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Duncan Cyrus, age 21, Park Milf

One Saturday afternoon, I decided to visit a park. It was recommended by some classmates of mine. A place where a lot of people go, but it is still a very serene area. I decided to give it a shot and I headed there. Luckily some spring warmth had kicked in by then. I brought a blanket, some lemonade, crackers, cheese, and lunch meat; with sketch book and a comic in tow. I had already done my workout for the day. While at the park I understood why it was so popular. Spacious didn’t describe it. The people seemed rather at peace as well.

I laid out my blanket and arranged the snacks. I picked up my sketch book and began drawing. On my off time I sketch for some money. Going price is about ten dollars. It varies upward depending on my patrons’ or matrons’ details. Really nothing hard to do. I call them FEMOS.

I was just finishing the head part when a child came running across my blanket. Apparently the mother was screaming at the child, but I was into my own world. The child tripped on my blanket. I looked at the little girl. She looked to be mixed, with what I didn’t know. The mother came up a little distraught seeing if the child was alright. almanbahis adresi

She didn’t take into account that she bent her humongous, beautiful derrière in my face. It had a roundness like a globe. Her thighs were big and she was bowlegged with strong calves. When the mom turned to regard me she didn’t apologize for putting her ass directly in my line of vision but that her child had disturbed me. If I didn’t know any better I’d think she set it up. Her front sort of mirrored her back. Her stomach protruded slightly, but it wasn’t horrifying. Her breasts somewhat hung without the bra she wore.

I accepted the apology with some stammering and she knew she got to me. She became interested in my sketching and sat beside me to watch. We talked over my hobby and we had a conversation about her childhood and her life as a single parent. Her ex-husband is paying alimony that basically sets her up for life, but she works as an elementary school teacher. We chatted until her child was ready to go. She asked me to meet her that following weekend in the park again.

Again I went and had a blanket, set it down, and started my drawing. I started using the park almanbahis adres as a place to do more drawing. She came alone that time. I’m guessing the ex-husband had her daughter for the weekend. She asked me to move my blanket to a more private area of the park. Can’t disclose, because I don’t want others hoarding in on my spot. Anyway, we arrived and she asked me to sketch her. I asked in what way and she took off her top layers. She wore a red bra and panties. She had on a gold necklace, some rings, a bracelet, and earrings; all gold. She definitely had this planned.

She just didn’t know what pose she wanted. I had her; hopefully my description will come out clear. I asked her to sit with her legs crossed, then told her to lean on her hands to the back of her and lock her arms straight, then uncross her legs, then have the bottoms of her heels on the ground, then told her to spread her legs, tilt her head downwards towards her left and smile.

It took only ten minutes for the sketch. I’d put finishing touches on it later. I gave her a price and she accepted. I never had done it outside even more so in a park. I crawled into her and kissed her surprisingly almanbahis adres passionately. She took my shirt off and rubbed on my flat, muscular midsection. She was soft in her middle. I somehow got my pants off and unleashed the snake that charmed her into creaming all over my beast. I pounded into her fleshy vortex with skin smacking sounds loudly resounding in the air.

She wrapped her arms around my neck pushing my face into her chest. I sucked so hard I gave her hickies. She responded in kind by nipping on my strong neck. Thought she was going to break skin. After a good thirty minutes in missionary she hopped on top of me, reverse cowgirl. She bounced up and down on my python. She whooped and hollered. She laughed because she never had so much fun in riding.

I laid back with my hands behind my head and enjoyed the show. My pelvis would lift up a bit if she slammed hard enough and came back up. I was fascinated how well her bubble wiggled and jiggled that I grabbed it. I surprised her because she gasped, but didn’t break stride. I asked for more and she sat on her knees and then gyrated in my lap. Her muscles massaged me.

The feeling was too much to bear and I told her I was about to cum. She stood up and tittyjobbed my dick until I busted on her bust. She thanked me for the fun time and gave me a card and told me to call her if wanted to do more art work. I’ll let y’all know if other times are important enough to put in my journal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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