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Dear Reader,

The following story is about a unique romantic chance encounter with a long-time friend. It actually happened many years ago and, unfortunately, had no follow-ups. But it did happen more or less as described here. This is a modified version of one of my stories which has been published already in German.

Every person in this story is of legal age. The name Anna is a pseudonym to protect her privacy and innocence. And, yes, it is true that I passed out while exhausting myself into her. This has not happened at any other time in a long life or with another woman.

I am deeply grateful to my editor Madam_Tasha for her effort on my behalf in difficult times. She let me have my ways of telling an erotic story but certainly helped me to improve things.

I would love to hear from you by rating this story or even writing a comment. I can only become better if I get your criticisms.


After a few months at a new job in Munich, I returned to the institute where I was previously employed. This was because a sophisticated piece of equipment was available there to investigate the structure and function of a protein which I had an interest in.

One afternoon, I met Anna, a woman I had known for a long time. She always radiated a girlish eroticism that immediately enraptured all men in her vicinity. She usually wore tight jeans which often made me dream about their contents. I suspected that she regularly noticed my not so furtive glances between her legs and on her fantastic backside, but she pretended not to notice. I even believed that she rather appreciated this, because she saw her erotic effect on men confirmed. She invariably triggered animal instincts in men and enjoyed knowing that she made their trousers tight. At least, that was what happened to me in that new encounter with Anna.

It was around noon on a sunny, early summer day. She was not wearing jeans this time. She had dressed accordingly for the warm weather and had wrapped herself into an outrageously short white miniskirt that showed off her long and shapely legs. This was topped by a flowered shirt with thin straps, with no further hindrance or restriction underneath. The long nipples of her small breasts stood proud and were clearly visible through her blouse. The lack of a bra made me wonder whether she was wearing panties.

Anna greeted me with a bright and cheerful voice and opened her arms to me. The pressure with which she hugged her beautiful body against me made me swell immediately. Usually, I am embarrassed by my easy arousal in such circumstances, but this time I pushed those feelings back. I wanted her to understand clearly how horny she made me. She appeared to notice and immediately enjoy my open, albeit wordless lust. There was no question that, sooner or later, we would tumble into bed together, riding waves of passion. After our initial encounter, we agreed to meet again after work that evening.

I found it very difficult to concentrate on my work, but with time I was able to focus enough to complete the day’s work. The thought of the night to come was the perfect reward for a difficult day.

I made it to Anna’s small apartment several hours before the early summer sunset. Immediately, we snuggled up to each other, kissing and nuzzling and enjoying each other. Again, it was immediately clear: We have never done it before, in spite of many opportunities but tonight we would eventually fuck.

Both her and my hands started exploring our bodies. Here, I should say that I am not Santa Claus. No one should tell me that only men grope women. Anna touched without the slightest shyness all of my taboo zones. However, I did not let this happen unrequited. I kneaded her sexy bottom, stroked her breasts and gently pinched her nipples, which resulted in her hands taking an immediate grasp of my already hard pole. Between our kisses I whispered breathlessly into her ear that I was unspeakably horny. Her answer was simple and equally breathless: “I need you.” Afterwards, there was a short, heavy silence which was broken by the sound of totally wet and indecent kisses.

If we went on like this, we ran the risk of missing the sunset of this beautiful evening. We could have tempered our lust with a quickie, but I wanted the moment to last. In a hoarse voice, I told Anna that I loved to talk dirty, and hoped that she would oblige.

“You drive me wild with this” she returned under her breath and began to caress almanbahis adresi my crotch.

“You better stop this if you don’t want to be laid in the next two minutes. I haven’t had a woman in quite some time and my balls are almost bursting.”

My hands went under Anna’s miniskirt. She immediately uttered a deep sigh and grabbed my balls. My earlier question regarding her underwear was answered; a tiny white thong of silkily smooth material covered her already soaking pussy. Beautiful prospects!

“Anna, if we don’t stop now, we’ll lose control. Let’s pull the brakes and spend some time enjoying the evening.”

We took a moment to cool our lust and compose ourselves and decided to go out for a bit.

Anna suggested an evening ride in her little white car. We soon crossed the nearby border and slowly moved forward. The landscape was illuminated by a velvety evening twilight. A deep peace engulfed us, but the erotic desire for each other and the heated atmosphere had not yet completely disappeared. We engaged in a lustful play-fight. I kissed Anna’s neck, but she objected due to the potential for unwanted hickeys. I had no choice but to lift her skirt and kiss her beautiful thighs instead, especially the inside. This made the silkily covered triangle immediately radiate heat towards me. She responded by a suppressed squeak and attempted to reach between my legs. I denied her access, asking if she shouldn’t have both hands on the wheel while driving.

“How am I supposed to keep my feet on the gas pedal if you tease me by licking my legs?”

“That’s your problem, not mine!” was my brash answer.

Then I pulled her thong down far enough that I could access her pussy. It was difficult, but I was able to stretch myself enough to lick at her clit. Her wild moans would have been loud and obvious to all bystanders, had we not been in the middle of nowhere within flowering meadows. I kept licking her pussy which by now was soaking wet. Finally, Anna stopped the car and gave into her orgasm. She screamed loud into the evening.

The road was not very busy so we were relatively safe, only keeping watch to avoid detection by any random cop that could pass while on patrol. Slurping loudly, I enjoyed Anna’s pussy juice, nibbled the clit again and again, and stuck two fingers into her love crack. She whimpered to me, “I’m cumming,” and then it was all over her. She threw her legs around my neck and almost tore off my head. I didn’t give a damn and continued kissing and licking her slit like a maniac. I ignored her half-hearted objection to being over-stimulated and drove her to another and a third climax. Finally, Anna gradually came down from her orgasmic bliss while I watched her from below with a face smeared with her love juices.

Of course, this all resulted in a terrible pressure in my balls which was becoming really uncomfortable. I longed more and more to drive my pole into this soaking cunt and to squirt her full of cum. When I told her so, Anna playfully quipped:

“That’s your problem, not mine!”

I laughed at her cleverness and begrudgingly agreed. As I straightened myself up, she got us back on the road, and asked where she should start driving to.

“Then let’s have a little dinner. Maybe eggs poached in red wine sauce? There’s an inn around the corner that should satisfy us both.”

She agreed and soon we were sitting at the table over Oeufs en Meurette and crispy French bread, accompanied by a glass of wine.

The restaurant was quite empty, and the tables were relatively small. I didn’t have any trouble reaching under the skirt of my joyful companion, who happily allowed me to do this without any objections. I licked the finger that I had dipped into her pussy, then held the digit to her mouth so she could have a taste. She wrapped her lips around my finger and sucked on it, giggling as she did. I could feel my heart begin to race.

The evening turned more and more into a lusty affair which was very much to Anna’s taste. Needless to say, I did not scoff at it, either, not having had such an experience for a long time.

After the meal, we continued into the evening. We made our way back to the little white car and found our way together to the back seat. The sounds of moaning and heavy dirty talk could be easily heard by anyone walking by, but luckily, the parking lot was deserted. “My pussy is so horribly hot. I need a thick cock inside stretching and fucking it properly,” almanbahis adresi she purred as she stroked my hard shaft.

The charms of Anna’s hand on my rod soon threatened to burst my balls. I didn’t want to cum without my pole being stuck into her wet and slippery crevice. Gradually, the heat of the moment became almost unbearable for me. Had I known at this point of her oral talents I would have requested she use her mouth instead of her hands. In our later encounters, she spoiled me with highly talented blow jobs. She gladly let me inject my cum into her mouth and swallowed it with a glee, licking her lips with a wicked smile. For this, she remains absolutely unforgettable.

The sun began to set on to this dream of a day and it slowly became dark. We drove through a short piece of forest where it was already almost completely dark. Here, a forest path went off the road. It started with an open space where occasionally people started their strolls and forest workers could park their vehicles. This is where I wanted Anna to stop and let us enjoy our lustful encounter without hindrance. I resumed my pussy licking intensively and, soon, Anna screamed her orgasms into the night again. However, my testicles demanded more and more clearly their right to a sperm explosion. I put Anna on the hood of her car, removed the satiny white thong and allowed her to feel the night air on her wet pussy. By then, I wanted nothing but to fuck her and I pulled my rock-hard cock through the slippery slit in search for the pussy opening. However, Anna didn’t allow me to penetrate her at this time. No matter how horny she was at the moment, she feared that we would be observed by unsolicited spectators and that she was not an exhibitionist. She implored me:

“My pussy is sopping wet and hot and my love button almost bursts. I know how your balls must feel, and I enjoy your stiff cock inside me. But, please, be patient with me. I look forward to having my brains fucked out by you in my apartment, without gawkers or the potential for arrest!”

I was really close to impaling this woman and drenching her with my cum. However, I had no choice but to leave Anna alone. We drove back to her apartment, Anna chirping away happily and satisfied, me seriously suffering from almost exploding balls.

When we arrived back at her apartment, we both undressed in a frenzy. I checked my balls to see how controllable they would be that evening. My fuck-pole rose hard and thick in the air in anticipation of things, forming a drop of lust at the top. Anna soon had a lascivious look, not having a single textile fiber any more on her body. Her small, beautiful breasts were firm and her nipples were proudly erect. A gap between her legs was visible under her pussy. Above her slit, there was a small and neatly trimmed strip of her bush. For me, Anna was like Aphrodite who had just emerged from the shell. And she glowed with readiness to fuck.

My hand went straight to her slit and I circled her clit with my fingers. With the other hand, I grabbed a nipple of her breast and twisted it against my kissing mouth. But wordlessly, Anna pulled me to her bed, dropped backwards on it, spread her legs fully exposing her aroused pussy, and pulled her knees up next to her tits. “Fuck me now!” she moaned to me. My own lust overwhelmed me immediately and I pushed into her hot, wet hole on the spot. Then I remained motionless because I knew what would happen otherwise now.

But Anna’s lust was untamable. She grabbed my ass and hissed through her teeth:

“Now, hard, into me!”

That was my last straw, and I began to thrust wildly into her. Any further control of my coupling was impossible in the meantime. One violent stroke followed the next one and I screamed my orgasm almost instantly into the night. It felt to me like injecting at least ten violent bursts of sperm into this devote and willing pussy. The last spurt was so intense that I blacked out and heavily collapsed onto Anna’s body. This never happened to me before or afterwards again.

Anna was surprised. She first tickled me with her fingers, then became worried when she saw no reaction. But soon I came to and smiled at her serious face. She breathed deeply and smiled back. Finally, we both laughed out loud. She lifted her body and dropped me on my back. As I caught my breath, I told her how satisfied I felt, and that I’d never felt so spent before. I began to caress her slightly sweating body tenderly. almanbahis adresi

I was exhausted and satiated for the moment, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the beautiful woman that lay next to me. Anna looked so delicious as my cum oozed from her freshly fucked crack. I pulled my hand through it and spread the sticky liquid over her pubic bone and lower abdomen. Smiling, she grabbed my slightly less turgid cock and brought it back to life. I whispered into her ear that she should watch out as I was still dangerously horny. She just smiled, obscenely opened her thighs, and produced an ever growing creampie trickling below her ass. My cock became rock-hard again.

“I am afraid I need to replenish your pussy again. You seem to lose all of this precious gift.”

“Do so, please. I still am horny and happily all yours.”

I snuggled up behind Anna in a spoon position, lifted her upper leg straight up in the air, and pulled my stiff cock through her sticky and squishy slit. With the tip of my cock I rubbed her hard and swollen clit, which was protruding insolently under her hood. Since Anna was extremely horny, but still not entirely satisfied from our previous copulation, she quickly rose to a climax, started trembling with her whole body, and finally exploded in a loud scream.

That was the signal for me to push my dick hard into her twat. I hit the cervix at the bottom of her pussy, which made her wail out screeching. I pulled my cock out and immediately slammed it back in, starting a slow and methodical fuck. Anna started moaning louder and louder and my balls became more and more pressing.

“I need to fuck and explode into you!” She moaned back:

“Do me, take me, fill my cunt with your juice!”

My fucking became harder and I drove my rod into the groaning Anna. My cock was hard and throbbing, pulsating deep inside her. Finally, my balls contracted and ejaculated several spurts of cum into Anna’s already wet cavity. Sweat began to pour from our gradually relaxing bodies while my cock still drove slowly in and out of Anna’s slick hole. Anna purred like a satisfied kitten and snuggled with her back against my body.

I grabbed her around her chest with my arm and began to lazily caress her nipples. She responded with a sleepy moan and, within about two minutes, she was fast asleep. I smiled at the peaceful sight and observed her even breathing. She awoke after less than five minutes, though, and started to caress my thigh and my ass, and began to whisper obscene endearments.

“I can feel your cum dripping from my pussy. It’s sexy as hell.”

As a response I drove my hand down between her swollen and slippery pussy lips, pushed a finger into her hole, and presented her own wetness to her mouth. She immediately sucked in our mixed fluids.

“This tastes just like heavenly nectar. I hope that you can squirt still more of this delicious mess into me.”

She smiled again at me with her naughtily wicked expression. Without saying anything, I began to press and circle her clitoris with three fingers, feeling the hard turgidity of the little knob. More of our juices came out of her slit and fell on the sheet below us.

Anna clenched her teeth und stuttered breathlessly: “Oh yes, it’s so good, I’m going to…”

Anna’s whole body froze in a grandiose orgasm. She let out a yell that probably woke up everyone in the building who wasn’t already awake from her earlier love screams. I continued to ignite her love button which seemed to swell and harden almost impossibly more. Within seconds another, even stronger and longer lasting orgasm washed through Anna’s body. This time, I smothered her scream with a wet kiss, which I pressed on her lips.

With my two hands I stroked through her crack and teased the nipple of one breast. This resulted in a shattering orgasm that almost never ended. Since my cock was now ready for action again and rock hard, I threw Anna to her back and impaled her cunt, immediately penetrating her all the way to her cervix. This time the only thing I wanted was to release the pressure in my balls as quickly as possible. So, I slammed into Anna like a madman and with no tenderness.

Anna’s previously loud cries quickly turned into soft moans as my breath grew shorter and my balls began to contract. I roared again as I shot another sticky load into her. Anna’s pussy started smacking loudly and frothy sperm leaked out between her labia wetting further her thighs and the sheets underneath. A final satisfied moan came out of both of us and, being spent completely, I let myself drop onto my back next to an equally exhausted Anna. The heavy breathing gradually subsided as we both fell into a blessed and deep sleep.

Thus ended a unique day of blissful lust.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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