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She closed the door behind her quietly as she placed her hands on my hips gently, something I loved. She leaned down and kissed me softly, lacing her tongue around mine gently, an act we had only just mastered. No longer did my nerves get the better of me, when before I would get embarrassed because I hadn’t known what to do, or I had bitten her or something, now I just sunk into her grasp. She slid the bag out of my hand as she kept her eyes closed and continued to kiss me, she let it drop to the floor and pushed me backwards slowly.

A small blush crept over my cheeks as I thought of what was about to happen between us. She pulled her lips away gently, and opened her eyes dreamily and looked down into my eyes lovingly.

“Aww look, my baby’s blushing!”

She giggled in her sexy voice as she took my hands and pulled me over to the bed, she knelt on the floor at my feet and removed her shoes, and then teasingly slid my strappy evening shoes off of my feet.

“Shut up or I’ll make you pay for that!” I muttered teasingly, blushing even more.

“Oh yeah?” she replied as she playfully kissed my feet and slowly up my leg. She pushed me onto the bed and straddled me, kissing my neck softly.

“Is that a threat or a promise?”

“Try me!” I replied.

She sighed whilst rolling her eyes. “Shut up you!” She whispered as she leant her head closer to mine.

I raised an eyebrow seductively as I breathed in the gorgeous scent of her perfume. Staring into her eyes, I pulled her closer, letting her body fall softly on top of mine. Her lips hungrily teased mine; her small hands began to play with the edging of my low necked top. I felt my jeans becoming wetter as she grinded her body purposefully slowly over mine.

“Baby,” I moaned as I became more and more aroused.

I pulled away and gazed up into her eyes. Naughtiness, passion, and love sparkled in them, and her whole face was glowing with temptation. I felt myself shrinking under her powerful stare, I felt I was being undressed with her eyes, as she looked down into mine to reassure me. She was nervous too, our first time, it was so perfect.

She watched as my gaze travelled longingly over her body. The lust and almost animal want in her eyes was undeniable and I felt my stomach flip as she slid up closer to my shaking body. Ever so softly she hovered her tender lips sensually over mine, caressing them; my fingers ran through her long hair as her kisses became deeper, more urgent.

I sighed as I felt her slender arms pull me up against her still clothed body. She slowly pushed my right shoulder down so that I lay back on the double four poster bed. She continued to kiss my neck slowly as she unbuttoned my blouse and brushed the light fabric off my skin. I fiddled with the zip of her trousers as I finally managed to slide them off of her long legs.

I ran my fingers down her bare back, and running my fingers above the fabric of the low backed top, and then quickly worked on removing it, tossing it to the other side tokat escort of the room as her tongue eagerly responded to mine in her mouth. My fingers played with the thin straps of her bra, giving her skin small goose bumps as I lazily let my 2 fingers trail up and down the length of her inner arm, knowing it caused a tingling, tickling sensation. My fingers continued their little game, pausing at her waist and then sliding along the inside of her thigh. She groaned softly as she felt me run my fingers over the already wet fabric of her thong. My fingers teasingly brushed themselves over her centre as my lips trailed lower onto the smooth curve of her neck.

She held her body over mine, leaning a little of her weight on me, she finally pushed my blouse off my shoulders. Drips of sauce scattered over the light coloured fabric from diner. Diner had consisted of Asparagus with Prawns in a Garlic sauce. All 3 main ingredients were Aphrodisiacs. No wine, we had wanted to be sober in entirety to make this night real. The only intoxication we suffered was each other.

She closed her eyes in pure bliss as she let herself drown in the feel of my nervous, slightly clumsy touch. The throbbing in between her legs intensified when she felt me teasingly trail her thong down the long length of her tanned legs, and flicked it off into the distance.

“Oh god.”

She moaned as she slowly slid my jeans off my legs and teased at my black bra, pushing her finger under the under wiring, she kissed me softly as she pushed her other arm under my back, she pulled her body away and got off of me. She looked down into my eyes and pushed her other arm around me, she pushed me over, flipping me onto my front, she looked down at my back and ran her fingers from my ankle, up my leg, and up my back. I shivered.

She straddled the back of my legs and pushed her fingers under me, and gripped my breasts between them very softly, as she leaned down and kissed the nape of my neck. I shuddered feeling her warm lips, and then the flick of her tongue on my skin. She kissed down until she got to the clasp of my bra, I felt a slight tugging at the clasp as I realised she was undoing my bra with her teeth delicately. I felt the clasp give way as she brushed it away and kissed down the centre of my spine teasingly. I moaned very quietly, as I felt her lips come in contact with my skin over and over again.

She kissed behind my ear and down my neck and along my shoulder, before nudging me and helping me to turn over under her. She leaned down at the same time as I leaned up to kiss her, there was slight confusion as we silently argued over who should tilt their head to the side, and which side for that matter. We finally wordlessly agreed to both tilt our heads in opposite directions as I moved my hand up to rest on the back of her neck. Our lips touched slightly at first and then more firmly, as I slowly teased my tongue through her lips and rolled it over hers, feeling her hot wet probing tongue smother tokat escort bayan mine as we massaged each others slowly.

Her fingers danced over my nipples as I undid each hook of her bra teasingly, and pulled it free of her arms. I disregarded it and held her gently with both hands just under her armpits, gripping her ribs tightly as she rubbed and rolled my nipples between her fingers. Feeling them harden she pulled her lips away and moved directly down to my nipples, I felt her tongue engulf it, whilst her other hand pinched at my other nipple carefully. I let out a little yelp as my core was getting hotter, and throbbing more and more. I furiously bit down on my lip trying to control my urgent shuddering as her fingers continued their teasing.

“Darling!” I squealed as for the third time she just missed the one place that was longing for her touch most of all.

“Yeah babe?” she murmured, still paying attention to what she was doing with her fingers.

“I need to feel you inside me…now.” I needed to feel this sensation for the first time, I needed to feel ourselves closer than ever. She felt herself become wet with anticipation as she listened to my hoarse voice.

“Whatever you say baby,” she replied sexily before suddenly slipping two long fingers into my throbbing entrance. She kissed my parted lips desperately as I felt myself closing around her fingers. She slid them in and out, over and over and over again, running over each bulge of my walls. I panted unevenly, squeezing my lower abdominal muscles as she rode my body slowly. My forehead began to glisten slightly, I became hotter and hotter as she began to have laboured breathing as she worked me slowly.

She watched in fascination as my chest became more ragged with its breathing, and my hands desperately ran through her hair, temporarily grabbing clumps and pulling them as I moaned and called her name in ecstasy. I was sure I could be heard from outside, I didn’t care. She slowed down her movement even more, looking down into my eyes now beginning to spring with tears of pleasure. She carefully and slowly withdrew her fingers and pulled them up to her face. I opened my eyes as my breathing slowed down. I Watched as she sensually, and without hesitation, but still slowly licked them. She ran her tongue up and down her middle finger as she licked all my liquids up from it.

She looked directly into my eyes as she did so, and then she ran that wet hand through my hair as she kissed me. She kissed me hard, forcefully, but lovingly and gently at the same time. My breathing only just returning to normal I rested my hand on the back of her neck and the other on the base of her spine as I lost myself in her lips. She leaned to the right and I pushed her over to the right more, I half turned her over and she lay on her side next to me, we lay kissing each other as our heartbeats continued to race wildly. I lifted my right leg and hooked it around her left one as I pushed her back gently so that escort tokat she was now underneath me.

I pushed my weight up on my arms, digging my heals into the soft mattress, I looked down at her and smiled. I lowered my body and lay my weight over hers, pushing her deeper into the mattress. She raised her arms and hooked them around my neck, her hand wrapped around her wrist clasped tightly around me. Silently flames burned in my heart. I knew we would be a log fire…with the occasional spark. Better that than fireworks, beautiful to see, but over so quickly.

‘I knew you were the one I wanted, for the first time’ I smiled down at her coyly. She looked up at me with her eyes and nodded silently, she tugged on her arms and pulled my face down to meet her lips. She kissed my eyelids as I closed my eyes and smiled.

‘well,…’ she paused ‘I’m still a virgin…’ she said, playing on her innocence.

‘not for long…’ with that I started kissing my way down her body and inhaled her addictive scent, I allowed my fingers to dance over her stomach as I paused at her breasts to taste them for the first time. I nudged her hard nipple with my nose gently before flicking it with my tongue and then licking it entirely. I moved on to completely engulf her breast in my mouth as I stroked her skin with my free hand. I bit down on her hard nipple before moving down further and licking inside her bellybutton, watching her giggle manically from being tickled. She pushed me away as I continued to tickle her with my tongue, I laughed and moved even further down.

I came to rest just below her abdomen. Licking my lips slowly I grinned as I purposely used my finger to stroke her entrance. I pulled my hands away and pushed her knees so they were bent and upright, I used them as a lever. She was incredibly ticklish; she writhed under me as I brushed my fingers between her legs, teasing her. Then I let my tongue slide up her entrance, straight over her tender spot. My hands held her down at her buckling hips. I nudged her clit with my nose every so often, and snaked my tongue in and out of her, flicking it here and there, I made it go tense and pushed hard on her spot. She screamed. I did it again and she begged me to stop.

I came up for air, and looked up at her body, it glistened slightly under the dimmed lights, her sweat coated her body in a thin film. She breathed heavily as she gripped her own hair. I continued to make her squirm and moan out, taking her innocence, and she gave it willingly.

Her muscles tightened around my tongue as I felt her on the verge, I kept my tongue inside her and pushed my face forward, nudging her clitoris with my nose and she erupted with moans. I licked her up, every drop and I slid my damp body up the length of hers, my mouth was immediately overpowered by hers as she struggled to breathe into the kiss, her heartbeat racing, pounding, I could feel it against me. Somehow my lips gave her the strength she needed to be fully recovered.

She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her closely. I nuzzled her neck and lay half on her and half off of her. She stroked my hair with her free hand as we lay silently next to each other, I closed my eyes and just tried to comprehend what we had just shared.

‘Happy Birthday baby.’ She whispered as she kissed my cheek.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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