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[New writer with story submissions. All characters and situations in the story are purely imaginary. Comments and constructive criticism are welcomed. Thank ‘Headitor’ for help in editing. I hope this story is entertaining. Thank you.]

===== Chapter One =====

“Tracy! Tracy! Earth to Tracy!!” Jill called to her friend as they sat around the apartment pool.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t hear you. What did you say?” said Tracy as she turned toward Jill.

“I’ve been trying to get your attention, but you seem to be somewhere else. What’s going on with you Tracy?” Living in the same apartment complex, seeing each other in the club house and lounging around the pool area, Tracy and Jill had become friends.

“Could you sense that Jill?” Tracy asked, a bit apprehensive.

“We’ve been friends for a while and I could tell something is bothering you. So what’s up Tracy?” Jill asked with a quizzical look on her face.

“If you must know, Adam broke up with me when he went to college. You know we were going steady all through high school, but now he says he wants to meet other people and so he’s left me. I’m a bit fed up about it.” Tracy said.

Jill thought a bit and then said “What a jerk!! You’re a nice and pretty girl. Forget about him and move on. You can do better. There are plenty of people who would love to meet you.”

“Do you know any?” Tracy asked jokingly.

“As a matter of fact I do. Give me a few days to see what I can sort out.” Jill said.

“What? You’re going to set me up on a blind date?” Tracy laughed.

“I may just do that Tracy, just to get you out of your slump.” Jill said laughingly.

“Anyway, I’ve got to go. Cheer up! I’ll see you later.” Jill said encouragingly as she left her friend.

“I got used to being with Adam. Now it seems strange without him around. But Jill is right. I need to move on.” Tracy thought to herself.

After a week or so, Tracy ran into Jill again. “I have this friend John. I’ve known him for a number of years. He’s a great guy and I told him all about you. He is very interested in meeting you Tracy, so I gave him your number. You’ll have fun with John and he’ll make you forget all about what’s-his-face.”

“You actually arranged a blind date for me?” laughed Tracy.

“Yes I did. To get you off your butt!” Jill smiled.

“What is he like?” Tracy asked.

“I’ll let you find out for yourself, but you’ll be in good hands with John; you’ll have a great time. Be nice when he calls you. Go and enjoy.” Jill said.

John called Tracy a couple of days later, and introduced himself on the phone, saying he was a friend of Jill and her husband Wally, and from what Jill had told him, he would love to meet her. After some small talk, Tracy agreed to go out with him. She was not waiting around for Adam anymore.

Tracy was a brunette, 20 years old, curvy, with a medium athletic build and around 5′ 7″ tall. She was a lovely girl with a nice friendly smile, nice round breasts and a cute butt. She loved the outdoors, so John’s suggestion to pick her up at her apartment to go skiing the following Saturday morning was perfect.

Saturday, she was ready to go, wearing a pullover sweater, and form fitting ski pants which showed off her figure well. She had her jacket, skis, poles and boots ready by the door. John was on time, and after meeting and greeting her, he loaded her gear in the car and they were off. They chatted during the drive to the slopes. John told Tracy that he had been a ski instructor off and on, and he promised her that they would have fun.

John was in his mid 30s, with sandy hair, and a strong and athletic build suiting his 6′ 1″ frame. He has the look of someone who spends a lot of time outdoors. Since both of them had breakfast already, they went directly to the slopes. After switching to their ski gear, he bought the tickets and they took the lift.

Tracy had been to this ski resort before. They were cruising down the intermediate runs she knew. From time to time John would offer some friendly pointers to help with her skiing techniques. Up and down they went skiing the runs and open trails on the mountain. They took a rest for lunch in the lodge, and then went back up the mountain for more skiing.

This time at John’s insistence, they went to the more advanced runs, though John kept right beside Tracy helping her along. “Lean forward to the down line; push with your boots and don’t lean back; cut sharper with the edges on that turn.” They went further, John leading Tracy to runs she had not been on before.

Tracy was thrilled skiing those demanding runs, especially having her own private instructor, and building her trust with John by following his instructions. “Just a couple more runs before we quit.” John said, pushing Tracy to ski some more. So off they went again.

When they finally got off the mountain, Tracy was tired, thirsty and stiff. She had not skied like that before but it had been exhilarating with John right there. All she had to do was to listen and follow John.

John ankara eryaman escort suggested dinner and she didn’t really mind where they went, just as long as she got some rest! Relaxing in the car she found John had taken her to his condo, and said he would make dinner for her. “Wow, a man who knows how to cook, I’ve got to see this.” she thought.

John had a nice large one bedroom condo with a fireplace. Since it was still cold, he had the heater turned up and a fire going too. Tracy was relaxing on the couch listening to music when John handed her a large glass of wine. She was thirsty so the wine went down easily. John promptly refilled it for her, while he whipped up some salad, bread and pasta for dinner. John made sure Tracy’s wine glass was never empty.

After an enjoyable dinner, they moved over to the couch to get comfortable with more wine. John turned Tracy toward him to give her a kiss. “Ouch!” she said as she found her back muscles had stiffened up from skiing.

John, seeing an opportunity, said “Let me help you to work out those knots” and moved to sit behind Tracy to massage her with his hands. He started work on her neck, then moved down to her shoulders. “Better lay down on the couch so I can work on you properly.” He helped her off with her shoes, then to lay down along the couch on her front. He perched on her left side by her hips, and started to work his magic on her.

The apartment was warm with both the heater and the fire going. Adding the effects of the wine, Tracy was getting rather warm. She was also getting a little warm from John’s hands on her, so when he asked if he could move her sweater, she quickly agreed. With his hands starting on her lower back, he slowly pushed her sweater up higher and higher as he worked. When he found her bra strap, he just unclasped it and carried on. Tracy was enjoying the massage, so she didn’t complain. She actually felt a lot cooler with her sweater pushed up off her back. Straightening her arms out above her head, John pushed the sweater completely off and continued to massage her neck, back, shoulders and sides. His hands felt so good that she closed her eyes to enjoy the pampering.

John then changed direction a little to massage Tracy’s lower back and down to her hips. Her stretch pants wouldn’t allow his hands to go down very far, so he found the side zipper and gently lowered it. With no complaint from Tracy, he worked on her lower back, and the top of her buttocks, all the while pushing her stretch pants along with her panties lower and lower. Very quickly, he managed to have her entire butt exposed to his hands, and as he pushed her pants, Tracy actually lifted up a bit to make it easier for him to slide her garments down her thighs. His hands continued their work on the muscles in the back of her thighs and, as he finally slid her pants and panties completely off, he moved to her calves. Tracy was so relaxed that she almost fell asleep enjoying John’s hands massaging and caressing her body.

John spent some time massaging her feet and avoided her intimate places so wouldn’t alarm her. Her butt looked enticing, especially the shadowy area between her thighs, but there would be time for that later he hoped. He changed direction, moving slowly back up to knead Tracy’s shoulders. Brushing her hair aside, he leaned forward and gently kissed the back of her neck, running his lips across to the side of neck and up to her ear, nibbling it softly and sending little sparks through her. He reached across for her arm and turned her over towards him for a kiss, leaving her bra on the couch. Tracy kissed John back and realized she was completely naked as his right hand found her bare breasts, while he searched out her tongue as he fondled her breasts.

Tracy’s firm and perky breasts were more than just a handful and felt wonderful as he drew circles around her areolas and slowly rolled her nipples. Her hard buds were very sensitive to his touch, and she was getting aroused from his caressing. She moaned slightly as his right hand descended down over her front. Ever so slowly, his hand played across her stomach before finally reaching her pubic mound.

===== Chapter Two =====

John twirled his fingers around in the soft hair of Tracy’s trimmed bush then descended lower still toward her center. She parted her legs slightly inviting him to explore further, while he was sucking on her nipples and playing with her lower lips with his hand. Tracy held John’s head against her breasts, and opened her legs wider to encourage him to part her lips. With that signal, John lifted her left leg up against the back of the couch and moved her right foot onto the floor to spread her legs as wide as possible.

He slowly pressed his middle finger between her pussy lips, parting them to find she was wet and flowing. His finger went in easily between her lips, sliding inside her hot tunnel. He twisted and stroked her inside, making her lift her hips towards his hand, wanting for more. John teased her, pressing his thumb escort elvankent along her slit, but carefully avoiding her clit before adding a second finger to fuck her, driving her passion higher and higher.

Finally he relented and used his thumb to massage her clit, which was standing up erect and throbbing. He rubbed her wetness all over her clit, making her moan out loud. John was using his large hand to combine his fingers fucking her with his thumb playing with her clit. Tracy was beside herself with the sensations she was feeling.

John shifted his position lower and placed his mouth directly over her sweet pussy. After their dinner, Tracy was now his dessert. Her nectar tasted wonderful as he licked between her lips and savored her scent. He once again teased her by avoiding her clit, lapping between her lips from the bottom up. Using his tongue he separated her folds then stuck his tongue in as deeply as he could, licking inside her wet hole.

Without warning, he moved, and sucked her clit firmly between his lips and then lashed it with his tongue, driving her closer and closer to her climax. Each time he felt she was going to cum, he would slow down, just keeping her on the edge. It was driving the poor girl crazy. She held his head between her hands and was trying to pull him further into her. While keeping Tracy occupied, John slowly managed to undress himself between caresses for the next part of her seduction.

Using his thumbs he parted her swollen lips exposing her liquid center. He got between Tracy’s widely spread legs, using his cock to rub her moisture up and down between her lips. Tracy moaned as John slowly inserted his cock head into the trembling girl, then stopped. Tracy felt her cunt spread open for him. It drove her insane when he stopped. She locked her legs around him trying to pull him inside. With her legs pulling him, John slowly and teasingly slid in with a single stroke, feeling her exquisite tightness. Tracy made a little appreciative noise as her opening stretched for this welcome invader. John allowed her a moment or two to adjust, then began his thrusting inside her.

John pulled his cock almost completely out, just to drive it back in until his balls slapped against her ass. Her lips were tight around his cock. They flared out, clinging to him as he pulled out, and disappeared when he plowed back in. John reached further in than her now ex-boyfriend Adam had ever gone before. He was exploring her new territory with his cock. John was also much thicker as Tracy felt the delightful stretching around his cock. She felt every vein and ridge of his hard shaft, as he experienced the ridges and softness of her heat as he piston inside.

John liked to vary his style, this time by giving her just a few half strokes followed by one or two full strokes. The change in rhythm made Tracy’s cunt constantly adjust to accommodate the filling and emptying caused by his movements. His randomness made it difficult for her pussy to anticipate his next move. Tracy tasted herself as her new lover kissed her on the mouth and sought his tongue with hers, before she opened her mouth gasping for air as she was driven closer and closer to her climax. She was reaching sensation overload. John sensed this and re-doubled his efforts, fully driving his cock into her pussy, and pressing against her cervix.

Tracy had reached her limit, and couldn’t take any more and clutched John tightly, reaching her climax with a scream as she squeezed down hard on his cock with her cunt. John let go, and drove deeply into Tracy and filled her completely with his cum. Tracy was delirious with pleasure, feeling John’s hot cum squirt after squirt splashing inside her. She continued to spasm for a few minutes longer. Her energy was drained and she was done. Little did she know, but John was just getting started. He laid on top of her, but after a short rest he was ready to go again.

===== Chapter Three =====

The conquest of his pretty date, combined with his first climax took the edge off his excitement, but his cock never did get soft. Slowly he started to thrust into Tracy again. She was tired but his thrusting was stirring her pot very nicely. She responded slowly and soon was thrusting her hips back to meet him. Raising up on his arms, John took full strokes into Tracy again and again. He grabbed her legs by her knees, and bent them back along her side to open her wider for him. He was bottoming on every stroke and brushing against her clit too to create that extra spark.

Deciding to forgo her clit for now, John slid down lower so he could angle his hard shaft up towards Tracy’s G-Spot. Circling his hips, he was stirring his cock inside Tracy’s cunt while stretching her opening around his cock. Such new sensations for her to absorb.

Her ex never did anything like this. Usually he was done after one shot, and too bad for her if she wasn’t there with him. Tracy was now being driven closer and closer to her second climax of the evening. She couldn’t remember etimesgut escort bayan the last time that had happened. She started to shake and was just about to go over the edge when John stopped moving, just leaving his cock inside her. Since he was holding her down, she couldn’t buck back up to finish herself off. That was more than frustrating!

John pulled out, and got off the couch. “Sorry Tracy, but you’ll have to wait just a little longer,” he said with a smile. He moved her onto her knees on the carpet, her body lying on the couch seat cushions. Spreading her legs apart again John re-entered her, this time from the back. Just like starting up a steam engine, he slowly plowed into the hot pussy drawing his cock into her, as he steadily moved up with longer and deeper strokes.

His hands reached around to play with Tracy’s breasts and nipples, before gripping her breasts like handles, lifting her back as he thrust into her. A new sensation for the overloaded girl to experience. Just as she was getting used to his hands pulling on her tits, John switched his hands to her hips, driving up hard into her cunt and almost lifting her off her knees.

Different angles and different sensations: Tracy felt that oncoming wave as she climbed towards the climax that was denied earlier. He drove relentlessly into her but just before the waves of her orgasm crashed over her, he stopped and pulled out again. Tracy groaned loudly with exasperation.

John was proving to be something of an expert in switching positions and techniques, so as to leave his partner just on the edge of orgasm for as long as possible. Every interruption and change had backed Tracy off from the cliff, leaving her desperate to cum.

Flipping her over, he had her sitting at the edge of the couch, before lifting and spreading her legs apart into a large ‘V’. He plunged back in with a single stroke, then putting her legs on his shoulders and slowly leaning down onto her. She was almost doubled over, with her legs by her head. The extreme tilt of her hips gave maximum penetration, and this time John pulled his cock all the way out, just to plunge back in balls deep into the exposed girl.

Every movement provided new sensations for Tracy and she was loving every second. Her juices were flowing and the cushions underneath were getting soaked. The thump, thump, thumping was driving her insane. No randomness this time. She knows exactly what’s coming next. Closer again – building back to her climax. Oh how badly she needed to cum.

“NO!!” she screamed as John pulled out just before she was going to climax. “Let Me Cum!! Make Me Cum!!” Tracy was delirious, begging him to finish her. She was like putty in his hands, or more to the point, on his cock. That was the cry from her passion he was looking for to claim his trophy.

===== Chapter Four =====

John decided to push Tracy again to see how far she would go. “If you want to cum, you’re going to have to work for it.” With that, he laid down on the carpet. “I’m doing nothing now – it’s all up to you. Climb on and impale yourself on my cock.”

Tracy moved unsteadily onto her knees and squatted down on him, then reached between her thighs to guide his cock into her. Once the head was in, she sank all the way down to capture his cock back inside her. She moaned softly – it felt so good to have her pussy full again. Placing her hands on his chest, she began to drive herself up and down on his cock.

John was enjoying watching her cunt devouring his cock. Looking up he saw her bouncing boobs. He reached up to tug on her nipples, stretching her breasts out from her body, then held his hands open and let her tits bounce in his palms. He lightly slapped her boobs to make them swing sideways, then a bit harder. She moaned again, but didn’t complain, just kept drilling herself on his cock, extracting all the pleasure she could from the double stimulation of her boobs and pussy.

Before Tracy got too close again, John made her spin around to ride him ‘reverse cowgirl’ style. He slapped her butt cheeks like a cowboy to urge her on, gently at first, but then harder just to test her again. Each change of position took Tracy down a notch so she had to work herself back up again. John knew exactly what he was doing, toying with Tracy to delay her cumming, forcing her to edge despite her desires urging her on.

On and on she went bouncing on his cock, feeling the hard shaft penetrating deeply. John held on to her hips to pull her down while thrusting his hips up to meet her, increasing the depth. Tracy thought his cock must be inside her womb by now, but she wasn’t going to stop. The fullness and the stretching were heavenly. No frustrating pauses this time because she was on top, ramming herself down on his cock and controlling the depth and speed. The only thing on her mind was to cum.

When John reached around to play with her clit, she went off like the 4th of July fireworks. She was shaking, eyes closed grunting and screaming as she came. Tracy’s climax set John off too. He pulled her down, drove up as hard as he could and blasted his second load into her as her cunt bore down on his cock inside. Tracy had never come this hard before. Her orgasm lasted forever, as she collapsed on top of John trying to get her breath back.

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