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I have had a lot of request for the missing chapters so here they are, i hope you enjoy them.

Chapter 11: The Storm after the Calm

We had the week at Tom and Sharon’s to sort through what had happened over the weekend. Dave who should have been the most confused seemed to have the best handle on it all. Both women he was alone with were deep loving times even though they were both very different. I was the only one to have a totally sexual affair which was with Jason. Tom and Sharon both came to understand our relationship better.

The love between the four of us was much deeper but I still felt bad about the way I was with Jason. I don’t know if it was my need to ease my guilt or a true desire for the others to feel what I had with Jason, but I suggested that we get together with our other group for some mate swapping. They all thought it was a good idea and left me to get it all set up.

I didn’t want to handle this with letters or e-mails so I called Sandy. I told her about Jason and what the four of us had done. We talked about all the pitfalls. Sandy said she understood. She and John close the bar three nights a week and most times without Dale and Tina. She also said that Dale and Tina will get together while she and John are working but they had never done anything like we did at the hotel.

Sandy and I talked about many different ways to make it happen. Jokingly Sandy said, “The best thing would be for you and Sharon to send your husbands up here and we’ll send ours to you. Then the four of you can get together and the Tina and I can have your husbands.”

The idea was whirling around in my mind as I said, “That’s not a bad idea. It won’t be the one on one that Jason and I had but it just might work.”

Sandy started to laugh and said, “I was only joking.” Then she thought about it and said, “Tina and I alone with Tom and Dave for the weekend. I’m liking it more and more.”

We both laughed but knew this was the way to go so we started making plans. Labor Day weekend was coming up and would be the best time for all of us. Now all we had to do was to convince, Sharon, Tom, Dave, John, Dale and Tina. That shouldn’t be that hard. Scott was going to six flags with grandma and grandpa and would not be back till late Monday night so he was staying there Monday night.

As it turned out Sharon and Tina jumped right on it. It was the guys that needed to be talked into it. I would have thought it would have been the other way around. I knew how to get to Dave by telling him over and over he would have Tina’s hot little body to play with all weekend. Now Tina is not as wild as she was that first weekend but is still game for most anything and a lot of fun to be with. Every one of us just loves to play with her tiny body and she loves to be played with. Dave gave in quickly and Tom followed so now it was all set.

John and Dale both took Friday off and were here before our husbands even left. We all met at Kelly’s bar. Sharon and I were enjoying our new husbands for the weekend when Tom and Dave got off work. Tom and Dave came downstairs and found us in John and Dale’s arms kissing. Nothing had really started yet. We were all still dressed so it hadn’t gone too far.

Tom came down and said, “Well someone is starting the weekend early. I don’t think this is very fair by the time we drive up there it will take another two hours.” He walks over to the phone behind the bar. He talks for a few minutes and turns to John, “Is there a place we can land at the bed and breakfast?”

John was busy taking off my top as my husband was kissing me goodbye. Again Tom says, “John” finally getting his attention, “is there a place to land a helicopter at the bed and breakfast?”

My top is off now and John has a tit in each hand and answers Tom, “Yes there is. I’ll call and let them know to expect you.”

Tom slides his cell phone to John which means he has to take at lest one hand off my tits. John calls Sandy at the bar while Tom is still on the phone. They both hang up at the same time and Tom says, “Ok, our ride will be here in 15 minutes and we should be setting down within the hour.”

John goes back to my tits but with his mouth this time. Sharon was wearing less than I was and is now naked kissing her husband goodbye. Dale is playing with her pussy as she kisses Tom. They break the kiss and Tom says, “Come on Dave let’s get out there to catch our ride. It looks like our wives are in good hands, so to speak.” We all laughed and gave quick kisses then Tom and Dave head out as the helo is landing.

Sharon and I are both naked now alone with two men that are not our husbands. Here come those feelings again. I look at Sharon and she looks back at me. We both smile and the feelings are gone and we start stripping the men with us. We can still hear the helo leaving as Sharon and I are both over a bar stool getting royally fucked. What a weekend this is going to be.

Sharon and I had been anticipating ankara dansöz escortlar this weekend for a while. She and I were bent over a bar stool next to each other. John was pounding my pussy and Dale was doing Sharon. It was a fast and heated fuck, something all four of us needed. Sharon and I watched the other cumming as soon as the guys stuck their cocks into us. Both guys came quickly which was not a surprise to any of us and Sharon and I both got our orgasms. Dale sat on the stool next to Sharon and John wobbled around the bar to fix us all a drink.

I looked at Sharon, two minds with but a single thought, I got on the bar and Sharon got on top of me in a 69. Sharon and I have licked our husbands cum from each other since that first week. Now we both had a pussy full of cream and neither one was from our husbands. It was too exciting to pass up. The guys were enjoying it as much if not more than we were. At any rate they were both hard and ready to go again.

Sharon and I just fell limp on the bar and John came around and lifted Sharon off me. I’m sure she couldn’t have managed it by herself. He sat Sharon down on the stool next to my head. We looked at each other then kissed and broke out laughing. I hope the guys didn’t think we were laughing at them.

I rolled off the bar and took Dale by the hand and led him to one of the couches. Sharon had John in tow to the other couch. Watching us 69ing had the guys rock hard but Sharon and I needed some time. I had Dale sit down and lay with my head in his lap. His hard cock along my cheek. Sharon did the same with John. We spent some time just getting to know who we were with. There was a lot of kissing and petting all the while.

After about an hour I got up and changed places with Sharon. I lay down on the couch with John and kissed his cock then put my head in his lap. His cock was still in front of me and I kissed and stroked him as we talked. We found we knew very little about these guys. I knew more about Dale because of that first night we spent together. They turned out to be very interesting men as well as good lovers.

We all went up to the kitchen for coffee. Sharon had ordered dinner and it should be here in about an hour. We all sat around the table naked and I started things off by asking, “What is it that each expects from this weekend.”

I guess it caught everyone off guard even Sharon. It surprised me when Dale was the first to speak. I guess I did have some effect on him. He said, “Sandy and I have talked a lot about this since you called. We know the dangers and pitfalls. We also know the excitement that can come from it. I guess I’m looking for that thrill of being with someone new in a safe place. Would this be an affair? I most certainly hope it is. Is it damaging to any of our relationships, even our own wife? I don’t think so. So I guess that is what I’m looking for this weekend, a safe exciting affair with someone I am not with all the time.” We were all dumbfounded. None of us could have explained it any better. We all agreed that is what we were all there for. The thrill of the unknown, the excitement of a first date and safe on all our relationships.

By now dinner was there and we all sat around naked just having a good time talking and joking and of course teasing and playing. Sharon got things going over dinner when she said, “Let’s play truth or dare. We are already naked and we have just fucked each other what could it mater. The idea this weekend is to get to know each other better, right? I’ll start, John, the weekend we came up there was that the first time you and Sandy ever got together?”

I thought to myself, “Fuck, Sharon, of all the questions you could have asked. Sandy’s husband is sitting right there. This could totally blow the weekend.”

John looked at Dale and said, “It was the first time we ever got that carried away but we had kissed once before. It was at the Christmas party about two years ago. Sandy and I were pissed that we had to work serving the rest of the staff. When the party broke up and moved on we were left to clean up. When we were done and ready to leave I gave Sandy a Christmas kiss. I guess all our frustrations came pouring out. The kiss got hotter and hotter and we were making out for about half an hour. It never went beyond that but we would give each other looks from time to time. Then you guys came up and the damn burst.”

I finally let my breath out and thought, “That went pretty good”. Then I said to John, “Ok now it is your turn.”

I didn’t expect things to get this heavy this fast but John turned to Dale and said, “Ok, Dale, I’ve never asked Sandy this but did you know you were there to fuck Tina that first night?”

Dale got a silly grin and said, “Sandy told me all about all of you, about you four and what she had done with John. We had talked about opening our relationship but at the time we didn’t know anyone in that small town of ours. I guess that kiss ankara saatlik veren escortlar was what turned Sandy around because for the last two years she has been much more open to the idea. I knew about it that first night even before you got together the second night. Even that first night she said she wanted to try to set something up with Tina. I mean look at Tina, who wouldn’t want to spend time with her.”

Things were not going the way Sharon planned and she tried to change the game but Dale said, “Not so fast. Now it is my turn.” He looked right at Sharon and asked, “Sharon, have you ever been with Dave that Lynn didn’t know about?”

Sharon shot back, “No never.” Then she looked away and finished, “But I told Dave that if he came by I wouldn’t say no.” She turned and looked at me out of the corner of her eye.

I started laughing which took Sharon by surprise then I told her, “I told your husband the same thing.”

She gave me a hug and kissed me saying, “So I guess we might as well just tell the other that it is ok then.”

I kissed her again and said, “Yes but let’s not tell them that” We all laughed and I said, “Let’s get this party back down stairs and start a real fucking affair.” We all got up and I led the way back to the bar. Sharon hit the lights for the dance floor and the game room then flipped on the music.

Dale pulled me to him and led the way to the dance floor. Sharon went into the game room with John. She wanted to make the point that we did not have to always be together. As we danced Dale said, “The first time I was here you made me do things I never could have done before. You pushed me beyond all my limits. That’s how much I wanted to fuck you that night and it has changed everything for me. I want to thank you for that but there is one thing that has not changed.”

I pulled back enough to look him in the eyes and asked, “What’s that Dale?”

I don’t know where my brain was I should have seen it coming when Dale said, “How much I want to fuck you.”

I reached down and took hold of his cock and said, “Well I’m all yours this weekend, anytime any place” then I thought and finished, “You might have to share me with John though.”

He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. His cock was hard and waiting. I just slipped down on it and he smiled and said, “That’s fair but I have you now.”

We were kissing and I was bouncing up and down on his cock. It felt so good inside me and I started cuming very fast. He walked us over to the couch and laid me down then gave me the fucking of a life time. He held nothing back and we kissed the whole time. After about three orgasms of my own he finally filled my pussy to overflowing.

Dale and I were basking in the after glow when Sharon and John came back from the game room. They were both laughing and I asked who won. Sharon was playfully slapping John saying, “John was cheating. Every time I would bend over to take a shot he would shove his cock in my pussy. Of course I would miss my shot.”

John put his arms around Sharon and said, “But I got a shot every time you did.”

Sharon pulls John over to the couch and pushes him down then climbs on top of him saying, “Now you’re going to finish what you were teasing me with.” She sits down on John’s cock and starts ridding him. Dale and I just sit there watching them. It is not long before Dale rolls over me and his cock is slipping in and out of my pussy. Sharon and I make eye contact and she winks before washing over the edge of her orgasm. I look back at Dale and my own orgasm comes shortly after Sharon. Both guys seem to get off at the same time, I hear Dale and John yelling that they are cuming and feel Dale filling me once again.

We told the guys it was time for bed, after all we had each been fucked three times and it is only Friday night. No one was going to sleep in the big big bed. Sharon was going to use one of the spare bedrooms and I was using the room Dave and I use when Scott is with us. Sharon and John went to bed first and Dale and I sat and talked for a while before going to bed.

I didn’t remember but this was the same room Dale and I used before on that first weekend. We got into bed and this time Dale didn’t need to be prompted to ask for what he wanted. He said, “I would really like for you to go down on me. I remember how good you are with your mouth.”

Instead of just going down on him I got into a 69. Bringing my pussy to his mouth I said, “I remember you were very good yourself.” He was even better than I remember. He gave me two orgasms before filling my mouth with his sweet cream. Then we cuddled up together and went to sleep.

I woke Saturday morning with Dale just sitting there watching me and stroking my tits. I reached over and took hold of his very hard cock. As I stroked him I asked, “You haven’t been sitting there all night have you?”

He kissed each nipple and said, “No I just woke up ankara azeri escortlar a few moments ago but you just looked so sexy laying there.”

I pulled the covers back exposing my whole body and said, “It’s all yours today.” Then I rolled over and took his morning hard cock in my mouth. He was soon bucking up into my mouth. I knew he was ready to cum and that’s just what I wanted first thing this morning. His watching me and playing with my tits had him worked up and soon I was drinking my breakfast. I looked up at him and said, “Well now that I’ve had breakfast why don’t we go to the kitchen so I can fix you something?”

Dale gets this wicked grin on his face and says, “The only thing I want to eat is right here in this bed.”

As his head moves between my legs I moan, “I was hoping you’d say that.”

It was about half an hour later when we finally got to the kitchen. Sharon and John were having coffee, both still naked but then so were we. I fixed a cup for Dale and myself and we sat at the table. It felt very strange to be sitting in that kitchen but without Tom and Dave. The four of us have spent many hours there and now we are there with two different men, but still naked and playing with each other.

Sharon said, “Feel free to have full run of the house and grounds. If you happen to walk in on something you can join or just keep going. I, for one, intend to make use of every part of the house and grounds this weekend.” She looked at Dale and said, “You have Lynn all day but tonight and tomorrow you’re all mine.” Then she took John’s hand and said, “Let me show you the pool area.”

Once they left I was on Dale’s lap facing him. I kissed him and whispered, “I’m going to tell you a little secret. The first time Sharon and I ever got together was right here on this floor. Dave and I have never even done it here but I want you right here right now.” I pulled him out of his chair and on to the floor right where Sharon and I made love that first day. It may not have meant much to Dale but I was cuming as soon as he slid his cock into me. It was three more orgasms before Dale finally emptied in to me.

During the corse of the day Dale and I had some form of sex on the bar, on the pool table, in the pool and the hot tub even on the tennis court. In between times we walked and talked about anything and everything. I have no idea how many orgasms I had but Dale had five, three in my pussy and two in my mouth. With all of us at the house I never had this much sex and this is just the first day. Tonight I get John. As much as I like fucking Dale there is just something about John that gets me going so I know tomorrow is going to be even more.

We ran into Sharon and John for lunch. We all needed a break. Sharon and I got a couple minutes alone and she said John was fucking her to death. We all just took it easy for the afternoon. We were in the bar and played some games in the game room and danced some. There was a lot of groping and kissing. We only fucked our husbands for the day once more that afternoon. Sharon and John on one couch and Dale and I on the other.

Again Sharon had Dinner delivered and that marked the time to change partners. Now John was mine for the night and all day tomorrow. After dinner John and I went on the dance floor. We danced naked for the longest time. Just holding each other and talking. I had no idea where Sharon and Dale went and didn’t care. Right then it was just John and I. As we danced I told John, “Ever since that first night in the bar I’ve wanted to be alone with you.”

He kissed me and said, “The main reason I fucked Sandy that night was I couldn’t fuck you and you had me so worked up. If there had been any way I would have fucked you right then.”

Once we both opened up to each other we went and sat on the couch. I was laying back against John and we talked for hours. I learned so much about him and Tina, and I shared a lot about Dave and I. It was a very loving time and not what I expected. I thought it would be like with Dale and just sex but it was so much more then that. I was starting to feel nervous now. This was feeling more like an affair. I’m alone with a man I don’t see often and we are getting intimate not just sexual and it feels very good.

We finally made our way up to bed. Sharon and Dale had gone up long ago. When we got in bed together John took me in his arms and started kissing me. Not like I want to fuck you kiss but more like I want to make love to you kiss. That’s what I wanted right then more than anything. He slowly rolled over on top of me and as he slid slowly into me we were kissing. We made love slowly and passionately. I had cum a couple times when he emptied his seed into my pussy. He just rolled over to the side and we went to sleep with him still in me.

The next morning John was still asleep when I got up. I went to the kitchen and Sharon was there alone as well. She saw me walk in and said, “What happened did we fuck them too much? I can’t believe they are both still sleeping with two naked willing women here.”

I took my coffee and sat down, “I looked at Sharon and said, “I’m not sure just how willing I am this morning.”

Sharon sat next to me and asked, “What happen? John wear you out last night?”

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