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She sees him in the chat room and asks him if he would walk her to the door.

“Sure” he says, but has no idea of the things to come.

They leave the chat room and find themselves in the virtual room. Their senses are alive with the feel and smell of each other. He is taller than expected; she is more beautiful than ever imagined. Their hands are suddenly warm; their eyes finally see each other.

You reach for my hair – pull me close and kiss me deeply, finally tasting my wetness. You enjoy the feel of my closeness, the warmth of my body, the softness of my hair. Your other arm circles me and presses my waist into you. You surround me with your heat. There are candles lit all around, the light flickers, and a soft blanket covers the carpet. You gently push me down on the floor, hugging my full length. Exploring my mouth with your tongue, you lick the inside of my lips. You kiss my neck below my ear; I can feel your breath and your hands start to roam. You cup my breast under my silk shirt, feeling my nipple begin to harden. Kissing my neck where my shoulder meets, you gently nip at the sweet skin there while unbuttoning my shirt. You feel my stomach rise and my breasts swell as I begin to breathe deeper.

We sit up and you move, kneeling behind me you take my shirt off. You hug me from behind wrapping your arms around my shoulders; your hands find my breasts. As you kiss the back of my neck you unfasten my bra and slide it down my shoulders. Your hands go to my breasts, kneading and caressing. You finger my nipples to hardness, and then gently pinch them between your thumbs and forefingers. You roll them and hear me softly moan.

You lay me back down and kneel above me, kissing all around my chest, your face rubbing against my breasts. As you suck a nipple into your mouth you begin to unbutton my jeans. You push my pants and panties down as you kiss along the way; straddling almanbahis my waist. My waist, thigh, knee, calf… You lick the top of my foot as you get them finally off. I have been working at your jeans too and have freed your swollen cock. As you slide back up your cock drags up my chest leaving a little wet trail from my stomach to my neck.

You kiss my inner thigh as my legs spread farther apart – an invitation you can’t pass up. You kiss my mound and inhale, my warm aroma excites you so. You move your head between my legs and lick at my pouting lips, pulling them both into your mouth, then gently one at a time. As you suck on one your tongue dips into my core, feeling my heat. I am working your cock with my hands and mouth. You feel me licking from the head down the shaft, I continue to lick down the center of your balls and find the root of your cock. I am kissing and sucking at the place where it grows from, swelling you to new heights. Your hands go around my butt and squeeze my cheeks up into your face. You thrust your tongue as deep as you can, tasting and drinking my juices. As you caress my butt you lick down farther, teasing at my tight little hole, making me squirm under you. You trace the outline of my pussy back to my lips and start to lap at my clit.

You are so close to cumming.

You kneel up and move around so that you can lie between my legs, your cock pinned between the blanket and your stomach. You begin to tease my clit again, licking and gently sucking at my hardness. One hand on my stomach, your thumb at the top of my clit, you pull my lips up to expose my swollen nerve to your tongue. You stab at the sides of it, and then swipe your tongue across it, just to stab at the other side. You work a finger into my wetness and feel the muscles grab it, it feels like an electric shocks hitting your finger. You continue to suck and stab at my clit as I move more and almanbahis giriş more to meet your finger thrusts. You are humping the blanket almost as if fucking the floor… Your thumb jerks at my clit as you start to circle it with your pointed tongue. As you slide a second finger into my heat I start to cum…

Your fingers saw in and out, you are sucking on my clit and you feel my pussy grab your fingers, squeezing them over and over as I buck up and down. You look up to see my head turning from side to side as I squeeze my breasts, pinching my nipples. My contractions seem to fade some; your fingers are coated with my sweetness…

You pull your fingers out and bring them to your mouth, tasting the gift I have given you. So thick, so sweet; You begin to stroke your cock now, smearing my juices into it as you kneel between my outstretched legs. You move in close and tease my throbbing hole with the head of your now purple cock head. You rub it up and down my slit, then back up to rub it across my pink nub. You hear the words you live for

“Fuck me”

The words are not sweet but demanding – commanding. You tease just a little more before you pop your purple head into my heat. My pussy surrounds you like a molten glove. The little shocks you felt before on your finger are now electrifying your pulsing shaft. You thrust in as deep as you can and stop there to feel the closeness we share. Your hands circle around my butt and pull me closer to you. You kiss me deeply; your tongue explores my mouth as if it were my pussy… You suck one lip at a time. You begin to move your hips from side to side, still as deep inside of me as you can get, trying to get deeper – wishing you could fuck your balls into me too.

You begin to pull out just to push back in, slowly thrusting in and out. You look into my eyes and you see them rolling up, my breathing is accompanied with little grunts almanbahis yeni giriş timed to your thrusting. My legs go around your waist giving you more access to my pussy and that makes you quicken your thrusts. Your hands are squeezing my butt, pulling me up. Your little finger feels the slick tightness of my asshole, so wet there. As your hands clench at my butt your finger is sucked into my hot little hole, just the tip of your finger is in. Your thrusts quicken a bit more and your finger is sucked farther in, up to the second knuckle. You can feel your cock moving in and out of me with your finger now. The feeling is overwhelming you – your cock slipping in and out of my tight pussy, your finger in my hot asshole rubbing your cock, kissing my neck, feeling my breasts against your chest.

I am bucking up at you more and more as you pump for all you are worth. You feel my heels dig into your butt as my fingers dig into your back; my breath quickens and then stops… You feel my pussy get so much tighter as I seem to flex all my muscles from head to toe. Your little finger in my ass feels the pressure too — then you feel the release, then everything gripping you, relaxing, gripping again. I moan in your ear

“I’m cumming.. “

And we are the only people in the world right now… time stops… I seem to cum forever, the spasms go on and on… Your balls start to tighten and you keep thrusting, almost splashing in my juices until you lose control. You kneel up as you pull your cock out of me, jerking on yourself; your hand is a blur, your cock so slick, so hard…

“Aaaaaah cumming!!”

Wave after wave of hot cum flies from your cock, over my shoulder, on my chest, hitting the blanket… You are so spent that you can’t even speak. You gaze down at me, white ribbons across my body as I smear your hot cum into my breasts, a puddle forms at the base of my neck. You lie back down beside me and pull me over you like a blanket. We hug tightly as we catch our breath, your arms wrapped around me, your softening cock pressed between us… If we fall asleep like this we might become glued together as your cum dries.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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