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Author’s Note

The story that follows contains explicit bisexual male-to-male contact. If this offends you, please read no further.


My wife Lisa and I have been happily married for 14 years, and I still think she’s the hottest woman in the world. She’s a petite, fiery red-head with a beautiful round face and a little button nose. Making love with Lisa is one of my greatest pleasures in life. She is absolutely fantastic in bed. I love the feel of her ample breasts, and the firm roundness of her perfect ass. My biggest turn-on is giving her orgasms, and she has an astounding ability to cum 20 times or more when we make love.

Nonetheless, I have always been curious about what it would be like to have sex with another man involved. Emotionally, I am completely heterosexual. I’ve never been attracted to men on an emotional level, nor am I interested in kissing or cuddling with men (in fact I find the idea rather gross). I could never have a relationship with a man. Even on a physical level, I am much more apt to appreciate the female form. However, from a purely sexual perspective, I find myself just as aroused by dicks and balls as I am by pussy and tits. I’ve always been curious about what it would be like to have sex with another man involved, and frequently fantasized about bisexual threesomes over the years while I masturbated. I am very orally inclined, and the thought of sucking another man’s cock with Lisa, or licking her pussy while she has another man cumming inside of her is an intense turn on that always brings me quickly to orgasm.

When we were first dating, Lisa had never before experienced cunnilingus. I adore oral sex, and when I started licking her pussy she couldn’t get enough. Often while we were making love, she would tell me about how she wished I had another tongue down by my dick so that I could lick her clit while my cock was inside of her. Of course she didn’t realize it, but the idea drove me wild. The thought of licking her pussy and ass while she is stuffed full of a big cock would have me trembling with excitement and cumming in no time.

Sometimes after I had cum inside of her while she was on top, Lisa would pin me down and drizzle the sperm onto my stomach. I would pretend to put up a fight, but secretly I loved it – both the cum play, and how forceful she was about it. She would put her hands on my shoulders and pin me to the bed, then lift her pussy off of my dick until it slipped from her body and slapped wetly onto my stomach. On her knees, she would straddle me while I thrashed beneath her. Then Lisa would squeeze her pussy muscles, pushing my sperm out of her pussy, dribbling it onto my stomach. I loved watching the gooey strands of my cum ooze out of her pussy as she flexed her internal muscles. I longed to lap the sperm directly from her pussy, licking her clean, but I was afraid to even hint to her my secret desires, and so I held my silence.

Later in our relationship I grew a bit bolder. Although Lisa had no idea about the leanings of my fantasies, we did incorporate some other elements of them into our lovemaking. I am fairly tall and have a rather long dick (a little over 8 inches), and I’m limber enough to suck myself off, albeit with some difficulty. Lisa would occasionally fondle my balls while I sucked myself to orgasm. It was an intense thrill to have my cock in my mouth, with Lisa right there helping me. I loved the feeling of my dick pulsing in my mouth as I came, flooding my mouth with salty sperm. Afterwards, I would always swallow my own cum, something that Lisa seldom did, and I think it bothered her a bit.

Lisa would also occasionally slide a finger up my ass while we were making love, and eventually we bought some vibrators and butt-plugs that she would sometimes use on me. I love masturbating while she slides a vibrator in and out of my ass, or making love to her with a vibrating butt plug filling my bottom. I always wondered what it would be like to have another man’s cock buried in my ass while Lisa sucked my dick and rubbed my balls.

When I discovered on-line porn, I was able to see photos and videos of the things I had only fantasized about before. Over the years I amassed a small collection of photos and videos, mostly creampies, m/f rimming and bisexual stuff which I squirreled away on our computer’s hard drive. Eventually, Lisa found my collection of porn, and my secret was out. She was really hurt and pissed off at me, but she was also amazingly understanding about the situation.

I explained to her that I’m not gay, that I still love her, and that I still love making love with her… and I told her of my bisexual fantasies and the sorts of things that aroused me. Occasionally, while we were making love, I would tell her about the things I’d like to try with her and another man, and afterwards, she would sometimes even allow me to lick my own sperm out of her pussy. Though she was not particularly excited ankara dansöz escortlar about the bisexual aspects of my fantasies, she was incredibly understanding about the situation… and I think that the idea of having two men make love to her at the same time secretly excited her.

Part I

The doorbell rang, and a thrill of exhilaration coursed through me. Tonight was the night! Lisa and I were actually going to have a threesome with another man. We had met Doug a few years ago, and had gotten to know him well during that time, becoming very comfortable with him as a friend. Doug was a bit of a flirt, and would occasionally tease Lisa with double entendres and such. Though she blushed or feigned anger, I could tell that she enjoyed the game and was excited by his attentions.

One night when the three of us were drinking together, Doug made a veiled comment about guy-on-guy sex that indicated an openness to the idea that surprised me. He had no idea about my bicurious interests, and quickly back-pedaled, perhaps feeling that he had said more than he wanted… but it got me thinking about the possibilities. The next day I told Lisa about the exchange, and broached the idea of inviting Doug to join us in a threesome. She rejected my suggestion at first, but as we talked it over she eventually agreed to let me ask him to join us in bed. A few days later when I talked to Doug about it he was completely floored, and eagerly agreed. And now, he was standing at our door…

I took Lisa’s hands and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. She seemed nervous, and a little frightened. “Are you alright?” I asked tenderly, and brushed aside a strand of hair that had fallen over her eyes. She was trembling slightly. I was almost afraid of what she would say.

“I think so,” she responded, “Are you?”

I nodded, and held her close. My stomach was fluttering with butterflies. Wrapping my arms around her waist, I kissed her gently and whispered in her ear. “Yes,” I said, “I love you.”

Lisa opened the door, to find Doug standing on the porch. A light rain was falling. For a moment, the three of us just stood at the door, all of us feeling a bit awkward.

“Well, come inside,” Lisa said, inviting him in, “it’s wet out.” Doug stepped into the house, and I took his raincoat, stowing it in the closet. Lisa asked if either of us wanted a beer, and we both blurted out yes, a bit too abruptly. The three of us made our way to the living room, where we sat on the couch and made small talk. All three of us were feeling nervous about the whole situation, but after a few drinks everyone began to relax, our tensions melting away, and soon we were laughing and joking together.

Lisa complained that her feet hurt, and Doug volunteered to massage them for her. She responded by stretching out on the couch, with her back leaning against me and her feet in Doug’s lap. While he rubbed her feet, I started kissing her neck and lightly nibbling on her earlobes. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her wiggling her toes over the lump in Doug’s trousers. I kissed her deeply, then excused myself to take a leak.

I took my time, wanting Lisa to get comfortable with Doug… and it sure worked! When I returned, Lisa and Doug were making out on the couch. He was sitting upright, while she straddled him, kissing him with her skirt fanned out across the couch. A flash of emotion went through me. It was part excitement, part pride (because I knew what wonderful kisses Lisa gave), part desire and finally there was a touch of fear. There was little time to think those emotions through, only time to feel them.

Lisa was breathing hard, and moaning softly as she rocked her hips back and forth. It was then that I realized Doug’s hand was under my wife’s skirt! She looked so beautiful, her lips parted slightly and her eyes lidded from the pleasure she was receiving. I walked up behind her and leaned over to nuzzle and kiss her neck. Reaching around her chest, I cupped Lisa’s breasts through her shirt. She sighed, her eyes heavy with desire. Her nipples were perky, and I could tell by the way she moved that Doug’s fingers had her pussy wet and aroused.

While Doug and I continued to kiss her, I unbuttoned Lisa’s blouse, fumbling slightly due to the trembling of my hands. I unfastened her bra to released her large, firm breasts. Lisa’s back arched, begging me to touch her, as my hands teased their way towards her breasts. In one smooth motion I grasped both her breasts. Lisa moaned as I continued to kiss her neck and shoulder and gently knead her tits and hard nipples. Lisa sat immobile, head thrown back, eyes closed, swaying gently as my hands explored her body. She was shaking slightly, too, which made her large breasts tremble. I kissed the nape of her neck, then down her bare back. Gently I scraped my nails along her smooth shoulder blades as Lisa’s familiar sigh filled the air. Lightly tracing the goosebumps my attentions ankara saatlik veren escortlar were producing, I followed every muscle and ripple along her back as she shuddered quietly. Placing my lips against her shoulder I quietly inhaled her scent and reveled in how exciting it was to hold and touch my beautiful wife.

Lisa’s breath seemed short. She shuddered and her breasts jiggled lightly, just inches from Doug’s face. He leaned in, kissing her beautiful tits, and Lisa gasped. Her breathing was fast and excited. Having two men kissing her, caressing her, eager to fulfill her every desire was an intense turn on.

Lisa backed up, and knelt on the floor. She unbuckled Doug’s belt, then tugged down his trousers, her inhibitions melting away in the heat of her desire. She ran her right hand up Doug’s thigh, going underneath his boxers, and slowly, one finger at a time, she took hold of him. I watched fascinated at the sight of my wife touching and fondling another man right in front of me. Doug’s breathing became heavy as Lisa caressed his cock. He inhaled loudly and began to moving rhythmically with her strokes. Behind Lisa, I cupped her breasts and kissed her neck and shoulders as she rubbed Doug’s cock. My own dick strained inside my jeans, engorged with desire and excitement.

Lisa stood to remove her blouse, and Doug tugged down her skirt, revealing her fiery red pubes – she hadn’t been wearing any panties! She stood before us, completely nude. Her long hair fell down her back, and her breasts jutted out, her perky nipples begging to be kissed. Lisa turned to me, and quickly unbuttoned my pants, tugging them down to my ankles, and my cock sprang free, waving in the air.

Doug rose from the couch to stand beside me, and Lisa returned her attention to him. She tugged down his boxers, revealing his cock. Though her eyes lit up as they fell to Doug’s member, I didn’t feel slighted that her eyes were on him. She had seen me naked many times before, but the sight of Doug was fresh and new and exciting – to her and to me! His cock bobbed in the air, throbbing with his pulse. It was a bit shorter than mine, perhaps 6½ or 7 inches long, but was thicker around. His head was rounded and bulbous, and his solid shaft curved upward into the air. A pair of enormous balls hung pendulously beneath his beautiful cock. My stomach flip-flopped, and I could feel my pulse hammering in my head. All I wanted to do was to drop to my knees and suck his cock, to feel his dick sliding in and out of my mouth until it throbbed and pulsed, filling my mouth with his sperm. But I couldn’t. I was embarrassed, excited and helpless. I felt my face reddening, as I stood torn by my internal conflict.

Beside me, Lisa was enraptured, captivated by the sight of another man’s cock. She licked her lips and fell to her knees, running her hands down Doug’s chest, across his stomach and down his thighs. As she slid her hand back up, she cupped his balls, then grasped his cock at the base, and stroked up and down on his shaft. Doug moaned, and thrust toward her. Lisa’s slender fingers were wrapped seductively around his hard cock as she played with his dick and balls.

I was transfixed, looking down to see another man’s erect penis, with my wife pleasuring him! I watched as she held Doug’s cock in her fist, and saw the head swell as she squeezed his straining dick, bringing forth a big drop of his precum. Doug sighed deeply as she began to caress his large bulbous cock head and then slide all the way down again to the base. With her other hand, Lisa stroked my aching cock, alternating between cupping my balls and stroking up and down on my shaft while she did the same with Doug’s cock.

Lisa looked up and caught my gaze. On her knees before us, she seductively wet her lips, then leaned forward and kissed the head of Doug’s cock, all the while looking up at me. She extended her tongue to lightly touch the tip, and then slowly, almost languidly her tongue caressed his cock head, sliding back and forth across his straining member. Her eyes fluttered in excitement… closing, opening, closing, opening again. Her lips and tongue were sliding all over Doug’s cock. I shuddered with arousal as she licked the underside of his dick, running her tongue around the sensitive spot under his head while continuing to stroke both of our cocks.

As she pulled back, a strand of Doug’s pre-cum and Lisa’s saliva briefly connected the tip of his cock to her lips. Tickling his balls and grasping the shaft of his dick, she parted her luscious lips, forming an “O” then took the mushroom shaped head into her hot, wet mouth. I watched as his cock head disappeared as her red lips wrapped around him. She began to slowly take him deeper inside, her lips sliding up and down his length, as she sucked him further into her mouth. With one hand she reached up to cup and squeeze his balls, her other hand stroking up and down on my cock.

Lisa began ankara azeri escortlar to suck hungrily on Doug’s dick, all the while looking up at me with a sparkle in her eye. She was amazing, taking him completely in her mouth and then slowly letting him out, swirling her tongue over the head of his dick, lapping along the underside of the shaft, teasing his balls, and then engulfing him completely once again. Seeing my wife with her lips wrapped around another man’s cock sent a thrill through me, and my dick throbbed in response.

After a brief time, Lisa took Doug’s cock from her mouth, and pulled me closer, leading me by my dick, until the head of my cock was in contact with Doug’s. She ran her tongue back and forth under our dicks while with her hands she rubbed our shafts and balls. A tingle went down my spine, feeling Lisa press Doug’s cock against mine while she licked and stroked us both. She began rubbing our cocks together. Both our dicks were wet from her saliva and they slid smoothly across each other. It was such an incredible feeling. I couldn’t believe it was happening. Lisa looked so incredibly sexy as she sensuously rubbed our cocks together, eagerly playing her tongue across two dicks at the same time.

Again, I felt a tug at my dick, as Lisa gently pulled downward on my cock. I followed her lead, and slowly dropped to my knees beside her. Fascinated, I watched as she resumed sucking on Doug’s member, sliding him in and out of her mouth while continuing to stroke my cock. Doug shuddered and moaned as Lisa pleasured him. From my eye-level vantage point, I could see Doug’s cock close up. I watched him swell and twitch as Lisa sucked his cock and fondled his balls.

Reaching down between her legs, I gently caressed Lisa’s pussy. I could feel her slippery wetness, and knew she was incredibly turned on. Lightly running my fingertips all over between her legs I caressed her outer lips, feeling her pubes softly tickling my palm. Moving inward, I touched her inner lips. I dipped one fingertip into her moist center, and then slid it upward, parting her pussy lips with my fingertip as I did. When I got to her clit, I circled my fingertips around her engorged bud, rolling it with firm but gentle pressure. A muffled moan escaped from around Doug’s cock, as Lisa quivered to my touch. I slipped a finger right up into her pussy, feeling her wet, slippery walls. Lisa ground herself against my hand and I rotated my finger deep inside her tight pussy. She went wild, rolling her hips against me as I wiggled my finger inside of her. She shuddered to an orgasm, then another, all the while with her luscious lips wrapped around Doug’s shaft. God, she is so hot!

As her orgasms subsided, I looked over and watched Lisa continuing to suck Doug’s cock. Our eyes met, and I smiled at her. She was making my wildest fantasies come true. For the first time, I was seeing my wife with her hands and lips on another man’s cock. I leaned over and kissed Lisa’s neck, then up to her cheek while Doug’s cock slid in and out of her mouth. I could feel his dick under my lips on the other side of the soft skin of my beautiful wife’s cheek.

She allowed Doug’s cock to momentarily escape from her lips, and held it in her fist while turning to me. We kissed, our tongues intertwining, and I could taste his dick on her breath! An electric thrill went through me. I loved it that she had cock on her breath. I couldn’t believe that I was thinking this to myself, but I was. It drove me insanely wild with desire. I wanted to kiss her again; I wanted her to let me taste it again. Hungrily, I kissed her deeply, licking her lips, trying to taste more.

Lisa released Doug’s cock for a moment, and it bobbed in the air, mere inches from my face. I couldn’t believe how hot it was. Here I was, a mostly straight married guy looking right at the most gorgeous big cock I’ve ever seen. It was unreal. There was no debating where I’d be looking. I was staring right at his cock. I couldn’t believe it. It was beautiful. I was so completely enthralled that I almost didn’t notice as Lisa placed her fingers over my mine, gently guiding my hand up to his heavy, pendulous balls. My concerns and inhibitions melted away, as I touched another man for the first time. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing it! I fondled Doug’s balls, hefting them to feel their weight, and looked over to see Lisa smiling softly at me. .

I stared intently at Doug’s cock, jutting out from his body in all its thick, hard glory. I circled my fingers around it and squeezed, feeling him swell in my hand in response. I had of course played with myself about ten thousand times in my life, so holding a cock in my hand was not a new sensation. But another man’s cock, that was an entirely different proposition. It felt strange and new. Experimentally, I stroked up and down on his velvety dick, and then guided it back to Lisa’s mouth. Together we pleasured him as I stroked the shaft of his cock in perfect synchronization with her soft lips, while I continued to nuzzle her neck and kiss her cheek. His dick felt familiar yet different, and I liked feeling it pulse and throb in my fingers or watching it bulge as I cupped his heavy balls in my hand and rolled them gently in my palm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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