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Tyler was really glad to find a new job, after being unemployed for a couple of months, but disappointed that he had to work with two macho, homophobic guys. Trouble was, the only work he could get was in a factory and the office he shared with the two guys was way out in the sheds, away from the main buildings so the badass breeders were the only people he saw all day.

Gary and Frank were a real pain in the ass. They were always making snide comments about Tyler’s lifestyle, that is when they weren’t looking at pictures of pussies in the office. Trouble is, they were both so damn hot that Tyler could hardly sleep at night for wanking off while thinking about them. Both were in their late thirties and good-looking and sexy in that beefy way that married men get when they enjoy a little too much beer and good food. Tyler knew he was considered odd by his friends for being turned on by men like that, but you can’t fight your true nature. If not quite a chubby chaser he was definitely into the beefier side of life. The thought of having Gary or Frank sit on his face just made him so hard he often had to go into the toilet to whack one out.

Gary and Frank would always know when he had been at it.

‘Been at it again, Tyler?’ they would demand of him and in reply all he would do is blush.

Often Gary would grab a handful of his beefy nuts and say ‘The sight of all this flesh driving you crazy?’

If only he knew the truth!

And then one day Frank simply didn’t turn up for work. It turned out he had been fired and was too ashamed to stay in touch with Gary. Gary pined for his friend and was like a bad tempered bear with a toothache. Tyler just tried to keep out of his way until he calmed down. And slowly, slowly, his temperament seemed to improve. Now that Frank was gone Gary was lonely and had to turn to Tyler more and more for company.

As the weeks went by Gary found he developed a begrudging respect for the little guy. He certainly lived life on his own terms. He loved cock and didn’t care what Gary thought about it. If only women loved cock as much as Tyler did, Gary thought to himself, the world would be a really wonderful place for men.

Tyler was a little more confident now that Frank was gone. He could tell that Gary’s attitude towards him had changed. He was also aware of a growing curiosity in the big man. He had started asking Tyler about his personal life and about what he did in bed. Tyler answered as truthfully as he could, all the time thinking “If only I could show him…”

The more Gary asked Tyler about his sex life the bolder Tyler became. Soon the two men were flirting; there was no other way to describe it. And Gary really started turning up the heat now. He would brush past Tyler, his big basket brushing against Tyler’s pert little ass, and ask him if he liked it. Of course he fucking liked it. Tyler had to pay more and more visits to the bathroom. And then one day Gary knocked on the door.

Hey Tyler, let me in’ he said ‘I wanna see how you gay guys do it.’

Tyler’s heart was thumping in his chest. Was he for real or was he just teasing. If he opened the door what would Gary do? Curiosity got the better of him. He left his eight inch boner sticking out of his fly and opened the door. Gary let out a low whistle.

‘Shit! You are hellishly hung!’ he said.

‘Let me see what you got?’ Tyler begged.

‘You’re not going to get me that easy.’ Gary replied. ‘Just you go ahead and make that thing spit.’

So Tyler slowly canlı bahis jerked off, all the while watching the reaction in Gary’s eyes. If he didn’t know better he would say the man was hot for cock. He watched each and every stroke that Tyler took and when at last he blasted off Gary let out a loud gasp, as if the cum had come blasting out of his own cock.

Things just got a little crazier after that. It was obvious to Tyler that Gary loved all the teasing and flirting, it pampered his ego; but he could tell that he was also frustrated and as horny as hell.

‘Wife not giving you any?’ he asked Gary one day.

‘She makes me beg for it like a dog.’ Gary replied. ‘Or I have to buy her something that she has her heart set on. You know I don’t make that much money; I can’t really afford spending that much on things we don’t need.’

‘What you need,’ Tyler told him, ‘is someone who gives you plenty of hot sex without wanting anything in return.’

‘Nice try, sunshine’ Gary said ‘but that someone has to have a pair of tits on her.’

Tyler felt stung and needed to hit back.

‘I bet you would fuck a shemale just because she has a pair of tits.’

Gary’s face flushed. ‘If I was drunk maybe.’

Tyler could see he had discovered a secret fantasy.

‘Come on Gary, man’ he pleaded ‘why can’t you do me?’

‘Because you’re a guy. Gary shot back.

‘So is a shemale.’ Tyler argued, even though he knew his transsexual friends would slap him down for such a remark.

‘You…you get me some good shemale porn and I’ll let you watch me jerking off.’ Garysuddenly blurted out.

It was all Tyler could think about. That big butted bruiser unbuttoning his jeans and hauling out his fat hog and stroking it while looking at pictures of a chick with a dick. He went out that night and got a couple of magazines for Gary to bust a nut on, carefully choosing ones with the most pretty, feminine and big titted shemales he could find. For the first time in ages Tyler left his cock alone and went straight to sleep.

Next day, about mid morning he hauled out the magazines and opened one to the centrefold. She was blonde and sassy with amazing tits and flat belly. Through her lace panties peeked a very hard cock.

‘Hey Gary, look what I got here.’

Gary reached out to grab the magazines out of Tyler’s hand. His eyes were almost out on stalks as he took in the object of his secret lust and yearning. Coming from the background he did he hated the fact that he was so turned on by these strange creatures with cocks, but he could not deny it; one look and his cock was lurching about in his work pants.

‘Not so fast.’ Tyler snapped. ‘Remember what you promised me.’

‘Did you really think I would let you watch me jerking off?’ Gary asked him.

‘And do you really think I’m going to let you see these without you keeping your part of the deal?’

Five minutes later Gary begged Tyler to let him see the magazines. But Tyler was determined that today was that day he would see that big, meaty butt laid bare for his lustful pleasure. Half an hour later Gary tried again. He just could not get the pictures out of his mind. There was no way he was going to do any work until he saw those pictures.

An hour later Gary gave in. He locked the door and pulled the blinds. Tyler’s throat went dry as he realized what was happening. Gary held out his hand and Tyler handed the magazines over.

Gary’s hands were just about trembling as he flicked the magazine open. bahis siteleri There lay his fantasy; a beautiful blonde with the perkiest tits you could ever hope to see and real come-to-bed eyes. She pouted at the camera she teased her hard nipples with long red nails. Her lower half was hidden by a bedspread. There was not a hint that this beautiful chick hid a secret, but the knowledge that she packed an extra punch had Gary so hot that his boner was soon stretching the fabric of his pants. Tyler’s eyes were glued to Gary’s crotch as he flicked the page.

On the next page she had the bedspread moved down a little, providing just a flash of her red panties; there was still no hint on the shocking secret contained therein. Gary put the magazine down on the desk and grabbed at his crotch. Tyler waited with bated breath….would he or wouldn’t he. Gary turned the page and caught sight of her three inch boner poking out the side of her panties. He groaned out loud as he unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to his knees. Tyler marvelled at that fleshy rump clad now in just a pair of white undies so worn that he could see through the cotton and into that meaty crack. His own cock demanded attention and although he risked scaring Gary off he could not help it; he unzipped and hauled out that big knob of his and stroked it slowly.

‘Tale your shirt off.’ he croaked at Gary who meekly obeyed.

The big beefy guy stood there now in just his stretched tight underpants. A fat sausage lay against his left hip, with a hefty pair of nuts below causing the waistband to sag. Dark hair swirled across his well developed chest and arms. He turned the page and saw a man, an ordinary macho man just like him, touch the blonde shemale’s tits. Damn, that was hot! He dropped the undies and stepped out of them. He was aware that Tyler was fucking him with his eyes, but he was beyond caring now. Grabbing hold of his super thick six inch cock Gary set to work pleasuring himself.

It was the sight of that ass that did Tyler in; it was so big and smooth and firm and pale. It was just as he had imagined it and he had to have it. He went up behind Gary and kneeled so that his face was inches away from that beautiful mound of man flesh. This big butted breeder had the power to crush him with just one hand but it was a chance he had to take. With heart all aquiver and pulse aflutter he parted those firm cheeks and pressed his face into Gary’s musky crack. Tyler went into lust overdrive he tongued that feral ass. It was slightly funky but he didn’t care. Soon he had his man clean and his little brown pucker slick with his spit.

Gary spread his powerful, hairy thighs while he stroked his thick cock and grooved on the fucking going on in the magazine. The stud was now fully undressed revealing an eleven inch club that looked positively lethal. It was as if a lust demon had possessed Gary; wild horses couldn’t have dragged him away from Tyler’s lapping tongue. The big man had no idea that his asshole could feel such pleasure. Tyler realized that he had Gary where he wanted him and stated to relax a little as he stroked his warm thighs and tickled his massive balls. Gary groaned out loud and stroked himself into a frenzy that Tyler knew he had to take control of.

He stood and took Gary’s cock in his hand, slowing the stroke right down. Gary glanced down at him. He was letting another guy touch his cock, eat his ass. Shit! He might as well go all the way. He put his hand behind Tyler’s head and guided him onto his cock. It bahis şirketleri was then that Gary knew what real sex was all about. That mouth was unlike any other he had known. His cock disappeared right down Tyler’s throat with effortless ease. He had to open his eyes and look down at his pubes right up against Tyler’s lips to see that it was real.

The feelings that surged through Gary’s thick club were almost too much to bear. His cock throbbed and pulsed on Tyler’s tongue, desperate to release his love goo. But Tyler was an expert and fully in control. He heated Gary up, and then cooled him down. Now he came off his cock completely and started nibbling on his big, smooth orbs. It was like having a whole school of tiny fish nibbling at his balls and Gary was blown into overdrive. His rational brain shut down and only the one contained in his fat mushroom cap was in control.

He pulled Tyler to his feet and fastened his lips to the younger man’s. Tyler’s head was in a spin as Gary’s hungry kiss stole all of his oxygen. A strong hand slid down his back a slipped into his crack, the fingers probing for Tyler’s puckerhole. Fortunately Tyler had the good sense to lube his ass up before he left the house that morning and Gary was surprised at how easily his finger slid inside, and how warm and tight it was. He broke off the kiss and spun Tyler around and with one cock hungry lunge he was buried deep.

Tyler groaned as he was filled by an aggressive, hungry top, desperately seeking relief for his throbbing cock. The pair were locked together as one now, two hungry animals using each other to pleasure themselves. Gary fucked hard and deep, anchoring himself by wrapping his beefy fist around Tyler’s huge cock and jerking it in time to his own stroking. The sound of their panting and groaning filled the room and they were lost to the world, aware only of the pleasure they felt in cock and ass.

Tyler could feel his climax building and reached down to feather his fingers across his balls. His ass was aflame and Gary was doing a surprisingly good job of stroking his salami. The soles of Tyler’s feet tingled as he squeezed his assring tight against Gary’s cock, making the older man yelp in pleasant surprise. Over and over squeezed down on that fat cock, milking the love cream right out of Gary’s balls. Each squeeze intensified the pleasure Tyler felt in his own cock and all too soon his knees trembled and he grunted as a massive jet of thick fuck sauce blasted out of him. Seconds later Gary cursed as he gave one last savage thrust into Tyler’s ass and his balls started pumping their heavy load.

The pair were still locked cock in ass and panting when there came a pounding on the door. They quickly parted and dressed and hid the magazines. Even as Gary opened the door Tyler, hanging back in the shadows, realized that the smell of fresh man cream still lingered in the air.

‘What the hell is going on here?’ it was Frank at the door.

Gary blushed but didn’t say anything.

‘I heard all this panting and groaning and thought you must be fucking a woman in here.’ Frank beamed. ‘So, where is she?’

Gary didn’t reply. He just looked down at his shuffling feet.

Frank looked around the room and noticed Tyler for the first time. His nostrils picked up the scent of sex.

‘No…no, don’t do this to me…’ he said as he staggered out of the room.

‘You should go after him.’ Tyler said.

‘No fuck him. Let him go.’ Gary replied as he pulled Tyler close and gave him a quick peck on the forehead.

An asshole of a friend like Frank he could find any time, but a hot lover like Tyler, well you were lucky if that came around once in a lifetime.

Copyright 2005 Daniel Blue

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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