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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consentual or reluctant sex.

Hi! My pen name is Kyrus, I’m a 20-year-old bi curious male from Australia and this is my first literary work of any kind. This is the partially true story of when I put my curiosity of sucking another bloke’s dick to rest. I took it to Craigslist and found a good-looking straight guy who was willing to help me out. Little did I know that he had another plan for me. Names were changed for anonymity. Also, ‘Tadhg’ is pronounced ‘tige’ as in ‘tiger’ here. Please keep in mind that I’m not a writer but I hope you enjoy.


I look out the window of my ’07 Holden Commodore and, finally, after the most anxious wait of my life, I see him in the moonlight walking toward me. He’s wearing a green and yellow Aussie patterned singlet and Adidas gym shorts. Despite him being 20, only a year older than me, I can tell he has enough height and strength to overpower and rob me if he wanted to but I take the risk. He’s closer now and he’s even better looking than I expected. I join the buff stranger in the humid Australian summer night, nervous by what might follow.

He extends his large hand toward me.

“So you’re the guy from the Internet ad? I’m Tadhg,” he says in a deep manly voice while shaking my hand firmly, putting my apprehension at ease.

“Hey bro yea it’s me. I’m Alex. So where do you want to do this? Your place? In the car?” I cut to the point, trying to hide the fact that I’m nonsensically excited to finally taste a dick after years of curiosity since puberty.

“Okay Alex let’s do this. Might be better if you wanna just come to mine it’s not far from here. I’ll need to sneak you into the house. The family should be upstairs most likely asleep so you need to be quiet when we’re close alright.”

“Too easy! I’ll be as quiet as a ninja. Just lead the way man.”

And so Tadhg begins to lead the way while I descend further into this fantasy I’ve long had of tasting another guy. I start to wonder what it will be like.

There is an awkward silence underscored by the classic Australian atmosphere of humming crickets. While we’re just walking I decide to take the opportunity to try and get to know the guy in front of me before I go down on him.

“So, Tadhg.”

“Yeah what’s up?”

“So, you do this stuff often?”

“No, never with a guy but I hear blokes suck it better anyway so I’m pretty keen.”

“Well just so we’re clear, I’ve never done anything like this before so don’t expect anything amazing,” I explain, attempting to lower his blowjob expectations.

“All good mate, don’t stress aye. Whatever pace you’re comfortable with is fine with me. As long as my dick is in your mouth I won’t complain. Just don’t expect me to return the favor for you mate. I’m not gay or anything like that yeah.”

“Cool sounds good man. Hey, are you Aussie?”

He looks as though to take offence from this question and, defensively, with his thickest and deepest Aussie accent to prove it he replies.

“Do I not look or sound Aussie to you mate?”

“No, no! you do a lot!” I try to recover. “That’s a really deep voice too man.”

“Yeah some people think I’m like 30 but I’ve had this voice since high school ahaha,” he laughs just as deep.

Still trailing behind him, I can’t help but admire his muscular legs. “So what do you do for fun?”

“Besides getting a load off at least once a day. I workout and swim a lot. I’m a pretty good swimmer.” That explains the legs then I guess.

We walk in nothing but cricket noises for a solid two minutes before I interject, “what does your dick look like? How big is it? It’s clean too right?”

He tilts his head back giving me a perplexed look but with a hint of a smirk. I think my conversational skills are starting to take a hit from how riveted I’m getting.

“Mate, don’t worry I’m clean as a whistle and you’ll see it soon. Haven’t got a complaint from a girl yet. Don’t expect one from a dude either,” Tadhg smiles proudly.

We come to a rather nice two-story house on the corner of what I read on the sign as ‘Kirikee St’. From the outside, the place is definitely a lot better than what I was expecting from a young guy I met on Craigslist. He leads me through the side garden.

“Watch out for spider webs man,” he quietly warns. Although with him in front of me to act as a shield, I continue on unconcerned about anything anymore.

We finally arrive at the backdoor and he lets me in first and leads me down the hall into his room, locking the bedroom door behind him. “Don’t want my mum or brother barging in,” he justifies. There’s no going back now.

He then turns on the light and opens a window but there’s no breeze to cool us down, only more crickets humming. The room is pretty messy, with dirty clothes over the floor including a bahis firmaları lifeguard shirt. Is this guy a real lifeguard I wonder? There’s a weights set on one side and an unmade single bed next to a computer desk to the other. He rips his singlet off and drops down his dacks unashamedly right in front of me. As he slumps into his desk chair he signals me to sit on the bed adjacent.

“Hope you like tranny porn. I’m just gonna find some on my computer to watch while you do it if you don’t mind.”

“That’s cool.”

As he sits there in his Bonds marked black briefs trying to find the right porn flick on his computer I begin to appreciate just how good looking this male specimen, Tadhg, really is…

Very healthy evenly tanned skin, a perfectly toned figure and the right amount of thick black hair in all the right places. His armpit hair is barely visible under his bulging bicep with a large tattoo of a tiger spanning his left shoulder. His clean-shaven face, starting to glisten with a thin layer of sweat, is very boyish with big blue eyes, a cute perky nose and naturally spiked short brown hair. At the same time, a well-chiselled jaw and thick pronounced eyebrows do well to maculate his features. I can’t help but feel inadequate as a man in comparison, with my pale white, nearly hairless thin body and my lanky limbs.

“So you must workout quite a bit yeah?” without sounding like I’m flirting.

“Yeah bro thanks for noticing. I’m 230 pounds now and my goal is to be a fitness model by next year but I don’t think I got the face for it.”

“Your face is hot.” I blurt out.

“Haha thanks I guess,” he responds awkwardly, probably trying to dissociate himself from the gay aspect of what is about to transpire.

“Oh yeah this’ll work,” he turns the screen toward the bed where I see the title of the porn vid as ‘Pale tranny’s first time’. Tadhg sits next to me to pull his jocks off, kicking them underneath the bed. His penis flops in to plain sight. There is a generous yet not unruly covering of pubic hair around the top and his low hanging balls, which are now nesting on the edge of the mattress. The sight is almost intimidating and coupled with the slightly elevated musky aroma of the room, my little prick starts to rise.

He puts his strong hand on my shoulder and motions his head toward his cock. “Time to get on your knees,” he instructs in his deep Aussie voice.

Before I assume the most submissive position of my up until now straight life I give one condition, “don’t blow in my mouth okay?” Tadhg nods albeit hesitantly in agreement.

Now on my knees I look up and see Tadhg fixated on the porn to his left. On the screen a muscly guy is starting to fuck a skinny tranny in the ass bareback (supposedly for the first time). Even so, it doesn’t look all that pleasurable to be frank. This is an after sight when the musky scent of sweat and balls and what must be cheap cologne he had sprayed on his junk earlier pulls me back to the job at hand. His flaccid tool has a long loose foreskin and is the same size as my now erect one. I feel it’s squishy makeup in my hand and pull his foreskin back to reveal his red glistening cockhead. An even stronger and muskier urine-esque aroma releases with it, which makes me a little uneasy.

“You gonna start suckin’ it, this is what you came here for a mouthful of cock right? C’mon bro now’s your chance so get to it,” he barks impatiently, with his big blue eager eyes and hard nipples both looking down on me.

I take it in my hand and open my mouth and before I get a chance do it myself his powerful hand guides my head straight down to his base filling my mouth with cock for the first time. He lets out a subtle “ohhh,” as it happens. With my nose filled with his gross pubes our eyes meet again.

“That’s right, you got this,” he encourages.

With his cockhead in the center of my mouth I swirl my tongue around it to fully taste the package as well as the reality of the situation. It is salty and a bit meaty and I think the pungent smell of his pubes and junk is making the taste somehow manlier too. Without time to think about this his hand pushes my head back down to the base and with that Tadhg’s cock has grown an inch bigger, with the tip now meeting my throat causing me to gag. He continues this forceful motion and I can feel more blood rush into his dick through my now stretching lips. After a short time, he lets me catch my breath. As I take it out of my mouth I see it must be at least 8 inches in length now and considerably thicker, dripping with my saliva.

“Okay get ready because I’m gonna fuck that pretty face now.”

“Hold o…” my curly hair is snatched in a fist as he pushes my head all the way down. When the tip comes to the start of my throat he doesn’t let it stop him and he pushes though despite my uncontrollable gaging. . My eyes start kaçak iddaa to water in response and I’m starting to regret this completely. I only wanted to taste a dick. This guy is mercilessly using my throat to get off.

I look up with my reddening face and he is looking down at me now and his whole face is smiling with his tongue curled upon his upper lip. He starts to grunt more audibly as his thrusts become gradually more aggressive and forceful. His breathing starts to get heavy as mine starts to get frantic. I try to struggle out of this position but the strength of his legs and arms keeps me in place.

After about five minutes of this borderline torture, with only an exhale from him as warning, he slides his cock out of my throat and into my mouth where a jet of nasty thick cum starts hitting the roof and sides of my mouth. I can’t believe this is happening.

It’s so hot and it tastes like salty mushed bananas with a hint of sweetness on my tongue. While it fills my up my mouth he coolly exclaims, “just swallow my nut bro, don’t be a bitch about it.”

With his penis fully engorged and still twitching he uses it to push the contents of his balls down my throat, squirting one more time at the end. This causes me to choke and recoil my neck. He holds it there in place where I have no choice but to swallow it all down in a couple of reluctant large gulps. I had one condition: not to cum in my mouth. He made me swallow everything regardless.

He removes his cock from my mouth and I start gasping for air. As if for good measure he wipes his end on my lips one last time getting the last drop of semen out from under his foreskin. The smell of him cum is different from what mine is like. His is so pungent and similar to chlorine in a public swimming pool.

“Thanks mate that was good, sorry for cumming in your mouth just kinda got lost in the moment you know?”

I try to wipe clean my defiled mouth but before I could muster a retort…

*knock knock knock *

We both jump in place and my heart continues to pump at an immense rate.

Through the door, “Tadhg, I need to talk to you,” says a calming woman’s voice, presumably his mum.

Tadhg looks at me wide eyed and wide mouthed. He turns the computer screen off, gets his undies back on and points under the bed and I point to the open window but I go underneath without argument.

“One second mum!” Tadhg calls out.

My face now resting on what I realise from the familiar smell to be a cum-rag with a rather recent addition smearing on my cheek. To think I just swallowed a whole heap of the stuff makes me heave a little.

I hear the door unlock and I can’t help but notice how impressive this guy’s ass looks from this angle. How do people get even get their backside to look that toned?

“What is it mum?” he asks nervously, trying to hide behind his door in nothing but his tight undies.

“I just need you to pick your brother up from school tomorrow alright can you do that for me, Tadhg?”

“Sure mum no problem.”

“Thanks heaps, sorry if I was interrupting anything private. Goodnight.”

“No was just about to go to sleep. Goodnight mum.”

And with that the door closes and he collapses on the chair. After about a minute of keeping perfectly still I decide it’s safe to come out from underneath. I sit on the bed and see his face is as red as mine now.

“Fuck, that was close,” he sighs in relief.

I notice his cock through his jocks is still about seven inches hard and his abs and pecs are glistening with sweat, which only serves to accentuate his extraordinary figure. As I’m looking him up and down he seems to be doing the same to me and, not before putting the tranny porn back on, he puts forward the rest of his plan with me.

“You may not like the idea mate, but I liked your throat so much and I am sorry about the cum part but I’d I try the ass out now. Chicks always say no so how about it?” he announces almost rhetorically.

“Wait what the fuck bro I didn’t sign up for swallowing let alone getting fucked in my ass,” I protest. “I think I’m gonna head home now if that’s okay with you,” hoping he’s satisfied with the answer.

Tadhg gets up and switches off the light letting the moonlight fill the room instead. He’s standing over me now with his hard cock poking out of his briefs next to my face. While I was sucking it I don’t think I saw just how veiny and huge it was but I can appreciate it now. I try to stand up but he pushes me back down to the bed. I can tell he wasn’t happy with my answer. As I look up at his piercing blue eyes and overhear the rough ass-fucking coming from the computer, I understand that I myself am about to have to endure the same treatment anyway.

For some reason I don’t try that hard to fight when he pulls my shirt off. After that he easily flips me on my back kaçak bahis burying my face firmly in the pillow. He yanks my shorts and boxers together down past my knees without even so much as a look at the pitiful stiffy I obtained from earlier. He arches my ass up a bit into an angle I never imagined I would need to ever be in. I don’t yell for help either, lest a member of his family catch me in this humiliating act.

“You might like it if you try to relax. You better moan into the pillow or you’ll wake my mum.”

He kicks his jocks off once more except this time he’s already rock hard, back to over 8 inches again. He proceeds to climb on top of me with the sweat between us making our bodies stick together. I’m so warm right now that I might pass out.

I hear him spit into his hand and then I feel what I hope is just his finger at my anus. Without wasting any time he jams his whole middle finger as deep as he can into my ass causing a sharp pain like a band-aid being ripped off repeatedly inside me. The added feeling of him wriggling his finger around makes me clench my ass in discomfort. I have a very unpleasant sensation to go to the toilet now but this is not exactly the time for a relaxing shit. He continues this for about two very uncomfortable minutes, making disturbing sounds with my hole and to himself as he does.

“Righto real thing this time so just relax. You’ll love it baby,” he assures me. With no leverage to fight it, I resort to biting down on the pillow hard and closing my eyes, wishing the ‘fantasy’ ended ten minutes ago.

He spits once more and this time it’s his cock head poking at my anus. A sense of shame and regret washes over me and then, when the tip finds its way in a searing pain washes over. Slowly, he lowers himself into me inch by inch and the pain quickly gets more and more intense. Just when I thought it was all the way in he drops 2 more inches and I start to cry real tears this time into the pillow. His hands are holding my arms in place and his hard abs are digging into my back. It’s so hard to breath with the heat and the full weight of his top on me but I manage the breaths I can.

He whispers in my ear “now you’re gonna know what it feels like to be fucked like a bitch.”

I hold my breath and try to open my ass as much as I can to help soften the blow but it’s to not much avail. With the first thrust a tremendous pain reverberates throughout my entire body and I begin to cry profusely now. His grunts are much more audible than when he was in my throat. It sounds like one of us is really enjoying himself.

After about three minutes of ruthless fucking I hear, “I think I popped your cherry bitch you’re bleeding from your tight hole.”

I try to turn my head to see the damage but he pushes it back down. Tadhg knows I’m unable to reply and doesn’t stop in light of the blood. In fact, he seems to get off on it and starts to go in and out a bit faster with the intensity of the pain matching the rhythm of his fucking.

“You’re loosening up Alex, time to give it to you good. You can take it now,” he affirms, lifting my left leg up past my waist and leaning in closer.

He now achieves to go even deeper than I thought was physically possible. His pubes tickle my ass on each lunge now and his monstrous balls are clapping hard against my own. I feel him hitting what must be my g-spot that I didn’t even know I had. After about seven or so hits of it I jizz into the sheets without him realising. I’m so confused by this. Why on earth did I just cum from being raped in my ass? I can’t even think about that right now, as it’s still not over.

Tadhg pants, “I’m gonna cum in your ass now brace yourself here it comes.” At least he’s giving me an actual warning this time.

My defiant cries become muffled by the pillow and convert into mere moans. At this point I can’t distinguish between the sounds coming from the brutal porn on the computer and the sounds coming from me. My ass is almost numb to his gigantic rod but then I feel it. I start to feel my insides fill with his hot liquid seed. I sense it spread deep into the gaps made from being split open.

“ARGH, argh, ARGHH, oarghhhhhhhh,” with a drawn out grunt for each pump. His grunts are even deeper than his voice. From what I could tell I think this load may have been bigger than the first somehow. The full feeling in my ass, the more exaggerated sighs of relief and apparent satisfaction from him this time round seem to validate my hunch.

He stays on top of me for about a minute with his full mast member still pulsating inside me and myself drenched in both of our sweats. The pungent smell is musty like a high-school boys locker room after a sports carnival in a heat wave. It feels like a heat wave has gone through me too. He pulls himself out and it’s like a hot knife is being ripped out of my anus. The pain emanating from my anal passage kicks in immensely now. As the mixture of his cum and my anal blood trickles down to my balls I begin to ponder how the fuck I got myself into this. Or rather, more accurately, how lucky I am.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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