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I was so tired, it only took me minutes to fall asleep. His arms were wrapped around me. His cock had wormed its way back inside of me. Every once in a while I would wake up as his hips would grind into me. His cock was still hard and buried deep inside my hole. So when he would rock back in forth, it was like a gentle fuck. Reminded me of a dog running in his sleep, only this dog was rutting my ass. I’d fall back to sleep to the rocking, and eventually, I guess he stopped. He was holding me so tight, I felt warm and secure. I could feel the fluffy, wiry mat of black chest hair pressed against my back. His hairy forearms wrapped around me holding me… in place.

My ass was producing its own wetness, combined with his previous load, so he slid smoothly in and out of me. The swelling in my ass lips receding. He felt so good inside of me. Like he belonged there. Though I half wondered if my hole would ever shut completely again. Locked in my cock cage, my dick just tingled with a vibration of its own. It did not strain against the cage. It was like it had a mind of its own and it knew its boundaries and was even happy with them.

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, I roused again. This time he was not gently moving in and out. He was pumping his hips into me. But his breathing was heavy but not quite a snore… like he was still asleep. And he held me so tight, I could not turn around and see. I just lay there, locked in his embrace as he fucked me wordlessly… in his sleep. It did not take him long, at least from the time I woke up, to climax. I felt wet heat fill my guts as he slowed his thrusts. He purred a sigh and the tension went out of his body. His breathing still heavy, but his body limp and his cock still plugging my ass.

The next time I woke, the sun was streaming in the window and I realized my right leg was raised and draped over his. His right hand was between my legs, playing with my cock filled hole. He stroked the little bit of his pole that was not hidden inside my cavity. While I could not turn around and look at him, I could feel him grinning. Enjoying himself, enjoying my body, enjoying using my body.

“Damn boy, that was the best nights sleep! How did you sleep?” He prompted.

“Great sir,” I beamed. “I cant believe you stayed hard inside of me all night long. Especially after you after you fucked me early this morning. You need to bottle that shit sir. You could make a lot of money!” I teased him.

“I what?” He asked surprised. “I fucked you this morning, like in the middle of the night? No wonder my balls feel so drained.” And he laughed. Not just a chuckle this time but a full out laugh. The warmth of his voice reverberated right through his chest, into my back, and spread over my body. I could feel his erection bouncing in my guts.

“Thirsty boy? I need to piss bad, but I don’t want to get up.” He released his dick from my pussy grip and rolled onto his back. His thick meat sliding out with a slurp. He smacked my ass playfully, watching my firm meaty buns jiggle. Then he tugged on me, prompting me to roll over. I was still amazed, his cock was hard, the never ending erection.

“Do you need to see a doctor about that?” I was nearly serious. I never knew anyone to stay hard for so long. And I bent over him and took him in my mouth. I could taste his salty sweet seed and my ass juices on his cock still.

“No, it feels good. And I did not take any ED meds. This is all you boy.. and that amazing cunt.” He reached around and fondled my hole, wet and spilling out a little of his kids. “Agh damn son, I hope I don’t drown you, cause I really gotta go… can’t hold it any longer.” And with that he flooded my mouth with his pungent morning piss. I am usually a great swallower, never spilling a drop. But with his girth and the hydrant flow of his urine, I could not help but spurt a little back down in his pubes. So, I gulped and gulped and if I tried to stem the flow with my tongue or lips, he’d smack me till I opened up again. I wondered if he always took long pisses. Because again it was a few minutes before his stream slowed. My belly was full. I was thinking I might even forego my morning coffee thanks to his massive draught.

“Now, I am hungry. Let’s go out for breakfast. You can wash up but don’t release my cum. I want you to hold it inside until I tell you its ok.” He stated, and then he rolled out of the bed and jumped into the shower. I just took a whore’s bath and wiped down with a warm rag. As he was stepping out of the shower and drying off, I was bending over washing my face. He was behind me immediately. His fingers tracing the crevasse of my ass till they found the warm moist hole.

“Mmmmm,” he purred, “don’t put that out here like your in heat or we will never get to breakfast. His cock swelled and rubbed against me. I was sure he was going to poke me yet again. I breathed deep preparing my self. And he released me… Suddenly I had to piss. I hopped to the toilet and plopped down seated, like I was a 4 year old. Whew… made it just in time. I think I pissed all of his out kaçak iddaa too… my bladder was full. I had to sit thanks to the type of cage and me not being used to it. I would make a mess if I tried to stand. By the time I finished, he was already dressed. So I pulled on some shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals (which garnered me a raised eyebrow from him) as fast as I could.

We drove outside of town a little ways to a country diner on the side of an old 2 lane highway. Not many families stop here. It’s mainly ranchers and truckers. It was slow this morning. There was the cook, one waitress, and only 2 other customers. The cook is a sexy stocky bear that I tend to drool over when I stop in. He’s always very friendly and makes a point to come out and say hello. Though he looked a little bothered when I walked with Tom this morning. He smiled and nodded but his smile faded quickly and he returned to his chores.

“What is that about?” Tom asked. He had noted the odd greeting and tension between me and the bear cook. I didn’t even know the bear’s name. I had never even been sure if we were flirting. He was a bubba bear cooking in a diner in rural Texas. I just assumed he was being friendly. But it was obvious today that he was not happy to see me here with someone. Tom seemed quite amused by the whole thing. “I’m not surprised. You’re a very cute cub. Any bear would be lucky to get his hands on you, or in you even.” He smirked. Tom was such a handsome man. Rugged good looks. Tall and hairy. A few extra pounds, but he was solid. I liked them thick. And his compliments just made me all gooey to think a stud liked this found me attractive.

“What are you talking about?” I stammered, blushing a little. “I have only seen him a few times and we have only said hello to each other.” I tried explaining. But it was obvious to anyone paying attention. There was an attraction between us.

“I want you to go to the bathroom in a minute.” Tom instructed. “Stand at the urinal with your shorts open. He will follow you in a couple of minutes. Stay at the urinal until he enters. When he does, make sure he sees your cock cage.”

“WHAT?” I exclaimed. “I can’t do that. What if he beats me to a pulp?” I was terrified.

“Trust me. He cant stop looking over here. He seems less bothered now and more curious. I think its time you piqued that curiosity. Now go boy!”

I hung my head and slid out of the booth reluctantly. I wandered past the counter and into the bathroom. My hands were shaking but, I undid the button on my shorts and unzipped. I wasn’t wearing any underwear. I pulled my shirt up onto my belly so my caged dick was exposed and obvious. Tom was right, it did not take long before the door swung open with a clang and the bear was entering the bathroom. I was so nervous I jumped.

“Whoah, its just me,” said the bear. “I had to take a piss.” I was still at the one urinal. There was a toilet as well, with no stall. He stepped up to it and whipped out a nice thick cock. He was already getting a little chub.

“Slow in here today huh?” I asked him, half turning. He started to answer when he noticed my locked cock. He just mumbled something unintelligible and his cock got rock hard. I grinned at him and my shorts dropped to the floor.

“Fuck boy, your boyfriend will probably shoot me if he finds you waving that thing in my face like that.” The bear stated, as he stared at my pink bum and slowly stroked his cock. He still had not started pissing. I wanted to drop to my knees and suck this cook’s cock but I was scared one of the other customer’s might walk in.

Instead, I replied “Well, he’s not really my boyfriend. We just met. But he told me to come in here and show off my cage to you.” I nodded to my crotch and he looked back to my front side, still slowly stroking his hard cock. A drop of precum forming on the slit.

“Shit, really?” He asked. I just nodded. “Damn, I have wanted to see you naked for so long. And you don’t disappoint! Damn, I would love to get my cock in your ass. You think your new guy would let me fuck you… since he sent you in here to show off for me?”

I started to shrug when the door opened and in walked Tom. He closed the door behind him and stood in front of it so no one else could walk in. He answered for me. “I’d love to see you fuck my boy. What is your name stud?”

“I’m Gates,” he said. His hand had dropped away from his cock. He was startled when Tom walked in, but curiously, he did not put it away or try to hide his erection. “I’d do it now but I gotta get back out there. Becky can’t know whats going on in here.” He indicated the waitress out there. We didn’t ask why, it was none of our business, just figured she was probably just to unenlightened.

But Tom did give Gates his cell # and told him to call when he got off work. Gates took it and zipped up before rushing out of the bathroom. He was red faced, and his hard on was so obvious. And he never did pee. I laughed, relieved and turned on. Tom stepped over to me and caressed my ass. Fingered my hole a little before giving me a swat. kaçak bahis “Pull up your pants, boy. Breakfast will be served soon. And I am famished. You really gave me an appetite, in more ways than one.” He growled at me in his sweet soft drawl.

We returned to the table and ate. Extra bacon was on our plates and I had thought of a bad joke about being a pig cannibal eating all of this bacon, but I kept quiet. Gates would steal glances our way and I noticed him adjusting his package several times. I am not sure if he was being suggestive, or if his wood was uncomfortable in his briefs. We finished and paid the check. Then headed out the door.

Tom had an older model Jeep and was driving. There were no doors on it, so we belted in and headed off. Tom knew the area almost as well as I did and decided to take some back roads to enjoy the rural Texas country side. As we are driving on an old dirt road that runs along a creek, he tells me to strip. I unbelt and pull off my clothes and placed them in the back floorboard. He tugs out his cock and motions me to go down on him. We are driving slow enough now, that I get on my knees in the seat, ass in the air, and bend over sticking my head in his lap to start sucking his big cock. The wind rushing past my exposed hole is teasing me. I start to leak… and he catches a little on his fingers. He reaches around and rubs the pre on my hole. The heat of his fingers in sharp contrast to the blowing air.

“What do you think boy?” He asks me as I am deep throating his gear stick. “You want to get fucked by Gates? Shall I let him breed you?” I just mumble my affirmation, my mouth stuffed full of his cock. I had thought Gates was hot when I had been in the diner before, but never imagined he was gay… or that he would be interested in me. Tom was a hot man right out of my fantasies, sexing me more than I could have asked for. And now he was going to get me fucked by Gates too. Holy shit. I don’t know if I can handle all of this. My hole puckered and sucked his finger inside. He chuckled in his sweet drawl. “Maybe I need to pull over and give your pussy a little more attention. It seems the idea of Gates has you in full heat.”

So he pulled over to the side of the deserted dirt road. The stream only 20 feet or so away through a thin line of trees. He stayed in the drivers seat and had me climb in his lap facing him. I spat on my hand and wet his dick before lowering my hungry cunt down on his engorged rod. The head popped in my fist ring. I could feel it throbbing. We were both turned on and feeding off each other’s lust. I kept lowering my ass into his lap until I could feel his bush tickling the inside of my crack. Then I started to bounce on his daddy dick. Slowly at first. All the way up till I felt his glans at my outer ring. Pulling and teasing. Then I would drop back down taking it all inside me. I tugged on his nipples, firmly but not so hard as to make him flinch. He moaned his appreciation. He just sat there, head back, hands on my hips or on the steering wheel, as I milked his cock.

When I slowed, he leaned over and pulled out a short piece of rope from the glove box. He pushed me up off of him and told me to climb into the back. He quickly pulled the canvas top off of the Jeep and climbed into the back with me. Had me stand up and tied my hands to the roll bar. “You’ve never done this before, have you?” I teased him. He was so sure of his movements, I could swear this was a favorite trick of his with any willing boy.

“Actually, I have never tried this one,” he retorted grinning, “but it is a move I have always wanted to try. And you… and this place… seems like the perfect time.

As he finished, he sidled up behind me, his slick cock pressing deeper in my crack, searching for a purchase. He bent his knees a little and raised up and down until the head of his cock sunk back into my sloppy hole. I gasped in pleasure and he let out a big sigh, as if relieved to feel his cock back inside of me. He began to gyrate his hips, pumping his pole in and out of my ass. He would pull all the way out and thrust back in to the hilt. Over and over, fucking me with intention. One arm around my belly, holding me in place. The other hand now finding my nipples. Now, my nips are not connected, but if it pleases daddy, who am I to say no. He tweaks one at first, then pinches it between his thumb and index finger. It hurts a little, and I buck back onto his cock.

He laughs a little with pleasure and sadistic charm. My slight pain was certainly his pleasure. He moved from my nips to my locked tool. Fondling it and asking how my clit was doing. It was obvious from the leaking that it was doing just fine. I missed being able to feel it and fondle it myself, but the intensity of his fucking and constant attention to my hole, more than made up for it. His hand moved down to my balls, at first he just cupped them, but quickly he began to squeeze them. I squirmed against the pain and let out a long low whimper. He just continued his steady deep stokes into my ass.

Eventually he pulled out and sat down on illegal bahis the back seat. I struggled to see what he was doing. My hole felt empty without him inside me. He told me to turn around… so I ducked under the roll bar and turned so I could see him. He sat there, legs spread, stroking his hard cock, slick with his spit and my ass juices.

“I’m about to come,” he stated. That caused me to panic, and he saw it in my eyes. “What’s wrong boy? You don’t want me to come?”

“No Sir,” I exclaimed, “I mean, yes Sir. But not now. Not like this.” I was pleading, desperate.

“Why not boy? Where should I come?” He tormented me.

“Inside me, Daddy. Come inside my ass!” I begged.

“Inside your ass? You mean inside your…” he paused, waiting for me to speak. His toned deepened, “say it boy. Tell me… now!”

“PUSSY… inside my pussy, Daddy.” I blurted. He kept stroking and I really worried that he was going to blow his load just sitting there, teasing me. I had turned back around and pushing my ass toward him. “Please Daddy! Breed my pussy. Knock up my cunt.”

He growled and stood back up. Without lining up he thrust his hips forward and his rod hit home deep in my guts. I think he may have pulled back and thrust in one more time before he shot a heavy load of spunk inside me. I was too lost in the moment and relieved to have another of his loads in me to pay much attention to how long he took at that point. My own head was spinning from my desire, no, need… to be his pussy boy. He collapsed against me for a minute. Letting his orgasm subside. He was still hard when he withdrew, seemingly always hard. He slumped back into his seat, but leaned towards me.

“Now I wanna inspect that bred pussy son. Show me my seed.” He spread my cheeks apart and stared at my wrecked hole. I bore down and pushed… and soon I felt a little of his deposit slipping out of my gape. He dove in with his tongue and slurped. Catching his seed on his tongue. Then he stood up and pressed against my body from behind, turning my face to meat his own and plunging his tongue into my mouth. He fed his retrieved milk to me, giving my first “snowball”. His slimy cock throbbed in the crevice of my ass as he untied me as continued to kissed me. Finally, he sat back down in the seat.

“Clean my cock off boy, so we can get back to your place. We both need to clean up and rest before our guest this evening.” I turned around and knelt in the cramped space under the steering wheel and between his legs. I swallowed his half hard cock. Sucking and licking it clean of all the cum and ass juices.

I thought we were going to head back, but he pulled his shorts up and jumped out of the vehicle. He motioned me to follow him as he walked over to the creek. It was not very big, maybe 3-4 feet deep, crystal clear on a sandstone bed, and about 10 ft across. We had a lot of rain over the past week, so it was really flowing.

He motioned me over to him and pushed me to my knees. He whipped his gorgeous cock back out and just let his piss fly. “I have needed to piss since we left the diner,” he informed me as he soaked me from head down in his rank stream. “Open wide,” he directed, and then he filled my mouth with piss as well. I swallowed as much as I could but he had a strong flow. Most of it just splattered out and down my chest. Finally he finished. “Jump in and rinse off boy, you stink like a urinal,” he chided me.

Still naked, I stepped into the cool water. It felt great after fucking in his Jeep in the full sun. I had not even thought about the sun until now, feeling the cool water on my hot pink skin. Hope I did not burn. I noticed he was texting, I was surprised he even could get a signal out here. “OK boy,” he shouted, “time to get out. Let’s get the top back on and head back. Looks like were having company.” I climbed out and helped him get the canvas back on the Jeep so we could have some shade on the way back. I reached for my clothes as we finished securing the top and he climbed back into the drivers seat. “Whoah, what are you doing?” He asked. “I didn’t say you could get dressed. Besides you need to dry off. You can get dressed when we hit pavement again.”

It was thrilling and nerve racking at the same time, worried I might be seen, but flattered he wanted to keep me exposed like this. He drove a little faster on the way back. It did not take long for me to dry off. Thank goodness too. Right before we got back to the pavement, a pickup truck drove past us with a couple of bubbas in it. I don’t think they saw anything or noticed I was naked, but they stirred up a lot of dust on the road. Soon, we were back on pavement and I was scrambling back into my shorts and t-shirt.

We chatted and teased each other all day. Tom was funny and a smart ass like me, and luckily, he could take it as well as he dished it out. During all of this, we got to know each other a little better. Where he was from originally. How he moved to this part of Texas. Who his people were. A little bit of his gay history… including how he got into bondage. He shared with me how he still enjoyed getting tied up himself. How edging was a big kink and turn on for him. I could see that, given how he could hold off cumming when he was fucking me for what seemed like hours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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