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One of our good friends was turning 40 and his wife decided that it would be fun to book a limousine and invite all his close friends out to join them. The Limo was a surprise so everyone was to meet at one of his friend’s home that was relatively close by. We would all be in the limo and roll up to his house where his wife would bring him out for his surprise.

When the big white stretch limousine showed up, I recall thinking how odd that they turned one of those Hummer’s into a limousine. Thirteen people piled in to the limousine and I was amazed at how much space it had inside. I expected to be crowded, but it was extremely roomy. Once everyone was settled we began our journey to pick up the birthday boy.

As I surveyed the people I noted that there was one extra solo guy in the limo and the rest of the people appeared to be coupled. It turned out that he was the birthday boy’s childhood friend and was apparently single.

On the ride to our friend’s house we introduced ourselves to the couples around us. The couple across from us introduced themselves as Gil and Lydia.

Gil then pointed to a couple further down the limo and said, “That is my wife Marie with Lydia’s husband Frank.”

The look of shock on my face was probably hilarious.

Lydia explained that they were “very close friends.”

Gil then proceeded to point out a few more mix matched couples in the limo to us.

“We are all, very close friends.” He said.

We stopped at the birthday boy’s house and we were quickly greeted by the birthday boy (Curt) and his wife Cindy. He was surprised to say the least and quickly climbed in. He worked his way up to the middle so he had a better view of everyone and ended up beside me. Cindy followed closely and sat beside my husband David.

The drinks started flowing in the limo, the music volume increased and everyone talked louder just to be heard. It was a great for a birthday party. The plan was to visit various strip clubs across the city, have a few drinks and get Curt a dance or two before we partied our way to the next club. The night was shaping up to be a lot of fun.

After leaving each club, things got a bit crazier in the limo. The mix matched couples were kissing and groping each other. It was extremely entertaining to watch and the voyeur in me took it all in.

Lydia had long beautiful brown hair, dark eyes and her C cup breasts were presented beautifully in her dress. I have always envied girls who had the cleavage to pull off such a low cut dress. My B cup breasts never really popped out in any outfit without the help of a good bra. Lydia’s breasts stood proudly on their own devices and the design of her dress made it very apparent that she was not assisted by any bra.

Gil had his hand on Lydia’s breast and they were kissing. As I looked around the limo, the scene was very similar until my eyes met Curt’s.

Curt smiled and yelled out, “What a great birthday surprise!”

I smiled back, never taking my eyes off him.

Curt, Cindy, my husband and I have played with each other orally a few times in the past. My husband and I started soft swinging (no intercourse) a few months earlier and this was the only couple we had been with. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize it was a limousine filled with swingers. Judging by the wide eyed stare on Curt’s childhood friend (James), he had never seen anything like this either.

It was not surprising at all when Curt’s hand moved its way up to the back of my neck entangling it in my red hair. He pulled my face closer to his gently and kissed my lips. Curt was a good looking man. His six foot tall frame dwarfed my petite five foot five frame when he stood beside me. He was a nice solid build but not overly muscular man. Between his blue eyes and that perfect blonde hair he was more than easy on the eyes. To say we had chemistry would be putting it mildly.

David was eagerly kissing Cindy and his hands ravished her body like a wild animal. Normally he was not a fan of blonde women, but there was something that made him lust for Cindy. It was always evident whenever you saw the two of them together. Cindy loved to hang her tiny frame off him whenever she could. In our previous visits with them, she wasted no time in getting his pants open so she could empty his cock. Cindy really enjoyed David and liked to make him cum as many times as she could in a night.

After we piled back in from the last club is when things really got crazy. I looked to the front of the limo and saw Marie on her back with her dress hiked up to her waist. Gil was furiously eating her pussy. A man I was never introduced to was fucking her mouth quickly. I watched in disbelief as he forced more and more of his long cock in to her mouth. From the angle I was sitting, he appeared to be a solid nine or ten inches long. This guy had way more than half pounding in to her throat and it went deeper with every thrust.

I was quickly brought back to reality when I felt a almanbahis adres hand sliding my dress up my thigh. I looked over to see Curt smiling at me and his hand brushed my panties as he touched the skin of my thigh. He was also enjoying the show before us. Directly across from us sat James. His poor head was spinning back and forth watching the craziness that was taking place. I returned to watch Marie take her lovers big cock deep in her throat.

Curt’s hands pulled my thighs farther apart and began tracing my pussy lips through my panties. Electric shocks ran through my body at his touch. His fingers continued to tease and pull at my sensitive clitoris. My mind was whirling between the touching and the scene unfolding before me. I turned to look at Curt but he was still focused on watching Marie with her lovers while he played with me.

As I turned my attention back to Marie I caught eyes with James. He was no longer watching Marie. His eyes were focused on Curt’s hands playing with my pussy. I reached my hand over on Curt’s thigh and stroked it gently. Each time I moved my hand closer to his crotch and returned my focus to Marie.

Cindy and David were also enjoying the show. Cindy had David’s cock out stroking it for all to see while he played with her ample breasts.

Leaning over I kissed David’s neck. “Are you having fun sweetie?”

He just smiled and put his other hand on my thigh, pulling my legs further apart. James’ eyes were glued to me. Once Curt realized his friend was watching so intently he pulled my panties to the side revealing my bald little pussy. My pussy was soaking wet as his fingers slid across my bare lips slowly tracing them before teasing my rock hard clit.

Curt repositioned himself in his seat and undid his pants. It was clear that he wanted to show his friend what a lucky guy he was. He pulled me close to him kissing me deeply. My hand grabbed his cock. It was already rock hard and I squeezed it firmly as I stroked it. His hand made its way back up to my hair as he guided my face to his waiting cock. I leaned over him awkwardly and sucked him in to my mouth. I ran my tongue over his head as I sucked him in to my mouth tasting the pre-cum dripping from him.

I moved myself up on the seat with my ass in David’s face. I began to stroke Curt’s cock as my mouth devoured his hard cock deep in to my mouth pushing against my throat each time. Curt loved fucking my throat and he had the perfect size cock that I could let him to it all night.

Curt purred over the noise, “Mmm fuck Grace, you have such a sweet mouth baby.”

I felt my dress being lifted up exposing my ass to everyone in the limo. Two hands reached up and pulled my panties down my legs and I moved my knees to allow them to be taken right off. Hot breath and a tongue pushing in to my wet slit as I sucked Curt deeper in to my mouth. I had assumed it was David, but when I looked back I was surprised to see Cindy licking my pussy. Her face pushed deep in to my bare ass.

Curt’s familiar hand re-focused me on the birthday boy’s requirement and I went back to sucking his cock. I was so horny and my body was exploding with sensations at the various feelings taking place to it.

“Swallow me Grace.” Curt pushed his hips up to my meet me. “I want you to show James what you can do with a cock baby.”

I slowly worked Curt’s cock in to my throat pushing further until my lips were pressed against his pubic hair. Curt liked to hold my head still and fuck my throat. It is not my favorite thing to do, but it did turn me on to please him and he was really enjoying showing his friend my talents.

I was so focused on Curt; I became oblivious of my surroundings. I could feel my breasts being squeezed through my dress, fingers pressing in to my pussy and a hot tongue licking at my juices. I needed to empty the birthday boy’s cock; that was my mission.

Curt began to moan loudly for everyone in the limo to hear. It immediately got deathly quiet in the limo with the exception of cheers and advice being hollered at Curt as he got closer and closer to losing his load. I squeezed his balls and moved my head faster on his cock. I could feel him tensing and his balls tightening. I knew he was going to give me what we both wanted. I kept his head in my throat as I moved up and down. Knowing that I had an audience, I wanted to ensure it was a good show and that I swallowed all his cum.

His big hands tangled themselves in my hair and he pushed his cock as deep as it would go down my throat. Curt’s cock tightened in my throat making my eyes water as his cock began to explode. My body convulsed as the first load of his cum shot down my throat. Holding me there his cock shot another torrent of cum down my throat before softening back up relieving the tightness in my throat. His hands slowly untangled from my hair and cheers and commentary erupted in the limo as I slowly released his cock from my mouth.

My nipples ached and I realized they were being squeezed almanbahis adres and pulled the entire time that I was sucking Curt’s cock. It was at this moment I noticed that James and it became clear that he was the guy playing with my breasts while I was sucking Curt’s cock.

At some point Cindy had removed herself from my pussy and decided she wanted some cum too and began sucking on David’s cock. Although she couldn’t deep throat, David said previously that she had this amazing technique with her tongue while she sucked.

My husband has big loads and can cum multiple times. Luckily for my husband, Cindy loved his cum and didn’t tire of the task of trying to empty him. I was certain at this point David had already shot a load of cum in Cindy’s mouth from the look on his face, but she kept on sucking him like she was starving.

Sitting up on the seat I realized just how wet my pussy was. Curt climbed down on the floor, kneeling between my legs. He stared in to my eyes with a contented smile.

“Happy Birthday handsome” I smiled.

Curt leaned in and kissed me. His hands slowly made their way up, squeezing my breasts, revealing how tender my nipples were from the abuse James had given them. Curt’s pushed the straps of my dress over my shoulders and exposed my breasts. His mouth took one of my nipples in to it and it felt wonderful on my strained nipple. He circled it gently with his tongue, sending electric shocks straight to my soaking wet pussy.

I could feel his semi-hard cock on my thigh as he took turns playing with each of my breasts.

Curt slowly licked and kissed his way down me until he reached where my dress was now bunched at my waist.

“Let’s take this off you now.” he said as he wiggled my dress over my hips before placing it out of the way.

Curt continued tracing his tongue down my stomach, slowly over my bald little mound before his lips engulfed my swollen clit.

James jumped to the empty seat where Curt was sitting and he put his hand on my belly. I didn’t realize just how dark his skin was until I saw it against the pale flesh of my stomach. He ran his hand lightly over stomach, slowly making his way up towards my breasts.

Curt slowly moved a couple fingers in me as he feverishly attacked my clitoris with his tongue and mouth. He knew exactly where to touch me inside because I could feel a huge orgasm building almost immediately.

James could sense my orgasm building and his hand jumped to my breast, squeezing it gently. His mouth moved to my neck. I could feel the heat of his breath as he got closer until his lips met my neck behind the ear. It was all too much and my pussy exploded.

My body convulsed wildly as I came and Curt’s fingers and mouth never stopped, making my orgasm last for an eternity. I put my hands on Curt’s head pushing him away when the sensitivity was just too much to take. I collapsed back in the seat and James continued kissing my neck, shoulders until eventually he was sucking my breasts.

Curt sat up on the seat across from me, watching James play and suck on my tits. I smiled coyly at him and he returned it with his mischievous grin. Curt couldn’t take his hand off his cock as he stared at me. Slowly he stroked his semi hard cock as he watched his friend play with me.

I could see how much he was enjoying the view. I put my hand on James’ head and pulled him tighter to my chest and he eagerly responded. His hand slid down and he began to play with my pussy. James was not the easiest on the eyes. In fact, it was Curt who spurred this on; otherwise James had no chance of enjoying my body.

James’ pushed two thick black fingers in to me and slowly fucked my pussy while sucking my tit deeper in to his mouth. He grabbed my hand putting it on the bulge in his jeans. I squeezed it through the thick material and it was evident that he was more than gifted in the cock department.

Slowly tracing my fingers over his bulge as I tried to figure out just how big it was. James slid his hips forward and proceeded to undo his pants and pull them down. He wasn’t wearing underwear and judging by the size of him, I didn’t imagine he would be comfortable wearing them.

Grabbing his cock I held it straight up to get an idea of how big he was. His cock was as thick as my wrist and reached from my wrist to elbow. It was beautiful, and I couldn’t take my eyes or hands off it.

The contrast of my pale white hands against the chocolate colour of his cock excited me. It had been a long time since I played with a black man. As i stroked his cock, I pulled the protective sheath of his foreskin down exposing his shiny purplish black cock head.

The tip was soaking wet from the pre-cum oozing out of him. James sat back staring at me as I played in with James’ cock. I put my head against his chest as I stroked him with both my hands. James immediately put his arm around me. I got goose bumps as his big hand touched my bare back and brushed the sensitive sides of my almanbahis adres breast.

Reaching down James grabbed his cock with his hand over mine and stroked it towards my face. Slowly, I lowered my face towards this monster cock. He pushed his hips up making the tip touch my face; his oozing cock smeared across my lip and cheek. I pulled it back across my face until his head was pressed against my lips.

Opening my mouth I took his fat head in to my mouth. As I sucked it in, his big head filled my mouth. Drooling all over his cock as I slowly moved up and down trying to match the slow movements of his hips.

I knew there was no hope of taking this monster down my throat. I could barely put the head in my mouth due to the thickness, but I was determined to make this big cock explode. My hands stroked his shaft wildly as I sucked him. A never ending stream of cum flowed out of his tip from the moment his cock entered my mouth. I could only imagine how much cum was in his balls as I sucked and stroked him trying to find out.

I tucked my knees up under myself on the seat trying to manage this monster better. I sucked a bit more of his cock in my mouth and he seemed to really enjoy the progress. I could feel someone playing with my pussy again and looked back to see David smiling at me. He loves watching me suck other guy’s cocks, but he has a fantasy about me with a black guy. I turned back to the big black cock and put it back in my mouth.

I began sucking his cock deeper in to my mouth as my pale white hands slid up and down his drool covered shaft. His big cock head toyed with the entrance to my throat making me gag. His cock stiffened and his hips started to move faster.

Familiar hands ran across my back and David pressed himself against my ass as he watched me suck James’ big black cock. When his hands left my back, I felt his cock slowly enter me. My pussy gushed as David’s cock stretched me open working his way deeper in to my depths. Once completely in me, he began to fuck me harder, forcing me to take more of James’ cock deeper, which caused me to gag.

James immediately put his hand on my head and thrusted upwards forcing his big head in my throat. Astonished, I held his fat cock head in my throat trying to adjust to its enormous size.

It didn’t take long for James to start fucking my mouth and throat. His cock slid in and out of my throat and he pushed himself deeper in to me. As my throat slowly adjusted, James began to fuck my throat faster and David increased his thrusts as well. It was more than I could take and my pussy exploded on David’s cock. James fucked my mouth wildly and I could sense he was getting closer.

“You ready to swallow a big load of cum?” was the only warning I received before James’ huge cock exploded in my throat.

Seeing me struggle to take James load down my throat was too much for David, and his cock exploded deep in my pussy. James unleashed another big load of cum down my throat with such force it shot out my nostrils too.

David and James sat back in their seats and I lay exhausted in James’ lap. Cindy immediately started cleaning David’s cock off. Another girl in the limo came over and started playing with James cock. It was clear by the look on her face that she had some jungle fever that needed treatment.

I sat up and surveyed my surroundings. Curt was watching with a smile on his face and patted his lap. I moved over and sat on his lap. My soaking wet cum filled pussy smeared his leg, but he didn’t care.

“Your wife really likes my husband’s cock, doesn’t she?” I cooed in his ear.

“That’s okay because I’m a big fan his wife” Curt said with a smile.

We watched as Cindy licked and sucked his cock as David begged for a bit of reprieve. Lydia moved towards David and planted a big kiss on his lips. He held her face and hair as they made out. His cock responded stiffening immediately. Lydia wasted no time sliding her hand down and grabbing David’s cock as Cindy was licking it.

“Are you going to share that Cindy?” Lydia slid down to the floor between David’s legs.

“We’re trading places?” Cindy asked in a giggle.

David eagerly attacked Cindy’s mouth. Lydia was trying to put as much of David in her mouth as possible. Her hands worked furiously up and down his shaft as she sucked him. His body jerked wildly and Cindy held him down as best she could while they made out.

He moaned loudly and his body stiffened. Lydia’s body stiffened as he forced more of his cock deep in her mouth.

Muffled screams came from David as Cindy kissed him. “I’m cumming!”

Lydia hungrily swallowed all he had to offer before sitting up and proudly smiling as she wiped her mouth.

Eventually all good things come to an end and we all cleaned ourselves up before calling it a night. The limo arrived back at our original pickup point and we slowly said our good-byes as we made our way back to our cars.

Cindy and Curt walked back to our car to get a ride home with us. On the drive back to their house we talked about the evening and whether or not we should be making the long trek home or just spending the night at their place. Needless to say we decided we should spend the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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