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It’s my birthday, and I’m giddy with anticipation as you pick me up from work around 9 on a Saturday night. You’ve been promising me a surprise that I’ll never forget, but beyond that I know nothing of what you have planned.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“To a party,” you answer cryptically, and you drive us toward the big university that dominates the town. I’m puzzled, because you’ve never shown much interest in the school before. We drive until we reach a fairly secluded part of the campus, the end of a cul-de-sac not far from the row where all of the big fraternity houses are located. But this one is fairly obscure, and I’m not familiar with it as we pull into the small parking lot next to the house, which is quite full of a variety of automobiles. Sigma Upsilon Chi. OK, we’re going to a frat party.

“A frat party?” I ask incredulously. “I mean, for Christ’s sake, honey, we’re old enough to be these kids’ parents.”

“Ah, but this isn’t just any frat party. As you will soon see,” you purr. My cock hardens as it always does when you talk in that tone of voice. Something’s up, because when you talk to me like that, it means I’m in for a treat.

We get out and I notice your dress for the first time. You’d had a light sweater on before, but you’ve taken that off and you’re left with a fairly skimpy one-piece dress, which ends just above your knees, with a floral pattern. It has a plunging neckline and ties at the side. It’s clingy enough that I can tell you aren’t wearing a bra. The jiggle in the wiggle tells the tale.

Suddenly, before we reach the front door of the house, you pull me to you and kiss me deeply. There is a strange fire in your eyes as we gaze at each other. I run my hands over your hips and fail to detect the presence of panties. You smile devilishly as I squeeze your buns.

“Do you trust me?” you ask breathlessly when we break apart. “Do you love me?”

“Of course, I do,” I respond.

“I mean, do you REALLY trust me,” you continue. “Are you willing to let me lead you wherever I want you to go, knowing I would never hurt you. Are you ready to do that for me?”

“Sure,” I say, a little uneasy. “You know I’m yours to do with as you please.”

“Good,” you say. “Keep that thought in mind.”

We walk into the house, and it’s comfortable, almost like a home rather than a fraternity house. We are welcomed in by a very handsome young man, who escorts us in. The keg is down in a common meeting area and there is a nice crowd of some 25-30 young men, milling around talking and chatting, rather subdued for a frat party, I think, but they are friendly and greet us warmly. We get a beer and as we do, you hand me something. It’s a pill, a blue, diamond-shaped pill.

“What’s this,” I ask.

“Viagra,” you say with a grin. “It’ll make you harder than you’ve ever been, make you stay that way, and make you able to get it right back up. I took it from my husband. Don’t think he’ll miss it, the dear.”

I swallow the pill and we mingle, meeting some of the brothers. I’m just beginning to notice that there do not appear to be any other guests when we hear a voice.

“Patricia, over here,” a man says from across the room. It comes from a distinguished-looking man about our age, late 40s. He looks like a lifelong academic, but there is something in the way he looks at me that is disarming. Me, not you. Oh, he greets you like an old friend, which in fact, you are.

“Jerry, this is Nelson. We went to high school together,” you say. We shake, and is it my imagination that his grip lingers just a bit? We chat for a bit, and I learn that he is the housefather for this frat, an assistant dean of students. He gives me the standard spiel about his “boys” as he calls them, how they are such achievers. We get the tour of the house and I notice that occasionally he will let his hand linger on my back. I notice, too, what seem to be conspiratorial glances between the two of you.

We go back to the party and have a couple of beers, and, again, I notice that there don’t appear to be any other guests, and, now the crowd of young men is beginning to close in on us a little bit. Your friend comes back, whispers something in your ear, and you nod.

Suddenly, I am surrounded by a crowd of men who pick me up bodily and carry me off to another part of the house, a part I haven’t seen yet. At first, I struggle, until you come up to me and pull my face to yours. You kiss me, hard.

“DO YOU TRUST ME?” you say in a loud voice. With just a tremor of fear, I nod and say yes. And I am placed down on the floor in a spacious bedroom. There are chairs and a couple of sofas all around. But the bed dominates the room. It sits in the center of the room, with spotlighting beaming right on the bed, leaving the rest of the room in relative shadow. And I notice immediately that the room is now full of young men, many of them naked, most of them sporting stiffening cocks.

“Good,” you say as you come right up close to me. “Tell ankara escort bayan me, tell all of us. When we first met, what did you tell me was your, darkest, dirtiest fantasy?” It’s then that I know what you’ve gotten me for my birthday, and I start to swell in my groin.

“It’s to be taken by a group of men and…” I say in a dry whisper.

“And what?” you say.

“And get gangbanged,” I say.

“Well, I want to see if you’re willing to actually go through with one, or if you’re just all talk, like most men,” you say in a loud whisper, you face close to mine. I look deeply in your eyes, and I see – see reflected back – utter love and devotion.

Looking straight at you, only you, I whisper, “yessssss. I want it. I don’t know how you did it, but I want it.”

“Happy birthday, baby,” you say, then you kiss me again, hard but briskly. Then you break the seal of our lips and step back.

“OK, I’ll turn it over to Nelson. Nelson, you have the floor.” Nelson walks up to me, dressed in a long robe. Everyone in the room seems to hang on his every movement. He has a very commanding presence. He walks up to me, pulls my face to his and kisses me without any warning or ceremony. Instinctively, I kiss him back, and it becomes one of those soul kisses, with lots of tongue. I am not a complete stranger to gay sex, having had a couple of encounters with other men, and I find Nelson to be a very good kisser, with firm lips, a strong mouth and an active tongue.

Then, he breaks off and begins to tell me about Sigma Upsilon Chi, SUX, if you will. It seems that when Nelson first took on the job as housefather 20 years ago, it was animal house. They were on their last level of probation and facing expulsion from campus. Nelson had gradually, methodically molded the group to his will, his tastes, even as he built it into an academic powerhouse.

Nelson was very serious about being gay, as he grew older. As a gay educator, he felt it was his duty to provide gay young men with a refuge, a place where they could explore their sexuality without recriminations in a safe, comfortable setting. Oh, he kept a handful of straights in the group, but they were straights who knew the score. Nelson personally selected each person who pledged the group, and if during their pledge year, Nelson could see they weren’t going to fit in, whether they were gay or not, they were not allowed to pass into full active status.

You had known Nelson was gay; even in high school; he never bothered to hide it much. He didn’t flame, but you just knew. You had always stayed in touch, and you contacted him a few weeks previously about the possibility of setting something up for me, your new lover, a man you quickly learned had no inhibitions, and he had liked the idea.

For as distinguished, as dignified, as he seemed, Nelson had a taste for watching and conducting gay sex orgies. His bedroom, in the new house that he helped design, was often the sight of some wild nights, an idea that fired had you up so much, you had had to run home, head for your bedroom, strip off your pants and bury your hand in your cunt. The image of a young man being taken like that made you cum in seconds, especially when you envisioned me in that same position.

So the date was set, and now here we are. When Nelson finishes telling me about the SUX house, he sort of waves at the men, and they come around and surround me again, and this time they quickly strip my clothes from me and maneuver me to the bed. Four young men with fairly ordinary cocks climb on the bed with me. Without further adieu, they force me down and present their cocks to me. In no time, I’m happily sucking cock the way I’ve fantasized about for so long.

From the corner of my eye, as I’m working my way around the cocks on the bed with me, I see you and Nelson arranging the men. Somewhere along the line, you have removed your dress, and my cock drools at the sight of your swinging tits and shaved pussy, your fleshy ass and long, silky blonde hair. Just then, my attention is pulled back to the cock in my mouth, which belongs to a pimply young man who appears nervous. I slather over his cock, humming and moaning as I work it in my mouth all the way to the hilt. That does it. With a gasping, “aw, shit,” he shoots his cum into my mouth and down my throat as I swallow his cum. My whole body shivers as I get my first-ever taste of another man’s cum. From the room, I hear some good-natured teasing and commentary, both about my cocksucking ability and the young man’s quick trigger.

I look across the room at you, and you just smile sweetly, wink at me and mouth the words, “I love you.”

“Love you, too,” I mouth, then it’s back to work. After the second man fires his cum into my stomach, I ask Nelson how these four young men earned the privilege of being the first men to cum in my mouth, he says they won some high academic honor, and are being rewarded for their work. I’m satisfied by that response and move to the third young ankara bayan escort man, and he quickly cums down my now well-practiced throat. After the fourth man has shot his load down my throat and a few more men join me on the bed to replace those, you walk over to me with a 4-inch butt plug.

“Time to get you warmed up,” you say. You turn me around, bend me over, pull my butt cheeks open, push your face into my ass and begin to lick the pink, puckered flesh. I groan as my muscles loosen enough for you to get the tip of your tongue in my ass. Fortunately, I’m clean back there, but still, this is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done to me, and my cock is like iron. I realize that the blue pill is having its effect. My cock is like a steel tube, but I’m not in any danger of cumming too soon.

When you have my ass all wet and slick with your saliva, you pull back and press the plug to my ass. I feel a slight coolness at the tip, from some form of lube. In spite of myself, I gasp when the plug penetrates my anus and locks into place. My ass clutches at the intruder as I start to sway on the bed in lust.

Then the feeding frenzy begins in earnest. For the next half-hour, I’m busy sucking cock. At some point, I notice that you are over by the doorway to the room sucking the guys up to full hardness before sending them on to me, fluffing them as if you were in some whorehouse. As I gasp from the pleasure waves emanating from my ass, as the younger, smaller-endowed men step up and fuck my mouth. The first seven all fill my mouth with hot cum, but the eighth pulls out at the last second and sprays my face with his load. I feel the hot drops splashing on my face and it’s all I can do to keep from grabbing my dick and furiously beating off. But my hands are otherwise occupied, with cock. The ninth guy cums in my mouth, but the next two cum on my face simultaneously, leaving cum cascading from my face onto my chest.

Just then, you walk up to me again, with a fairly well-endowed young man, pull his cock frantically into your mouth for one of your world-class blowjobs and milk his cum with your lips. Then you stand up and kiss me deeply, and I feel you push a huge ball of the man’s cum into my mouth. I swirl it around with my tongue then feed it back to you, all the time never losing our lip lock.

“Oh, you’re ready,” you say in your husky, seductive voice. You turn me around again, grip the butt plug and pull it back out. I groan in a slightly frustrated tone. My ass feels so empty. But it’s not empty for long, as a young man with a long, but fairly slender dick walks up behind me and pushes himself into me, just like that.

I feel a thrill like I’ve rarely known to feel a live hard cock invade my rectum for the first time in my life. I’ve had a number of dildos up my ass, but it’s not the same. His cock feels hot, wet and spongy, with twitching pulses as he pumps himself in me hard. I realize that they aren’t going to be easy on me, and that’s what I want.

“Oh, yeah,” I moan. “I wanna be fucked and fucked hard.” That gets a low laugh from the assembly; they know I’m going to get what I want. I’m just lightly stroking my nuclear cock as I feel the dick in my ass pick up speed. Suddenly, I hear him moan heavily and gasp, and then I feel his cock explode in my ass. I shiver as he bastes my bowels with a really hot load of cum.

Then he pulls out and another one of similar size follows right in. As I glance around through lust-dazed eyes, I see that you and Nelson have succeeded in sorting the men out by cock size. You guys have really planned this well. The guys with the really small cocks got blowjobs, but the bigger guys, they’re the ones who get to fuck my hot ass.

I’m still on my knees taking cock in my ass. The second man cums and the third steps up. He pushes me down until I’m flat on the bed, then he pushes his cock into me. My cock is leaking badly as it’s pinned underneath my body while this man fucks me. Then he starts fucking faster until I feel him reach the edge, and then he pulls out and covers my ass cheeks with his load. When he finishes, he rubs the head of his cock in the pooled cum, smearing it all over my butt, especially my red, gaping hole.

Then I am rolled onto my back and a young man comes in, picks up my legs and drills his cock into my cum-filled ass, while another man pulls my head back and slides his cock into my mouth. They work me like a cheap whore until they each cum deep in me. They are replaced by another pair and another and another, some cumming in me and some pulling out and shooting on me.

I’m rolled back onto my knees, my hips are pulled up and another cock comes at me. I begin to lose count of how many have already used me; they seem endless.

After about the 10th or 11th man has cum up my ass, I feel my hips pulled upward, high, as a significantly bigger cock pokes its way into my ass.

“OH GOD!” I exclaim. “IT FEELS SO GOOD.”

“If you think that feels good, wait until you ankara escort bayanlar feel this,” Nelson says, opening his robe for the first time to reveal a truly awesome cock sticking way out from his smooth-shaved crotch. It’s easily 10 inches long, and quite fat. My eyes widen as he dangles that dong in my face. I can’t help it, I have to taste him, see how much of that beautiful cock I can cram in my mouth. But before I do, I look over at you and your eyes are glued to Nelson’s dick. From where you’re standing, I can clearly hear you mutter, “God, Nelson, if I’d known you were hung like that when we were in high school, I’d have done my damndest to get it in my pussy, and I don’t care if you were gay. I sure would have liked to have given it a shot.”

He just grins wickedly as he pushes the head of his cock past my lips and into my mouth. As a beginner, I haven’t learned how to properly deep-throat a cock, but I sure as hell try with Nelson. I get about two-thirds of it in before I simply can’t take any more. So I concentrate on what I have and work my mouth furiously on his root. I’m so focused on Nelson’s cock that I barely feel the cock in my ass fire off a juicy load. He pulls out, and for just a second everyone oohs and aahs over the rivulets of cum that are pouring out my distended ass, down the backs of my thighs and onto the bed.

Then the next cock scuds its way up my ass and starts to fuck me ever harder. Suddenly, I feel Nelson pull his cock out of my mouth and step away. You are right there to replace him. You kiss me crazily, and it’s only then that I notice that you are on your knees in a similar position as mine, with a young man behind you fucking you hard, the way you like it. Your eyes close as you work your hips around the hard shaft that is pumping your pussy, at the same time that another young man is working his cock in my ass.

Pumping and straining, the two men work to time their orgasms and with roars of, “here it comes,” they each tense up and I feel the hardest load of the night threaten to rip me in half. I can see you close your eyes tight as your body shudders with your orgasm, from the young man behind you filling your pussy with his cum. As soon as the man pulls out of me, you back me up, right onto another hard cock, lie on your back, open your legs wide and beckon me.

“C’mon, lover, eat me,” you purr. “Eat Patty’s creamy pie.” And boy, do I. I get my whole face right in your steaming box as I lick all of his cum from your cunt. I see your abdominal muscles actually squeezing the cum out into my mouth. When you decide you’re reasonably clean, you pull away and roll back over on your knees on the bed, away from me, and tell another young stud to come over here and fuck you. Seeing me eat out your flooded pussy, then seeing you take on another cock causes the man in my ass to lose control, and with a disappointed cry, he shoots hot cum up my ass. Of course, there is no place for it to go, so it just runs down my legs, like the others. At the same time, I feel hot splatters of cum rain onto my back from either side. I look and see two youngish-looking men jacking the last of their loads on me.

Then it’s more cock for you and me. I’m into the big ones now, the fat 8 and 9-inchers, while you’re servicing the straights and the guys with the smaller cocks. One big cock fucks me hard and fills me, then another one and then another. You and I fuck in unison, and we each get more than our fair share of cum.

Finally, it’s Nelson’s turn. He appears to be the last man standing, him and me. And you. But everybody is around the bed watching. Nelson slides the head of his cock effortlessly into my well-fucked asshole. I’m already a sweaty, cum-covered wreck, but somehow I haven’t cum yet, and you kiss me again, with deep affection.

“I knew you could do it, baby,” you whisper in my ear. “I knew you could keep it up through every man in this room. I’m so proud of you. Now, I want you to fuck me and add your cum to the rest of it.”

I simply nod, because speech is impossible at this point. I want you; I need you. But first, I’ve got to zero in on Nelson’s cock, because it’s filling me deeper than I ever thought a cock could go. It seems to go in forever, like some hot anaconda. I thrash on the bed, as he somehow reaches territory in my ass that nothing before has ever reached. And, GOD, is he fat.

But after what seems like hours, I feel his smooth pubic bone against my wet butt cheeks, and I know I’ve done it. Nelson pulls back a little, creating a sucking sound. Then he pushes back in me HARD. Quickly, he gets into rhythm, fucking me with long strokes, as you just kneel in front of me and hold me. I grip your arms for leverage and for something to lean on.

But after awhile, I know I want more. I’m getting close to meltdown, and I need my Patricia, my Patty-Cake. You nod and lie down on your back, spreading your legs wide. I am captivated for a moment by the large collection of cum that covers your whole crotch, oozing from your pussy and over your asshole. You give me a steamy look then slide under my body. I barely have to guide my cock; he knows instinctively where to go when you’re in the vicinity. I groan and you cry out as I slide in to the hilt in one stroke.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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