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Awhile back, my friend Jeff from the UK, texted me that his good friends, Bob & Juanita were coming to Florida for a long holiday and he told them about the Double C Resort that Lisa & I own.

He went on and said he told them they should visit the resort like he and Brenda did recently where they had a magnificent time.

He asked me to take special care of them, especially Lisa.

I texted him back that we would make sure they got the full treatment during their stay.

A few days later, Jessie, our daughter and manager of the resort, showed me an email that she received. It said, “Your good friend Jeff suggested my wife and I visit your resort as we will be on holiday in Florida. We would appreciate it if we could stay at your resort for a few days. Jeff said you would take especially good care of me and my wife. Thanks. Bob & Juanita”

I told Jessie to email him and tell them that your mom and I will make their stay a memorable one.

After all the correspondence was done, Bob & Juanita would be visiting us in a week’s time.

I quickly texted Jeff that all was set for their visit and we would make it a great one for his friends.

He replied with a big thank you.

A few days later, a cab pulled up to the office and a man and woman got out and headed inside to the front desk.

They introduced themselves as Bob & Juanita from California and said they were expected. Jessie immediately recognized the names and greeted them with hugs & kisses as she went around to the front of the desk naked and greeted them.

She immediately called me to meet them. In a few minutes, I was with them as we exchanged pleasantries. I called Lisa and had her come over to meet them. They smiled when they saw us naked.

When we were all together, Lisa and I took them to their chalet.

We helped them settle in and told them we would give them a personal tour whenever they were ready.

As we chatted, Bob & Juanita undressed and in short time, they were completely naked, like us.

I told Juanita she looked lovely and both me and Lisa admired her huge 38DD tits. I figured she was about 5′ and a pleasant 150. She smiled and said, “Thank you. Bob likes them. Please forgive me Lisa, but your tits look like they can lactate,” as she smiled.

Lisa smiled and replied, “Yes, they do. I took hormones and can give plenty of milk. My husband enjoys sucking them, as does our daughter. Maybe you and Bob would enjoy them too.”

I asked if everyone was ready and we headed out for the tour. Before we started out, Bob asked to speak to me so we went off on the side and he said, “Tony, even though we are nudists, my wife is very conservative when it comes to sex. I am hoping that you and your wife could get her more into enjoying all aspects of sex. One more thing, I always wanted to see my wife take another guy’s cock…would love that to happen. I want her time here to be all about her.” I told him we would do the best we can. Then we joined the women.

I walked with Juanita and Lisa walked with Bob. I guessed that Bob was also in his 70’s, about 5’10” and maybe 220.

Lisa explained to them that at this resort, anything sexual is permitted, at any place so they shouldn’t feel embarrassed if they see sexual sexcapades going on.

No sooner did she say that when we saw a woman giving a guy a blow job. We watched as the guy shot his cum in her mouth as she swallowed it all.

As we continued our walk, Bob said, “Jeff told me a lot about this place and that he & Brenda had a great time.”

I replied, “Yes, they both had a good time. The four of us and a couple of times Jessie joined us and the five of us shared each other often.”

Lisa asked, “I don’t know about you two, but I sure would like to get to know Juanita a lot better. What do you say, Juanita?”

Juanita smiled and said, “Well Lisa, I am not as young as you. I am in my early 70’s but I never say no to trying new things. We’ll see but I can’t promise anything.”

We continued the tour and our guests saw a few more sexual acts going on that Bob appreciated. One was a woman getting fucked from behind as she was sucking another guy’s cock.

I could tell he enjoyed that by the big smile on his face and his cock twitching a bit. Juanita smiled and said, “Hey Bob, we don’t see that at the resort we go to, or on the cruises.”

He smiled and replied, “No, we don’t. And I thought Jeff was exaggerating.”

By now, it was time to head back so we could get ready for dinner.

I told them that we would get them around 7:00 to go to our restaurant and I reminded them that they had to be dressed, as we all laughed.

Over dinner, Bob enjoyed his Margaritas and Juanita had her Long Island teas. Lisa and I just had wine.

We got to know them and they told us that they have gone on several nude cruises and attend a nudist resort. But they both said they never experienced a place like ours.

After dinner the four of us went back to our chalet and undressed and headed erotik film izle for an evening of swimming.

The pool was empty and the water very relaxing. Lisa and I kind of stayed close to Juanita, letting our bodies rub against hers. Lisa’s nipples were hard and erect and my cock was already erect.

Then Lisa swam over to her and stood in front of her, their tits touching. Lisa said to her, “Juanita, I love your tits, fo you mind if I touched them?”

Juanita seemed uncomfortable with the request, but gave her a low ok. Lisa got a good handful of Juanita’s tits and fondled them. Then, in an instant, slipped her mouth over Juanita’s nipple and started sucking it. Juanita’s nipple got erect in Lisa’s mouth as she increased her sucking.

Then Lisa took Juanita’s hand and placed it on her tit and said, “Play with them…your husband is watching us. Do you like that?”

She looked at Lisa and shook her head yes. Then Lisa moved Juanita’s mouth down to her nipple and told Juanita to suck her nipple.

Juanita moved her mouth down and started sucking on my wife’s nipple. It didn’t take long before milk was filling Juanita’s mouth.

Bob went over and took Lisa’s other tit and started sucking on it. Soon both of them were enjoying my wife’s milk as it flowed into their mouths.

This went on for awhile and it didn’t stop even when another couple came into the pool.

Finally, they sucked Lisa’s tits dry and got out of the pool.

When we got out, I suggested we go back to our place for a nightcap and they accepted.

Bob asked if they could shower and Lisa told them to go ahead. While they showered, we opened some wine. white for Bob and red for Juanita.

When they came out, we served them their wine and we all relaxed naked in the living room.

We chatted for quite awhile and it was getting late and Lisa asked them if they cared to spend the night. I could see that Juanita was nervous with the question, but Bob said he would like that.

When it was time, Lisa showed them to the guest room, which was right next to ours. Lisa then said, “It’s up to you, but we would really like it if you would stay in our room, with us.”

They looked at each other and I could see hesitation in Juanita’s eyes while Bob waited to hear what his wife would say.

Then Juanita said, “I did enjoy myself in the pool but I have never had sex with anyone other than my husband. I don’t know if I could do that.”

I replied, “Juanita, you don’t have to do anything you feel uncomfortable with. Why not join us in bed and if you want to, you can just watch.” She smiled and said that would be ok.

We then headed to our king sized bed and got in. Lisa and Juanita laid next to each other.

It didn’t take me long before I started playing with my wife. Soon, she was straddling me and then she eased her cunt onto my cock. I watched as Juanita kept her eyes on us.

Lisa started riding me and I moved my hand over to Juanita’s tit and squeezed it. As I played with her tit, Bob played with her other one. Soon, she started moaning softly.

I motioned to Lisa to get off of me and I moved closer to Juanita. My mouth found her nipple and I started sucking it. Then I moved my hand down to her pussy and gently played with it. She moaned a bit and spread her legs. My fingers found her opening which was very wet. I then moved my mouth to hers and kissed her as Bob had his fingers in his wife’s cunt.

By now, she was moaning louder and moving her hips. I looked at Bob who nodded a yes and I mounted her as Bob started kissing her.

In a second, my cock was deep inside her cunt. As Bob kissed her and played with one tit Lisa played with the other as I started fucking her.

Soon, she was matching my thrusts and she started yelling out, “Oh God, This feels so good, don’t stop.”

We all picked up our assault on Juanita and soon I was ready to cum. I asked her where she wanted me to cum. Before she could answer, Bob said, “Cum on her tits.”

I pulled my cock out, gave it a couple of jerks and sprayed her 38DD tits full of my cum.

I fell to the side as Juanita had one orgasm after another until they subsided. Lisa hugged and kissed her as she calmed down.

Bob asked her how she was and she just smiled and said she was fine.

That night, Juanita let her hair down and enjoyed me and Lisa throughout the night.

In the morning, we all showered, got dressed and went for breakfast. As we ate, Lisa asked Juanita, “Well, how did you like last night? Is it what you expected?”

She looked at us and replied, “I must admit that it was an experience I’ll never forget. And, I’m sure Bob will never forget it either.”

Bob then said, “I have always fantasized about another man fucking Juanita and it was everything I hoped for. I love her more now than ever.”

Lisa and I smiled and I said, “Well, there is more, if you guys are game.”

Juanita smiled and said, “I think I would like that. I’m sure Bob would agree too.”

I film izle told them to meet us after breakfast at our chalet.

A short time later, Bob & Juanita appeared and Lisa and I took him to the adults only area.

As soon as we entered, we saw a woman on all fours with a guy slipping his cock in her ass.

Juanita looked at me in disbelief and said, “I have never seen a woman get fucked in the ass before.”

Lisa smiled and replied, “Not only have I seen it, I have taken many a cock in my ass over the years and I loved it every time.”

Then Lisa turned to me and said, “Baby, why don’t you show them now?”

Lisa got on all fours and I lubed up my cock with some of Lisa’s Juices from her cunt and slowly inserted my cock in my wife’s ass until it was fully seated in her ass. Then, I started fucking her ass, slowly then I picked up the pace. Lisa’s tits were swaying with every thrust.

Then Bob got down and started sucking one of her nipples and was soon drinking her milk. I continued fucking her ass and announced I was going to cum. I then shot my cum into her ass, filling her.

After I came, she fell onto the grass spent, milk oozing from her sucked nipple.

After Lisa rested a bit, she got up and smiled and asked Juanita if she wanted to try it. Bob told her to try it and she said she might.

We then continued our walk.

The next thing we saw were two women on the ground in 69. Again, Juanita said she never saw two women doing 69.

Lisa looked at her and said, “Come on Juanita, lets give the guys a show. Get on the ground with me.”

Juanita hesitated and, with Bob’s encouragement, got on the ground. In no time at all, Lisa was making out with her and Juanita quickly got into it.

People started watching the two as Lisa mounted Juanita and started rubbing their pussies together. It didn’t take long before Juanita started yelling out that she was going to cum. In seconds Juanita started bucking her hips and gyrating as she exploded in multiple orgasms.

Lisa calmed her down and dismounted from her, juices running down Juanita’s thighs. It was then that Juanita noticed there was a crowd that watched them.

After a short time, the women got up and we moved on, not bothering to dry up their juices.

By now, it was close to lunch time so I suggested we go and shower and go to lunch and continue afterwards.

At lunch time, we all ate and drank some wine and felt rejuvenated and ready to continue our walk.

I took them to an area that is generally frequented by people just fucking. We immediately saw this couple who were getting ready to fuck. The woman was in her late 50’s and the guy must have been in his early 20’s. It was quite evident that the guy had a huge cock and it wasn’t even fully erect.

Juanita stopped and said she wanted to watch, which got us all by surprise.

The woman got on all fours as the guy jerked his cock a few times to get it hard. As he was doing that, Lisa went over and took his cock and started sucking it. Lisa waved Juanita over and motioned her to suck the guy’s cock. In a second, Juanita was giving the guy a blow job.

After a few minutes, the guy told them that his cock was hard and slowly inserted his cock into the woman’s cunt with Lisa and Juanita watching it disappear.

The guy started ramming his cock in the woman and in a short time, shot his cum in her cunt. He then pulled out his still hard cock and asked Juanita if she wanted to get fucked.

Bob yelled out for her to let the guy fuck her, as did Lisa and myself.

Juanita got on her back and the guy mounted her and slipped his cock in her cunt and started fucking her. It didn’t take him long before he shot his cum into her cunt.

He then thanked us and walked away.

Juanita laid on the ground a few minutes then got up, red and embarrassed with cum oozing out and down her leg. Bob went over and gave her a big hug and kiss.

Juanita then said, “You people have turned me into a slut and I don’t know how to thank you. You know Bob, you were right, daytime sex is so much better and more fun. We should try it when we get home.”

Bob replied, “I agree, but tonight we will all enjoy each other until we are all exhausted.”

Juanita laughed and said that might be possible if she had enough wine.

We continued on our adventure and saw some great sights. Bob and Juanita commented that they have never seen such things at their nudist resort and they were real happy that Jeff suggested they visit our resort. Lisa told them they could come back anytime.

By this time it was getting late and soon it would be dinner time. We went back to our chalets and showered and went to the restaurant. As we got there, Jessie was already at a table and we joined her.

She asked our guests how things were going and if everything was ok. They both told her that they were having a great time and really enjoying themselves.

Then my shy and demure daughter asked, “So, Juanita, has my mom and seks filmi izle dad fucked you yet?” Juanita turned a beet red and replied, “Actually Jessie, yes, they both did.”

We all laughed and ordered dinner and plenty of red & white wine. When dinner was over, the five of us took a stroll. It was then that Jessie suggested we go to the hot tub.

We walked over and quickly undressed and got in. I sat next to Juanita and Bob sat next to Lisa and Jessie sat between the two women.

It was fun watching the women’s tits floating in the water. Juanita’s were the biggest followed by Jessie then Lisa’s.

Jessie wasted no time in sucking on one of her mother’s nipples getting some nourishment in return. Jessie pulled Juanita’s face to Lisa’s other nipple, telling her to suck it to get some milk. Bob and I watched as Lisa had two women sucking on her nipples with milk pouring into their mouths. Finally, they drained her tits dry.

As we relaxed, I felt a hand on my cock. I looked at Juanita and she smiled. She started jerking my cock under the water. I looked at Lisa and motioned my eyes downward. She immediately knew what I meant and smiled.

I whispered to Juanita, “If you jerk me off here, my cum will flow to the top and everyone will know what you did.”

She whispered back, “Ok, but later on, I will finish what I started.” Then she released my cock and just played with my balls.

After almost an hour, we were all starting to look like prunes and we got out. We all headed to our chalet for some relaxation and fun.

Jessie served up plenty of red & white wine and Juanita’s inhibitions looked like they were disappearing quickly. She came right over to me and grabbed my cock and started jerking it off. She looked at her husband who just smiled and nodded an ok.

In no time at all, Juanita finished what she started in the hot tub as she made me shoot my cum all over her hand and my balls and cock. Jessie and Lisa wasted no time in licking me clean.

We all went into the bedroom for a night of great sex.

The next morning Lisa and I and Juanita and Bob were on our way to breakfast when they thought they saw people they knew. As we got closer, Juanita let out a yell. She saw her best friends from our nudist resort back home.

Juanita ran up to them and hugged and kissed them. Bob introduced us to them, Greg & Carole. She told them who we were and we all had breakfast together.

Greg was about 5’10” and a stocky 260. Carole was about 5’5″, around 150 and sported a pair of 38c tits and a smooth pussy.

Juanita told them they were having a great time and that they will love it here.

Greg said, “I am pretty good at remembering things and I just remembered where I saw you Lisa. You were a porno star. When I saw your pussy tattoo near your smooth pussy, I remembered. What an honor to meet you.”

Lisa thanked him and asked him if he would like an autograph. He quickly said no thanks but that he would love to have sex with her. Lisa just smiled and said, “Maybe.”

We finished our meal and headed out. I wanted to take them to a special chalet. It took us a few minutes to get there. When we went in there were two couples already there fucking each other. We watched as they switched partners a couple of times before the guys finally shot their cum in the women. They rested a bit then got up and left without saying a word.

On the way over, Greg told us that he and his wife were swingers and enjoy it often, especially when they do it in the afternoon.

Lisa said, “This chalet is pretty much for couples who want to play with other couples… sort of a special place for swapping partners.

We brought you here for specifically that purpose. Just so you know, we were coming here anyway with Bob and Juanita and you guys are a bonus. So, whoever wants to start, be our guests.

Greg wasted no time in coming over to my wife. He took her hand and led ger to the massive bed. They laid down and they started making out. Before long, I was on the bed with Juanita and Bob was with Carole.

Greg wasted no time in getting his big cock in my wife’s cunt. I watched as he started pumping his cock hard into her.

With every thrust, her tits moved up and down. She was holding onto his back with her legs wrapped around him. In a few minutes, he let out a groan and shot a huge cum load into Lisa.

As they rested, I got my cock in Juanita’s cunt and started fucking her. I noticed her looking over at her husband who had a big smile on his face. I then started fucking her faster and harder until I shot my cum into her cunt.

We rested a bit, then Greg moved over to Juanita and I moved over to Carole.

We had them get on all fours and with our well lubed cocks, eased them into their asses. They let out squeals but that subsided as they pushed their asses back to engulf our cocks. Once we were in, we started fucking their asses hard. Their tits swaying back and forth. Finally, we both let out a groan and filled their asses with our cum. When we pulled out, our cum oozed out and down onto their pussies.

For the next couple of hours, we switched partners often.

After our fun time, we all headed back to our chalets to rest up before lunch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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