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She closed her book and arched her back, snapping a few vertebrae back into place as she did so.

Her roommate eyed this motion with an arched brow, noticing the movement tightening the shirt around her breasts where she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Done, Hannah?” her roommate asked.

Hannah got up from her desk. “No. It’s just that if I look at another paragraph about the Peloponnesian War I might gouge my eyes out with a spoon.”

“There are better ways to die,” her roommate laughed, still eyeing her, appreciating the way her pj bottoms fell around her butt.

Hannah herself was distracted, and she ignored her roommate’s obvious ogling of her body.

It had been two weeks since she had been fucked by Her on front quad in the early morning, and she had heard nothing from Her since then. The bruises on her wrists had faded within the week, which was unfortunate; she enjoyed the reminder of their encounter. She closed her eyes and remembered the feel of her fingers inside of her, her hands on her thigh and ass, the calluses, her sweet tongue…

“Allo, Hannah?” her roommate interrupted her daydream. Hannah had to restrain herself from showing her frustration and disgust with the interruption. Instead, she picked up her coat from the hook on the door and threw it on her shoulders.

“I’m going out for a smoke.” She said, grabbing her pack of cloves and shoving it into her pocket. She slipped on her flip-flops and her frustration followed her down the stairs, across the quad, and onto the porch.

She found a nice un-lit part of the porch where she could hide from passersby and lit up her clove, tasting its first sweet drag on her lips.

Christ. She didn’t know what she was going to do with herself. All she had been able to do was think about Her, her hands, her smell… of being blindfolded, of not knowing. It was driving her crazy. It was a fucking women’s college, every women on campus could be her… and she thought it was. Every time there was a girl in front of her in class, she wondered if those hands were hers, if those legs were hers, if that neck was hers…

She took another drag and leaned against the rail of the porch, watching the moon through the trees, above her dorm. This was not getting her work done.

Suddenly she felt a body pressed against her back – a female form, with soft, pert breasts and curves that matched hers. Before she could turn around she felt calloused hands at her neck, preventing her from turning her head.

“You’re not doing a whole lot of school work now, are you?” the familiar voice said, amusement dancing along the words.

“No.” the single word was husky and she pushed back against Her, enjoying the feel of her breasts against her back and her ass curved into her hips.

“Don’t turn around.” the command was soft but nonnegotiable. Hannah stood very still, her eyes fixed straight ahead of her.

Cloth fell before her eyes and was tied, tightly. Once again she was blindfolded. The dismay knotted in Hannah’s stomach. “But –”

“Shhh.” Also nonnegotiable.

Hannah was not the pouting or the whining type, however, she was really close to pouting and whining to her mystery lover about the, well, mystery. She wanted a face. Before she could say anything, she felt Her hips push against her ass hard and her own hips grind against the railing almost painfully. An arm snaked around her in what would look like a hug to any passerby just glancing at the shadows, but the arm was tight around her stomach and the hand attached to the arm cupped her breast.

“Missed me?” The voice always seemed to have a sense of self-assurance. Of course she missed her. This woman just wanted Hannah to answer in the affirmative, to make Hannah admit to missing someone she had güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri never truly met, a faceless, public, fuck.


“Hmmm…” Her breath was warm on her neck, and Hannah felt her teeth nip into the spot where her neck and her shoulder met. “Good.”

Her hand pinched her nipple roughly and Hannah fought to keep from crying out. Her other hand slid down her stomach and into her pj bottoms, twirling its fingers briefly in her pubic hair before dipping a finger past her lips to immediately find her clit. She spread the wetness that had built from Hannah’s cunt up along her lips and back to her clit, swirling her finger around her clit, pressing it, pinching it, tugging on it. With one finger she held the hood back, exposing her clit and tightening the area around it. The other finger began to pick up the pace on her clit, and it was then when Hannah gave up the fight to keep from crying out. She gasped, and heard it echo across front quad. Her hips began to roll with Her hand, pressing Her hand against the railing. Pressure began to build, starting in her cunt and expanding…

And Then It Stopped when She withdrew her hand. Hannah whimpered, and reached for a hand that wasn’t there, to pull it back to her clit…

A soft chuckle rose behind her, and then footsteps walking hurriedly away.

“No! Please…” she let out a frustrated sound and turned towards the footsteps. She tore off her blindfold, but all she saw was a figure in a black hoodie turning the corner on the other end of the porch.

Frustrated on so many levels, she leaned against the railing, her back to front quad. She slipped her hand down her pants, her fingers rapidly working her clit while she finished what her lover had started. The pressure built again, more rapidly this time and when she exploded a short, abrupt scream escaped her throat.

She collapsed, leaning against the railing. She removed her hand from her pants and began to clean her fingers off with her tongue.

A light flashed in her eyes and she paused. She could almost see her own deer-in-the-headlights stare as her eyes adjusted to the light and she saw the campus security officer behind a flashlight.

“Is everything alright, miss? There was a scream from this direction.” he said, eying her curiously.

Hannah turned a deep shade of pink and removed her fingers from her mouth quickly, hiding them behind her back. “Yes, sir, I was just startled by a ‘possum.” she said softly and politely, hoping he would go about his rounds and leave her alone in her humiliation.

“Be careful of those, some of them have rabies. A girl last year was attacked and had to get a shot.” He said curtly, obviously not believing her story but having better things to do, then turned his flashlight away and walked down the path.

Hannah mumbled to herself, and hoping that eventually her face would be a little less red, she made it back to her dorm.


[Did you like getting caught by that security guard?]

Hannah choked on her ramen at the email message from Her. She wasn’t caught, per se… well, she had been caught licking her juices off of her fingers, but she… could have been doing anything to her fingers, really.

[Meet me outside of the back end of the student center at 3am tomorrow. Wear the same skirt. No bra, but panties.]

So soon. It had only been a day. That was basically tonight, in the scheme of things.


Hannah stood outside of the student center. The back end was partially lit, and she was a little bit chilly, in the same skirt, a t-shirt, no bra – and a thong, partly because she wanted to be sexy and partly because she really needed to do laundry and that was normally how the underwear priority güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri went. She didn’t usually wear thongs, but a nice black one for those pairs of pants that were just too tight to wear regular panties with was always a good thing to have on hand.

She wasn’t blindfolded this time, but she assumed she would be eventually anyway. She moved to the brick wall under the streetlight and sat, waiting and kicking her legs impatiently. It was 3:15.

“Hello, Hannah.” The voice came from the shadows. She couldn’t see a damned thing.

“Hello. Will I get to see you tonight?”

“Perhaps. But tonight, I will definitely get to see you.”

Hannah cocked her head at the shadows, waiting an explanation. Of course She could see her, she was right here.

“Take your shirt off.” the voice was patient, with that underlying amusement coating her words as always.

Oh. That was how she was going to see her.

Hannah reached to the bottom of her shirt and took it off over her head, her full breasts arching first up and then falling back down into place. Her nipples instantly hardened in the chill fall air, not that she needed any help from the climate.

“You shouldn’t slouch so much, it’s bad for your back.”

Hannah immediately straightened her back and pushed her shoulders back, which had the added effect of pushing her breasts out. She sat there on the brick wall under the street light, her nipples hard and her breathing deepening, waiting.

A chuckle came from the shadows. “Skirt off.”

Hannah wiggled out of her skirt, the motion causing her breasts to move back and forth, which only made her more aware of the nipples that were rock hard first and cold second.

The skirt landed on the ground and Hannah sat on the brick wall in her thong.

“Spread your legs.”

Hannah did so, propping her legs up on the brick wall and leaning back, her elbows on the grass. The movement caused several lines of pubic hair to peek out from her thong.

“Stay there.” the words seemed almost thoughtful.

Hannah must of stayed in that position for five minutes before She threw a blindfold at her that landed on her stomach. “Put this on. We need to go.”


“Because this is one of the only parts of campus where there is video surveillance and undoubtedly your friend from campus safety will be here any minute now, prompted by your little show.”

“WHAT?” Hannah did not quite know what to say to that. She just looked at the shadows, horrified at the idea of actually being seen stripping and exposing herself, let alone being seen by the people in the campus security office.

“Put it on. Now.”

Hannah put the blindfold on. A heartbeat passed and She was by her side, helping her off the brick wall and whisking her across the sport fields. “But my clothes –”

“Are a present for campus safety.”

“I liked that skirt.”

“So did I. But I like you better naked.”

Hannah wasn’t sure where she was. She knew the fields had ended and there was pavement under her bare feet.

She was still naked. Her breasts were not terribly happy with all the running she had done, sans bra, they were sore. Suddenly her lover pushed her against a mesh wire fence. She could feel the fence making imprints on her back and ass.

“We can stop running now.”

Hannah’s breathing was heavy, and not all of it was because of the run. Elsewhere, a campus security officer picked up her skirt and tried to remember who it belonged to, where he had seen it –

But here, here Hannah was pressed against a fence, against her lover’s body. Her lover leaned against the fence, framing her body with her own, catching her breath.

Hannah was temporary blind, güvenilir bahis şirketleri but that didn’t mean she lacked initiative. She slid down the fence to her knees and felt with her hands for the button on the jeans. She unbuttoned them, unzipped them, and kissed the spot along her lover’s panty line that she had just revealed to the night air.

“Hey now…” Her voice was off guard and still out of breath.

Hannah slid the jeans down and her lover wordlessly slipped out of them. She glided her hands along soft hips and up to the line of Her panties, and she rolled them down – and off.

Hannah leaned in, the sharp, musky scent of woman overpowering the scent of the cut grass, the night air. She moved her hands behind Her, cupping a toned ass and pulling Her hips closer…

Hannah’s tongue moved slowly along the edges of Her lips and encircling Her clit, eliciting a low moan from above her. Her taste was deep and sweet and it matched Her scent perfectly. Hannah took Her clit into her mouth and sucked on it gently while swirling her tongue against it. She felt her lover’s legs almost give out with a gasp. She smiled to herself and removed one of her hands from holding Her ass, and forming two fingers, slid them into Her while continuing to suck on her clit.

The fence shook as She pulled on it, and She pulled on it in tune to her hips bucking against Hannah’s mouth, causing Hannah to pick up her rhythm or loose her own.

“Yes…” She hissed above her.

Her cunt began to clench around her fingers and Hannah picked up the pace with both her hands and her mouth. She arched her fingers inwards, rolling them over a sweet spot just below her g-spot that –

almost immediately sent her lover into orgasm. Her leg muscles tightened around her face, her back arched, and Hannah fought to keep her rhythm with the increasing tempo of muscles and hips and gasps.

Then, her lover went slack with a deep breath. Hannah withdrew from Her cunt, a cunt that did not her fingers removed. She stood up, her knees protesting.

“Will you tell me who you are?” Hannah asked of her still-recovering lover.

“Now where would the fun be in that?” It came out a bit post-orgasm raspy. She was still leaning against the fence, and Hannah stood between her arms, facing where the heat of her body radiated.

Hannah reached to remove her bandana anyway, but her lover stilled her hand.

“Think of this as Christmas. How much more exciting are the presents when you do not know what, or in this case, who, they are?” The voice was calmer now; she had regained her composure and was pulling her panties and underwear up.

“But –”

“You sure do say that a lot.” The amusement was back in Her voice. “Maybe you should just relax and enjoy it.”

There was a noise, a few hundred feet off.

Her lover cursed. “Car, turning into the main entrance.”

“What? Where are we?”

“Uhm, off of the main entrance.”


“Stop being so indigent and run. You are naked except for that tantalizing thong of yours. One hundred yards straight ahead of you there’s some bushes.”

“What about you?”

“I don’t need to run, I’m just enjoying the evening air with a walk. Completely clothed.”

“But –”

“Oh, the car’s about to turn onto the main campus road. You might want to stop protesting and –” There was smugness in her voice that Hannah wanted to just…

But instead, Hannah bolted straight ahead, her breasts protesting more than she had a few seconds earlier. She nearly tripped into the bushes, and crouched naked behind them until she heard the car pass.

She took the blindfold off and glared, frustrated, in the direction of where she and her lover had been.

Her lover was gone, but she could still taste Her on her lips and smell Her on her fingers. Hannah’s cunt clenched, and she wished for more than just the leftover smell of Her, she wanted to be buried in Her scent and softness once again.

She stood up and walked back to her dorm, wearing just her thong, hoping no one would notice her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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