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This is a true story. It does involve sex, but it’s not very sexy. It’s just true.

Although I’m telling this story in the first person, I will refer to us as Mr. and Mrs. In the third person.

My stories always include elements of our real life or our fantasies. Each story includes images from our real life.

For example “The Balcony”.

We really were on a balcony. It happened in Hawaii. Mrs was really wearing a too short dress and leaning on the railing. There were 2 men on the balcony next to us. They were looking. Mr did tell the mrs and she did bend over to listen.

The part that didn’t happen was inviting them to the room. They were both married. We won’t do that. As we walked in our room mrs said, “Too bad they were married or this would have been a different night.”

Mr kept that fantasy going as we had sex that night. It made for a fun night.

This one is a true story

I mention in our bio that we have been swingers. Mr was a wild child. He says he learned early how every woman has a story about the jerk she dated first. He ankara evi olan escortlar wanted to be that jerk. He dated and slept with a lot of women. When we married he brought up sexual fantasies. Feeling very safe and secure Mrs told Mr hers. In the lifestyle we both explored most of our fantasies. At least the ones that were safe to do.

We eventually fell out of the lifestyle. There was really nothing left to do. We kept our friends but did not seek anymore encounters. Still they happen. This is one.

A few months ago we went on vacation. We found a nice inn in another state. Our goal was to do nothing. The inn had a clothing optional pool. We had a great trip. The inn was almost empty.

At night we’d go use the hot tub. Nude of course. One night we were in the hot tub when the owners walked through with another couple. They were showing the couple the pool area.

The inn allowed people to buy day passes to use the pool area. A while later we saw the couple come into the pool area. By the time we saw them they were wrapped in towels. She was ankara olgun escortlar attractive, thin, obviously fake tits. He was shorter than her about 60 lbs overweight and balding. We assumed they were there to use the facilities

They went in the Sauna. They came out a few minutes later and headed towards the pool. They were just out of our line of vision.

We finally decided to leave. When mrs stood up she saw them. She said to mr, “She’s giving him a blowjob.

We get up to leave and they stop. Mr says, “Don’t stop on our account.”

They went back at it. Her on her knees giving him a blow job.

The guy said, “You can come closer if you want.”

We looked at each other shrugged and went over. We’d seen blow jobs before, so nothing too crazy, but the idea of running into this when it wasn’t expected was kinda hot. Mr got hard. He’s fairly impressive hard. The guy noticed and asked the Mr if he wanted a blow job from the woman.

Mr looked at mrs. She shrugged and mr turned to the girl and she took him in her mouth. Mrs watched a bit. ankara sarışın escortlar Since she was not into the guy and the girl had not paid any attention to her she decided to go get some wine from our room and said, “I’ll be right back. I want to get something from the room.”

Meanwhile mr is getting a blow job. Mr rarely cums from a blow job. Even from the mrs. In all the time we were swingers, mr only came once with another woman. Mrs will give him a blowjob anytime he asks. Having had plenty of blowjobs in his life, mr actually can get bored during them. In order for mr to enjoy sex, you have to engage his mind. That’s why the women in my stories are very verbal. Also mr isn’t fond of bad boob jobs.

The guy is fucking the girl from behind while she is giving mr a blow job.

The initial concept/scene was hot and unusual but after a little while mr was bored. He was waiting for mrs to get back. We have cues between us to get us out of situations we don’t want to be in.

So here’s the scene, mr is getting a blow job, bored, and waiting for mrs to come back to help him find an excuse to get out of there.

Mrs finally shows up. Mr gives the cue, Mrs makes the excuse to leave. We say goodnight to the couple.

As we leave mr said to mrs, “What took you so long.”

Mrs says, “Go complain to your friends.” (All vanilla)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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