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Danielle had come by her father Paul’s rooming house to give him some referrals for some new tenants, when she had heard strange moaning coming from a room he had converted into an office. Seeing the door slightly ajar, Dani peeked in out of curiousity, wonder if her father was all right.

She was about to call out his name when she spied him, totally naked on the leather sofa and in a doggy position with a girl that looked to be no more than twenty, both of them engaged in a fucking frenzy and oblivious to what was happening around them.

The girl was gripping on the arm of the sofa as he slammed his eight-inch manhood in and out of her.

“Oh God, Paul, fuck me!” the girl cried. “I’m going to come again!”

From what Dani could tell from that, Paul and the girl had been engaged in sex for some time before she had shown up.

Danielle was shocked and a bit hurt as first to see her father engaging in sex with a girl young enough to be his daughter only weeks after his wedding to Dani’s stepmother, Mary. But then another thought took over her mind; Dani knew Mary had little interest in sex even though she was crazy about Danielle’s father otherwise. She remembered that Paul had complained that she didn’t want to have sex with him since their engagement until after the wedding, and even after it, he was lucky if he had sex from his bride more than once a week. With that in mind, Dani concluded her father had needs, and what Mary wasn’t giving him, this young girl was.

He had turned the girl over onto her back and was fucking her missionary now, thrusting in and out of her. Danielle could see that the girl was not only an eager sex partner, but she was a beautiful, sexy blonde with large tits and a very rounded, firm ass. Danielle then found herself getting very turned on as she watched them, leaning back and fingering herself under her miniskirt with no panties underneath.

“OH SHIT!” he yelled finally. “Dammit, Toni, I’m going to come in your hot little cunt!”

Danielle saw her father’s tight ass cheeks tense as he shot streams of cum deep into the girl he had called Toni. Dani had barely muffled her moans as she approached her own orgasm, before smoothing down her skirt and leaving quietly before they had seen her there.

That night in their own bed, her husband Shannon had no idea what had come over her, but he had no complaints, as Danielle had given him the fucking of his life.


A week had passed since Danielle had witnessed the sexual encounter between her father and the sexy young woman that turned out to be, to Dani’s pleasant surprise, a new tenant at the rooming house. She couldn’t get the girl out of her mind, figuring out a way to meet Toni, and, if Dani got lucky, getting a piece of Toni’s hot body herself. Even during sex with Shannon, she fantasized about fucking Toni instead, which even Dani admitted made for some great orgasms.

It turned out, Danielle didn’t have to wait long.

The house had been empty except for Toni; Dani wondered how someone so hot and sexy didn’t even have a date for that night like the others at the house that had gone out or away for the weekend. Dani sometimes stayed at the house herself when Jay was out of town and the kids were with his parents, which had been the case on this particular day.

Toni had been out on the patio; Danielle was already getting turned on at the sight of her in a tank top, with no bra underneath, and short shorts. The outfit did nothing to conceal Toni’s outstanding body.

Dani had introduced herself, but Toni knew who she was from both the pictures on Paul’s desk at the wrestling school she attended, as well as pictures from Danielle’s work in both swimwear and (formerly) nude modeling; her own younger brother had jerked off many times at Dani’s nude shots. Toni concluded that Danielle was even more beautiful in person.

She sat across from Toni, her own sexy legs barely crossed at her ankles. Her very short skirt has become hiked even higher to reveal a practically bare ass; Toni concluded that Danielle either wearing a thong underneath or she wasn’t wearing panties at all.

Dani’s cell phone rang; she excused herself for a moment to take the brief call and apologized once it had concluded. As Danielle leaned over to put her phone back into her purse, her braless, generously sized tits strained against her halter top, giving Toni a full show. Dani’s skin was tan and her nipples stood at attention through her top.

Toni güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri looked down as to avoid Danielle noticing her watching, but Toni was oddly drawn back to the ass of Paul’s oldest daughter, becoming strangely aroused at the sight of Dani’s near-naked flesh. As Dani adjusted herself in her seat, Toni could finally see that she had on a black g-string and Dani’s pussy was completely shaven.

Toni picked up the drink she had and took a hard swallow.

“Toni,” she asked. “Are you okay?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m fine,” Toni choked out as she put her glass back on the table beside her. “I was just thinking.”

“About what?”

“Well, it’s a little embarrassing since I’m not into girls,” Toni said. “I can’t help but notice how beautiful you are. I bet you get a lot of guys, huh?”

“To be honest with you,” Danielle smiled, “I was thinking the same thing about you. You’re really sexy, you know that?”

“Um…” Toni was at a loss for words.

“Toni,” Danielle confessed. “I wanted to meet and have a talk with you because I saw you fucking my father on the couch in the office here last week.”

Oh God, I’m next to get Dani’s wrath, Toni thought, hearing from some of the other girls at the school about how Danielle had gone off over what a slut Dani’s brother Skip’s girlfriend had been after taking on six men at a party before Carrie had gotten pregnant with what turned out to be Skip’s son.

As far as Dani was concerned, Carrie was still a slut, Skip’s baby or not. Dani was sure Carrie had only gotten pregnant to trap Skip because of who his family was and didn’t care about Mickey at all and seemed in little too much of a hurry to both get her body back and get on birth control pills after Mickey was born. Dani was sure Carrie was screwing around on Skip yet again, but her brother was too much of a jackass to see it.

On the other hand, Danielle, at twenty-six, found Toni incredibly beautiful and sexy for not yet being nineteen. Toni wasn’t trashy at all like Carrie and Dani found herself attracted to the younger woman across from her that had been having sex with Danielle’s father only a week earlier. No wonder he had been in a good mood lately, Dani thought to herself amusingly. If I’d been fucking a sweet, young and hot piece of ass like Toni, I’d be in a good mood all the time too!

“I was just going to rent a room–” Toni began, snapping Dani out of her thoughts. “I didn’t mean for it–“

Danielle placed a hand on Toni’s bare leg. “It’s okay, honey; it really turned me on. Granted my stepmother is a nice lady and she’s good to Dad, but even he says she doesn’t always give him what he needs in bed; he’s lucky if she gives him ANY pussy once a week since their wedding. And when I watched the two of you on that couch, I was so damned horny, I had to both get myself off while I watched you fucking, then go home and fuck the shit out of my own husband. But to be perfectly honest with you, since I saw you two going at it that day, I cannot stop thinking about how amazing you would be in bed.”

Toni was at a loss for words, aside from being relieved that Paul’s gorgeous and feisty daughter wasn’t pissed about the sex Toni had had with him.

Dani gave her a sexy smile. She then stood up and scooted near Toni, sitting right next to her. She ran her hand against Toni’s face and pushed Toni’s long blonde hair off of her ear. She could feel Dani’s breath against her ear, tickling it ever so slightly.

“Have you ever been with another girl?” Danielle asked lowly.

“I’ve got girl friends I hang with from school and I am with you right now,” Toni answered, Danielle’s question completely over her head.

Danielle giggled. “No, silly, not that. I mean have you ever….you know, had sex with a girl?”

“Uh, no. I just like guys.”

“Well, there’s a lot more to sex than just getting fucked by a hard cock, not that there is anything wrong with having a cock inside you and fucking men; I tend to go for guys with big dicks like my husband. But if you only limit yourself to cock, you don’t know what else you’re missing. Plus, it really is true a woman can eat pussy better than most guys do.”

Danielle was still stroking Toni’s hair as she continued. “I fuck my husband every night when he’s home, and I’ve also been fucking our pool man when Shannon isn’t home, I’m really horny and there’s no willing, hot women available. Toni, I’m bisexual and I really love sex. Since I saw you naked with my father, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I have fantasized about doing some hot things to and with that beautiful body of yours myself.”

Toni was taken aback; Danielle was hitting on her!

Danielle then gently kissed Toni’s earlobe as she ran her hand up her thigh, stopping just before reaching Toni’s own vagina. Her teeth gnawed at Toni’s earlobe, sending shivers up and down her back. With both of her hands, Danielle reached around her head and pulled Toni’s lips to hers. Her mouth opened slightly and Dan caressed her tongue on the inside of Toni’s mouth, before pulling Toni’s thong aside and slipping two fingers inside Toni’s cunt.

“I want you, Toni,” Dani groaned, still fingering her as they kissed. “And I think you want it, too. Your pussy is really wet.”

It was unbelievable. Dani’s lips were so soft and her hand was so gentle, Toni thought she was going to come right there as Dani finger fucked her. Danielle’s tongue darted in and out of her mouth with expertise. Toni was shocked, unable to believe what was happening, but it felt too good to stop, and she wanted more.

Toni started to kiss Dani back and felt her full breasts through her halter. Danielle kissed her way down Toni’s neck and pulled down the straps of Toni’s own top, happy to see Toni also braless underneath. She began sucking Toni’s nipples while continued to probe her insides with her fingers.

“Oh, God, Danielle!” she moaned, now finding herself feeling very aroused. And with a woman at that!

“Does that feel good, baby?” Dani asked, sliding two more of her fingers inside Toni, who was now even wetter.

“Yes,” she breathed, bucking her hips against the movement of Danielle’s fingers inside her, suddenly wanting more and about to come.

Danielle could almost feel Toni’s orgasm approaching. “Not yet, baby,” Danielle said huskily, suddenly removing her fingers from Toni’s now-soaked sex.

“Let’s go to bed,” she added, pulling Toni up and leading her into to the house and back to the room Toni rented there.

Once in the room, Danielle quickly locked the door then she had swiftly pulled off the rest of Toni’s clothes, kissing her the entire time, before stripping off her own skimpy outfit. Toni then found herself staring at Danielle’s nakedness and becoming even more aroused at the sight of her.

It wouldn’t take her long to wonder if Dani was as hot in bed as her father was.

Dani then lay on the bed and spread her legs, fingering her own clit. “You like what you see, baby?”

Toni could only nod, now very turned on.

“I could use some really hot, soft pussy right now. I’m between girlfriends at the moment. God, Toni, I want to fuck you so bad!”

Danielle got back up, laid her down on the bed and began to kiss her way down Toni’s stomach. She stopped to stick her tongue in Toni’s belly button, then continued down to her saturated pussy. Dan once again stuck two fingers inside her and fingered Toni while licking her clit. Toni squealed and moaned as Dani slid in two more fingers, fucking her with a frenzy, until Toni exploded into the most powerful orgasm and amazed that this beautiful woman had gotten her off so hard! Neither her boyfriend, Brian, nor Paul had made her come like that before…

Toni was trembling as Danielle climbed on top of her.

“Did you like that?” she asked with a smile.

“God yes!” Toni replied in a whisper.

“Are you sure you’ve never been with a woman? I never had a girl come like that!”

“No…” Toni breathed, suddenly wanting more.

Toni then did the unthinkable; she began to lick and gently nibble on Danielle’s breasts, coming back to kiss her in between. She then roamed her hands down Dani’s body until she came to the softness between her new lover’s legs, teasing around the outside of Danielle’s vagina with her fingers.

A soft moan escaped from Danielle. “God, Toni, fuck me…my husband’s out of town and I need fucked so bad!”

Toni suddenly came back to reality. “I really don’t know how to do it with a girl outside of this.”

“Let me teach you some more, baby,” Danielle panted, going down and diving her head between Toni’s legs, nibbling, licking and sucking her clit, Dani’s eager tongue darting in and out of her pussy. Toni writhed her hips in ecstasy, now fully enjoying Paul’s sexy daughter eating her out, her moans and cries getting louder. Danielle then slipped her fingers back inside of her, pumping them in güvenilir bahis şirketleri and out as she licked Toni’s clit.

“Yes!” Toni squealed. “Oh Dani, fuck me!”

“Come for me, Toni,” Danielle breathed. “I want to see and feel you come for me.”

Dani then thrust her fingers deeper into Toni as she roamed her other hand back up to Toni’s own large breasts, then biting the nipples gently, kissing them, then entwining her tongue with Toni’s. The feeling of the fingers inside of her cunt was so good; Toni began moaning louder as Danielle’s friction of working deep inside her became more intense. Both Danielle and Toni knew at any minute Toni was going to come, making Danielle finger fuck her even deeper.

“Oh God, Danielle!” she finally screamed as she began to come. “Fuck! I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmming!”

Danielle then dove back down as Toni came, running her tongue over Toni’s clit as Toni’s body shook in orgasm. Once Toni had come down from her climax, Danielle collapsed on top of her.

“Now you know how to fuck a woman, for starters,” Dani panted, then kissed her again.

They rested a moment, then Danielle lay back, spreading her legs.

“Your turn, baby,” she purred. “Do to me what I just did to you. You make me so fucking horny!”

Spreading Dani’s legs wider, Toni worked on her hot slit, sliding her fingers in and out for a few moments, before snaking her tongue inside of Danielle’s own horny pussy, going as deep as she could, thrusting her tongue in and out as Danielle writhed above her in sheer ecstasy.

Danielle then reached in a drawer beside the bed as Toni continued going down on her, pulling out her vibrator and handing it to her younger lover.

“Fuck me with it, baby. Fuck me with that while you lick me.”

Toni did as she was told, turning on the vibrator then pushing it deep into Danielle’s hot box as far as it would go, then thrusting it in and out of her as her tongue wandered over Dani’s pussy lips and clit, working more intensely as another wave of orgasms began to work over Danielle.

“OH FUCKING YES!” Danielle screamed as she came, and came hard. “FUCK ME! YES! MY PUSSY, MY LOVE, MY TONI!”

Toni then took her mouth off Dani’s slit, thrusting the vibrator in and out of her even harder as Danielle was in the throes of climaxing as she rubbed Danielle’s clit with her fingers.

“Yessssssss!” Danielle cried. “Don’t stop, Toni! Fuck me!”

When Toni saw that her new lover’s orgasms were finally beginning to subside, she slowed the thrusts with the vibrator before slowly pulling it out, putting it on the floor.

Danielle was panting and covered in a thin layer of sweat. “Oh my God, you are a fast learner, baby. I can’t even remember the last time I had a girl fuck me that good…to be honest, I can’t even remember the last time my own husband made me come like that!”

“It was okay?” Toni asked, a little curious. Danielle had been her first woman, after all.

“Baby, that was some of the best damned sex I ever had!” Danielle squealed, as she pulled Toni on top of her, kissing her passionately.

“But now I would like a little more fucking. Let me show you something else, baby,” Dani added, still clutching Toni on top on her.

Within moments, with Toni still on top of her and Danielle thrusting up against her, their once-again horny bodies ground against each other as she reached down and rubbed Toni’s clit.

“Oh yes, my beautiful girl!” she panted as Toni ground her body against Danielle’s even harder. “You love to fuck too, don’t you, baby?” Yes….a real fast learner you are.. oh Toni, fuck me…make me cum again like you did the last time!!”

She continued to work against Danielle’s body, Dani’s fingers rubbing Toni’s clit even harder she rode her. They went like that for a little longer before Danielle felt another familiar shiver of an oncoming climax as Toni ground her body into her, Toni’s own fingers finding Dani’s clit and rubbing it hard, the hardest she had during that moment of raw sex between them.

“Oh, Toni!” she gasped. “I’m coming! Fuck me harder!”

“Dani!” she panted. “I’m going to come too!”

They both exploded in orgasms for the longest time.

“I love you…I love you,” Danielle called as she came.

Once Danielle’s climax had completely washed over her and Toni’s own had abated, Toni then rolled off of Dani, panting.

Both women fell asleep in each other’s arms, with Danielle spending the night with her and them engaging in another round of hot sex in the shower when they woke several hours later.

From that day on, Danielle and Toni had become lovers; Toni had thrilled when Dani had asked Toni to be her exclusive girlfriend.

What other girl in the world would be lucky enough to keep both father and daughter happy in bed?

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