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Curious about guys I got on a local website and started my search. A little about me I was 27 at the time 6″ 200 lbs hood nigga to keep it short lol I was super nervous and didn’t talk to many people at first but after a few joints I relaxed a bit lol anyway I start chatting with a man named Robby he was 5’8 170lbs white was a bit older about 45 to50 married kids the whole 9.

After small talk for a few days we decided to get together, We choose a spot for him to pick me up little did I know this man was picking me up in a 2018 Mercedes benz lol I get in his car and I panicked I got out of him car at the first stop light after that I tell him I’ve never done anything with a guy and his car freaked me out (haha I know I’m a pussy), Robby was really cool about it witch really eased my nerves.

We continue to chat over the next few days sexting and what not until one day he tells me he’s bored at work, so I send him a vid of me stroking my dick he kartal genç escort responds with a pic of him hard in his office, after a few exchanges I suggest he let me fuck his mouth in his office.

With almost no hesitation he grabs his work truck and meets me at the same spot we previously agreed upon. At this point I had smoked a few blunts and took 3shots of liquor before walking out the door.

I see Robby parked and I hop in the back seat, as he starts driving he’s making small talk and glancing in the rear view he stops at a light and I pull my dick out I see his eyes get wide as he turns around to admire how hard my cock was without thinking Robby reaches back to feel my smooth 7 inches stroking me as the light turns green.

At this point he says “forget the office I want it now” and we start looking for a place to park.

At this point I’m ready to explode all over the back of this truck every bayan kartal escort chance he got he’d reach around just to touch me he got so excited he stopped using blinkers lol.

We finally find a secluded spot to park, It was now or never.

He climbs into the back seat without saying a word and starts to stroke my dick never once taking his eyes off my cock, I’m in shock not only was this my fist gay experience but this man was mesmerized by my dick like no woman has ever been.

Without warning he plunged taking as much as he could, I let out a moan as he repeated this until he started to gag.

He looks at me with puppy eyes and asks “how am I doing daddy” while kissing the tip.

Without saying a word I place my hand on the back of his head and push every inch down his throat he willingly excepts this as he starts to gag and choke on me. I feel spit running down my leg so I let him up escort kartal bayan he takes 3 gasps of air before he begins fucking his own face.

At this point I lose all control I grab his head with both hands forcing him balls deep as I unload deep in his throat. Like a good cocksucker he milks my dick with his throat before breathing again.

He removes me from his throat but leaves the head in his mouth I stayed hard so he kept sucking we both wanted more. He removed me from his mouth and started licking every inch of my dick working his way to my balls then taking both of them in his mouth.

Robby was really getting into it he started moaning while sucking me at this point I’m on cloud 9 while fucking his mouth every time he’d try to come up I’d push him back down at one point it must have looked like I was bouncing a ball. I could feel my load getting close I guess he could to because he started grabbing my hips to take me as deep as possible.

The cum shot he swallowed was MASSIVE!

He got about 5 shots right down his throat and didn’t spill a drop I honestly don’t know how he didn’t have nut all over the car.

After catching his breath and coming down from his dick high he kisses the head and asks if men or woman give better head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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