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Big Tits

Naked, Elaine Henderson looked at herself in the full length mirror. It was obvious that she was excited. Her boobs were slightly tender to her touch; the dark nipples that capped them were full, erect. A slight redness colored the tops of her tits. Below the gentle swell of her belly, the small dark tuft of pubic hair at the top of her cunt accented her swollen pussy lips. Her clitoris barely peeked out of the top of the folds.

She took down the red baby doll pajamas that hung over the hook on the bathroom door. Red wasn’t her favorite color. Allen thought it was sexy, though, and tonight she desperately needed him to think she was sexy. She wanted a fuck, a hard fuck. She slipped the PJ’s over her head and snugged them down her slender body. Elaine carefully fit her boobs inside the lace bodice. She picked up the matching red bikini panties. She stepped into them, pulled them up her long legs, and settled them over her hips. She loved the way the crotch of her panties cupped her swollen pussy.

Tonight was going to be so good.

Elaine looked at herself in the mirror again. One strap of the baby doll needed adjusting. She turned away from the mirror, craned her neck around so she could see herself, and adjusted her bikinis also. She had to admit that her ass was fantastic.

Facing the mirror again, she fluffed out her hair lightly. Her hairdresser had done wonders with her hair for the party. She had darkened it slightly so that the dark red was almost black, effectively removing the few strands of gray accumulated over the years, swept the ends in over her shoulders, and gently feathered her bangs. Nothing dramatic, not too young nor old, the new style accented her oval face.

Before leaving the bathroom, Elaine applied some fresh gloss to her lips. She dabbed some White Diamonds, her husband’s favorite perfume, behind each ear. With a wicked grin of expectation, Elaine pulled down the straps of her baby doll pajamas and touched some perfume under the slope of each boob.

Tonight was going to be so fucking good.

Elaine wasn’t usually this horny. Her excited state was all because of the party. The Gregorys, who lived next door to Elaine and Allen, were leaving for Miami first thing in the morning. From there, they were sailing for the Mediterranean. It was going to be a four-week second honeymoon while they toured the isles of Greece before flying back to Houston. The entire street had given them a going away party. Catered food, an open bar, and a DJ were all provided. There was great food, good drinks, and lots of dancing.

Allen had let Elaine splurge on a new party dress. She had found a quietly dramatic dress, if that isn’t a contradiction in terms. It was a spaghetti strap dress, floor length, with a slit almost up to her right thigh, in black and gold. Elaine had to admit she was one of the best looking women at the party. Proof of that fact was that every guy there asked her to dance. She hadn’t danced that much since she couldn’t remember when. Nor had she ever felt so many erections rubbing her belly. Even Samantha Gregory’ s dad, a widower pushing 80, had gotten a woody on their first dance. He enjoyed it so much that they danced two more songs later in the evening and he’d held her so tightly Elaine was afraid he was going to crack one of her vertebrae. Charlie Summerhill was a retired chiropractor and was certainly capable of doing so.

She was a tease, no two ways about it and Elaine couldn’t resist during that last dance with Sam’s father. She’d made a point of rubbing against him, dragging the tips of her boobs across his chest and since the cut of the gown made wearing a bra impossible, her sensitive nipples quickly made an appearance. After that last dance, they had found a dark corner of the large yard. With drinks in hand, she flirted some more. Elaine asked Charlie if he ever thought about coming out of retirement, if he didn’t miss adjusting the spines of some attractive female patients. She made sure as they talked that she’d leaned forward in interest so that he could see her boobs down the front of the dress.

With her other dance partners, Elaine managed to resist such behavior. Even when she felt their manliness grow tumescent during their dances, she resisted. She was, after all, a happily married woman. As such. she resisted going too far with her other dance partners.

Well, nearly so. The exception was the young Jason Gregory. She’d danced with him once in the middle of the evening when he had torn himself away from a few of his friends who’d been invited. The idea behind their presence was to provide him with some diversion from the “old folks” who made up the majority of the guests. Of course, they also added some youthful gaiety to the occasion.

During her dance with her friend’s son, Elaine had felt the expected response. The boy she had watched grow up with her own children was certainly a man! The size of his package amazed her. She had never known such a cock to exist outside of fuck films. Yet nişantaşı escort here, living right next door to her and currently moving easily in her arms to the music was an eighteen year old with a cock that would have measured up to anything from the world of porn.

When the dance ended, Jason wouldn’t look Elaine in the eye. He moved awkwardly away. Elaine had to smile at his discomfort. There was something to be said in favor of blushing youth. Especially when they were hung like the proverbial horse.

Even when Carl Benson claimed her for the next dance, she thought about Jason’s cock. Did Samantha know about her son? The idea that maybe she did sent a shudder through Elaine that poor Carl thought he was the cause of and he clasped her even more tightly against his boner.

If not for the memory of Jason, Elaine might have enjoyed it.

She moved without any conscious effort in Carl’s arms, rubbing against him, feeling his cock grow without paying it any mind. Her thoughts remained on her friend’s son. Elaine, like any woman, had her secret, and some not so secret, sexual fantasies. They didn’t include 18 year old neighbors, no matter how well hung, however. Maybe she needed to broaden her fantasy horizon, Elaine contemplated as she excited her dance partner even further. Her pussy got wet as she thought about that huge tool splitting her insides.

Carl, meanwhile, thought that her growing excitement was because of him. He felt her mold herself more tightly his body. He saw the hardness of her nipples. He felt the heat radiating from her loins. Carl had been wanting some of this for a couple of years now and he wondered if tonight was going to be his chance. Earlier, he had watched Allen slip away with Carolyn Hawthorn. Carolyn was notorious for deep throating like a pro. Carl hardly thought his friend would be jealous if he knocked off a piece of his wife. He’d never heard of Elaine fucking around, but there had to be a first time for everything.

Elaine wondered if Samantha knew about Jason’s cock. Samantha had once shared a fantasy she had about her brother. Did her incestuous dreams include her son? Elaine had certainly never been interested in her brothers or either of her sons. As the old saying went, she didn’t want to foul her own nest. Fantasies about exhibitionism and submissive anonymous fucking, OK. Facing the psychic scars and possible arrest from fucking one of her kids, nope.

By the time the dance ended, Carl was kissing her ear and whispering that maybe they needed to slip away. Abruptly, Elaine returned to reality. She felt the prod of her dance partner’s hard on. She became aware of Carl’s hotly whispered suggestions. Her mind recoiled. So did her body. Despite his tumescence, she simply didn’t find him personally attractive. Not that he wouldn’t be a catch for some women. He was a high school soccer coach and had a nice physique. His shaved head and tiny mustache – what she’d heard describe as a “clit tickler” – didn’t turn her on, though.

“I – I’m sorry, Carl,” Elaine stammered, trying to hide her distaste. “I, I need to find Allen.”

He watched her hurry away. That was rich. Elaine was looking for her husband, who was no doubt in some private location with his cock stuffed in a hot mouth. Oh well, thought Carl, there are other cunts available. He went in search of some.

Once Elaine was out of sight of her recent dance partner, she gave a sigh of relief. She stopped by the bar and got a screwdriver. She declined an invitation to join Miranda Simms and Heather Tyler in a gossip fest. She kept circulating. She waved a finger at Charlie Summerhill. She thought about doing some more teasing. She saw her husband, however, and went over to talk to him. Allen was in deep conversation with Carolyn Hawthorne. That was one woman she didn’t cotton to. A definite slut. Sexy in a blatant way. Showing off a little too much.

Elaine nodded at Carolyn and gave her husband a peck on the cheek. She looped her arm through his. Branding him as already taken.

“You’ll excuse us,” Elaine told Carolyn. “I think this handsome man owes this desperate woman a dance or two.”

Allen let himself be led away. He didn’t mind. He set her his wife’s glass on a convenient patio table and took her in his arms for a swirl around the yard. Elaine rested her cheek on Allen’s chest. She always enjoyed being in his arms. They moved so easily together.

“I think you’re enjoying the party,” he whispered.

“What gave me away?” Elaine asked as she moved her shoulders to give him a view of her tits. If a girl can’t flash her husband, who can she flash?

“Anyone in particular?”

“Samantha’s dad.” Elaine wasn’t about to tell Allen about Jason.

He chuckled . “I think you’d better cut Charlie some slack. His heart couldn’t hold up. Not to you.”

“D’ya think? He might be fun, though.”

“He’d certainly go happy. Wasn’t that how Nelson Rockefeller died?”

“Not in my bed, babe.”

Elaine knew he loved her şişli escort to tease. She went on, “He must have been in the Viagra. Would you mind if he carried me into the shrubbery?”

“As long as you tell me about it later. You know how I love the thought of it.” Not that he was going to share his twenty minutes with Carolyn. Elaine didn’t need to know everything about the party. Nor was he going to tell his wife that he was supposed to meet Shondra Liggett shortly. He was looking forward to getting some of that phat black ass.

“H-m-m, what’s this I feel?” asked Elaine.

“Oh, that little thing? It’s just saying hello to my sexy dance partner.”

“Not so little.” Elaine took her hand from his shoulder and rubbed his erection. Bigger than Charlie and Carl, not as big as Jason. A comfortable cock. One that always excited her and rarely failed her. A perfect cock for her. “Maybe we could slip away. Momma’s hungry.”

Allen kissed his wife’s ear and listened to her racing pulse in her neck. He caressed her tit, felt the rapid rise and fall of her breathing. He could almost hear her pussy purring.

“Bad timing, baby,” Allen told her. “Andy Winthrop promised to take me for a spin in his new wheels. In about ten minutes.”

OK, that was only a white lie. Andy did have a new Mercedes and he, Allen, and Shondra were going to take a brief drive down to Bellerieve Park, just a few minutes away and a popular spot for the amorous.

“Don’t we have time for a quickie?”

“I’m afraid not. Besides, I don’t want a quickie. Not as hot as you are; we’re going to spend a couple of hours fucking.” He gave her a deep kiss as a promissory note. He stepped away.

Elaine, disappointed, let him go. “You’re leaving me high and dry, stranded on the bleak shore of sexual deprivation.”

“I’ll bet you’re not dry at all.”

She took a quick look around. None of the other partiers were paying them any attention. Elaine grabbed a hand, lifted her dress, and guided her husband up her thigh. She let him feel her heat, her wetness.

“Um, you better keep that for me.”

Elaine was ready to promise anything when a voice interrupted her.

“Is this a private moment or can anybody play?”

Husband and wife turned to look at the man who spoke: Andy Winthrop. He was tall, rail thin, dressed more formally than most of the other men. Andy was a land developer and city councilman. He was always politicking it seemed. He was paying alimony to three women and child support for seven kids. Despite the financial drain, he often commented that he had money for a couple more ex-wives and several extra children.

Elaine took her husband’s hand, the one that had been splitting her cunt lips, and licked the fingers. It was a brazen display of sexuality that all three of them recognized.

“Sorry, this is husband and wife stuff.”

“I could,” said Andy, “come back later.”

Allen laughed. “It’ll keep. Are you ready to ride?”

The declaration struck a raw nerve with Elaine. Before she could say anything, however, Allen had kissed her and was walking away with the developer. Hellfire and damnation!

She went to find another drink. She also grabbed a paper plate of hors d’oeuvre. She thought again about Samantha’s dad. Maybe Elaine should find Charlie and tighten the screws gently on him. She certainly wasn’t having much success with the man in her life. Charlie and Carl and Jason, yes, but not Allen.

Towards the back of the property was a small gazebo and arbor. Elaine wandered in their direction. As she was almost at the shallow steps of the gazebo, she saw in the darkness two people sitting in the gazebo. Elaine didn’t want to disturb two lovers. She started to turn away. A voice stopped her.

“Hey, Mrs. Henderson. Come on up.” It was Jason. He sounded happy to see her.

“Oh, I don’t want to intrude.”

“Bull. You’re not intruding. Hey, you know Taylor Constanza, don’t you?”

“Hello, Mrs. Henderson.” Taylor a dark haired girl with a compact figure. She made it clear she thought Elaine was an intruder.

“Hello, Taylor.”

“I’m disappointed Derrick didn’t come to the party.” She, Jason, and Elaine’s oldest boy had all graduated together and were enjoying the summer between their freshmen and sophomore college years. Taylor expressed a reluctant sexuality that her son found attractive. Derrick was a shy young man who needed an extroverted partner, however, and no doubt Taylor wasn’t it.

“He had a chance to go up to Inks Lake to do some fishing with his cousins.” She added to Jason, “I was looking for your grandfather.”

“I think he’s gone inside.” His tone said that Grandpa Charlie no doubt needed a nap; he was awfully old.

“Well, I’d better get back to the party.”

“Why don’t you hang out with us awhile?” asked Jason. “You don’t mind, do you, Taylor?”

“Sorry,” she said. “I need to find the folks and see what their plans are for the rest of the evening. I’ll see you around, Jason. mecidiyeköy escort ‘By. Mrs. Henderson. When Derrick gets back, have him give me a call, will you?”

“Of course.” Elaine watched her leave and she went up to sit on the rattan couch, but not too closely to Jason. “I wish she’d stayed.”

“Hell, three’s a crowd,” Jason told her. He slipped over to her side.

He wants to flirt. OK, decided Elaine. “Does her leaving make us a couple, then?”

“Yeah. The question is, a couple of whats?”

* *

The deejay’s music could still be faintly heard over the intervening distance. She stood and extended her hands to the young man.

“A couple of dancers?”

“You don’t have to ask twice.”

She fit herself against him and they moved easily to the rhythm. Almost immediately, Jason’s excitement made itself evident. Once more, Elaine was impressed. Her earlier mental picture had been correct. Here was a cock that would make almost any heterosexual woman dream, if not actually drool.

Elaine sighed with contentment. She rubbed her cheek against Jason’s broad chest. In a whisper, she complimented on his dancing.

“It’s easy to dance with a woman like you,” he told her in a voice as soft as hers.

“You’ve got it backwards. A woman always follows the man.”

“That sounds like a fine idea, ” Jason told her.

She slipped her fingers between the buttons on his shirt. She rubbed his chest. Then she slipped a couple of the buttons free so she could kiss his chest. Elaine fully opened his and pulled it free of his pants. She saw that his left nipple was encircled by a tattoo. It was a design of interwoven branches surrounding a seven pointed star. Her tongue traced the design.

“I didn’t know you had this.”

“It’s a tribal sign.”

“I didn’t know the Gregorys were a tribe. Or is it from your mom’s side?”

Jason didn’t realize she was teasing and didn’t know what to say. He decided any answer was unimportant when she returned her lips to his chest. She kissed and nibbled her way back and forth from one nipple to the other. All the while. She played a fingernail around his navel.

Elaine lifted her head to smile at him. He kissed her.

She let the kiss go on for many seconds. She wanted to see how long he would persevere, if he would break the kiss before she reacted. Finally, when he didn’t give up, she responded. Slowly at first, returning the kiss before opening her lips ever so slightly. Touching her tongue to his lips. Feeling him answer with his own tongue, but refusing to accept it. At last relenting and sucking on it. Pressing her own tongue against his, tasting him as he pressed his cock tightly to her. Feeling her heart race. Welcoming his hand on her tit. Filling his hand with her soft and pliant flesh that had at it’s very center a hard cap that radiated its own sort of heat. Recognizing his desire. His need. Acknowledging her own emotions as he slipped the strap of her dress off her shoulder and bared one beautiful boob.

Jason wanted to find a bed, any bed as his lips released Elaine’s and sought out her nipple. It had been a long time since he’d been this excited.

His thoughts were running to the soft grass and relative seclusion behind the gazebo. He let go of Elaine’s nipple.

“I’ve got to fuck you.”

“Oh, Jason, I want you, too. It would be wrong, though.” Elaine pulled away from the young man. She appreciated his forthrightness. It told her she exactly how was successful her seduction was.


It was time for the teasing to end, to let him down gently. “I’m old enough to your mother… You’re one of my son’s best friends. Besides, I have a husband.”

“Fuck that!” Jason exploded. “You want me as bad as I want you.”

“That may be,” conceded the woman. “It would still be wrong. Tomorrow we’d both regret what we did.”

“I wouldn’t,” protested Jason.

“I’m sorry.”

“You god damned fucking prick tease!”

Elaine touched her hand to his cheek. As much as she could, she put regret into her voice. “Oh, Jason, I’m so sorry. I should have never let things get this far. It’s all my fault. I wasn’t thinking and let my emotions get away from me.”

She paused “Believe me. If I were going to cheat on Mr. Henderson, it would be with you. Oh, yes, you’d be the man I’d choose.”

That pronouncement mollified Jason somewhat. He could see her point. He couldn’t just drag her in the bushes, could he? The young man slipped his finger under the strap of Elaine’s dress. He put the strap back in place and watched as she fitted her boob back iproperly within the dress.

She was proud of defusing what could have been a bad situation. It was important, though, that she go an extra step. He had to be, if not happy with her refusal, accepting of it.

“This is so naughty of me,” Elaine told the young man. She turned away from Jason, hiked up the hem of her dress. She slipped down the bikini panties she had so carefully chosen while dressing for the party. She paused so Jason could see her naked ass. She turned back to him with her dress still raised, displaying her pussy. “I want you to have these.”

Jason took the scrap of lace, felt the dampness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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