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Good morning, folks. Or good whatever, since I don’t know what time it is where you happen to be. The name is Mitchell Kale and I’m a man with a story to tell. The life of a young black man in America is never easy. However, there are some good times in all of our lives, I believe. These days, I feel like I’m on a roll. Yeah, I’m having the time of my life. I’m a student-athlete at Haverhill College in Massachusetts. More than that, I’m the star of the all-new Men’s Varsity Wrestling team. We’re the talk of the town.

Recently, someone tried to rain on my parade. Haverhill College Assistant Athletic Director Karen Anderson, a pompous, red-haired matronly white woman in her fifties. Like so many women in positions of power, she loved taking shots at unsuspecting men every chance she got. And thanks to political correctness and gender-based favoritism, she got away with it time and again. While her boss Manny Drake was away for health reasons, she had been steadily abusing her power. She wanted to cut the wrestling team’s budget. And that of the football teams. Even though we were underfunded as it is. Of course, the women’s sports teams budgets would remain untouched. That’s gender-based special treatment if you ask me. I decided to get her back for this.

You see, Karen Anderson doesn’t just see herself as a trailblazer among women in college sports administration and management. She also embraced sexy blonde coeds like field hockey star Lily Wilson. I took pictures of them as they were making out in her office and mailed them to the returning Director of Athletics. Mr. Manny Drake’s first action was to bring the matter to the college president, and the firing of Karen Anderson swiftly followed. Male student-athletes at Haverhill rejoiced as the man-hating dyke who wanted our teams ruined left the school for good. I think this calls for a celebration!

I decided to chill in the city of Boston with my friend Peter Connelly, a big and tall black guy I’ve known since our days at Brockton Community High School. He plays football for Haverhill College and I’m a varsity wrestler. Haverhill College is a formerly all-female school that has taken to diversifying lately, and they’ve added new sports like football, cross country, soccer, bowling, swimming, wrestling, ice hockey, lacrosse, baseball and golf to attract male students. ankara bayan escortlar The school is fifty one percent female at this moment. More fun for booty catchers like me, I guess. I particularly like the sporty chicks. They’re fun in bed. The straight ones. The female student-athletes compete in women’s softball, ice hockey, field hockey, basketball, bowling, cross country, soccer, lacrosse, golf, volleyball and swimming. We compete in the NCAA Division Two.

In a place teeming with male athletes, my buddy Pete and I are the top men on campus. Us black studs got to stick together, if you know what I mean. We went to catch a movie, dined in a nice restaurant and then went looking for some booty. Carrying around too much sperm in your dick can weigh a man down. It’s recommend that you get your dick sucked regularly. It prevents masculine discomfort. What my buddy and I are doing has more to do with maintaining our health than the pursuit of pleasure.

To that end, Peter and I hired a couple of strippers to entertain us. I like them big-booty black strippers with the big tits. That’s what drew me to Menaja Troy, the tall and curvy black stripper with the fat ass. From the way she was looking at me, I could tell that she was interested. Females got a way of sensing when a man means business. And my man Pete and I were definitely different from the rest of the strip joint clientele. Two good-looking, well-dressed young black men strolling around the city with lots of money in hand tend to attract all kinds of attention. Menaja was quick to realize that and made her way toward us. The gal had been at it for a while, apparently.

She introduced us to her friend Christine Pederson, a big-booty, somewhat plump yet still sexy chick with the darkest skin I’ve ever seen on a black female. Christine was pretty in the face but she was definitely huge. At least five feet eleven inches tall and weighing over two hundred and fifty pounds. Pete likes big women. To each his own, I say. The four of us went to a backroom and got down and dirty. Pete and I sat side by side on a plush couch while Menaja and Christine put on a show for us. They strutted their stuff, and began undressing. The G-string panties came off, followed by the bras. Pete and I grinned as we admired these two sexy black ladies. I’ve always liked black chicks. Physically ankara seksi escortlar not mentally. Their attitude leaves a lot to be desired but they are sexy as hell. Nobody can deny that. Menaja and Christine surprised Pete and I with their forwardness. They wanted two hundred bucks each otherwise all we’d get to do was look at them. I nodded to Pete and he flashed them the cash. Menaja’s eyes lit up. She smiled, and moved toward me.

I smirked, and asked her what she was willing to do to earn that cash. She grinned and told me she’d do whatever it takes. I put her to work, folks. I unzipped my pants and out came my dick. Nine inches long, quite thick and uncut. Menaja gasped when she saw it. I smiled. The sight of my super-sized dick has always amazed females of all races. Even black chicks who are used to seeing big cocks since most of them sleep with black guys. Menaja didn’t waste time getting to work, folks. The big-booty black stripper fastened her succulent lips around my cock and began sucking me like her life depended on it.

Meanwhile, Pete and Christine were getting busy. Peter has never been the most patient man in the world. My buddy doesn’t believe in foreplay. Hell, he and Christine went right down to it. She got on her knees and sucked on his thick cock for about five minutes, then he had her on all fours ready to get fucked. He took her from behind, thrusting his cock into her pussy while gripping her wide hips in his big hands. Pete began ramming his cock into that pussy like he was paying for it. Pun intended. I shook my head. He will never learn patience. Me? I like to savor life’s pleasures rather than swallowing them whole like a glutton. Thank you very much.

After Menaja got done sucking my dick, I surprised the hell out of her by returning the favor. I spread her plump brown thighs and breathed in the smell of her pussy. I spread her pussy lips and began giving her a lick down. Menaja was tense at first but I assured her she was in expert hands. I worked my magic on her, thrusting two fingers into her pussy while gently biting her clit. She was soon squealing in delight as I rocked her world. Yeah, I’ve got skills. It’s official. What can I say? I was born with it! Females are always surprised when they meet a man who can eat pussy like the best of them. What gives?

Mona was bayan ankara escort all revved up and ready for whatever else I might throw at her. I wanted a little back shot, and she was okay with that. I put her on all fours, and watched as she spread her ass cheeks wide open. Menaja definitely had a nice ass. Big, brown and perfectly round. Just the way I like them. In porn movies and poorly written erotica, anal sex is done without lube. In real life, it doesn’t work that way. Trust me, I know. I took a small bottle from my pocket and used its contents to lube up both my Johnson and Menaja’s sweet backdoor. Then I pressed my manhood against her rear entry and pushed it inside.

As I penetrated Menaja’s ass, a sharp groan caught my attention. I turned to see Peter and Christine going at it. What I saw amazed me. Pete was on all fours, face down and ass up. All six feet six inches and three hundred pounds of him. And Christine was manually thrusting a big dildo up his ass. Wow. I did not see that one coming, folks. Oh, well. To each his own. I focused on the ass in front of me. Swiftly, I entered Menaja’s sweet bottom. She took it like a champ, folks. Hardly a grunt from her. I rubbed her shoulders while pushing my cock deeper inside of her. I loved the feel of her ass around my prick. She urged me to fuck her harder, which I did. We rocked back and forth for the better part of an hour. Only Peter’s screams distracted us. The big dude really let it out as the big black woman plunged the dildo up his ass. When he came, Christine drank all of his cum. I shook my head. Wow. I did not know my buddy was this freaky.

It was a memorable Thursday evening all around, folks. When dawn came, Peter and I got back into the car and went back to Haverhil. Menaja and Christine were long gone. As was most of our cash. You know what? I’m not even mad about that. Those gals earned every penny of that money. I’m not the kind of man who sweats the small stuff. It’s unmanly. This was a night we would never forget. I’m all for going all out when celebrating a major event, folks. I feel like I’m on cloud nine. I’ve defeated my enemy. My fellow men admire me. And I’ve enjoyed the embraces of a beautiful and very voluptuous young black woman. Now that’s what I call a night to remember. As Peter and I got back to campus, I swore we’d have many more nights like this one. We’re just young black college sportsmen being ourselves. The way Mother Nature made us. Having wicked fun and wild adventures while not caring about what anyone thinks and basically smashing everyone that gets in our way. Like God Himself probably intended!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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