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Hello My Dear Readers…

This Story focuses on A Son’s Sexual Relationship with his Mother.

This is the Third Part in this Series, and the idea is to have a look at the Different Dimensions in the Incestual Affair, as the Tale progresses.

The Plot is sent in India, and is Narrated by 20 Year Old Harshal.

This is a Longer Account, compared to the Predecessors, and as it is a Direct Continuation, Reading the Earlier Episodes may make this more enjoyable.

I have tried my best to make it as interesting as possible, and I really hope all of you will like this.

Happy Reading!!


That Evening, I was feeling a little too lost.

I just did not understand what was really happening to me.

What transpired with Mummy was only what I had always been craving for, and it was all fine, and I was really excited – But, there still was something I was severely bothered about!!

The very controversial mentioning of My Dad’s Brother, by My Mom, during our Sexual Act, earlier that Day, had shaken me, and not only was I forced to immediately start shooting all My Semen into her Sour Pussy, I was also left disturbed.

It was a truly unbelievable update, regardless of whether Mummy was really being serious, and I just could not process the thought!!

I had pulled out of My Mom, right away, and I watched as My Cum dripped out her, but I just could not enjoy what was otherwise a complete win.

I just had to tell myself that Mummy is too old for meaningless fantasies, and as much as she would have loved to know what her Horny Son thinks about her, I also had to repeat to myself that it was no mere coincidence she had referred to her Brother-In-Law as the Man she could have been picturing in place of me!!

It was a given that I would have to evaluate why exactly My Mother had told me I reminded her of Pradeep Uncle – She in-fact actually almost said My Penis reminded her of him.

There was no way I could stop wondering if Mummy was only trying to tease me, bringing out her Twisted Side, and I relentlessly pondered on the possibilities of whether there really was a lot more to her Lusty Confession.

And, I Was Right!!

Reema : Harshal… There Is Something I Want To Tell You.

Harshal : What Is It, Mummy?? Is Your Pussy Still Bleeding??

Reema : No!! No… I Am Fine…

Harshal : I Am Still Really Sorry About That…

Reema : That Is Not A Problem, Son… Come On… It Is Not Your Fault!! Your Dad Is To Blamed For Making My Vaginal Opening Shrink To The Size Of A Virgin Girl!! You Only Did What You Were Supposed To Do!! I Enjoyed It… You Know That!!

Harshal : I Will Be Less Rough, The Next Time!!

Reema : There Is Absolutely No Need For That!! You Own Me…Mummy Is All Yours… You Can Take Me As You Wish!!

Harshal : Is This What You Wanted To Tell Me??

Reema : No… You Know It Too…

Harshal : I Think I Know…

Reema : Stop Being So Gloomy… You Are To Be Happy… We Are Supposed To Be Celebrating Our Relationship…

Harshal : Even You Don’t Look Very Happy… You Too Are Equally Distressed!!

Reema : Fine… Let Me Just Get To The Matter… But I Am Feeling So Bad Seeing You Like This… What Can I Do To Make You Feel Better?? Do You Want Another Blowjob?!

Harshal : No!! Just No!! You May Please Tell Me What You Want To Tell Me!!

Reema : Enough Of This!! You Don’t Have To Be So Formal… Let Me Fix You Up Before I Starting Telling You What I Want To Tell You!!

Harshal : I Am Fine!!

Reema : Not Really!!

It had only been a couple of minutes since we started talking, but by then, I was sure My Mom was going to discuss with me something very important, and the revelation was definitely not going to be one that would be easily acceptable.

There was no need for her to have been so concerned if her Secret was a regular harmless mistake, and her overly compassionate dialogues were only shedding more light onto the fact that Mummy too knew I would be having my share of troubling doubts!!

Reema : Let’s Go Upstairs…

Harshal : Why??

Reema : Come To My Bedroom… Get Into The Shower With Me!!

Harshal : Why Now?? I Think I First Want To Know What You Are Trying To Tell Me!!

Reema : Let Me Help You Relax… Let Me Help You Calm Down Before I Tell You All About It…

Harshal : That Is Not Needed!!

Reema : Just Let Me Do It!!

Harshal : Mummy…

Reema : What?!

Harshal : You Are Scaring Me!!

Reema : Relax… There Is Absolutely Nothing To Be Scared!! We Are Fine!! It Is A Matter Of The Past!! It Would Change Nothing!!

Harshal : I…

Reema 1xbet yeni giriş : Come On In… What Are You Waiting For… It Is Fine… Really… Come Inside, Harshal… I Want You To… Oh… Okay… I Am Sorry I Told You The Other Day To Never Enter My Bathroom… I Did Not Like Seeing You Going Through My Dirty Panties… You Know It Was That… I Just Did Not Want To Make A Bigger Scene… But You Do Not Have To Worry About That Now!! I Am All Yours Baby… Mummy Is Yours… Forever… So… Come… Stand Here… Stand Under The Shower, Harshal… Take Off Your Top!!

Harshal : I Don’t Want To Take A Bath Now!!

Reema : I Am Not Giving You A Bath…

Harshal : I Don’t Want To Remove My T-Shirt!!

Reema : What Is Wrong?? I Am Already Naked… What Is Your Problem?? You Can Fuck Me, But You Cannot Stand Undressed In Front Of Me??

Harshal : That Is Not What…

Reema : Look… This Will Help You Feel Better… Trust Me!!

Harshal : Fine…

Reema : Good… Good Boy…

Harshal : Hhmm…

Reema : Whoaa… Look At You… Look At Those Muscles… You Are Such A Stud… My Baby Is The Best… MMWWAAHH… I Hope You Liked Mummy Kissing You On Your Chest!!

Harshal : What Is It??

Reema : Is The Water Hot Enough?? Or Is It Too Hot??

Harshal : Mummy!! It Does Not Matter!! Just Tell Me What You Were Going To Tell Me!!

Reema : Let Me Stroke Your Meat For Sometime…

Harshal : Don’t Touch… I Mean… I Am Feeling So Odd!! All Of This Is So…

Reema : I Know!!

Harshal : Stop Making Me Feel Miserable!!

Reema : Okay… I Get It… I Understand You Are Desperate To Know…

Harshal : Yes!!

Reema : So, The Thing Is… Ya… After I Got Married To Prabhakar… See… After I Got Married To Your Dad… It Was Not A Very Happy Beginning For Me… He Left To Dubai Just A Week After The Wedding, And I Was Feeling Very Lonely… I Wanted To Go Back And Stay At My Own House, But Your Dad’s Parents Did Not Really Like The Idea, Even Though They Never Really Spent Time With Me… A Couple Of Months Or So Went By, And I Slowly Started To Get Used To The Isolation… Your Dad Was Going To Return Only Two Full Years Later… And I…

Harshal : What Is This About??

Reema : Don’t Interrupt!! It Is Just What You Are Thinking It Is!!

Harshal : What!!

Reema : Will You Listen?! Phew… Okay… Let Me Just Tell You What Really Matters!! Hhmm… It Was Around That Time Your Dad’s Younger Brother, Pradeep, Finished College, and Returned To Chennai… So It Was Now Him, His Parents and Me Living In The Same House!! You Can Guess What Would Have Happened Next!!

Harshal : Daddy Knows About This??

Reema : No!! He Has No Clue!! I Thought He Would Find Out, When I Gave Birth To You, But I Think The Thought Never Crossed His Mind, And None Of Your Openly Visible Body Parts Look Like That Of Pradeep’s… So… Hehehe…

Harshal : What The… Excuse Me?! What Did You Just Say, Mom?!

Reema : You Did Not Understand?? You Really Did Not Understand?!

Harshal : I Don’t Think I Have Really Got It…

Reema : It Was Pradeep Uncle Who Impregnated Me… You Were Born From Him!!

Harshal : What The Fuck!! Insane!! I Won’t Believe It… This Is Just You Trying To Talk Dirty To Me!! Stop This Twisted Nonsense Of Yours!! You Are Lying!!

Reema : Why Would I Lie?!

Harshal : I Don’t Know… You Are Crazy!!

Reema : So You Believe Nothing I Have Told You?? You Think Your Uncle Has Had No Role In Our Lives?! You Think I Have Made This Up??

Harshal : I Don’t Know, Mummy… I Really Don’t Know… Look… I Don’t Want To Fight… I Don’t Want To Fight With You… I Really Want To Be Your Special Lover Forever… Please Tell Me What You Said About Pradeep Uncle Was One Of Your Naughty Fantasies!! Please!!

Reema : It Is Not A Fantasy, Harshal… It Is Not My Twisted Mind At Work… I Just Told You My Dirtiest Secret!!

Harshal : I Won’t Accept It!!

Reema : Why?? Okay Fine… If You Are So Adamant… You Tell Me What It Was!! What Do You Think Must Have Happened?? Or Wait… You Actually Think I Mentioned Your Pradeep Uncle’s Name For No Real Reason?? Do You?! At-Least Tell Me That!!

Harshal : I Am Not Sure… I… I Feel You Two Must Have Hooked Up… Maybe… But It Just Cannot Be As Gross As What You Just Told Me!!

Reema : Gross?? Lol!! Whatever… I Am All Ears… Tell Me More!! Tell Me What According To You Must Have Happened!!

Harshal : How Can I… I Know Nothing… Look… I Feel Pradeep Uncle Took Advantage Of Your Loneliness, And Temporarily Replaced Dad. He Must Have Given 1xbet giriş You What You Were Missing… Maximum, Once Or Twice!!

Reema : Once Or Twice?! In All Those Two Full Years?? Seriously?! You Think This Is Some Kind Of A Joke?? I Agree You Have Reservations About Quickly Accepting The Real Identity Of Your Male Parent, And I Will Not Force You… But You Also Feel Nothing Major Happened Between Your Uncle And Your Mother?! You Think I Am Stupid Enough To Be Sharing With You Secrets From The Past If They Were Really As Silly And Baseless As You Claim Them To Be?? Really?! Well, You Know What… Pradeep Used To Fuck Me Regularly… Like So Fucking Often!! He Used To Do Me A Minimum Of Three To Four Times A Day!! He Had Got My Pussy So Wide Open!! It Was Nothing Like What You Felt Yesterday When Pradeep And I Were Together… We Had So Much Fun… I Really Even Wished I Was Married To Him… Your Dad Fucked Me On Our First Night, But I Am Pretty Sure He Too Would Have Enjoyed Only As Much I Had Enjoyed, And That Was Nil, And Pradeep Showed Me Real Pleasure!! We Stopped Our Scandalous Affair Once Your Dad Came Back, Resigning From His Job In Dubai, Deciding To Settle Down In Chennai Forever.

Harshal : Okay… I Believe All Of It!! But You Got Pregnant After Dad Returned… And If You Had Already Stopped Doing It With Pradeep Uncle, Why Did You Say He Was The One Who Impregnated You?! Look Mummy… It Is Cool You Have Such Fantasies… But You Cannot Play With Me Like This… It Will Hurt Our Relationship!! Don’t Ever Lie To Me Again!!

Reema : Harshal… I Did Not Lie… See… I Only Said We Stopped The Affair!! We However Still Took Our Chances, And We Took The Extra Effort To Do It Safely, Without Getting Caught!! Until The Day We Were Left With No Other Option Than To Really Fully Stop… Until The Day I Realized I Was Pregnant!! Pradeep Made Me Pregnant!!

Harshal : Mummy!! What The Hell!!

Reema : I Am Serious!!

Harshal : But You Went For An Abortion… Right?! Say Yes!! Please!!

Reema : No!!

Harshal : What?!

Reema : I Am Sorry… But That Is The Truth!! In-Fact, I Have Been Telling You The Truth About Pradeep, For So Long Now… I Have Been Giving You All The Hints… I Thought You Would Realize Sooner… Perhaps What Happened Between Us Was Destined To Also Give You This Private Detail!!

Harshal : What Exactly Are You Telling Me, Mummy?!

Reema : You Still Don’t Understand?! Fine… Look… Harshal… Pradeep Uncle Is Not Your Uncle…

Harshal : Then?? What?! He Is Not My Dad’s Real Brother??

Reema : Ohh… You… Harshal!! He Is Your Dad… Pradeep Is Your Real Father… You Are Actually Your Uncle’s Son… And Your Father Is Actually Your Uncle!!

Harshal : Shut Up, Mummy!! Impossible!! You Are So Disgusting!! You Sound So Normal, And You Have No Idea What Is Happening To Me… Truth Or Lie, What You Said Is Too Cheap!! I Hate You!!

Reema : Harshal… Look… I Am Sorry… I Just Wanted To… You Know… Don’t Be So Upset… Don’t Get So Angry… You Cannot Hate Me For Telling You The Truth!! See… I Can… Harshal… Don’t Be Upset… Harshal!! This Is… Ohh… Ohho… Well Well Well… Hellooo… You Don’t Seem To Be All That Upset, My Boy… At-Least, That Is What Your Stiff Friend Down Under Tells Me!! You Have Been Enjoying Listening To Your Slutty Cheating Mummy’s Dirty Tales!!

Harshal : Shit!! What The… No!! I Am Not Hard!!

Reema : You Don’t Have To Try To Cover… I Don’t Mind… Hehe…

Harshal : I Don’t Want To Talk To You!!

Reema : Yeah?! Sure?? Okay… So… Would You Be Less Angry At Me If I Told You I Have Still Not Got The Cherry Of My Ass Popped, And I Would Love To Have You Do That For Me?!

Harshal : Whooaa… What?!

Reema : You Heard It Right!!

Harshal : Bloody… Fuck It… Fuck It All!! Just Turn Around, Bitch!!

Whatever was the state of My Mind then, I was smart enough to be fully convinced that My Life had changed forever.

Well, I already knew nothing was going to remain the same, the very first time I Fucked My Mom, but with this new development, I felt My Life had properly turned Upside Down, and there was also this fear starting to grow inside me that strongly hinted on the chances of there being a lot more to come!!

However, there still was no way I could miss out on doing damage to Mummy’s Butt, and Complete the Conquest of My Mother.

She had kept the Shower On all this while, and we were both fully wet, and she was practically bathing me, throughout the revealing conversation, and I was so off-track, I did not even realize that she had even used a lot of soothing Body Wash 1xbet güvenilirmi on me, especially all over My Crotch!!

She had also very tactfully been relentlessly stroking My Cock, and by the time she had proposed to me that I make myself feel better doing her in the Ass, I was as hard as a rock, thanks to all the purposeful stimulation she had given me, and also due to the Dirty Sexual Conditioning of My Thought Process, that subconsciously forced me to relish on My Mother’s Vulgar Confession!!

Reema : Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! You Bastaaaardddd!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! You Are Going To Kill Me… Ahhhhhh!! I Think My Ass Is Going To Split Into Two!! Ahhhh… Fuckkk… Ahhhh… Ohh Shitt!! Ahh… Ah… I Hate You…

Harshal : I Love You Too, Mummy!!

Reema : Ohhhh… Son Of A Bitch!! You Could Have Used Something To Lubricate My Back Hole!! Bastard!!

Harshal : You Are So Cute!!

Reema : Bloody… Fuck!! Ahhh… I Thought The Shower Gel On You Would Be Enough… Shit!! Fuck… This Is Painful!!

Harshal : Hahaha…

Reema : Ohh Fuckk!! Ohh Yeahhh…

Harshal : Hehehe…

Reema : Ooooo… Damn… Yes Yes Yes!!

Harshal : Whore!!

Reema : Whooaa… Amazing Feeling… Mmmmmmm…

Harshal : You Are Such A Slut!!

Reema : This Is My First Time In The Ass… This Is My First Time In The Shower… This Is The First Time I Am Feeling So Complete…

Harshal : I Don’t Think I Really Heard You Moan Enough!! I Don’t Think I Really See You Excited Enough!! I Don’t Think I Really Find You Satisfied Enough!!

Reema : Mother-Fucker!!

Harshal : You Are Such A Bitch!! Cheating Slut!!

Reema : I Guess I Should Have Just Let You Fuck Me In The Ass, From The Very Beginning Of Our Conversation… You Seem A Lot More Relaxed Now, And I Think You… Ohh… You Bastard!! Aaahhh… Ahh…

Harshal : You Untrustworthy Whore!!

Reema : Yeah… Call Mummy A Dirty Whore… Call Me A Filthy Bitch… Drill My Back Harder!! Break Me!! Push It In… Go Go… More… Do What Your Dad Could Never Do!!

Harshal : Err… Hhmm…

Reema : You Cannot Slow… Faster… Bastard!!

Harshal : I… Yeah… I… I Am Still…

Reema : What?! Don’t Slow Down… Don’t You Stop!! Push Your Big Dick Inside Mummy’s Fat Ass!! Faster… Think About Nothing Else…

Harshal : I Am Actually Still Feeling So Heavy… I Feel So Incomplete!!

Reema : Ohh Fuckkk… Fine… Let Me Give You The Closure You Need… Before That… No… Don’t Pull Out!! Ahh… Let Me Make This Clear… Ooo… Look… Boy… I Did Not Offer My Ass To You As A Bribe!! Okay?! Don’t You Even Dare To Think About It Like That!! I Am All Yours, And You Have The Right Over Every Inch In My Body… And I Just Felt You Would Need This The Most Today… And Yeah… So… Yes… And I Know There Are A Lot Of Things You Want To Know… It Is Natural… I Don’t Blame You… But My Request To You Is To Not Be Too Concerned!! Don’t Lose Sleep About Anything I Am Going To Tell You…And Told You… See… Dad Could Never Make Me Pregnant!! It Was As Simple As That!! Harshal… You Can Guess How Tiny We Was… Even If He Had Somehow Managed to Enter Me, There Was No Way His Dick Had The Caliber To Release The Sperm That Was Good Enough To Fuse With My Egg… And… Harsh… Are You Even There?! Boy… I Think I Should Just Stop Talking About Him!! Not Going To Mention Him Ever Again… Because You Clearly Have Reduced Your Speed… Forgotten How To Have Sex… Ever Since I Brought His Name Back!!

Harshal : But…

Reema : Hhmm… Alright… And The Twisted Thoughts… Yeah… You Don’t Have To Worry About That Either… Because Whatever You Have Heard Till Now, Is Not Worth Being Upset For… Nothing Major… Hehe… You Are Just Going To Know About The Real Deals!!

Harshal : Mom… Mummy… I Am Not… Look… I Don’t Think I Am Even Listening… I Just… Be Honest With Me… Who Is My Real Father?? Is It Really Pradeep Uncle?! What You Earlier Said Was Not One Of Your Dirty Dreams??

Reema : You Still Think Your Dad Could Have Made Me Pregnant?!

Harshal : I… I Am… I Don’t See A Lot Of Chances!!

Reema : So… Are You Asking Me If It Is Somebody Other Than Your Pradeep Uncle?? Seriously?!

Harshal : No, Mummy… No…

Reema : Sure?? Yeah?!

Harshal : No Way!! I Mean… Do I Have To Ask You That??

Reema : What Do You Think??

Harshal : I Just Don’t Know, Mummy… I Just Don’t Know, Anymore… I Hope Not!!

Reema : Well… Harshal… I Am Sorry… Hahaha… But I Think You Should!! You Actually Should Ask Me If Pradeep Uncle Is The Only Possible Owner Of The Seeds That Turned Into What You Are Today… Because, As Far As I Remember, Your Daddy’s Then New Boss In Chennai, In The Company He Joined After His Return From Dubai, Also Was As Big As Pradeep!!

To Be Continued…

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