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The Birthday Party Begins.

There I was, standing by the dock of the lake. Writing that now it sounds funny almost song-like, but at the time, I was feeling pretty stupid and a lot sorry for myself. I had just broken off my engagement to a real jerk of a guy and was feeling pretty low, not for being rid of him but because I had just been invited by my friend Sue to come on out to the lake with my fiancée, for a birthday party weekend for our friend Karen.

I had called Sue back to tell her I was not going to come but she wouldn’t hear it.

Sue made it quite clear that I was coming, saying, “what do you mean not come, now you have to come so we can make sure you don’t get drunk and take on the whole basketball squad like you did the last time you were dumped.”

Feeling my cheeks burning red remembering that night, I quickly replied, “Hey, I broke it off this time, he didn’t dump me.”

Nevertheless, Sue wouldn’t take no for an answer and I had to go.

So, there I was waiting for the boat to pick me up and take me to the island where my friends were gathering, not only for a birthday celebration, but to cheer me up and keep me from doing something stupid.

I saw the boat coming towards me, but did not recognize the two people on board, but it was definitely Karen’s boat. The boat pulled up and this very good-looking guy jumped out and tied off the boat.

He walked right up to me and said, “You must be Lynn. I’m Steven, and this is John. Sue asked us to come on over to the mainland and pick you up.”

“How did you know I was Lynn?” I asked rather perplexed.

John quickly spoke and his voice just made me melt, “Karen described you – but you are definitely much prettier in person.”

I blushed I guess, and thanked them. They took my bags, and John helped me into the boat, with one hand on my arm and the other in the small of my back. Just then the boat swayed and I was happy to fall back into John as he grabbed me a little harder to steady me. I was lost in his strong arms. He lifted me up and deposited my in the boat.

Steven handed me a beer saying, “you better finish this one, cause your already 3 behind the other ladies.”

“Thanks for the warning,” I replied. Knowing full well that if Karen and Sue had already downed a six-pack between them, it was going to be a long day.

As I was finishing my beer, I could see the dock ahead and what looked like Karen and Sue waving. As we pulled along side, I noticed that not only were they not alone, there was another guy with them, but more importantly, Karen and Sue were both topless.

Karen has a great body, she is 5’4″ with beautiful green eyes and perfectly formed 38D breasts and she had a gorgeous tan line to boot, that I assumed she was trying to lose now.

Sue on the other hand was about 5’5″ with blond hair and a very nice stomach and a hard firm looking behind. She had been sort of shortchanged in the breast area, but POOF one day she too ankara moldovyalı escortlar had nice firm, high 34C breasts.

Karen, Sue and I had always been friends; there was even a modest rivalry that existed between us. I always wanted Karen’s big breasts, but didn’t want to pay for them, and I always wanted Sue’s natural blond hair, and they both had said how they wished they had my legs and deep blue eyes.

I am 5’7″ will long legs, a nice body smallish breasts 34B, dark blond, OK brunette but sometimes blond, I don’t mind paying for hair coloring just not a nice pair, and the aforementioned blue eyes.

I jumped off the boat, and hugged both Karen and Sue at the same time, wishing Karen a happy birthday. In the meantime, they both were pulling at my top as Sue said, “when in Rome.”

I was a little embarrassed but let Sue help me with my top, after all I didn’t want to feel left out, and I knew from experience they were going to get their way, no matter what.

When my top was finally off, I got a round of applause from the two of them. My face and now my neck turned pink and then almost crimson when I remembered that there were guys there, but as Sue said, “when in Rome.”

I got another beer handed to me and was introduced to Gary. It turned out that Gary was Karen’s current boyfriend, and Steven was Sue’s current boyfriend.

I turned to John and asked, “So who are you here with?”

John quickly replied, “Me? Oh I guess I am here with the lovely lady that blushes so much.”

You can imagine the color of my skin after that remark. But not to be outdone, I walked over to John and quickly tugged at his shirt saying, “I thought there was a rule here? Off with your top too.”

John was quick to oblige and I got a real nice close up of this hard-body as my hands ran up his stomach and chest to help him take off his top.

“It was his time to blush now,” I thought, but I was wrong, it was I who blushed even more just feeling his flat stomach and rippled chest.

The other girls joined in and had their boyfriend’s shirts off too. I was in the middle of a Mr. America competition. Sue snuggled up to Steven and grabbed his arms, saying “Firm arms, I like that.”

Karen not to be outdone grabbed Gary in the crotch and said, “You are so right. Firm is good.”

I looked at John and just smiled. But he walked up to me and putting him mouth to my ear whispered “When in Rome.” and his hands slipped down my back and grabbed my ass, he said “Yup, I have to agree with you all, firm is an understatement.”

I would have normally been really pissed off, but it seemed like it was all in good fun and I really did enjoy the feeling it gave me.

Sue feeling like the party animal she was, just dropped to her knees and lamented to Steven, “How come you aren’t firm in font like Gary?” She nuzzled her face into his crotch and pulled down his shorts to reveal a slightly growing hard on.

“I was hoping ankara ukraynalı escortlar you would fix that problem for me Sue,” was Steven’s only response.

I stood there and watched as Sue took the growing cock and placed it on her tongue, sliding her tongue over and around his twitching cock. She reached up a hand and started to gently cup his nuts as her mouth slowly started to pull his cock head into her mouth, with her tongue still reaching out under his growing cock and flicking at his cocks underside. I could feel the heat all the way over where I was, and realized that I wasn’t the only one that felt the heat. John was starting to breath heavy right behind me and I could feel his hands touching my arms, sort of holding on to me.

I looked over to Karen and Gary and saw Gary standing right behind her with his hands rubbing and pulling on Karen’s nipples making them stand even more erect. Gary was nibbling Karen’s neck and I could see him moving back and forth slowly grinding into her backside.

My attention diverted back to Sue and I could see that she had taken Steven’s cock further into her mouth and was slowly sliding on and off of his dick. She had a good rhythm going and I could see the saliva building up on her tongue and his cock making the piston action really hot. Steven’s hands were holding on to Sue’s head and he started to fuck her mouth while she cupped his balls.

Steven blurted out, “Oh yes, that feels so good, don’t stop.”

Sue didn’t look like she was going to stop anytime soon, in fact, one of her hands slid up and behind his balls and started to push in on his asshole. Her hand was so wet from the combination of pre-cum and spit that dribbled off of his cock and onto his balls, that she had no trouble at all in getting a finger into his ass.

Steven grunted and tried to speak but all that he could say was, “Oh, cum, I’m now, cum, oh,” as I saw Sue slam her finger into his ass hard as she rammed her face all the way down onto his cock, sucking in the entire shaft right down to his pubes.

Sue pulled back on his cock and I watched as his cum covered dick glistened in the air. His cock was still hard as a rock and throbbing in mid air. Sue pulled her finger out of his ass and Steven started to squirt all over again and shot his cum all over Sue’s face, as she giggled and rubbed in into her face and down onto her breasts.

I stood there breathing heavy, not even aware that John had started to rub his hands over my belly and onto my breasts. At the sight of Steven shooting his load I was mesmerized and stared until my attentions were drawn to Karen who was now naked and bent over the picnic table on the dock as Gary’s face was buried deep in Karen’s crack.

I heard squishing sounds as I could barely make out Gary’s fingers slipping in and out of Karen’s pussy. I looked down and saw that Gary was naked as well and he was hung. He had the largest dick I had ever seen in my life. It was at least ankara minyon tipli escortlar 10 inches long and was very wide.

Karen let out a scream, and begged, “fuck me, please give it too me now, fuck me hard.” They had obviously been going at it the whole time that Sue was sucking off Steven.

I closed my eyes for a moment as I felt the tingling in my pussy and once again realized that the additional reason for my warm feeling was John as he was moving his hand down to my pussy and was rubbing the outside while his other hand was tweaking at my nipple.

Not wanting this feeling to stop, I slowly opened my eyes just in time to see Gary’s monster cock positioned right at Karen’s pussy. I held my breath as I watched and felt myself that large cock sliding into Karen’s pussy. In my case it was John’s finger slipping off my lips and finding its way inside my pussy.

“Oh, yes,” both Karen and I said almost at the same time.

I felt John’s finger rubbing at the top of my slit in time with Gary sliding back and forth into Karen. I felt my nipple being pinched harder as I saw Gary’s hand slapping at Karen’s ass. I felt a hard cock pushing up against me as I took in the whole wonderful sight in front of me.

I saw Karen arch her back and swore out, “Fuck me harder, oh fuck me, I want to cum on your cock, your cock is so good.”

This egged Gary and John on even more as I melted back into Johns body as I could see Gary ramming in and out of Karen. I saw Gary tense up as I too felt a wave of pleasure rush over me.

I screamed out, “Harder, fuck her harder, yes, yes like that,” relieved that John could tell I meant for him to finger me harder as well. I was so happy when I felt John’s fingers move quicker in and out of me and over my clit as I watched the hard fucking in front of me.

I looked ahead as Karen began screaming, “Yes, I’m Cumming, yes, shoot it on my ass, please.” Gary pulled out of Karen and slipped his cock up and between Karen’s ass cheeks as he let out a low grunt that I could feel from where I was and I saw gobs and gobs of cum come sailing out of his throbbing hard cock and land over Karen’s ass and back.

Just then I felt a tidal wave come crashing down on me as I too started to cum. I folded up and fell to the deck of the dock and just rocked myself back and forth feeling the rush come over me.

I wasn’t sure how much time had passed, probably only a few seconds, but when I looked up, there was John with his hard cock in his hand, rubbing it back and forth with the lubrication from my pussy.

I looked up at him, smiled remembering what he had done to me, and how excited I had become when watching my friends get cum shot on them and, I begged him, “please, cum on me, I want to feel you cum on me.”

That was what did it for him, because in two more strokes, John was shooting his cum onto my tits. I felt each glob of cum hit me and it felt like I was being washed over in another tidal wave that would not end.

When I woke up, I was in the house, by the fire with everyone else sitting down sipping wine. Karen had my head in her lap stroking my arms and said, “Welcome to my Birthday Party Weekend.”

But that is another story for another time. Tell me what you think of this one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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