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Amy Anderssen

The front door opened with a slam, and Erin stumbled through the door while carrying groceries with both hands. Her legs felt heavy, as if they were weigh down by lead, and she had trouble keeping her eyes open. The medium length wavy, dark brown hair on her head that was tied in a bun was now matted and in partial disarray.

“Ohhhhhh…” moaned Erin in discomfort.

Madelynn snapped out of her trance at the sudden entry of her mom. She blinked her eyes a few times before noticing in shock that she was standing in the living room while wearing a kinky and skimpy latex outfit. A pair of headphones connected to an MP3 player was playing racy Rihanna and Britney music through her ears. Her body was moving subtly to the beat.

“What am I doing?”

The fear of being noticed by her mom made her want to run away and hide, but noticing her mom was in some kind of trouble, Madelynn stopped. Overriding her fear of being scolded by her mom for dressing in provocative and revealing clothing, she quickly helped her mom to the sofa.

“Mom, what happened?” asked Madelynn as she went over to support her mother. Even though her fingers were coated with pussy juice and she was touching her mom with those fingers, the situation was important enough for Madelynn to overlook it.

“I don’t know, I feel so tired and sleepy.”

In her groggy state, Erin’s eyes drifted to Madelynn’s bulging, hanging breasts that were supported by the sleek black PVC bra for just a second before moving up to her daughter’s porcelain white face and noticing the shiny purple painted lips that exuded irresistible eroticism.

“Honey, get me a glass of water. I feel so thirsty.”

“Okay, Mom.”

Madelynn rushed to the kitchen to get a glass of water, but when she returned her mom was already fast asleep. Subconsciously, Madelynn found her eyes focusing on the parts of the white poka dot blue dress that clung tightly to her mom’s body. Aided by the perspiration, the dress hugged Erin’s body tightly in such a way that her sexual curves were revealed enticingly, as if begging to be looked at and touched. Even after bearing children and in middle age, Erin kept her body in shape through regular exercise and health conscious diet. Though it wasn’t the body of a supermodel, Erin’s body was sexy in it’s own right, and she looked a full ten years younger than she actually was. Despite her age and conservative modesty, she still attracted lustful stares from both old and young men. In spite of not having on makeup, her Kristin Davis-like face looked beautiful in a natural way. The most prominent features on her body were her bubble butt and large DD breasts. It took a while before Madelynn noticed that she was eyeing up her mom’s body and forced herself to stop.

“Stop it, Madelynn! She’s your mom for Christ sakes!”

Not wanting her mom to catch a cold, Madelynn retrieved a blanket and gently covered her mom with it.

As Madelynn walked away, she noticed her latex corset on the floor without remembering when or how she had taken it off, causing her heart to skip a beat at the unexpected memory lapse. Madelynn turned her head towards the side, noticing herself on the large, rectangular mirror on the living room wall. A sexy girl dressed only in a black latex bra, black latex skirt, dark fishnet stockings, and black strappy heels stared back at her. Though she knew the reflection was that of her current self, Madelynn felt the image was somehow not her. It seemed alien.

“What have I become?”

Her medium golden brown hair cut in a page boy style with bangs was buried beneath pitch black dye and purple streaks. Thick black mascara and eyeliner along with dark purple eye shadow accentuated her gray eyes on her round face. A piercing above her right eye that peeked from the lower edge of the bandage glinted under natural light. Purple amethyst stud earrings hugged closely to her earlobes. At the center of those embellishments were the shiny purple lips that always looked wet, as if they were kissing all the time. The only attributes that remained unchanged were her naturally pale skin and body shape. It almost felt to Madelynn that she had forgotten what her old self look like. With her eyes fixed on her reflection, the teen girl sighed and ran her hands along the sensual curves of her body.

It was almost dinnertime before her mom woke up. Not wanting to anger her mother at home, Madelynn dressed back in what her mom considered to be proper clothes for a female teenager. Noticing her mom was still a bit out of it, she helped prepared dinner, which were mostly leftovers from the previous night.

“Mom, are you feeling alright? You don’t look well. Maybe you should call in sick tomorrow.”

“I’m fine. It’s just that the workload at my job has been increasing recently.”

“But, you look like you’re burning out.”

“It’s alright, it’s only temporary. I’ll get used to it. And besides, it won’t matter by the end of next month.”

“Huh? Why?”

“We’re bahis firmaları going sell this house and move back to Grandma’s place.”

Madelynn suddenly dropped her fork and slowed her chewing.

“Why do we have to go back? Isn’t this place fine?”

“Honey, I don’t think you’re going have a good future here. It was my mistake to go along with your father’s decision to move here.”

“What do you mean? I love it here! The people, the city, my friends…” Madelynn thought about Wendy.

“Devil’s temptations… All of them!”

“My grades are good too, and I’m thinking of attending the university here. They’ll definitely accept me!”

“This whole area is a breeding ground of sin!”

“I-I don’t understand! What’s wrong with us living here?!”

“Sinners, sinners everywhere! And they’re corrupting you!”

“Mom, that sounds ridiculous! I’m not being corru–“

“Yes, you are! You’re hanging out with the wrong people and you’re acting like them too.”

“Mom, I’m still a good girl! It’s just my looks that’s changed.”

“No, Maddy. Lewd clothing will lead to lewd behavior. This whole city is the devil’s playground! Skimpy clothing, shameless exposure, tolerance for gays… It’s modern day Sodom and Gomorrah! What has this world gone into?!”

Madelynn thought about Elena and the blackmail. It wasn’t her fault. She was forced into lesbianism and those perverted acts. There was no choice. Everything that Elena had made her do and the feelings that she felt going through them were unwanted, Madelynn insisted. Mentally, she was still herself, wasn’t she? It’s her heart that counts, isn’t it? Despite making those self-reassurances, Madelynn didn’t felt complete conviction with them.

“But what about Wendy? She isn’t a bad girl.”

“You’re being corrupted by wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

“Wendy’s a good girl! She gets good grades. She’s nice to everyone. She’s…”

“A homosexual!”

“What?! Mom, you’re making things up! Wendy would never–“

“I saw Wendy with another girl holding hands this morning.”

That girl must be Sarah, Madelynn thought.

“But it’s just holding hands! Aren’t you jumping to conclusions?”

“Kissing! I saw them kissing! They are the tools of Satan!”

Madelynn was confused. An internal monologue raged in her mind. “It’s not possible. Wendy’s straight. She’s falling head over heels for Daniel. She would never kiss…” Madelynn suddenly remembered the time when she saw Sarah kissing Wendy in the hallway. “But it was just an innocent kiss, wasn’t it? It can’t b-be… What mom think it is. Mom must be looking at it the wrong way.”

“MOM! I don’t think it’s what it appeared to be. It was probably just a friendly kiss.”

“They were.. Frenching! Ordinary friends don’t kiss each other like that! It’s improper and sinful!”

“But…” Madelynn was confused and at a lost for words.

“If, God forbid, I let you become one of them, then I’m unfit to be your Mother!”

“Mom, please… you knew Wendy and her family for many years. Does any of it mean anything to you?”

“My decision is final. We’re going to move to Grandma’s house. Only there will you be away from sin and grow up to be a proper woman.”

Madelynn thought about her few childhood years spent at the idyllic farm house. The whole place was peaceful and serene, but there was this feeling of desolation and loneliness that haunted her. Combined with the fact that her grandparents were unfriendly and strict, Madelynn really disliked the whole place.

“No, you’re going to ruin my whole life!” Her appetite was lost. Tears were starting to well up in Madelynn’s eyes, and she quickly rushed upstairs to her room. However, she did go back down at one point to help clean the dishes. Throughout that time, there was an awkward silence between Madelynn and her mother.

Hours later, Madelynn sat in front of her computer under the canopy of darkness. The only illumination in her room currently was a lamp on her desk. She wore nothing except for a transparent purple PVC bra with glossy black edges and straps and ebony, opaque floral patterns along with a matching pair of panties. The garments were very tight fitting, as if acting like second skin. Due to the tightness of the garments, almost every movement of her body caused her aroused nipples and pussy to be teased. Her honey-soaked purple-nailed fingers were vigorously stroking her love nub as she was watching hardcore lesbian porn from a members-only lesbian porn site. Madelynn’s membership to the web site was registered and prepaid by Elena, but Madelynn didn’t know the truth that it was Elena herself who own the site, one of the several Madelynn had to visit from time to time in order to do the erotic assignments. To prove that she was indeed doing the assignment and not faking it, she had to put special high-resolution WiFi webcams on top of her monitor, on the underside of her desk, behind her, one on the floor, and several others scattered kaçak iddaa at specific locations across the rooms. There was no way for Madelynn to cheat, not masturbate, and not look at porn without Elena noticing. The cameras captured all of Madelynn’s expression and physical actions with absolutely zero privacy. As much as much she disliked this exhibitionistic arrangement, Madelynn was relieved that the cameras didn’t have be on when she’s not doing Elena’s assignments. However, though she wasn’t under the constant watch of the webcams, her online activities were constantly monitored. Many days ago, Elena had ordered her to install special software on her computer in order to discourage her from watching heterosexual porn and other online content that Elena didn’t want Madelynn to watch at home.

In the first scene, there was at first nothing but complete darkness. Minimal techno music began playing, but there was something else that Madelynn thought she was hearing but couldn’t put a finger on. Gradually, light filled in the view, and dark metallic cylinder appeared. A persistent low-lying fog covered the whole floor. There was a hiss as the cylinder slowly rose up to the ceiling, spilling out a fuming white gas and revealing its valuable contents. The gas soon parted to reveal an attractive raven-haired woman with an hourglass figure standing with an erotic pose with her breasts jutting out. Her straight hair spilling out from behind the mask cascaded a short distance passed her shoulders. She had on a full face mask of a pitch black color that traced the shape of a feminine face. Tiny glossy black sequins arranged in intricate spirals and whorls along the surface of the mask give it an exotic appearance. Dangling black onyx earrings further added to the mystique. The only facial features that weren’t hidden behind the mask were the expressionless brown eyes of the woman.

Further down, around her neck, was a silver chain necklace with a large black spinel gem with each facet flickering in response to the woman’s subtle movements. Arm-length black opera gloves encased her delicate arms. Surrounding most of the woman’s body was an elaborate black satin dress with a lot of decorate frills and lace. The bodice section was a front lace-up corset that allowed for the cleavage of her large breasts to be generously revealed. The voluminous full-length skirt had several layers of thick petticoats that barely hid the shiny black high heel pumps that she wore. One contraption that wasn’t immediately visible was a series of discreet metal braces that bonded and forced the woman to remain in a specific erotic pose for extended periods of time. Madelynn found her pussy tingling with wetness after she took in all the immediate details of the woman on screen. The teen girl’s fingers unconsciously drifted right above her pussy, ready to frig herself at any moment.

Madelynn briefly imagined herself in the woman’s place and dressed in the same lewd outfit.

There were sounds of clicking and wheezing as the braces released their hold on the woman, but even after she was free, the woman stood there motionless like a statue.

“Female ecstasy,” whispered a husky woman’s voice in the background.

As if acting on cue, the extravagantly dressed woman grasped the lower hem of her skirt and rode it up, including the multiple layers of petticoats. Madelynn gasped when she saw what was revealed: Two black segmented metallic hoses connected from opposite directions to a pair of dark metallic panties worn by the woman. The camera zoomed in up close and from the flank, revealing more details of how they were connected. Madelynn’s clit fluttered upon seeing the hoses suddenly disentangling themselves from the panties, revealing two large holes in the metallic garment. Thick purple liquid oozed from the hoses and the woman’s dilated orifices for several moments before ceasing.

The woman walked a short distance over to a special seat resembled four forward arching headless metal female torsos arranged together shoulder-to-shoulder with the breasts facing outward in a trapezoidal arrangement. A translucent purple dildo glowing like some radioactive rod rose from the center of the seat. Once it stopped moving, clear liquid gushed out from the tip and flowed down along its sides. The device operated very much like a sybian.

Riding her skirt up, the woman positioned herself with her legs astride the seat and slowly lowered her pussy onto the self-lubricating vertical dildo, piercing herself with it and emitting a loud gasp. The view switched several times to a close-up view within the skirt, showing in detail of how the woman’s wet pussy was fucking on the luminous phallus. Moans and gasps escape from the woman’s mouth through the mask as she continued fucking herself. Madelynn did the same with her fingers on her own pussy as she watched on. The shape of Madelynn’s knuckles very visible when they pressed against the inner side of the PVC panties to vigorously stroke her love nub.

Madelynn kaçak bahis found herself unexpectedly yearning for the woman’s breasts when the view zoomed close to the bust area of the corset. So mesmerizing were the breasts that the teen girl had an urge to squeeze them, but since she was unable to, she settled with squeezing her own. Licking her lips in lust, Madelynn’s mind wandered off on its own as lustful fantasies of having sex with the mysterious woman permeated her mind, quickly eroding the flimsy heterosexual barriers she had built up minutes before.

A loud orgasm from the masked woman concluded the first scene. Madelynn thought that it seemed rather unusually high-tech and classy for a porn production, but discontinued thinking as soon as the next scene started.

After a brief fade-out, fade-in sequence, swirling white fog filled the screen. There was a echoing sound of clicking heels before a dark silhouette of a woman appeared. The fog gradually dispersed as the woman walked towards the camera. Madelynn’s heart skipped as she took in the sensual details of the femme fatale. Bright fuschia-colored hair flowed halfway down her back. Her eyes and eyelashes were decorated with shades of blue and black. A vibrant glossy red lipstick covered her full lips. Covering her body was a shimmering black form-fitting sleeveless dress with a low neckline and plunging scoop back. The skirt had a lower hemline reached to the ankles and was slit at one side, revealing the woman’s sexy legs. It look almost exactly like a black version of the Jessica Rabbit dress.

“She looks so sexy,” whispered Madelynn without forethought.

Madelynn noticed that the fuschia-haired woman’s breasts jiggled slightly when she walked, as if trying to escape from confinement. There was a small stream of smoke rising upwards from the woman’s flank, and Madelynn soon noticed that it was coming from a cigarette attached to a cigarette holder. The woman took a drag from the cigarette and sensually blew it towards the camera. Madelynn’s pussy was practically gushing with wetness at this point as her eyes focused with rapt attention.

The view of the action then changed to showing the femme fatale’s back as she continued her walk. The fuschia-haired woman stopped right in front of the masked woman, who was the same woman in the previous scene.

“Endless desire,” whispered the female smoker huskily.

The masked woman, who was previously standing immobile, slowly kneeled down in front of the female smoker upon hearing the phrase. A puff of smoke from the cigarette caused the mask to fall off, as if by magic. At the same moment, the view of the camera immediately changed to a position behind the unmasked woman. Raising one leg on a chair and parting her skirt aside, the smoking woman revealed her neatly trimmed bush. Madelynn found her eyes wandering to the raised leg, tracing it from the thigh all the way to the black high heel shoe.

“Lick my pussy,” the Jessica Rabbit wannabe ordered.

With a shaky hand, Madelynn reached for her purple gyrating dildo, turned it to the lowest speed, pressed it against her cunt. Flushed with arousal, Her heart was beating with the rhythm of a steam train engine as she slowly rotated her wrists, moving whole dildo in slow revolutions.

Acting like some sex-starved creature, the unmasked woman pressed her lips against the slick clam in front of her and proceeded to devour it ravenously. Her arms immediately looped around the femme fatale’s thighs, as if afraid that her sexual meal would escape from her. The visual eroticism and the sensual sounds from the two vixens were so immersive to Madelynn she almost felt the action was in happening in her own room. Uttering one loud moan, Madelynn’s floodgates opened. The teen girl’s juices spilled on the dildo and her thighs in large quantities.

After checking the WiFi webcams for proper functioning, Madelynn began doing her next assignment, which involved cybersex with an unknown woman. Following Elena’s instructions, Madelynn dressed herself in a skimpy version of the Japanese schoolgirl uniform and attached USB vibrating eggs to her breasts, pussy, and anus in preparation for the task. She logged into a specified website and clicked on a specific profile. A window opened, showing a live streaming video of a young woman reclining on a bed dressed in a black latex shelf bra, a black latex thong, see-through latex stockings, a rhinestone-studded black collar, and sexy black high heels. Her long black hair tied up in a high pony tail. A dark red color decorated her lips and nails. To prevent Madelynn from knowing the identity of the woman, she wore a black facial mask.

Madelynn shuddered when the vibrating egg in her pussy buzzed.

Devilgirl666: “Hello.”

RavenGirlXXX: “Hi.”

Devilgirl666: “Is this your first time doing this?”

RavenGirlXXX: “Yes.”

Devilgirl666: “Good, it turns me on even more.”

Devilgirl666: “Is this your first time with a girl?”

RavenGirlXXX: “No.”

Devilgirl666: “Ha, I thought you’re a virgin.”

Devilgirl666: “Do you prefer boys, girls, or both?”

Madelynn remembered Elena’s instructions on what to say to those kinds of questions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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