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I returned to Denise and Kim’s salon to get my hair cut about a month after our fun in the hot tub. I looked forward to seeing what they might say or do.

I walked in late on a Saturday morning, knowing that the shop was only open until Noon. When few people are around, things seem to happen with my very busty friend, Denise. When I walked in, Denise was coming out of the back.

She was beaming! Dressed in a tight long grey sweater that reached below her hips, tight shiny lycra tights, and flats, she skipped a bit as she came forward to where I was standing. Her wide smile was as much a welcome as the friendly hug I received. My left hand slid down to cup Denise’s ass. I wanted to feel those tights against her ass. I love the feel of lycra on a woman’s ass and immediately felt a charge in my crotch. I started to wonder if Denise knew about my interest in lycra? Mmmmm.

“Hey, you! No touching!” Denise let out a quiet squeal as she brushed away my hand and looked around to see if anyone saw my unapproved grope. The coast was clear.

We stepped to the back of the shop as I watched Denise’s gorgeous ass. She was not “model” skinny and that was fine with me. Twiggy women are not a turn on for me. Although I’m not into BBW, I prefer women who have some curves. And her spandex-covered ass was meaty but perfect. She then rolled me back to wash my hair. As Denise lathered me up, she asked how I was and thanked me for such a terrific time at her house. Her perfume was intoxicating and it helped me relax and look forward to what I hoped was ahead. She leaned down and whispered in my ear that she and Kim were still talking about our session and particularly about my overly large member. For those of you who haven’t read Chapters 1 or 2, my cock measures about six inches when flaccid and nearly double that when hard. They had both really enjoyed getting pounded with it.

For my part, I kept thinking about Denise’s smokin’ body. She is kind of stocky but very cute: short brown hair and brown eyes, probably 5’2″, I would guess 125lbs, and the best part: she has an impressive rack, probably double Ds with the most extraordinary nipples that look like half sized golf balls. When hard, they swell and turn red. With the sweater she had on, I couldn’t tell if they were excited, but I hoped to have a chance to check them out soon.

She finished my hair, toweled it dry, and then led me to her chair. As I sat down, I looked over to see Denise’s co-worker, Kim, coming back to her chair to my left. Kim is also quite a beauty, but in a very different way than Denise. She has long red hair pulled back in a pony-tail, a thin, athletic body, and her tits are somewhere between B and C and I found out during our last encounter that her nipples, while pale and almost indistinguishable from the rest of her breasts, puff out when she’s excited, and THAT is very exciting! She is unshaved and has a very sexy thatch of red hair surrounding her pussy. Very hot.

“Hi Mike! Great to see you again.” Kim leaned down to give me a peck on the cheek before walking past me to organize the tools at her station. Her rear end looked perfect. She wore what looked like painfully tight black jeans, with a snug fitting black leather top. On her feet was a sexy pair of red cowboy boots with two-inch heels. What an outfit.

“VERY good to see you again, Kim. You were never far from my thoughts!”

I looked around and noticed that there were no other customers in the shop, and the only workers were Kim and Denise. Since it appeared I could speak openly, I said somewhat loudly so that both could hear.

“I have to say that I really enjoyed fucking both of you.” I hoped that my language would get a reaction from them.

“Hey!” cried Kim

“SHHHH!” Denise frowned. “Mike, we are still open for business!”

“I know, but there’s no one else here.”

“For now, but I have a client due any minute,” said Kim.

Denise leaned in and quietly confided to me: “Not that Kim wouldn’t like to fuck him as well.”

“Hey!” Kim exclaimed, this time to Denise.

“I’m just saying you keep talking about how Rod keeps flirting with you during every appointment. He has a really impressive package and the rumor going around has it he ain’t guilty of stuffing a sock down there. Besides, we both know how you have acquired a real taste for big ones!”

“Really?” I said with surprise.

“Oh yes, we haven’t stopped talking about that missile of yours and the awesome session we had at my house last month,” Denise explained.

“I was both horny as hell and sore for a week after that,” confessed Kim in a whisper. “I just kept thinking about holding that heavy thing in my hand and pumping another massive load out of it.”

Now this was the kind of talk that always got me going. I could feel my cock starting to swell. Perhaps we really were going to recreate that terrific evening by the hot tub.

“Hey, maybe you can coax Rod to show you HIS rod today, Kim?”

“Denise, ankara evi olan escortlar I’d love to, but it’s a bit too public in here for me.”

“What? The three of us fucked each other silly on my back porch and you’re going to get bashful now?”

“Please don’t push me, Denise.”

Just then, the bell on the front door clanged, indicating a new customer. Kim walked away as Denise snapped a smock into the air and tied it behind my neck. Time to get down to another haircut. As Denise started clipping away, Kim returned to her station with a guy who was a bit taller than me (about 6-2). He wore a t-shirt and a pair of khakis. I nodded and he returned the nod.

“Denise, I locked the front door since these two guys are the last clients today.” Kim put the smock over Rod and asked, “Okay, Rod, what can I do for you today?”

“Anything you want, pretty lady.” My ears perked up, thinking this is more playful than I anticipated.

Just then, Denise leaned in, reaching to the other side of my head, and gently pushed one of her sweater covered tits into the side of my face. I smiled and looked up to see Denise feign shock and surprise. She quickly moved around the back and pushed her sizable rack into the backside of my head, again acting like there was nothing intentional about it. As I’ve said before, I am such a tit-man and this quickly began to have an effect on me. My cock began to swell and expand, quickly making my jeans tight and uncomfortable.

Denise whispered to me. “I’m so sorry about that. How unprofessional of me. My oversized chest just gets in the way sometime. I hope I haven’t upset you.”

“Not at all, miss Denise. In fact, I can assure you that you ARE getting good reaction out of me.” Denise let out a little squeal and went on cutting my hair.

I glanced over to see Kim lean over at the waist and open one of the drawers of her station. That jean-clad ass looked awesome, and I noticed that Rod was also checking her out. He caught me looking and gave me a smile. I guess he was interested in Kim as well.

Denise continued to brush against me as the haircut continued and the sexual tension between us was palpable. Eventually, she moved in front of me to trim the front. Instead of reaching too far, she instead straddled my legs. I could feel the warmth of her thighs though the smock on my lap and I decided to be a bit more bold. My left hand moved from my lap and pushed up (through the smock) until I made contact with her crotch. Denise yelped and began to giggle as my hand moved back and forth. The slick lycra tights she wore provided very little barrier and I was soon able to focus in on her increasingly puffy lips. Denise stopped clipping and just stood there enjoying my manipulations.

The power I held over her felt overwhelming. Denise simply could not say no, even in front of both a friend AND a business client. Without looking to see if Rod and Kim were watching, I pulled the smock down from my neck and with my right hand reached up to cup her massive left breast through her sweater. I could immediately feel something holding her impressive rack, but it was definitely not a traditional bra. It was far too smooth. Then it occurred to me. It felt just like the tights she was wearing below. I started to wonder if Denise might be wearing a full bodysuit. To confirm that, I moved my right hand to the bottom of her sweater along her left hip, and slid my hand upward along the slick lycra material. As my hand moved higher, along her abdomen, Denise continued to softly moan in response to the manipulations of my left hand on her pussy. She began to slowly rock back and forth. My suspicions were confirmed as my right hand stretched out to cup her spandex encased left tit. And her nipple was giving that one-piece a real workout. I could feel a rock-hard oversized nipple that was throbbing. Man, was Denise turned on because that nipple of hers was at least the size of half a golf ball. I lightly pinched it and her moans became loader. Denise’s eyes opened for a second to glare at me, but her eyes quickly rolled back into her head as she lost herself into my hands.

I have this real thing for women in lycra. I guess you could call it a full-blown fetish. I love the feel of that slick, tight material on the female form, and it usually gives me an immediate hard-on. After seeing that Denise was completely covered in lycra, my crotch became extremely tight. My eleven inches was crying to get loose and join the fun.

With my left hand, I pulled the smock completely off me, and then returned to Denise’s crotch. I immediately realized that her tights were completely soaked from pussy juice. Obviously, Denise had anticipated this, and was very randy.

It then occurred to me that I might be able to push this into another expanded session with both Denise and Kim. I looked to my left to see both Rob and Kim staring at Denise. They appeared enraptured. Kim stood behind Rob, slowly putting her ankara olgun escortlar hands on his shoulders.

“That is so fucking hot” said Kim quietly, almost like she was asking if Rob agreed. He nodded as I noticed movement under his smock.

As my left hand moved back and forth across her slick tights, I suddenly noticed that there was a slight tear in those tights back toward her asshole. An idea occurred to me. With my pinky, I pushed a single digit into the tear and pulled forward. The threads gave way, and Denise’s slick tights tore open towards her cunt. The smell of wet pussy quickly filled my nostrils. Once the opening was several inches wide, I plunged two fingers into her wet pussy and the heat was overwhelming. My thumb soon found her clit as I curled my index finger forward to manipulate Denise’s g-spot. With two fingers curled into her box and my thumb rubbing her clit through the lycra, Denise was set for a serious hand-job from me. In fact, I might have been enjoying it as much as she was. Back and forth my left hand moved as my right hand continued to fondle her left tit and pinch at her half-inch bulbous nipple.

Denise rocked forward and back as both my hands pushed her toward what I hoped would be an amazing orgasm.

“Uhhhnnnn” Denise looked to be in a kind of trance. “Uhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnn.”

My left hand doubled its rate of manipulation. The spandex was soaked and making my hand movement all the more oil-like. Denise quickly began to increase her volume.


Then it happened. There was no warning and I doubt Denise had any idea what was about to happen. Denise let out a full-volume, throaty moan and cried out as she reached a climax. To our great surprise, Denise’s cry was not the only thing coming out of her.

My hand was suddenly swamped with pussy juice as Denise squirted all over my hand. My lap became soaked as Denise’s orgasm and squirting continued for a good fifteen seconds. Her body convulsed and shuddered. Her eyes burst open and went wide as she stared at me, appearing to be as surprised as I was. I guess that g-spot thing really does work on some women! As the flood subsided, her nerves must have been raw because she immediately pulled her crotch up and away from my hand, as if her clit was too sensitive for any further touch. I know the feeling. Sometimes after a particularly intense cum, the head of my cock can be almost painfully sensitive.

As Denise came down from her high, she slowly began to regain her sense of being not only with me, but standing with an exposed pussy in from of both Kim and Rod.

We both looked over to Kim’s station to find Kim still standing behind Rod, but with one hand wrapped around feeling his chest, and the other inside her leather top pulling at one of her nipples. Rod had pulled away his smock and was in the process of unzipping his pants.

“That was AMAZING,” moaned Kim. Rob slid his hand inside his fly and continued to rub an obviously growing mound.

Kim leaned down and spoke softly into Rod’s ear. “What do you say we have some fun of our own? I’d love to see what you have in your hand right now.” Kim walked around in front of Rod, slowly unbuttoned her top, and dropped it backward on the counter of her station. Her beautiful tits came into view and her nipples were already puffed out and reddening. Rob smiled widely and stood to unbutton and remove his khakis. The bulge in his pants was nothing compared to the bulge showing in his now exposed briefs. Even I was taken aback.

“Holy shot, Denise. Do you see that?” Kim exclaimed.

I looked up to see Denise entranced and saying nothing.

I know I’m large, but even I don’t make that kind of protrusion. Kim slowly walked forward and began to rub her left hand around the mound. Rob moaned and tilted his head back, enjoying Kim’s manipulations. Her right hand reached up to caress and pull on her right nipple.

“I hope you like large cocks, because I’m guessing you’ve never seen anything like mine.”

“Rod, I’ve just recently become addicted to big cock. A couple weeks back, Mike over there pounded me with his ELEVEN inches. I’ve never been so full in my life, and I want that feeling back,” moaned Kim hoarsely.

“Eleven inches is pretty big, but I have him beat.”

Now he really had my attention.

Rob slowly pulled out and down on his briefs. A semi-erect python-like cock rolled into view for everyone. Rod’s was clearly longer (already about ten inches and not even close to full mast) and it was also uncut. He pulled back on the foreskin to reveal a bloated head already oozing pre-cum. The head was large and redder than the rest of his member. A large dollop poured from the piss-hole and dripped onto the floor with a small splash. As Kim let out a quiet moan, her left hand gripped the base of Rod’s cock and slowly pulled outward. After a minute, his member pushed forward to full hardness. To my amazement, it was probably ankara sarışın escortlar a good 14 inches long. Very impressive.

At this point, my jeans were still both wet and tight. I lifted Denise to the side as she continued to stare at Rod’s hard-on. The enormous volume of Denise’s cunt-juice left me soaked and it took some work to get my jeans off. My boxer-briefs quickly followed.

I looked around to assess things. Rod was naked, standing before a topless Kim who was kneeling in front of him, licking the head of his enormous cock. Before long, she would have a quarter of it down her throat. Her skin-tight black jeans still looked great, and I was hoping to see her in nothing but those red boots before long. Denise stood next to me in a near trance. Under her bulky sweater, Denise’s lycra bodysuit was torn at the crotch and soaked from her recent squirting orgasm. I looked down at her beautifully spandex encased ass and marveled at the sight. Her sweater had fallen back down to her waist. I still did not know if this afternoon would involve a pair of twosomes or a foursome, but either way, it promised to be an interesting session for all of us.

I pushed Denise forward at her waist until her hands and elbows touched the seat of her chair. I then approached until my cock bumped into Denise’s gorgeous ass. While leaned forward like that, I could see through the ripped crotch of her tights to see wet & puffy pussy lips. I would have perfect access to her while she continued to wear that bodysuit. Awesome. In fact, Denise was paying little attention to me as she stared at Kim and Rod. I slowly eased my rock-hard cock through the hole in her tights and my flared head returned to the pussy I’d been dreaming about for the past few weeks. After every inch or so, I backed out and allowed Denise to once again get used to the girth of my cock. After a couple minutes, my balls touched the spandex on Denise’s ass, and I looked down to see my cock disappearing into Denise from behind. My hands roamed around her lycra-covered ass, and one of my fetish dreams came to life. To make it complete, I grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it up over her head. Once gone, I slid my hands up her sides. But I wanted access the actual flesh of her tits. Rather than pull off the top part of her bodysuit and lose some of the tightness around her ass, I reached inside the top, and pulled both of her breasts free over the spandex. They were flowing out of the top and her nubby nipples felt fantastic. Her impressive tits fell into Rod’s view. I looked over to see an immense grin on his face. Denise and I began a comfortable fuck motion. This was great. Both Denise and I turned our visual attention to Kim and that enormous bone hanging from Rod’s abdomen.

Kim was licking Rod’s cock. And I mean that literally. She ran her tongue along one side, then the other. Every so often, she would pop the bulbous head into her mouth for a few pumps, but then returned to running her mouth along its great length. At one point, she moved her mouth to lick the underside of his scrotum. As she did, it left Rod’s massive prick laying along the length of Kim’s nose, her forehead, and into her fiery red hair. This gave the very real impression that she was worshipping his cock. After that, she took one of his balls into her mouth, and then the other.

With a grunt that told us he wanted more, Rod pulled Kim up by the shoulders and spun her around. He squatted a bit as he reached around to take her tits in his hands. By lowering himself, he made it possible to poke his cock through the gap between her legs and slide back and forth in a dry hump. Kim immediately brought both of her hands down to massage the massive head of his prick. It was slick with pre-cum and she began to lick it from her hands periodically.

After a few minutes of this, Kim grew frustrated with the clothing that remained. She pulled herself off Rob’s prick. She removed one boot, then the other, unsnapped those brutally tight jeans, and within another minute was naked. That beautiful ass was free for all three of us to see. Wow.

Rod sat on the edge of Kim’s chair. His cock was now at full-mast, standing out at around 45 degrees, pointing up at Kim’s tits. 14 inches of throbbing manhood, pulsing. He reached up and pulled the foreskin back to once again reveal an angry looking head that continued to produce pre-cum. I always thought I had a big cock, but that thing was ridiculous. The thought of Kim crawling on top of that thing and pushing it into her red-haired cunt was actually a real turn on for me!

As I continued a slow comfortable fuck with Denise, Kim proceeded to put her red cowboy boots BACK ON!! I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought she would look sexy with just those boots on. Kim then pushed Rod back into her chair and proceeded to straddle him while pushing her breasts into his face. Her nipples were puffed out, distended, and pulsing with blood. It was easy to see she was incredibly turned on.

Kim squatted down, grabbed the engorged head of his cock with one hand to guide it into her pussy as the fingers on her other hand stretched apart her flared lips. It took some work, but after a minute or so, she managed to work just the head of Rod’s cock into her snatch.

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