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As I was driving down the highway one late afternoon, I hoped that no cops were about. I’d just been informed that all of my brake lights weren’t working, but I couldn’t do anything about it until I found a mechanic that was open. There weren’t many cars about, which I was thankful for – if I needed to brake suddenly with no brake lights, it could spell disaster.

But of course – as luck would have it, just as I was braking at a red light, a police car appeared seemingly out of thin air behind me. And of course, the policeman behind the wheel noticed my lack of brake lights. On came the flashy lights, and he indicated with his finger to the side street to my left. I gave him the thumbs up, forcing a polite smile while seething deep down.

Once the lights turned green, I turned into said side street and found a safe spot to park. Being a country town, the street was deserted, with only one lone farmhouse some distance away. I put the car into park and switched off the ignition, and waited for Mr Policeman to come and give me a ticket.

I watched as you stepped out of your car and came sauntering over, and I had to restrain from rolling my eyes. Here we go, I thought.


And when you stand next to my window, I get a nice surprise to see that you are very handsome. I let my eyes give you the once over while I wait for you to speak.

“Good afternoon ma’am, do you know why I have pulled you over today?” you say.

“I’m guessing it’s because I have no brake lights?” I offer.

“That’s right. Why are you driving with no brake lights?” You put both of your hands on my door frame. Masculine hands…nice.

I catch a whiff of a subtle aftershave or men’s deodorant, and feel a thrill go through me. “I have only just been made aware of it – on this very highway, in fact. I need to get to a mechanic.”

“You should have parked the car and left it somewhere safe and found another way to get home.” you scold. Did his eyes just do a very quick flick to my cleavage? I wonder.

“I know. But seriously, would you do that?” I scoff.

You – the sexy policeman – inhale sharply, and I prepare myself to be given a stern telling-off. Instead however, you open my door. “I know with this model Falcon, the brake switch often stuffs up. Mind if I take a look?” you say, getting down on one knee.

“S-sure…” I stammer, immediately flustered at your proximity. You place one hand on the seat next to my thigh, and reach the other over me and between my lower legs to feel for the brake switch. No observation of personal boundaries with this guy…not that I mind, I ponder, as a wave of heat washes through my system.

There is a new and increasing tension in the air, and I feel my mouth go dry as my hormones threaten to overwhelm me.

Your masculine scent fills my senses as you fiddle with my brake pedal, and I wonder briefly if you are prolonging this just so that you can keep close, hovering over my legs. I let my eyes drink in the sight of your shoulders and your neck, then I let them trail down your arms, and down the length of your back. I can make out the bulge of your thigh; the fabric is stretching over the muscle. Mmm…hot…

There is a definite sexual tension in the air now, and I watch your every move. Your attention doesn’t appear to be wholly on the task at hand; I can see your eyes flick over almanbahis adres my legs occasionally, and the skin on your ears and neck are flushed red. I unconsciously bite my fingernails – I need to do something, anything, to prevent myself from gripping your shirt and pulling you up for a kiss.

The hot, bare skin of your arm brushes the bare skin of my shin, and I struggle to suppress the shiver of desire that is taking me over. “Is this going to take long, Officer?” I ask, feigning impatience. If he stays down there for much longer, I am not going to be able to control my arousal…

“Mmph…I just want to see if I can pull the switch out…” you grunt, seemingly putting in an effort to yank the switch.

“What’s the point? It’s not like you have a spare. How about you just give me a ticket and let me go home?” I grumble, pressing my thighs together to alleviate some of the ache that has developed in my womanhood. “Please?”

You slowly withdraw your arm, and ‘accidentally’ brush your hand along my thigh as you do so. Your eyes lock onto mine, and the hungry – albeit brief – look I see there sends bolts of lust straight through to my core. “You should be more careful about letting strange men into your car.” you say, with a slight huskiness in your voice.

“But you’re a cop?” I whimper, trying my best to gently push you away without being violent.

“Yes, but I am also a man.” Your eyes flick suggestively to my lips as I chew and lick them, and I then realise your hand is resting on my thigh, just above my knee. “Step out of the vehicle, please.”

“Huh? Why?” I exclaim. Too many conflicting emotions were taking place leaving me confused, bewildered – and very turned on.

“Out.” You stand up to your full height – about the same height as me – and hold the door open.

My heart is thumping wildly in my chest – the sexual tension between us is definitely not just my imagination. I step out of the car, and lean my back against it.

“Have you got any drugs or weapons on your person?” you say, expression and tone neutral once again.

“As if I’d tell you if I did!” I tease playfully, leaning my elbows on my car. This action stretches the fabric of my floral dress over my breasts invitingly. Your eyes linger on my breasts for a moment, and I smirk. Good. Let him be the one to squirm now.

“Turn around and place your hands on the bonnet, please.” Though your tone is still neutral, I am sure I detect a new heaviness in your voice.

I do as you command, ready to play the game, and place both hands on the bonnet.

I can’t resist pushing my ass out just a little, and arching my back just a little. And when I feel your body heat behind me, I have to refrain from telling you to hurry up and put your hands on me.

“I am going to search you now.” you say, softly.

You start off with a clinical body search – respectful and touching only the necessary parts. Part of me is disappointed – I am so turned on by now, that all I want for you is to skip the bullshit and take me. Just the same though, I go along with it. I focus on slowing my breathing, calming myself down as I wait for your next move.

Just as you seem to be finishing your ‘search’, your hands slide down my ribs to my hips, where they hesitate to squeeze softly, before continuing down my outer thighs. When they reach the almanbahis adresi tops of my knees, you bring them forward… I feel your breath against my shoulder blade, and you bring one hand up my inner thigh. The other hand comes upwards to rest just under my breasts, and you pull me up gently, against your chest.

I can’t help the way my legs open to give your roving hand better access. Your hand is so warm against the cooler flesh of my inner thigh as you circle, gently teasing the soft skin at the very edge of my womanhood. I let out a soft moan in enjoyment of your touch, and from the pressure I can feel against my rump, it is clear that you are enjoying it just as much as me.

Suddenly, you press your nose against the juncture of my neck and shoulder and take a long, sensual sniff. “Mmmm…” you growl softly, and the exploration of your hands becomes a little more urgent. The hand that is against my groin presses harder, teasingly rubbing the side of your hand against my black lacy panties. “I wonder if you taste as good as you smell?”

“Only one way to find out…” I whisper, swaying my hips against the rock-hard bulge pressing into my rump.

You seem to hesitate for a few moments – you hold me tight against your chest, your hardness pressed against me as you rub your nose softly against the shell of my ear, inhaling my scent. I can hear a low rumble of appreciation in the back of your throat, and I wait patiently for you to take this further.

Finally, your fingers slip beneath the silky fabric of my panties, and I know that you will find me to be soaking wet. The lewd groan that you let out against my neck makes my knees weak; I am sizzling, aching for you now. You slide your fingers through my slippery heat to tease my button, and I whimper—

You yank my panties down, and spin me around. You thread the fingers of one hand in my long, wavy hair, and slip your tongue into my mouth. Your kiss makes my lower abdomen tighten with lust, and my nipples brush against your chest. At the same time, the fingers of your other hand are busy at work: you slip one finger deep inside of me, and massage my rapidly-swelling nub with your thumb. My hips are grinding against your hand as I whimper against your lips, and my hands are now busy stroking and massaging your hard rod through your pants.

“I want to taste you now.” you whisper thickly, laying me against the warm bonnet of my car.

As you withdraw from me to position yourself between my legs, I have the briefest moment to notice one word on your name tag – Robert.

I watch your face as you spend a moment taking in my form. The heat in your eyes makes me feel almost crazed with desire – god, I want you! One of my most erotic fantasies is coming true…to be had by a policeman against the bonnet of a car…but instead of undoing your zip, you manoeuvre yourself so that your face is directly above my naked, glistening pussy.

The sun is beginning to approach the horizon, the orange hue giving the scene a surreal touch. I feel exposed when a soft breeze blows across my heated flesh, but the fact that nobody is around makes it more erotic. I am almost ready to cum; it won’t take much for you to tip me over the edge. I am quivering in anticipation of what your tongue can do…

You start off by kissing your way up my inner thigh; slow, sensual kisses almanbahis adresi all the way up, interspersed with flicks of your tongue. When you get to my groin, you take another deep inhale, and I shudder involuntarily. The action was so primal and masculine, and I want you desperately. You nuzzle my groin, and begin to kiss my outer lips gently. By god, would you just lick me? I cry inwardly. Suddenly, you gently bite my groin. I gasp aloud, and grip your head.

“You like that?” you say, and the vibration of your voice against my womanhood feels amazing.

“Yes…more…” I whimper breathily, trembling with pre-orgasmic bliss.

Now, you begin to gently nibble my outer lips. Your tongue flicks out occasionally, and I am in heaven. I watch your face – your lips and tongue look so sexy as they work, and your eyes have a way of pinning me to the spot, penetrating me to my soul. It takes all my willpower not to hold your head still and fuck your face… Finally, you slide the flat of your tongue between my dripping wet lips.

“Ohh!” I cry, as spots dance before my eyes. “God!”

You growl happily against my pussy as you begin to lick me – slow, long licks that drive me wild. I feel your finger slip inside me, and you set a steady rhythm, licking and thrusting with your finger. Every now and then you suck and nibble gently, bringing my climax closer. And when you replace your finger with your tongue, you pick up my hand and place my fingers on my clit – you want me to play with myself as you thrust with your tongue. So erotic.

I begin to circle my swollen button for a few moments, and I feel you moan deliciously. I love that you are enjoying this just as much as I am – you are completely absorbed in not just what you are doing, but also in how I am responding. One single tear escapes my eye – it has been a very long time since I have experienced such attention, and I feel like the luckiest woman in all the world. My whole body is singing – the electric pleasure you have caused in me is radiating outwards from the site of your attentions, zapping through and making my fingertips, my toes and even my lips tingle.

By now, you are moaning and your tongue is everywhere – inside me, on my button and fingers, on my groin, on my inner thighs. Your finger is working inside me again, rubbing me just right. You are letting loose your inner beast just a little, and it brings me to the pinnacle of your intent. I rub my button furiously from side to side for only a few seconds as bolts of searing and overwhelming pleasure clenches through my entire womanhood. I cry out loudly as wave after wave of white hot thunder rolls through me, rendering me momentarily blind. I feel liquid squirting from me and all over your face, and the noise of surprised delight you make lets me know that you don’t mind.

You use my panties to wipe your face for a moment, and then you are undoing your belt… I am panting and twitching, still coming down from my high as you get your rock-hard erection out. I can see a bead of pre-cum shining in the late afternoon light, but I don’t get to see it for long before you hold my jelly legs open and slide into me, letting out a guttural groan. The sight of you – the handsome man in his dark blue uniform – sends renewed bolts of searing hot desire through my system.

For both you and I, the feeling of finally being sheathed inside of me is almost too good to be true. You hold yourself still for a moment, just enjoying the feeling of being inside. You look at the voluptuous, tall woman beneath you with her long hair messed up and spread all around her, and her breasts spilling out of her bra…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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