lips but one of pure ecstasy and delight, intended for his ears to show her husband just how much better his brother was than him. After all, Kao was a drake who actually knew how to use his cock and had a sex drive to match it, the blue dragon hissing and flaring out his wings with a sharp snap as he slammed in and spent himself inside her, tail lifting and twitching as if he was trying to show off just how virile he was. Purring as he filled her, Ropes relaxed back, the sun shining down and warming her fur just enough to remain comfortable without feeling altogether too hot and sweaty. The pool was around the corner anyway, close enough for a quick dip, but she’d rather spend as much time on the sun lounger of the Spanish villa as possible with his cock crammed into her.

Fyr spluttered, his face going even redder than usual, although the drake closing and opening his paws from fists was hardly anything new as he tried to be the bigger dragon. Although he was about the same height as his brother, there was no denying who was the top dragon in the household, something which Kao had proven lazily time and time again, giving his wife the satisfaction she deserved in any hole she craved too.

“Well… I… He…”

Fyr stuttered and stammered, stumbling over his words in his kocaeli escort haste to get them out and failing all the while.

“Maybe you want something more…” Ropes licked her lips, pink flesh flashing out over dark points. “Kao, darling… Do you think this weak-willed husband of mine is actually starting to lust after your cock?”

Kao’s cock slipped from her, only half-soft and still ready for more, a deluge of cum and her juices spilling from her well-used pussy. And, while she certainly didn’t mind getting his cock into her over and over again, there was a certain tint of arousal that came from controlling the situation around her, watching her husband’s will break and crumble as he shuffled his wings anxiously in close to his back.

Ropes smirked, helping Kao back to full hardness by stroking and caressing his shaft like it was the finest one she’d ever had. And, being a demoness of lust, she’d had her fair share of partners.

Oh, it was adorable to see him so conflicted, Fyr licking his lips in a mixture of want and shame, shifting his weight anxiously from one hind paw to the other and back again. It was quite clear what he wanted but, well, that was something he would have to say before she gave it to him.

It would make his ultimate submission to her all the sweeter.

“No… It’s…”

But Fyr couldn’t get the words out whimpering and trying to cover himself. He’d worn swim trunks only for their time in the sun – at least while at the villa itself – and was clearly regretting that decision. The bulge in the slick, black trunks that she’d picked out for him showed off everything and he whined, covering himself the best he could with just his paws, although it did nothing to stop the inevitable, only delay what his body so very desperately wanted. Sweat beaded on his scales, though it was not from the sun, the white-washed walls of the villa provided a stark background for their lusty liaison with no one else around for many kilometres.

Ropes sighed softly but happily. It really was the perfect spot. Kao was just too good to her sometimes! Her husband, on the other paw, could learn a thing or two from a dragon with a hard cock and a mind to go after just what he wanted when he wanted it.

“If you want it, you best ask for it nicely, honey.”

While her words were sugary sweet, her tone most certainly was not and the drake gulped, clearly knowing what he had to do. As hard as it was, he shuffled and shifted his weight, delaying the inevitable even as his knees quivered.

“I… Fuck, Ropes…”

Her eyes glinted.

“If only you got to do that. But you want someone else’s cock now, don’t you? A nice, thick, hard shaft that you’ve watched pounding me, over and over again?”

Whining, Fyr swallowed hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing, and nodded fervently, a damp patch appearing on the front of his trunks. It was cute, truly, darıca escort how he couldn’t hide how he really felt but there was a point at which she really had to put him out of his misery in the best way possible for her demon self to lust and feed.

“Bend over, sweetheart…”

And Fyr rushed to obey, near enough throwing himself at the next nearest sun lounger, set up already as if just for him with a pink umbrella over it. Kao didn’t need to be invited for, as all knew, he went for what he wanted when he wanted it, pushing over Fyr’s back as he yanked his brother’s trunks down just enough to expose his twitching, clenching tail hole. A generous dose of sun cream – or maybe Ropes had been kind enough to fill that particular bottle with lubricant earlier, they would never really know – splattered onto his upturned backside and the dragon whimpered, eyes glassy as he shook his backside at the drake who had taken his wife and his life and so much more than even that too.

Kao’s cock ground between his rear cheeks and he yowled, holding onto the lounger as if it was the only thing supporting him, that cock probing a generous dose of what he hoped was lube into his tail hole. Of course, Kao wasn’t going to stop whether he had enough lube or not and he forced his cock rudely up under his brother’s tail as the broken drake howled out his pleasure, pain toying with the line between what could be considered just a shade too far.

But there was no too far for the dragon who was swiftly becoming addicted to his brother’s cock. Although he had not told them about the dreams he’d been having, he could not have stopped himself from sleep talking if he’d even been aware of it; that was, after all, the only reason that Fyr had been allowed to sleep next to his wife while Kao was in the house itself. Once she’d realised that he talked in his sleep, well, that had been a door opened to so many more fantasies, the demoness purring in a state of half-wakefulness as she fed even while her husband slumbered if not sweetly. He tossed and turned and moaned out how much he loved Kao’s cock, his groans deepening as if he was actually being fucked in the realm of sleep.

And that was just why she’d had to give it to him, in the end. Of course, the teasing had all been worth it to see her husband bent over once more, tail shamefully lifted for a cock that truly put his to shame. He wasn’t a drake worthy of the name and his place was better on all fours, submitting to a larger, stronger, more virile male who knew how to really fuck. Slamming into his brother, Kao snarled, pupils narrowing even more than they usually were, nothing more than cat-like slits surrounded by shimmering orbs.

“Fuck!” Fyr howled, bad language coming out in the heat of the moment. “Oh, fuck!”

“Eloquent, dear,” Ropes purred, a paw tucked between her thighs even as she fed on his desire, the demoness gölcük escort inside her squirming and greedy. “Perhaps you may squeal all the more sweetly for me when he cums inside you?”

That was all it took for the red drake to tumble over the edge himself, freefalling with his wings strapped to his back as he spun into orgasm with a strangled howl. Bearing down on him all the harder, Kao’s tongue hung from his mouth as he fucked his brother, driving in harder and harder as he took what he knew was rightfully his, Fyr’s tail hole clenching and squeezing down erratically on his achingly hard shaft. Huffing, he leaned further over his brother, pinning him down with his body weight alone as he snarled, lips curling back from a set of dangerously sharp teeth. Fyr’s orgasm, of course, was wasted, a pitiful dose of seed splattering over the stone floor beneath the lounger, eyes rolling back into his head as he scrambled for purchase with his hind paws and claws, which scraped obnoxiously.

“Stay still, darling…”

Ropes groaned, a thumb pressed to her clit, but her own orgasm was not the grand event as she took in Kao fucking her husband in every last glorious detail, just how his muscles tensed and his jaw dropped just a little bit more, eyes glowing in that way that made her lust sing oh so very beautifully. He was a specimen to be adored indeed, wings flaring out as he made use of his brother’s tail hole in the best way he knew how, glutes tensing and bracing the moment before his wings snapped out to their full extent, heralding the deluge to come.

They may not have been fucking each other, but Ropes and Kao howled out their ecstasy all the same at precisely the same moment as the dragon slammed up into the tight hole offered up for him, humping and grunting like a wild animal as he spilt every last drop of what was not to be his last load of the day. No, those who were virile kept on and on until their partners were satisfied and, well, a demoness of lust was never going to be satisfied, even if she could be sated, which suited the lusty drake just fine.

Locking eyes with Kao, Ropes heaved for breath, breasts rolling, and rasped wantonly, mouth opening and closing without much recognisable sound coming from her lips as orgasm powered through her. Hips arching up, she lashed herself to the lounger with her tentacles, anchoring her body safely while she thoroughly enjoyed the sight of cum pumping down the thick vein in Kao’s cock, pouring into her husband’s poor, abused rump, a much worthier load than he could have ever hoped to produce.

And, despite being balls deep in his brother, Kao only had eyes for the cougar, the demoness slyly lifting her hips high enough to show off her own tail hole, the hole relaxed enough for her to slip a teasing finger into, the afterglow of her own orgasm barely there as she quested after her next high. Fyr was quickly forgotten, discarded after use with a sore tail and aching cock that didn’t seem quite satisfied, but Kao had a far better target before him with a little more kink to taking a hole that he had not yet claimed as yet.

Where was the fun in leaving something untainted?

“My turn now…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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