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Meet Phoebe Matias, Professor of Women’s Studies and Feminist Theory at Carleton University in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Born in the City of Calgary, Alberta, and educated at McGill University, Phoebe Matias is a striking Greco-Canadian woman with a good head on her shoulders. Five feet eleven inches tall, curvy but athletic, with dark bronze skin, long dark hair and lively brown eyes, she has that unique charm common to Mediterranean women.

Most men who meet Phoebe Matias find her quite intelligent and beautiful, but she has a habit of spouting gender rhetoric nonsense and that’s why the lady is still single at the age of forty. Nothing wrong with a woman who stands up for women’s rights. However, there is something wrong with a woman who hates men. There’s a lot of man-hating women out there, esepcially in academia. Since most straight men are too pansy to deal with them accordingly, a strong and masculine bisexual man must step to the plate…

“The world’s problems stem from the fact that men have been at the reins too long, men cause wars and the male ego is a very dangerous thing,” Professor Phoebe Matias said, continuing with her gender-biased rant. Inside the classroom in the Tory Building at Carleton University, the forty or so students listened attentively. Most of them anyways. One of them was trying his hardest to tune out the Professor’s rhetoric.

“What a bitch,” Arnold Pierre thought to himself, and the big and tall young Haitian man wondered what could have possessed him to take a women’s studies course in the summer. Arnold wanted to graduate from Carleton University in the fall, and unfortunately this meant summer school. A civil engineering major, Arnold desperately needed a humanities elective to graduate, and women’s studies was the last thing open.

There were twenty two women and eighteen men in the classroom, not counting the annoying feminist Professor, and Arnold found himself wishing he were elsewhere. The night before, Arnold had gone to a play party at the domicile of Sir Stirling in the By Ward Market area of Ottawa, Ontario. Good times, Arnold thought, recalling all the fun and wicked things he did with fellow bisexual men and open-minded women.

Sir Stirling, a tall, silver-haired, fit and handsome gentleman of about fifty six is the leader of the Bisexual Community of Ottawa, Ontario. A former U.S. Army Captain, Sir Stirling retired from the military a few years back and moved to Ottawa, Ontario, to be close to his son Stephen and his growing family. Sir Stirling runs a souvenir shop near the Glebe and is fairly active in Ottawa LGBT circles, particularly the Bisexual community.

Sir Stirling might be a grandfather but the man doesn’t believe in slowing down in his old age. Not by a long damn shot. Nowadays, the old man organizes bisexual-centric events for couples, singles, and all kinds of meet and greet bahis siteleri type of encounters. Showing the world the beauty of male bisexuality is Sir Stirling’s mission. Last night, at the aforementioned play party, there were five men and three women, and everybody got their freak on.

“Folks, have responsible fun and make yourselves at home,” Sir Stirling said to his guests. The handsome middle-aged host kicked off the play party by having some fun with a tall, burly and handsome black man named Luther and his wife Hannah, a tall, light-skinned, plump young black woman with a stylish Afro and a big round butt. Arnold, who can be quite shy at play parties, sat back and watched as the people around him got their freak on.

Sitting on the couch, Arnold stroked his dick while watching Sir Stirling get his big white cock sucked by the freaky black couple. After Luther and Hannah polished Sir Stirling’s cock, the older man went to work on them. Hannah lay on the carpet, her curvy body looking so sexy. Sir Stirling fondled Hannah’s tits and ate her pussy while Luther grabbed condoms and lube.

“Luther, fuck Sir while he eats me out,” Hannah said, and Luther did as he was told, easing his thick dark dick into Sir Stirling’s ass while the older white man ate his sexy black wife’s delicious pussy. A true bisexual, Sir Stirling loves both pussy and dick, and was delighted to be getting both at the same time. Arnold stroked himself while watching the hot three way unfolding right in front of him.

Nearby, the other attendees of the bisexual party were also having fun. A tall, handsome and muscular, dark-haired Italian guy named Giovanni who came to the play party with his boyfriend Antonio was getting serviced by a freaky Arab woman named Noor. As Arnold looked on, Noor, the curvy, dark-haired and big-bottomed Arab mama knelt before Giovanni and sucked his dick with gusto.

“Sweetie, let me help you with that,” said Antonio, Giovanni’s boyfriend, and the slim, brown-haired white dude knelt beside Noor and helped her suck Giovanni’s big dick. The macho Italian groaned happily as he got his big ole dick sucked by a freaky woman and a determined man at the same time. Could sex get any hotter?

“Hmm, Antonio, suck Giovanni’s balls while I get his dick,” Noor said, and Antonio smiled at the freaky Arab woman and did as she told him. Giovanni was a bit surprised when Noor fingered his ass while sucking his dick, but it got him even harder. Antonio and Noor joined forces to pleasure Giovanni with their mouths, sucking the Italian stud until he came. When Giovanni came, Noor and Antonio happily drained him of his cum.

“Looks like everyone’s having fun but me,” Arnold said to himself, as he noticed that Sir Stirling and the freaky black couple were trying entirely new positions. Hannah was now on all fours, face down and big brown ass up. Luther came canlı bahis siteleri up behind her, slamming his big dick into her pussy. Meanwhile, Sir Stirling came up behind Luther and fed the bisexual black man’s smooth ass some of his big white cock.

“Oh fuck,” Luther groaned as Sir Stirling’s big white cock filled his ass, even as his wife Hannah’s big brown booty swallowed his own big black dick. Feeling too frigging horny, Arnold looked about for someone, anyone to fuck. That’s when he noticed the last guest at the play party, a pretty-faced young Asian woman who looked at him the way a hungry person looks at fast food. Arnold decided to try his luck…

“I think women can give better blowjobs than even gay men or bisexual men,” said Madeline Yan, a short, slender, feisty young Asian woman whom Arnold met at the play party. Arnold smiled at Madeline, happy to take her up on her offer. They went to the basement to have some private fun, away from the threesomes and foursomes happening in the living room of Sir Stirling’s place.

“You’re a unique woman,” Arnold told Madeline, and the Asian cutie grinned. He sat her down on a couch and knelt before her. After pulling down Madeline’s skirt and panties, Arnold admired her hairy pussy. Inhaling her scent, he smiled and then buried his face between her legs. Madeline sighed happily as Arnold began eating her pussy. Arnold has sucked a lot of dicks and eaten a lot of pussies in his life, but he’d never been with an Asian woman before. This ought to be good…

“Go for it,” Madeline told Arnold, and the bisexual Haitian stud began eating her pussy with gusto. Arnold took his sweet time as he ate Madeline’s pussy, and the young Asian woman began to moan softly, loving what he was doing to her. Madeline rubbed her tits and leaned back on the chair, relaxing and enjoying as Arnold ate her pussy like a champ. The brother definitely had skills…

After polishing Madeline’s pussy with his tongue, Arnold grabbed a condom and watched as the sexy gal got on all fours. Madeline didn’t have much ass, but Arnold didn’t care. He eased himself into her and began to fuck her. Madeline moaned softly as Arnold gripped her hips and pumped his dick into her pussy. For a man who likes to fuck other men, Arnold was surprisingly good at pounding Madeline’s pussy, much to her delight…

“Ride me,” Arnold told Madeline as they switched positions, and he lay flat on the basement’s carpeted floor and she climbed on top of him. Madeline looked at Arnold and grabbed his dick, then rubbed him against her pussy. With a swift thrust, Arnold buried himself inside Madeline’s pussy. The young woman sighed as he resumed fucking her and rode him hard, loving the feel of his thick dark dick inside of her.

After fucking for a good while, Madeline Yan and Arnold Pierre went back upstairs. The sex party was still going canlı bahis on. Giovanni now had Noor on all fours, face down and big Arab booty up. The bisexual Italian stud slammed his dick into the freaky Arab woman’s pussy. At the same time, Giovanni’s boyfriend Antonio fucked him from behind. Everyone seemed to be having a grand old time.

Arnold noticed that Sir Stirling was still busy with Hannah and Luther. The burly black man lay on his back, with his wife Hannah sucking his big black dick. At the same time, Sir Stirling was ramming his big white cock in and out of Luther’s ass. Black female lips sucking big black dick while big white cock goes into black male ass…at the same time. Very interesting tableau, Arnold thought, and he smiled at Madeline.

“Class dismissed,” Professor Phoebe Matias said, her shrill voice snatching Arnold out of his reverie. Arnold grabbed his belongings and left the classroom. The following week, he went to another play party at Sir Stirling’s house. This one was more of a BDSM-themed party than an orgy, and Arnold, curious about it all, went to see what was up.

“Strong women sometimes do need to be taken down a peg or two,” Sir Stirling told Arnold and the other guests at the event. There were eight women and five men in attendance, which was different since there were usually more men than women at such events. Grabbing a Pepsi, Arnold went to watch. The bisexual Haitian stud is okay with sexing down a woman or a man, but BDSM is not quite his forte…

“Oh yes, Master, I am your bitch,” screamed a tall, curvy woman, as she got flogged and gang-banged at the same time. Arnold drew closer and watched as the woman, who was dark-haired and strong-looking, got fucked by some guys who looked familiar. Luther, the handsome black man from the previous event had his big dark dick embedded in the woman’s asshole while another man, whom Arnold recognized as Giovanni, was pounding her pussy. A third man, whom Arnold recognized as Antonio was flogging the woman with a mean-looking whip.

“Oh my,” Arnold said as he recognized Professor Phoebe Matias, the uptight feminist bitch of a Professor from Carleton University. Once Arnold got over his shock, he smiled and enjoyed the spectacle. As the men fucked her in every hole and flogged her back, her ass and her thighs, Phoebe Matias screamed in passion and sweet agony, and even begged them for more. Apparently, some uptight, man-hating feminist types enjoy male domination. Who would have thought?

“Enjoy the show, my young friend,” Sir Stirling said to Arnold as he walked by with a charming new couple, a plump Filipina woman and her tall, skinny Caucasian hubby. Arnold smiled and nodded, for he knew where this was going. He watched As Phobe Matias got taken to the edge…and beyond. After getting whipped, flogged, pussy-fucked and ass-fucked, the Professor took a towel from Sir Stirling and headed to the showers. Along the way, she saw Arnold and recognized him. Arnold smiled at Professor Phoebe Matias and waved, but said nothing. Life is full of surprises, and bisexual men know to roll with the punches…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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