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The frenzy of Saturday, after we got home, continued Sunday morning. The house shook (I think) as I screamed as you fucked me. You barely let me touch you in the shower afterward. You gained a measure of revenge by insisting I make us breakfast nude. That wasn’t much fun, especially when I was ‘told’ to make bacon. I must say — having you lick the grease spot(s) was lovely. Breakfast was great. Did you know breakfast came with dessert? My hand is in the air. Yup!

So after that and the nap and the shower … hee hee … we needed to clean the house and get ready for my kids and dinner and all the rest. Kara was in charge of changing the bed and doing laundry. I made the dinner menu. Some things needed to be added so I went to the store to get them. Blondie was a little tied up and didn’t come with. Eyebrows are wiggling!

She heard me come back home and called. “Will you get up here and get me out of these things?” La la la!! Most of what I bought would be used tonight so I left it out. The rest was put in the fridge. “Lissy!!” I put both hands on my mouth trying to suppress my laughter. It was really evil of me to tie her up before I left, even if she begged me to. I, um, left my honey with a rabbit. Kara smiled when she saw it. When it dawned on her what I was gonna do her tune changed. Oh my god did it ever!! I was going to have to wash that mouth I kiss with soap!! Nah! Have you ever heard of the carnival scale game? Yeah… it goes like this: I’ll sit on your face and you guess how much I weigh. I liked it! A lot!!

We really had to rush to get dressed and get the house ready for my family. Fortunately, they’d seen it all before. Mom scrambles at the last minute to get stuff done. Can any of you Moms out there give me a holler?

“What time is everybody coming?” I was cutting zucchini.

“I’m going to guess it will be a toss up between Jenna and JR who gets here first. Both have young babies, so it will depend on who gets fed when. Rach is working, so she and June will be late.” I wondered if June would come here and meet Rachel. If she did it would say a lot about her self confidence.

Kara stopped cutting tomatoes and gave me a kiss. “It must be so fascinating to be a Mom. You’re wonderful.” I’m just a woman, nothing particularly out of the ordinary. I’ve been blessed with three healthy, gorgeous children. And this blonde.

We were in one of those July hot spells that came with late afternoon and evening thunderstorms. The weather people on TV like to say there’s no telling if or when they’ll pop up. They predicted a 40% chance of rain Sunday evening. They were 100% right – it rained. Not a problem; the patio would have been nice, but it was probably too hot. Improvise Lissy!

JR and Andi arrived first. June did surprise me. Jenna was the last to arrive. She explained after kisses.

“We thought Ian could come but there was an accident and he got called in.” She was crestfallen. It was his last year of residency. Their lives would take a turn for the better soon when he, and they, found out where he was going to practice. I just hoped it was nearby.

We had steak, burgers and chicken. There was zucchini, cold pasta and potato salad. I made the first; the last two were store bought. Get your own was the order of the day. Everyone did. We all sat in the great room and talked.

The chatter was what you’d expect from a family. This and that; the two with kids talked about them. Rach talked about her new job and the two of them moving in together. I waited till they were all done to get to why we were here.

“We’re talking about moving in together too. That means I would sell the house and Kara would sell her condo. We’ve talked about living downtown. It would be, we think, a two bedroom condo. The thinking would be that we would be able to babysit if needed. And if needed we’d have a bedroom for Rachel.” The older two, predictably, groaned.

“You never would have done this…” Jenna lowered her head. I saw the tears.

“No honey, I wouldn’t have. But it’s not news that your Dad and I weren’t getting along. The three of you are grown. This house was perfect when we all lived here. But the facts are what they are. Rachel is quite a bit younger than both of you. She’s been the lone wolf for quite some time.” JR made howling wolf noises. We all laughed — all except Andi.

“Mom, maybe tell everybody how you and Kara met.” I noticed Rachel looked at Andi as she said, “You two are every bit the couple that you and Dad were. I’d like to hear about it.” Blondie’s hand squeezed mine in support. All righty!!

“There was a LinkedIn Chicago bankers gathering. I brought Dylan with me. There’s a lot of meeting and greeting. The job landscape was pretty fluid with mergers, layoffs and the shape of the economy at the time. It was important to keep your name out there.” I looked at my girl. “Someone came up to me and asked me a silly something or other.” Blondie smiled and swatted şırnak escort my arm. I looked around the room at my three kids. “Your Dad had gone for drinks for the two of us and came back just after Kara had walked away. Just as we were about to leave Kara came back, gave me her card, said it was nice meeting me and asked that we stay in touch. That’s pretty much how it started.”

Kara jumped right into the shark tank. “Your Mom is leaving out one very important point. I made a silly joke and she snorted.” Oh my god!! I’d completely forgotten about that. It was ‘My best friend’s first name is Dura, her last name is Cell.’ And I snorted again. Kara laughed and kissed me. Yummy! Her blues lasered me. “I fell for her when she snorted.” She smiled that smile and said, “It’s kind of a thing with me! If a woman snorts on a first date she’s a keeper.”

“So let me see if I got this right. You were married; you met someone at a social event. She came on to you and you had an affair with her. How lovely for both of you!” I wanted to get out of my chair and punch Andi!! “And now the two of you are talking about living together.” She stood up. “Come on JR; we’re leaving!!” She was beet red; her body shook with what I could only guess was anger. I looked at my son; he looked panic stricken and horribly uncomfortable.

Jenna and Rachel jumped to their feet. Jenna walked toward Andi, her finger waggling as she said, “Listen you tight ass bitch. Your gay rant bullshit is wearing thin. I was raised in an atmosphere where we take people as they are. I’m not real comfy with my Mom selling the house but I have NO problem with her and Kara.” Kara squeezed my hand. Jenna took another step. “You’re one sick fuck; do you know that?” Oh my god, Jenna!! I’ve never heard you swear like that! “Whatever church you belong to, do they tell you God loves ALL of his children and NOT just those who happen to love someone of the opposite sex?” I heard a ‘Yes!’ I know who said it and smiled. I like that girl!!

My son looked like he’d eaten a turd. He knew that all eyes were on the two of them. His eyes met mine. I saw sorrow and turmoil in them and it broke my heart. I like Andi; still do. This part of her is toxic and I have absolutely NO clue what to do about it.

“Jenna, Rachel, sit down please.” They did. It was a spur of the moment decision. “Kara, would you please change places with Andi. Bring her to your chair if you would.” Blondie looked for a moment but did as I asked. Andi was too surprised to argue; she sat next to me. I turned my chair and faced her.

“All right young lady. You and I are going to have it out. I’m absolutely no different than you, just older and with more kids.” Even she smiled. I leaned and gave her a kiss — on the cheek. She shrank when I did but I did it anyway.

“See there? Lightning didn’t strike either of us dead. Neither your God nor mine struck us dead. Even if I kissed you on the lips, which by the way I’ve done with both of my girls, lightning wouldn’t do us in.” Her eyes looked for a way to escape. I reached for and took her hands in mine. “I’m the same woman you met all those years ago, honey. My marriage wasn’t working; I have not and will not go into detail.” My eyes burned into hers.

“I love you, Andi. I love my children. My love for them is unconditional. They can and have hurt me. Doesn’t matter; it’s part of the deal I agreed to when I became their Mother.” I swear – if a hair falls from a head it would echo throughout the room. “I can’t make you accept me, Kara, Rachel or June.” I leaned forward. “I will NOT allow your vitriol to be a divisive factor in my family!! If you can not find a way to get past this, you will not be welcome among us. And I will not be happy about that.” My eyes still on Andi I said, “JR, please take your wife back to her chair.”

My son’s face was pale and drawn. He got up and walked to his wife. She had already stood. She took his hand.

“Let’s go.” He stopped. She turned and looked at him. “I want to leave. Now!”

“No! We’re not leaving. You’re my wife, Andi, and this is my family.” He walked to Rachel, took her hand, and hugged her when she stood. June got up and hugged him. I looked at Kara, who had tears in her eyes.

“My sister loves this woman. June sure seems nice, though I don’t know her that well.” She rose to her toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek and sat down. “They’re in love just like we are, honey. If it’s okay for us to be in love, what can be so wrong about accepting them as a couple? I just don’t understand.”

“You better make up your mind, Jonathan Robert. We will not be part of a family that has gays in it. It’s wrong; it says so in the Bible.” June walked to where Andi was standing.

“That is just complete bullshit!! I’m not going to go into detail here, but I’ve done some reading on the subject and that’s just not the case. And using religion as your reason is… just… bad!” şırnak escort bayan Whoa June! I could tell you really pulled your punches calling it ‘bad.’ She took another step. “If you’re basing your idiotic vitriol on what you call religion you’re making a really bad decision.” She walked up to Andi, smiled, and said, “And I love you anyway.” And took her face in both of her hands and kissed her full on the lips. And turned and walked back to JR and Rachel.

Andi was too stunned to respond. I think she was sure that she’d melt — just like the wicked witch of the west in ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ Kara scooted her chair, threw her arm around me, and lay her head on my shoulder. Rach hugged her honey, looked over her shoulder and wiggled her eyebrows at me. I nodded. There was no point in showing Andi up.

JR cleared his throat and said, “Well sweet cheeks, you’ve been kissed by a lesbian.” Sweet cheeks? “And she’s a woman of color no less.” Oh my god! A racist too? “You’re still breathing; how about you relax and go with the flow.”

I felt the need to speak up; settle things.

“Andi.” She turned to look at me. “Honey, we … no, I … don’t really want to change your mind. I’d prefer that you learn to accept me for who I am. You’ve been around this family for some time now.” I waved my arm around the room. “We’re not perfect.” Rachel snorted; everyone laughed — even Andi. “We’re just folk. Give it a rest. No one hates you; we love you. There’s love in this room. Look at how Kara is with me. Are we so … does the fact we’re both women make us any less in love than you and your husband? If so, I just don’t understand. To me — that’s really the heart of it.”

I was surprised that Jenna stood, walked to Andi, and hugged her. “I’m sorry, Andi. I said some pretty harsh stuff. I hope you get yourself together about all this. There are much bigger things to worry about in this world than my Mom and my bratty little sister being in love with a woman.” Rach let out with a big ole ‘HEY!’ We all laughed. Andi looked confused and put upon.

“I don’t know. I really don’t.” She looked at me. “Thanks for dinner, Mom.” I felt tears start. I smiled and nodded. “Come on honey, let’s go; we’ve got to get going so we can get the babysitter home. Bye everybody.”

JR came and hugged me. “I love you, honey,” I said. “Thank you.” I kissed him. On the cheek!

“I love you too, Mom. Thanks; you were great.” He kissed me, then hugged Kara and kissed her too. “You’re pretty okay. I like that my Mom loves you.” She hugged him — think her arms around his thighs. No, not really!! *** After Kara and I made love (she insisted on leading), we lay in bed, the fractious night behind us. I needed to know.

“Do you think we made any headway with Andi, lover?” I was on my right side; Kara was behind me, her right arm under my head, hand holding my jaw. I don’t think blondie intended for her kisses to turn me on… but she was.

“No, not really. But all of us said what had to be said. The rest is up to them.” Another kiss was followed by, “Do you think your son has enough gumption to get her off her position?” That had been on my mind for quite some time.

“I thought it was a positive that he stood up to her. But it worries me that he did it in front of his family. I’m honest to god not sure if he can do it with her in their home.” I felt you nod. Oh geez! Your kisses are driving me crazy.

“It’s hardly a consolation but I had the same thoughts. I was glad he didn’t just roll over and leave. And I wondered about that as well. He seems like a good kid and it feels like he’s really weak with her.” I groaned; you voiced what I’d thought since he brought her home when they were dating. “What baby?” I took your hand and put it between my legs.

“While we’ve been talking about my son and his wife, you’ve been killing me very softly with your kisses and licks.” That hand might have been a mistake; a very big, very wet, very sexy mistake. Someone’s fingers were doing very sexy things to me. I tried to ignore them. “For the longest time I’ve thought Andi rules the roost in that relationship. My son has a good job in sales. He seems to do very well financially.” Your fingers were dipping in and out of my wetness and coating my clit. In other words – driving me crazy. “This is just another in a long series.” I squirmed under your touch.

“No one tried to change her mind.” I know. “I don’t think anyone wants to.” I agree. “I have a feeling something or someone is responsible for her extreme reaction to all this.”

“Are you… do you mean beyond her religious convictions?” You whispered your answer in my ear. That tongue gives me the shivers. Oh my god! You followed it up with a nibble on my earlobe. I shivered; you smiled. “This is just totally evil.” You nodded. Pretense gone, you lay my head on the pillows and slid on top of me.

“We’re going to close this Sunday tribbingly my escort şırnak sweet!” When your grays look at me like this they leave me gasping every time. I was a wreck, a puddle of desire. You put a leg under mine. I was nearly obscenely wet. Again. And we were just starting. Or maybe this was just a continuation of our first lovemaking. It really doesn’t matter.

This is hardly the first time we’ve made love this way. And it never stops being this good. I gasped when I felt your clit touch mine. It was like electricity jolting my entire being. My eyes closed and rolled; I heard some kind of sound escape my lips. It was either a groan or an ‘Oh God’ or both.

“Love me?” Are you serious? I nodded. “Tell me again.” I brought both of my hands up to your face.

“Kara Ann Thornton, I love you.” I saw your eyes film over. “I’m so glad you’re in my life. I… oh god, please fuck me!”

It was a cute little giggle. You pressed your lips to mine. “You feel so good. I’m so close already.” I nodded.

Our nipples swam with each other. I felt your wetness and mine everywhere as we made love. Mine trickled between my legs. I wanted you to go and drink from my fountain and I didn’t want you to be anywhere but in my arms. We would stop kissing now and then as we gasped, both from lack of oxygen and our desperate sounds of wanton pleasure.

You made small circles with your hips; it was delicious. The squishy noises, our sighs, and our moans filled the room. My orgasm’s storm had started slowly. It was building and it was close. And it was slow no more. I had a premonition; if a Grade 5 tornado can turn a town into wasteland, this orgasm might do the same to me.

“I’m gonna cum any second now, Lissy. Cum with me won’t you.” I’ll die trying!! You cried out as your hips jerked. I felt you tense. Your hips were a blur. I was blinded when it hit and screamed. I could hardly breathe. Jolts tore through me. Heat radiated from my core. I twisted and bucked — I think. Wave after incredible wave rolled and rolled and rolled.

I’ve had orgasms that caused me to faint. I’ve had them so intense that I curled into a fetal position when they were over. I’ve cum so hard I was actually unable to move. I’ve shaken as though I was naked and wet in the dead of winter. I’ve had orgasms so hot I felt like Las Vegas in the summer.

I don’t know how long I came but it felt like a minute past forever. And it was the most intense, hardest, and very likely the longest orgasm of my life. It was awesome. It was scary. It was beautiful. And I want another one… right now!!

I guess they’re all different; this one took its good sweet time leaving. I finally came back to earth and kissed your soft neck. You were so out of it you were nearly dead weight on top of me. A couple minutes later you picked up your head and looked at me. There was a look of astonishment in your still glazed eyes. I smiled.

“You too huh?” You gave me the most gorgeous smile. I wanted to cry.

“We’ve done this… I never… it was just… oh I don’t know.” You put your head on my shoulder and sighed. I know just what you mean sweetheart. I put my arms around you.

A bright sun filled the room when I opened my eyes. You were still on top of me. God, if I don’t go to the bathroom I’m going to wet the bed. I whispered your name. You stirred. Your arms went around my neck and you fish kissed it.

“Honey, I’ve got to pee really bad!!” You shook your head. “I mean it.” Oh you bitch! You had pressed your hips to mine, putting more pressure on my bladder.” I reached and smacked your butt. “Stop that you!” You shook your head and lifted from my hips. We stuck together. Oh my god; our lovemaking! We were both so turned on, so wet, and after we fell asleep our juices dried as we lay body to body. I laughed; so did you. I wrapped my legs around you. You giggled.

We were really, really late for work! *** The rest of the week was shades of ‘meh.’ Until Thursday evening that is.

Jenna called. “Mom, are you okay? Have you heard from my brother?”

“No honey, I haven’t. How’s Ella?” My oldest gave an exasperated sigh. Sheesh! She’s my grand daughter and I’m gonna ask about her.

“Mom, she’s fine thanks. Haven’t you called JR and asked about Andi?” I bristled.

“Sweetie, I know you mean well, but I’m gonna let the two of them work this out.” I heard her sigh. I know, I know. “I think a lot of good was done Sunday. I think everybody said what they wanted to say. If I’m asked for my input or asked to help I will. I doubt that’s gonna happen.” A whole lotta silence.

“Yeah okay, that makes sense.” More silence. “Mom, I really like June.” Oh? “She’s cute, and you can see she and bratty panties are really good together.” I shook my head and smiled. Even with the difference in their ages, the sisters were pretty close.

“Honestly honey, can you see Rachel being with someone who wasn’t strong and bold like June?” Blondie laughed.

“Not hardly. That girl is pretty amazing.” I heard the smile. “I’m pretty proud of her.” This time the silence went on for maybe ten seconds. That’s interesting; try it sometime when you’re on the phone. I know my kid(s). Something’s up; my spidey sense is tingling. I bet I know what it is too!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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