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Brett and Lisa and Raeye at the beach At a hidden, remote beach area we spread a blanket on the sand. It is late evening and the night will be dark, as there is no moon tonight. By the time we had gathered enough driftwood for a small fire to last for a few hours it is getting dark. We start a fire and open our basket, which contains some good wine and cheese. We sip our wine and start kissing and caressing each other and are soon out of the little clothing we were wearing and admire each other’s bodies in the soft light of the fire.

I suck on your nipples and fondle your breasts first one then the other soon your nipples are hard and sticking out like pencil erasers. I continue licking, nibbling and kissing your body on my way to your shaved pussy.

I pause at your belly button long enough to lick and kiss it just a little more by this time you are moaning in pure bliss, I move on to the top of your left leg and kiss and nibble at your groin area. Then move on to the edge of your pouting lips I lick one side then the other and then slip my tongue down your slit and back up very slowly several times. Your clit is standing up like a tiny cock I start sucking and nibbling on it and push my tongue in and out of your very wet pussy you are first moaning then screaming in pure ecstasy


OHHH…OHHH…OHHH…YES YES YES As you cum I lap as much of your delicious juices as I can capture. I slip my cock into your pulsating pussy. It is my first cum of the day and I only lasted a couple of minutes before I started spurting into you as you clamped down on my dick with your pussy muscles and milked me dry. We snuggled in the after glow of a good cum caressing each other while looking at the stars which seemed to be close enough to reach out and touch.

After a while we ran down to the water and refreshed ourselves in the surf. Then went back to our blanket. We then have a little more wine and noticed some one in the shadows watching us. I asked you, “Do you think we should ask whoever is watching taksim escort (could not tell if it was a male or female) if they would like to have a glass of wine with us?”

You said, “yes, and maybe he or she would like to join in our fun if we are attracted to each other.” I called out “would you care to have a glass of wine with us?”

As the person accepted and moved out of the shadows and into the dim firelight we saw what appeared to be a very attractive woman. At about 5’4″ she was about an inch taller than my girl friend Lisa. They both have about the same size breasts, 36 c, and shoulder length hair. Lisa is a brunette with red highlights and this lovely creature is a redhead. She came to where we were and I said “Hi, I am Brett and this is Lisa.”

She said “My name is Raeye, and I am very happy you invited me to join you.”

Raeye sat down on the blanket and I poured her some wine. She then told us that she had a confession to make. “You see I followed you two from the parking area, and was working up my courage to come and say hi, when you started undressing each other so I stayed in the shadows and watched you having sex, while I played with myself. I hope you can forgive me.”

Lisa said “You must have enjoyed the show, so there is nothing to forgive.”

I said “Raeye you are very attractive and being that you enjoyed watching us perhaps you would like to join us?” Raeye very quickly accepted and started to undress, I started helping her out of her clothes at the same time that Lisa did.

As I took her top off and begin kissing and teasing her nipples, Lisa slid her shorts and panties down her slender legs and followed them with her mouth, kissing and licking along the way. Lisa helped her step out of her clothing. Raeye slipped down to the blanket and lay on her back. I continued to suckle on her breasts as Lisa was kissing her way back up her legs stopping only when she got to the top of Raeye’s legs where she started kissing and licking and tongue fucking topkapı escort her. Raeye maneuvered me to where she could suck on my cock. I then pulled Lisa around and went back to feasting on her pussy.

Lisa moaned she wanted my cock in her pussy. I turned around and slid my hard cock into Lisa’s wet and slippery pussy. As I sank into Lisa I started to help her lick Raeye’s pussy and discovered that Lisa was not eating Raeye’s pussy but was sucking on a cock (that seemed to be 4.5″to 5″ long). After I recovered from this surprise I stuck my tongue out and tentatively Licked it for my first taste of a cock.

Lisa sucked it in and out of her mouth while I fucked her; I licked on Raeye’s cock in time to my thrusts into Lisa’s pussy. We soon had a rhythm going and after about fifteen minutes were getting close to our climaxes. Lisa was first and started screaming YES……YES….FUCK ME FUCK ME!!

As Lisa let go of Raeye’s cock to scream I felt the head of it push against my lips I opened my mouth and took a cock into it for the first time. Not having any experience in sucking on a cock I started sucking on it and caressing it with my tongue in the way that Lisa did when she sucked me. Lisa’s orgasm started me cumming and as I started cumming I started sucking harder and Raeye started to cum. Lisa always enjoyed me cumming in her mouth and swallowing all that she could. I decided to let Raeye cum in my mouth and see what it was like. I kept Raeye’s cock in my mouth as she started cuming I swallowed as much as I could and milked her dry with my tongue and lips, as Lisa always did with me. All three of us laid their fondling, caressing and kissing each other.

I kissed Lisa and passed some of Raeye’s left over cum to her with my tongue.

Lisa asked “How did you like sucking on your first cock?”

“I am not sure,” I said “but I do know that under the same circumstance I would not hesitate to once again suck on one.

We had some more wine and ate some of the cheese tuyap escort and talked and got to each other better. Raeye explained that she was born with a dick instead of a pussy, and had had a mixed up childhood, not knowing if she was a boy or a girl. By the age of eighteen she had come to terms with being different and refused to be surgically altered so she would have a pussy instead of a dick. That was four years ago. Raeye had just arrived in town yesterday and had a job at an advertising agency, but was looking for a place to stay. I looked at Lisa and raised my eyebrows and Lisa very slowly nodded her head. Lisa said “Raeye why don’t you stay with us until you get situated? I know I would love to have you and I am sure Brett would also.”

“Brett what do you think about my staying with you and Lisa?” Raeye asked.

I said “I know I would enjoy getting to know you better. We have a spare bedroom which you could have so you can have the privacy we all need at times, but we also have a king size bed which you can share with us whenever you want.”

Raeye said “I accept and I know we are going to get along very well”

With that we all hugged and kissed each other with tongues probing, hands feeling and fondling. Soon Raeye became hard, I became hard and Lisa was sopping wet.

I started lapping up Lisa’s copious juices and running my tongue over and around her clit and slipping my tongue in and out of her cunt.

Raeye started licking and sucking my dick, running her tongue up and down the shaft and then sucking the mushroom head into her mouth. She then took me in as far as she could. I felt the head of my dick hit the back of her throat, then she swallowed and her nose was against my balls and she started milking my cock with her throat muscles.

Lisa was playing with Raeyes tits and sucking her cock.

With the incredible sensations that I was getting from what Raeye was doing I soon was cuming and that started Raeye cuming which caused Lisa to start cuming.

We were lying back enjoying the afterglow of our love making when Lisa said, “the fire has burned out.”

I replied “yeah but we don’t need it as dawn is starting to break on the horizon.”

We picked up our things and carried them to our vehicles.

We followed Raeye to her motel where we helped her pack her things and loaded them into her car. Raeye then followed us to our house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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