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Vivian and I were half-watching a movie on the couch, just decompressing from a long frustrating week. She was stroking my leg and my neck, nuzzling me with her head. I wrapped by arm around her and gently massaged her ass in that way I knew she liked.

At the same time, she seemed a little nervous. She had an air of trepidation about her like someone who had something to say but was working up the nerve to say it. Finally, she sat up, downed the rest of her wine and straddled my lap. I leaned in to kiss her, but she pulled back. “Wait.”

“What is it?”

“Tonight…” her voice trailed off for a moment. “I want it rough.”

“Mmmm. Really?” I grinned, leaning in and nibbling her neck.

She pushed me back against the couch. “Like, scary rough. My safe word is pumpkin, nothing I say or do that does not include the word “pumpkin” should give you cause to stop.”

“Okay. I can do that.”

A brief smile flitted across her lips, equal parts evil and playful. “You sure of that?” she demanded, slapping me across the face in a defiant and challenging move. “I don’t just want you to slap my ass a little bit. I want you to fuck me like you own me. Use me, degrade me. I want you to make me scream,” as she continued her list of demands she kept shoving me in the chest and thrusting her hips into me. “If I tell you to stop, you go harder. I say “no” you fuck that word right out of my mouth. If I start to cry wipe my tears with your cock and make me taste them off of you.”

The intensity of her request had set off a storm of emotions. Lust, obviously. Then bewilderment at the seemingly out-of-the-blue specificity of her desire. And I’d be lying if her shoving and slapping wasn’t starting to piss me off a little bit.

“That is if you think you can do it.” she said, suddenly adopting a patronizing baby talk voice that revved my anger up several more notches. “Or do you just want to make sweet gentle love to me like I’m a dainty little princess all the time, huh? Maybe you’re the dainty little princess. Have you got what it takes to fucking break me?” She punctuated this last bit slashing her nails across my cheek and laughing when I checked to confirm that he had drawn a little blood.

That was it. I grabbed a fistful of hair with one hand and wrapped the other around her throat as I turned and pinned her under me on the couch. Suddenly her demeanor changed as she began back pedaling on her bold talk. “I was just playing! I was teasing, that’s all.”

I didn’t hear any mention of pumpkin, and so I pushed further. “That’s your thing isn’t it. You like being a little prick tease? Well tonight, I’m taking everything you ever promised and more.” I slid my hand from her throat to the top of her t-shirt. Still holding her down by the fistful of hair, I ripped her the front of the shirt off of her, revealing her round full breasts that were always such a source of pleasure for us both. I immediately took one nipple in my mouth sucking and nibbling until it was hard and red. The other I pinched roughly twisted slighting back and forth.

She let out a primal moan that turned to a scream as I bit down and pinched harder looking for actual pain. I let go and leaned back to look at my handiwork. Her nipples were erect and screaming red. Her body and cheeks a little flush. A slight sheen of sweating already glistening on her neck and belly.

My head swam with all the things I wanted to do to her. The obvious use of her mouth and pussy would have to wait. I wanted to keep her guessing, disoriented. Clearly she wanted to change things up a bit. Who was I to deny her?

I grabbed her by the back of the neck and sat her up on the couch. Still cradling her head in my hand, I started unbuckling by pants and pulled out my cock. She instinctively opened her mouth, expecting the face fucking that I would inevitably be giving her…later.

“Spit on your tits.” I ordered her.

“What?” she asked, genuinely confused.

I slapped her lightly across the face for her questioning my instruction. “I am going to fuck your tits, and I would prefer not to chafe my cock while I do so. Now, spit on your chest or I’ll do it for you.” I finished undressing as she worked up a mouth of saliva and let it drool between her breasts.

I stepped closer to her. “Hands behind your back.” She complied. I took her breasts in my hands and squeezed them together around my cock as I started thrusting between them. “Look at me while I’m using you,” I instructed. She looked up at me expectantly. “You’re a good little fuck toy, you know that? So many way for me to use you.”

Vivian must have been getting bored, because she swerved back to her earlier provoking tactics. “I could see why you like fucking my tits. No expectation of getting me off.”

I kaçak iddaa popped my dick out from between her tits, and shoved it in her mouth to the hilt. I held my full length in, pressing against the back of her throat. “There’s no expectation of making you cum when you suck my cock either. As a matter of fact, I never need to make you cum. I’m not the piece of fuckmeat. You are. I’m not here for your pleasure. You’re here for mine.” Vivian’s eyes were starting to water and she was starting to gag and sputter for air at the same time. I pulled out, giving her a chance to breathe and drop the safe word if need be.

She didn’t. Instead she looked me in the eyes and called me an asshole. I sat on the couch and dragged her across my knee. I laid a few hard swats across her ass, before grabbing at the seam of her satin pajama bottoms. I ripped the seam open wide enough to reach my hand in, slid my fingers between her legs and into her soaking wet cunt. She squirmed and clenched her legs with pleasure, but I was only there for some lube.

I brought my slick fingers back to her ass. “What about your asshole? Does it need some attention?”

“No. Please not that.”

I started working a finger around her tight little pucker, applying pressure but not entering her just yet. She whimpered and moaned and squirmed. Finally, with my other hand, I pressed her face down into the couch. “Quit it. You’re going to have something much bigger in there before the night is through.” With that, I slipped my finger in and began pressing downward, applying a kind of pressure she had never felt before.

“Fuck!” she screamed. I slid my thumb down and began massaging her clit with circular motion. Her pleasure centers were being pinched from both sides, and I continued to apply steady undulating pressure to coincide with her grunts and moans. I could sense her building orgasm as she began rocking her hips, getting wetter, and hotter, and louder as I moved my fingers in and around her.

Just as I she was about to crest the wave, I pulled my hand away and shoved her off my lap and onto the floor. “Son of bitch!” she screamed.

“Aaaaw. What’s the matter? Were you hoping to cum so quickly? Did I get you too close? Is that tight little cunt of yours aching for release?” The way her legs and pelvis were writhing and squirming I could tell that she was physically uncomfortable from the denial of her orgasm. Smiling, I leapt to the floor and ripped open the front seam of her pants, the satin legs now sheaths held together by the drawstring, but the crotch completely open.

She was visibly, soaking wet, glistening in the low light of the living room. I placed myself between her knees and spread her legs wide. As I slowly went to go down on her, I could feel the warmth emanating from her cunt a couple inches away. I froze there basking in her scent, her arousal, and her frustration. “I can feel how hot you are from here. You’re a literal bitch in heat, aren’t you?”

Her inarticulate whimpering reply suggested agreement, but also told me she didn’t want to speak for fear of giving me a reason to further deny her release. I placed my arms over her thighs and grabbed her hips, pinning her down as I lowered my head to begin aggressive licking and sucking her. The moment my tongue swirled around her opening, she moaned. When I wrapped my lips around her throbbing clit she let out a ragged scream of pleasure. I sucked vigorously, swirling my tongue around her, building her back up, feeling her hips first rocking, then bucking, than madly thrusting beneath me.

As I felt her begin to peak once more, I pulled away eliciting an anguished scream as I did. Her desperate “Nooooooooo-” was cut short as I immediately slammed my cock into her. On the hardwood floor, there was no give or cushioning beneath us. I bottomed out hard enough to briefly knock the air from her lungs, as a result her first orgasmic scream was a raspy, jagged sound stuck in her throat as she convulsed beneath me and her nails dug into my back and shoulders.

I pounded into her for a few moments more. She was spasming and clenching around me harder and tighter than I could ever remember, but was wet enough that I could drive in and out of her with ease. She was delirious with stimulation, letting out a continuous stream of feral sounding whimpers and half screams. Each thrust seemed to be driving air from her lungs and fueling whatever noises her throat might make as her mind was somewhere else entirely.

“You were fucking made for this, weren’t you?” Even in her far gone state she bobbed her head in affirmation. “You are on this planet to take my cock as hard and as deep as I’m willing to give it to you, aren’t you?” More nodding. I slapped her across the face, trying to snap her from her kaçak bahis orgasmic daze. “Say it. Tell me what you’re good for.”

“I’m your fuck doll. Your whore, your fucking cum dumpster. Use me. Use me. Use me.” She fell into a loop like that. Every time I withdrew my cock, she would say “Use me.” I would slam myself in to the hilt and withdraw again, and again she would beg to be used. It didn’t matter how fast I pumped, she kept begging until the words blended together and lost almost all meaning.

At last, I could feel myself ready to explode. So could Vivian as her entreaties changed and she desperately pleaded for me to cum inside of her. This, however, was a night for degradation and boundary pushing. I pulled out stood up, bringing her to a kneeling position in front of me and proceeded to cum all over her face. Cum splattered across her cheeks, her nose, over her lips, with a little landing in her mouth which she greedily swallowed.

Tears started running down her face, still she did not say the safe word. “Are those tears? What are you crying for?”

“You didn’t cum inside me. I’m such a whore.”

“You are, aren’t you? You know what real whores do? Real whores swallow.” I took my hand and started wiping my cum and her tears toward her mouth sliding three fingers covered in our mixed fluids into her mouth which she eagerly licked clean. She was clearly still into it. “Cum. Tears. It doesn’t matter. I’m not here for your fucking feelings. Why am I here?”

She eagerly sucked the last of my cum from my fingers before pulling away and answering with steely resolve. “You’re here to fucking break me.”

I smiled at her ongoing enthusiasm and implied challenge. “That I am.” Grabbing her by the hair again, I led her into the dining room. I undid the drawstring on what was left of her pants and ripped the two legs apart and let them drop to the floor. She stepped out of them and I picked them up.

I had her kneel behind one of our narrow high-backed chairs. With one leg of the pants I tied her wrists behind her and around the back legs of the chair. With the other I simultaneous blindfolded her and bound her head to the slats on the chair’s back.

I began tormenting her breasts again, slapping and pinching until the breasts and nipples were brighter, angrier versions of their usual color. I was already starting to recover from my first orgasm and I placed my semi-hard dick in her mouth. I reached down and pinched each nipple tightly until I could see her brow furrow with pain and hear a slight whine rise up in her mouth. “Once I’m hard again, I will let go of your nipples.”

She went to start bobbing her head before remembering that her head was immobilized. Her only tools were suction and her tongue, both of which put to eager work. I enjoyed being about to increase her urgency with increased pressure or torsion on the nipples, and I made no qualms about telling her so. “You’re a good little blowjob machine aren’t you? I just turn the dials to increase suction.” Then rubbing my thumbs in a circular motion against the pinch. “Or intensify the tongue action with a flick of thumbs.” she complied with my nipple based guidance and I was soon hard and filling her throat.

I let go of her nipples and could feel her sigh around my cock, as the blood rushed back to them. The relieved exhalation gave me a perfectly open throat to assault. I placed my freed hands on either side of her head a vigorously face fucked her for a few moments. Her muffled choking sounds and the drool running down her chin were almost too much to bear, and I quickly relented.

Stepping back and watching her catch her breath. I came up with a new plan. I untied her from the chair, placing the satin pant legs on the table in case I needed them again later. I brought her to her feet and kissed her passionately, almost bending her over backwards against the table. I was firm but a little bit tender, wanting to convey some warmth and affection amidst my otherwise relentless use of her whore body. Finally I pulled away. “Go get your vibrator,” I instructed.

“Yes, sir.” she replied playfully and started to walk towards the bedroom.

I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back. “Crawl there. And back. Carry the vibrator in your teeth.” She replied with a smile that suggested I was enjoying this a little too much. I gave her a smirk that told her she was free to drop the safe word whenever she wanted. Instead, she dropped to her knees and headed towards the bedroom.

When she came back, I took the vibrator from her, and had her lay on the dining room table, her legs dangling off the end. I gave her pussy a long hard lascivious lick and before handing her the toy. “Show me. Show me how you pleasure yourself when I’m not around. When I leave for illegal bahis work and you have that extra hour, when I’m working late and leaving you by yourself, what do you do?”

She smiled and slid the vibrator between her legs, not yet turning it on, but gently probing between her lips while her other hand started to make wide lazy circles over top of her clit. “Mmmmmm. What makes you think I only do this when you aren’t around? I’ll masturbate anytime. When I tell you I’m tired and go upstairs, leaving you to finish a movie by yourself? More often than not I’m up there giving myself a mind-blowing orgasm while you cluelessly doze on the couch.”

I ignored her attempted provocation and enjoyed the show instead. I began stroking myself in sync with her penetrations, watching her build up momentum, noticing as she started putting her hips into it and accelerating her clitoral stimulation.

“Really?” I asked. “What do you think about when you’re pleasuring yourself? Do you fantasize? Reminisce? Watch porn?”

“A little bit of everything.” she replied, her breath getting heavier.

She had placed her feet on the edge of the table and had her knees splayed wide as she continued her ministrations. I stepped to the edge of the table and slapped her inner thighs. She inhaled sharply with each swat, I could tell that the pain was increasing her overall stimulation but the impact was breaking her concentration making it harder for her to cum.

“What kind of porn do you watch when you’re by yourself?”

“All of it. Rough stuff. Girl on girl. Spitroasts. Gangbangs.”

She was getting closer. The litany of her various porn preferences was revving her up as she started dialing up the vibration setting on her toy and plunging in deeper and deeper.

“How about double penetration?” I asked.

Just as she looked up at me in shock, I pressed my cock against her well lubricated backdoor. “No!”

I smiled evilly. “I’m going to fuck that word right out of your mouth.” With that, I drove myself slowly but firmly into her virgin hole. The tightness of her ass, enhanced by the toy in her pussy was an unbelievable sensation. I could feel the vibrator humming inside of her and her muscles quivering with both pleasure and exertion.

Vivian threw her head back, her eyes glazed over. “Fuuuuuuck!!” she moaned. As she relaxed to accommodate me, I began pumping in and out her. She bucked and twisted, trying to maintain a rhythm with the vibrator while growing increasingly incoherent with sensation.

“Suck your juices off that toy. We’re making you airtight.” She removed the vibrator from her soaking wet cunt, and I immediately replaced it with three fingers that she took in with ease. She half-consciously brought the vibrator to her lips, but seemed too lost to remember what she was doing. “Suck it like you can make it cum. I want you to put on a proper show for the camera.”

The word camera snapped her to attention. I had grabbed my phone off the chair where I had placed it and was now filming the violation of all of her holes. “Next time you want to masturbate, you can be your own personal porn star. I know I’ll be jerking off to this for the foreseeable future. Now suck that dick!”

She complied, sucking with enough gusto almost thought she would swallow it. I brought my thumb up to her clit and pinched down hard between my thumb and fingers and driving all the way into her ass, holding myself there. She came harder than I had ever felt, the spasms dilated her vagina as she screamed around the vibrator, removing it from her mouth she uttered words I never would have anticipated. “Fist me.” I broke character for a moment, looking at her for confirmation that I had heard her right. “Fist this dumb slut. You haven’t broken me yet.”

I withdrew my fingers and formed a carefully tapered fist. Leading with my thumb and the knuckle of my index finger I worked my way inside of her. As I did, she let out an absolute scream. “Fuck yes! Hurt me!” I began twisting my fist back and forth, the movement driving her wild and causing undulating pressure on the top of my dick still firmly planted inside of her.

Suddenly, I couldn’t take it any more. A few quick thrusts and I began to cum uncontrollably inside of her. The sensation drove her over some heretofore unknown precipice. She arched her back and bucked her hips so hard she nearly broke my cock and my wrist. Another incoherent scream of pleasure and she went lip before bursting into tears. I withdrew from her watching for a moment as she trembled and sobbed.

After a moment, she stood up and approached me, the tears still running down her face her legs unsteady beneath her. She planted a deep hard kiss on me, biting and licking my lips almost devouring me. Pulling back, her voice trembling, she said. “Thank you.” Her legs buckled beneath her and I went to the floor with her. She curled up in my arms and there on the floor we fell into the deepest sleep I could ever remember.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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