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It was my birthday. My wife had promised me something wonderful on my birthday, and had been acting all cute and coy about it for weeks, but I was not wildly excited. I mean, she is beautiful and I love her, but when it came to gifts she was sort of hopeless. Loved me, meant well, but you know how it can get…

Anyway, the “big” day had arrived and I was feeling pretty old. I still had to go to work, but Janet had told me that we were going out for dinner tonight where I would receive my special gift. She looked beautiful while she was telling me. She was a very good-looking woman. Blonde, nice trim figure. She was so cute…really small, but she had these fantastic huge tits. Amazing. I loved that and I always felt so lucky to be able to touch and play with a nice set of tits whenever I wanted. While she was telling me about dinner tonight, she looked flushed and her eyes shone. She was truly beautiful.

Looking at her that way had given me half a boner most of the day, and I was looking forward to getting laid later after dinner. Janet always had a nice wet pussy for me, and even though we were pretty busy these days, our sex life was ok. I knew that she would want to give it to me later, and that was a great thought.

I went home and found that the kids were all out for the night, and we were alone. Janet had just finished her shower, so I jumped in after her. I cleaned up, and hopped out. I saw her in her underwear. Fuck, she looked great. She had these hot black stay up stockings on with lace at the top and a black lace ¼ cup bra that sat just under her nipples. No panties at all, and she slipped her black lace dress on…the short one with the low front that I love so much. You could almost see through it and I LOVED going out with her like that. All the guys got hard over her when she looked like that.

We went to this restaurant that we had both been interested in for a while. It was a really nice place, great food and a very sophisticated atmosphere. I loved the way guys were staring at Janet. bahis şirketleri I loved being with her. And, after a couple of glasses of Shiraz, I was even happy that it was my birthday. She was so sexy and she was flirting really heavily with me all night. It was great. Felt like we were dating again. We stayed there for ages, till finally the place seemed about to close. Janet asked me to pay the bill as she was going to the ladies bathroom.

I paid the cheque, and waited, and waited. The waitress cleared away our table and then the maitre die set up for the next night. I was offered another coffee. Then I was offered a brandy. I was getting a little worried…. what was taking Janet so long? I was almost feeling a little shitty. The maitre dee was deep in conversation with the waitress – looked like he was going to get laid tonight – so I decided to walk into the ladies and check if Janet was ok. When I opened the door, I got the surprise of my life.

When I walked in, I saw Janet standing with her back to the wall. She was standing there, her head thrown back, her dress up to her waist, and she was pinching her nipples over the top of her dress. Her eyes were half closed and she was moaning. The most incredible thing of all was that between her legs, there was the back of a woman, a brunette, who also had a black dress on. I had seen her at the bar. She was very beautiful. Her Face was immersed in my wife’s cunt right now, but I could see that her bent legs were spread very wide and she had a hand between her thighs. My wife’s leg was thrown over her shoulder as she worked her cunt into this woman’s face, and the other one was holding the balance. This was the most incredible picture I had ever seen.

I did not know what to do. I watched for a minute. I could feel the growing erection in my pants. Fuck…. could this really be happening? Then my wife opened her eyes. She looked right into mine. God she was beautiful. Her eyes were very intense…serious. They were deep pools of passion. She was breathtaking. bahis firmaları She took her leg off the back of the woman licking her, and the woman stood up, and kissed my wife very sensuously on the mouth. Deep and lingering. My wife was looking into my eyes as this woman flicked her tongue over my wife’s tongue. I was getting impossibly hot now, but I was completely mesmerised by the action in front of me.

The woman glanced over her shoulder, and then smiled at me; a cute coquettish smile. Her face was flushed and she was very red about her mouth. She turned back to my wife, and standing just back from her, spread her legs very wide. Then she bent at the waist, her ass pointing straight at me, and she pressed her beautiful face into my wife’s pussy again.

Janet was still looking right at me. She lifted her stockinged leg, and rested her lewdly bent knee on the woman’s back, to give this female much better access to her cunt. Then she leaned forward and lifted the woman’s dress up. Slid the dress up over her ass, all the way to her waist. I could see clear into her dripping snatch with her legs spread as wide as they were. Then my wife said: “Come here honey and fuck this bitch good for me will you? Her tongue is high into my cunt and I think a stiff shaft inside her will give her just what she needs to get me off and over the edge.”

I had never heard my wife use words quite like that before, but I was going to enjoy the situation rather than question and analyse it. I moved toward the two women, and unzipped my trousers, and let them fall to the floor. I was naked from the waist down and I moved toward the bent cunt and ass before me. I kneeled down and pressed my face into this woman’s pussy, licked into her a few times causing both women to moan, then I stood, and staring into my wife’s eyes, I pressed my cock into the snatch of another woman.

I had this woman by the hips, and her pussy was clinging to me like a sheath, but I could not stop staring into the eyes of my wife. It was kaçak bahis siteleri an incredible experience. She was filled with smouldering lust. An incredible passion as she gyrated her hips into the face of this woman. I sensed her movements, but could not look away. We stared at each other as I could feel my cock take a hot load of this woman’s cum…spreading its heat and thick wetness all over my balls. Holding her hips, I started to pump into her, all the time staring into the deep pools of seduction that were my wife’s eyes.

God it was sexy. Soon my wife threw her head back, and closed her eyes, and I saw why. As I had gotten hotter, I was pounding into this woman, and she was really cumming hard. I could see the tongue-lashing she was giving my wife, as she gripped her by the ass and bounced back on to my cock. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen in my life, and I knew that I was about to cum. My wife was in the throws of her orgasm when she stared at me again, her eyes spilling out her passion, and I came straight away, pumping into this woman and spilling my hot fuck juice.

The woman slowed right down, after I came. We were all in the gentle throws of post passion, and feeling the delicious juices of love float out of our bodies. The woman I had not yet met, stood up when my cock slipped out of her, turned to me, and bent at the waist again. She licked at my cock, gently. Just cleaning it up, licking both of our mingled cum off my cock. I looked up and my wife was bent down to her pussy and was drinking my cum and this woman’s cum out of her dripping snatch.

Soon we were all clean. The anonymous woman stood, and kissed me softly and deeply and lingeringly on the lips. She licked all over my lips dove her tongue deep into me. She smelled like my wife’s cunt. Then she turned and kissed my wife in exactly the same way.

I watched these 2 women kiss with wonder and amazement at the beauty of it. I was getting excited again, when the woman turned, smiled into my eyes, said “Happy birthday” and left.

I was standing looking at my wife. She was smiling broadly at me. We both dressed and arranged ourselves, and she kept saying, “Wasn’t that the best present you have ever gotten?”

And she was right.

It was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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