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I pulled up to Elaine’s house, a neat split level bungalow, and wasted no time in getting inside. Once I did so, I quickly locked the door, and called out, “Hey baby, I’m here!”

Elaine’s voice called down from the upper floor, “Ummm, come and get me, lover, I’m so fucking horny!”

I followed the sound of her voice and went into her bedroom. As promised, Elaine was on top of her bed, gloriously nude, thighs spread wide. I filled my eyes with the wonderful view, her 4’11” height packed one hell of a hot body. Her perky 34B’s were topped with stiff, eager nipples, a flat tummy, the really nice swell of her hips, and where her neatly trimmed nest of pubic hair had been, she was now waxed bare and smooth, and I could see the dusky pink color of her pussy lips.

Elaine purred, “I went to my salon yesterday, I wanted to be waxed totally bare and smooth for you lover.”

She still had that amazing resemblance to Lisa Ling, and I must admit, while we had been on our cross country trip, fucking up a storm, several times I had fantasized that I had Lisa Ling in my arms, driving my cock into Lisa Ling’s Asian pussy, and pounding Lisa Ling’s Oriental fuck-hole, the fact that she looked so much like Lisa Ling had always brought gouts of cum gushing, enjoying the sheer pleasure of my cock coating the insides of her Asian cunt.

Her eyes glittered as she purred “Get naked lover, come over here and stuff my Oriental cunt, your very own Lisa Ling lookalike China doll needs another hard, driving fuck!”

I stripped quickly, letting my cock out, and letting him point the way. Her legs were parted, and I slid between them. I took her hands and pinned them above her head.

“Oh yeah, gonna take me with a little force, good, that’s what I want. My tight little Oriental cunt is yours, you own it, and it is only yours for fucking. Show me what my tight Asian pussy is good for, show me how much you like to fuck your Lisa Ling lookalike!”

I smiled down at her as I nudged against her, and when I snapped my hips forward, my cock impaled her. Elaine let out a loud cry of pleasure, just before I crushed my lips against hers, my tongue shot out, prying open her lips, and my tongue and my cock powered into the warm wet orifices awaiting them. She was furnace hot, I could hear the juicy squelch as I powered into her eager Oriental fuck-hole, her warm wet muscles parted until my balls smacked against her ass. I felt her legs come up around my waist. I pulled back then buried it again, working up the rhythm, and I started to fuck her Asian pussy hard, my balls bouncing on her ass on each thrust as I power shafted bahis siteleri the tight grip.

I felt her trying to pull her wrists down, she broke the kiss and gasped, “Don’t let me free, keep me pinned, and show me my place, to service your cock, to get my Oriental cunt fucked hard, and my Asian womb flooded, let me have it! FUCK ME!”

Keeping her pinned down, giving her a force fuck scenario really made her into a wildcat. Elaine was gasping, moaning, grunting, humping her hips up at my thrusts like a lust-driven animal, the sight of Elaine, looking so much what I imagined Lisa Ling looked like in the throes of lust-fueled passion pinned on my cock, going at it, a full bore, in heat, sex-hungry animal, made my cock steel hard. I continued ramming my cock in and out, rutting hard into Elaine’s hot velvet grip.

Elaine’s head was thrashing back and forth, keening cries coming from her mouth, I felt her legs tighten around me, pulling me in as deep as possible then she screamed, “GOD YES FUCK ME, I’M GONNA CUM! CUM IN ME LOVER, FLOOD MY ORIENTAL FUCK-HOLE, YES, YES, YESSSS!!”

Her voice rose to a shriek of pleasure, and I felt the pulsing grip of her pussy as waves of orgasm took her. I growled out “Oh yeah baby, cumming, fuck OH FUCK!”

I felt my cock swell up tight, piercing her cervix with one more hard forward thrust, I held myself buried deep, enjoying Elaine’s shriek as I was poised to flood her womb. The massaging muscles milked me eagerly, making my body tremble as I shot my load deep into my sexy China doll’s cunt, Elaine purred with pleasure as she felt my hot load blooming in her tunnel.

Our frenzied fucking drew to a close, I let go of her wrists, and she put her arms around me, holding me tight.

“Mmmmm, that was so fantastic lover. I have been crazy with need, and taking me with some force, like I was a little Oriental cunt with no purpose but to get boned by your hard cock, that was a fantasy I masturbated to while you were working on giving Kat and Jenni a baby, and I felt like I was going to shake apart as I came. Having it become real life was even better. Were you imagining I was Lisa Ling while you fucked me? I won’t be jealous, after all, Lisa is just a fantasy, while I have the pleasure of getting the real thing!”

“Oh yeah baby, you look so much like her, and I’ve had a thing for her ever since I first saw her on TV.”

She snuggled in next to me, letting out a soft sound of contentment. Elaine had not said it in so many words, but it sounded like she had been in a rape fantasy. Like she was a little China doll being taken by force, her tight little Asian canlı bahis siteleri fuck-hole being violated by some white man’s cock, and fucking her until he had dumped his load into her violated Oriental pussy. It had been a wild fucking, if she got off on it, that was fine by me since I was imagining I was fucking Lisa Ling, our fantasies had really made my prick go off.

Late that night, she came to bed in a powder blue silk nightshirt, with matching blue silk panties, and purred, “Make love to me Colin, make me feel so good.”

She lay down next to me, and I could sense her need. No frenzied rape like fuck, she wanted a long, languid session of lovemaking. I took my time, sliding her nightshirt and panties off gently, giving her all the foreplay she needed, using my tongue to bring her off twice before I even entered her. I rose up, my cock swollen with need.

Elaine purred, “Mmmm, oh yes Colin, come make love to me lover, make me warm.”

I nudged against her, then slid slowly in, savoring Elaine’s coos of pleasure as I took her, enjoying the feel of extending it out until I was snugged in deep.

Elaine purred, “Mmmm, love me, lover, make me feel so good.”

This time, no frenzied fucking, no hot fantasy about Lisa Ling, I kept my eyes open, focusing on Elaine’s beautiful face, as I pumped into her slow and steady, drawing out our lovemaking.

“Oh yes Colin lover, feels so good. Kiss me, lover, kiss me.”

Our lips came together in tongue filled swirls of passion, we were moaning into each other’s mouths, she felt so good, her tight tunnel taking me in, giving my cock a loving grip. Spreading open her sweet Asian pussy was a joy, and I could feel my balls filling up, getting set.

“Ummm, so good, oh yes, keep going lover, gonna cum, yes, I love it, MMMMMMMM.”

She was wrapped around me, her body trembling, the gripping cling of her sweet Oriental pussy massaging my cock with orgasmic ripples, and I let go, letting out a grunt as my cock went off, spilling my load into her gripping, tight eagerness.

When she had milked me for every drop, I rolled off her, and she snuggled in next to me, letting out soft coos of pleasure as we drifted.

We spent most of the next three days in bed, fucking and sucking each other, over and over. In the light of daytime, she liked it hard and fast, living out a being forced fantasy. She displayed that scenario very well the second day I was there…

That was one wild time, Elaine had shown me a set of fleece-lined handcuffs, and vocalized exactly what she wanted.

“Cuff me to the headboard lover, and fuck canlı bahis me doggy style. Take my cunt, make me want it!”

I quickly had her in position, and I had decided that she might like a bit more. I brought my hand down, SMACK, against her right ass cheek.

She jumped a bit, but she made a low moan, and in a throaty whisper, she had cooed, “Spank my other cheek, too.”


Elaine had purred, “Oh yeah lover, spank me some more, make my ass sting, make me take it!”

I had given her 5 whacks on each cheek, watching the red glow of my handprints color her ass.

“Oh yes mmmm, my ass stings so well, now fuck me, make me take it, hard lover!”

Fired up, I had nudged against her then powered it in, thumping hard against her cervix.

“Just like that, make me take it…Rape me, rape me hard!”

I had a feeling that was what she wanted, to fully fantasize about rape, she’d finally worked up the courage to say it exactly.

“Oh yeah, baby, your cunt’s gonna get the stretching out it deserves, once I’m done raping your tight little cunt, you’ll want it more and more. Take my prick!”

Elaine had erupted with lust, she cried out, “Oh yes, rape, rape my tight little Oriental fuck hole, use my Asian cunt to dump your load!”

She knew what I liked, ‘rape my tight little Oriental fuck hole’ made my balls churn like crazy. Her bedroom had been filled with cries, shrieks, and grunts of pleasure, as she urged me on.

“Keep raping my tight little Asian snatch, keep my Oriental cunt forced open, oh fuck, I can feel it, I’m gonna cum so hard over a rapist’s prick, flood my Oriental womb, fuck, fuck, RAPE MEEEEEEEE!”

Her voice rose up to a full-on scream, the grip of her tight pussy rippling at me. One last hard thrust, I swelled up, splitting her cervix, letting out a wild groan of pure pleasure as my cock erupted, firing stream after stream of hot spunk deep into her womb, flooding her baby chamber.

At night, she would desire soft, sweet loving, the dichotomy of her lustful needs was a real turn on. Whether I was power-shafting her sweet Oriental cunt, or lovingly riding deep within her Asian fuck-hole, every time was an extreme pleasure, bringing juicy volleys gushing from my prick to fill her hungry, eager pussy.

On the morning I was set to leave, she held me tight, and cooed, “Whenever you can make it back to Seattle, I’ll be here sweetheart.”

Our parting was harder than before, I felt like I was developing very deep feelings for Elaine, and it was all I could do not to blurt out, “I love you.” I needed time to think and reflect on the feelings I had developed for Elaine. That proposed idea I had of taking a drive to the desert southwest sounded better than ever, I could enjoy the serenity of New Mexico, the land of enchantment, and reflect deeply on what I was feeling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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