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I had always been rather curious and ready for new adventures. I wanted to know everything about life, and from the moment I was able to interest men I was out tempting (and bedding) them. Of average height but with a stunning figure and pretty face framed by dark auburn hair, I had no shortage of dalliances. My mother would look me in the eyes and tell me “Curiosity killed the cat. Just remember that.” I had no idea what she meant and I didn’t care. My ways suited me fine enough… until the day I met the lady Belinda. I was out of my league from the moment I looked into her stormy gray eyes and lost myself to the mesmerizing depths of her mind, and I didn’t even know it.

We met quite by accident one day, at least I thought it was so at the time. Since that day I have had reason to question everything that occurred from that moment. A strange dog suddenly appeared and ran into me, knocking me down. She offered me a quick hand to help me up, and our relationship was begun. Her engaging smile and almost musical laugh bewitched me instantly. She invited me home with her to bandage my bloodied knee and I never left.

That first afternoon was one I could never forget. Belinda took me upstairs to her room to tend my knee. She had me sit on the side of her bed, my foot on a little stool. She lifted my skirt above my knees and tenderly wiped the blood from the small cut. She bent to kiss the wound, and it felt for the tiniest moment she actually sucked at it, but I knew certainly that could not be so and dismissed the shiver than ran up my spine. After she tied a small bandage on the cut she rested her hand on my knee and looked up at me.

Her lips were full and red, her eyes smoky and mysterious, surrounded by a cloud of dark, wavy hair that fell to her waist. She held my gaze, probing the depths of my soul through my eyes and when I finally looked away I was squirming a little. It was as though she had read my thoughts, and I was already naked before her. She slid her hand up my thigh slowly, but she already knew I had succumbed to her charms. From that point on I would do anything she asked of me.

Her fingers wound their way beneath my undergarments like a snake would find its way to prey. They flickered quickly across my skin and sought the moisture that had already begun to seep. As she felt my wetness, Belinda gave a small gasp of delight and sat on the bed beside me.

“Unbutton me!” she demanded as she reached around behind me and started to unfasten my dress. Once undressed, she pulled me down on the bed and fell upon me like a lust-crazed animal, licking me, sucking at me, biting me just to the point of pain. She roughly pulled off the remainder of my clothes as she explored the whole of my body with her mouth.

Though I had imagined it often, I had never known another woman who felt as I did. The thrill that began in me when she first touched the inside of my thigh kept me helpless to resist or respond until she finally began to slow her assault on me. She laid beside me and softly caressed me as she spoke.

“I hope I did not frighten you. I was so hungry for you I could not help myself.” When Belinda finished speaking she lowered her mouth to mine and her hand to my breast. I couldn’t get enough of the feel of her lips against mine, of our tongues sliding together… until she moved her mouth to cover my already taut nipple. I could feel the warmth and wetness growing as she worked her way down between my legs. She sucked my clit into her mouth, hard, and I came instantly, gasping and quivering… she immediately thrust her fingers into my flowing wetness and brought them to her lips. She sucked my taste from them and then kissed me. Eager to taste her as well I pulled her to me and licked at her soft, perfumed slit until she tightened her legs around my head and cried out for me to stop.

We rested for only a moment, then she leaned down and began to tongue me again, this time sliding her legs around my head and pressing herself to my mouth. We lost ourselves in a frenzy of hedonistic pleasures. For the next few days we barely left the room, the housekeeper bringing food at regular intervals as if she was used to her mistress’ peculiarities.

Belinda was very aggressive, unlike any woman I had ever met, and I suppose she tamed me for awhile. She was insatiable, but so had I always been, so we were a good match for each other. We would while away the hours in her bedroom, sometimes not leaving her room all day. She let me know I must be gone before her lover returned, and I accepted that. I was under her spell, and would have taken her on any terms. The days rolled by and became a pleasant blur of decadent living

Two weeks went by this way and then one day she announced that she would be gone for the afternoon and most of the evening She did not reveal where she was going, and I did not ask any questions. There was a look on her face that was different than any I had seen so far in all her moods, and I knew she would tell me nothing further. ankara escort bayan

As the hours dragged by I decided to explore the house a little. I had never seen most of the house, as Belinda had spent almost every minute with me. She had told me the rest of the house was unimportant, we only needed to be concerned with our rooms. The rest were “his”. She spoke this as though to trespass would be unforgivable. But I was bored and so very curious.

There were several doors past her bedroom, and I opened each one, curious as to what lay inside the closed doors. The first room was nothing special, a man’s bedroom, sparsely furnished and without frills, the few personal objects atop the night stand and bureau neatly arranged.

When I opened the second room I stopped and stared in wonderment. There was a bed in the center of the large room, which looked as if it had been built right out of the floor. There were hooks in the ceiling, from which chains and leather straps dangled. Around the floor beside the bed and along the sides of the bed were hooks in various places. There were two large cupboards against one wall, a small table near the bed, and one chair. I was inexperienced, but not totally innocent. It didn’t take me long to grasp that the intent of all the equipment was to hold someone securely and totally at one’s mercy.

After I finished gaping at the strange apparatus, I had to explore further. I walked over to one of the cupboards. There were carvings of strange symbols along the trim on both doors, and the handles were of a strange shape. I opened one of the doors. My eyes were even more amazed at the myriad collection of whips, paddles, straps and restraining devices. Having recovered from my understanding of the bed, I was not so shocked at the sight as impressed with the vastness of the collection.

I moved on to the other cupboard, unable to imagine what it might contain. My other discoveries about the room had already excited me. I could feel a slight bit of moisture on my thighs as I reached for the handle. (I wore no undergarments, as Belinda preferred me that way.)

This one contained many drawers. I examined the contents of each drawer. Some objects completely mystified me as to their purpose, and others I could wickedly imagine their use. There were candles and matches, and various lengths of small chains, some with odd clips on the ends and some with loops or hooks. There were strings of beads and straps and belts and even some feathers and bottles of oil. But my biggest surprise was the largest drawer at the bottom.

Carefully laid on towels was an incredible array of phalluses. Some were made of glass or porcelain, others of satin-polished wood or stone, and some were made of a strange material I did not recognize, but it felt pleasant, warming instantly to the touch.

I examined them closely, touching them and wondering how it would feel to use one on myself. I had been with a few men, but this was a very different feeling. I was very aroused by my find. I took one made of porcelain out of the drawer and warmed it a little between my hands. I slid it between my thighs but it was still cool. I felt goose bumps prickle on my arms and legs, and my nipples hardened. I moved the object up against my already moist pussy and slid it back and forth between my lips, the cock warming as I worked it back and forth. I eased it gently inside myself a little, then a little more. It felt so good as I pushed it inside myself as far as I could, then drew it out slowly. Again and again and again I slowly stroked my insides with the smooth porcelain. I was so lost in my own pleasure I lost any idea of how much time had passed. Then I could stand it no more. I put my fingers to my clit and rubbed little circles over it, first gently, then harder and harder until I was feverishly humping the porcelain cock, my muscles clenching hard around it, wetness from my orgasm seeping onto the floor beneath me.

A few minutes went by before I remembered where I was. I quickly cleaned everything up and put it all back as it had been when I entered the strange room. The clock at the head of the stairs told me it wasn’t even time for the evening meal yet, and I knew no one would miss me. I went to the third door.

At first I thought the door was locked, but another turn of the knob and the door opened. The room was shuttered, and only a little sunlight filtered through. It was enough to show me there were rows of bottles and small boxes on the shelves on one side of the room. The large table on the other side held some bowls and pots of different sizes, and a couple of stacks of immense books. The room had an odd smell to it, somewhat like moss, and a creepy aura. I felt uncomfortable as soon as I stepped into the room.

I walked over and lifted the cover of one of the books. It was written in a strange language, with some of the same symbols I had noticed on the cupboards in the previous room. I felt too uneasy to stay in the room long, ankara bayan escort and I didn’t know how long Belinda would really be gone, so I closed the book and put it back exactly where it had been.

The few times Belinda left for the afternoon after that, I would return to the room with the magnificent torture bed. I became bolder each time, and eventually climbed up on the bed and tested some of the straps on myself. I tied my legs and pulled them up toward the ceiling with a chain looped over a large hook. I almost came as soon as I inserted my favorite cock into my already dripping slit, lasting only a few strokes before touching my clit sent me bucking and thrashing in my self-imposed restraints.

I was always careful when I left, to clean everything up and put it all back exactly as I had found it. I did not want to incur the wrath of Belinda’s lover. The way she spoke of him in tones of almost fear sometimes made me shiver to think of meeting him, let alone see him angry.

As it would happen, Belinda’s lover arrived home several days early. She was out visiting again when he arrived. I stood at the top of the stairs and watched as he strode into the house, his powerful and commanding presence at once filling the place.

When the housekeeper told him Belinda was out and she did not know where or when she would return, he was furious. “I told her to always be here when I return!” he fumed. I ran quickly into the room we shared to pack my few things as he walked angrily up the stairs.

I was not quick enough and just as I was ready to leave the door flew open. The thunderous look he wore was not enough to hide his dark handsomeness. My breath caught in my throat as I looked up at him, my eyes wide, startled.

“And who might you be?” he asked as his eyes noticed every detail about me. His tone was demanding, but the storm cloud around his face was receding a bit.

I did not know what to answer. Did he know of his lady’s desires for her own kind? I was not supposed to be there, I knew that. “I am Gabrielle.” I replied cautiously.

“I am Dmitri, Master of this house.” He said it as if her were master of all that resided within, as well. He reached out and took my hand and drew it to his lips. I shivered as he touched his lips to my skin. Did his eyebrow raise slightly? Had he felt my trembling? He appeared not to notice as he let go of my hand and looked at the small suitcase I was holding.

“I have not frightened you away, have I?” he said mockingly. “You have not told me why you are in my house, and why you are trying to flee before you properly thank me for my hospitality.” The knowing look in his eyes told me he already knew why I was there. I blushed with the knowledge that someone else was privy to my most wicked secrets. Such things were so forbidden they were not even whispered about. How could he know?

He looked at me, answering as if I had spoken my thoughts aloud. “I knew your secrets from the moment our eyes met.” he said. “I know the things you do not even tell yourself.” He took my suitcase and set it to the side. “You are not leaving yet, Gabrielle. Belinda knows the penalty for breaking the rules, and you accepted that when you stayed here.”

I protested. Belinda had told me nothing of any penalty I had to pay if he should come home earlier than expected. I reached for my suitcase. Dmitri stopped me and took me in his arms, wrapping them around me in a steely grip. I could barely move, yet I struggled when he pressed his lips to mine in a hard, bruising kiss, forcing my lips apart and invading me with his tongue.

Despite my resistance a thrill went through me at his masterful touch. I struggled to turn my head away but his mouth stayed on mine. The rapacious probing of his tongue sent my mind reeling. He reached up and began to unbutton the back of my dress, then losing patience he grabbed it in both hands and ripped it down the back. It was, as usual, all I wore. He cupped my buttocks and pulled me against him. I had been naked in front of men I had barely known before, but it had been on my terms, and no man had ever touched me until I let him.

I lifted my hand to slap Dmitri but he was quick and grabbed my wrist before I could ever make contact with his face. He swung me around and threw me on the bed, and was on me before I could get up. He grabbed both my hands and pinned them under me with one hand, then somehow removed his clothes without seeming to ever lift himself off me. I wiggled and squirmed and tried to kick, but he was much bigger than I and I was soon out of breath and lay still, panting.

“That’s better,” he said almost smiling. “If you would just relax, you would enjoy the inevitable very much, I promise you. Belinda should have warned you what the consequences would be if you were here when I returned. She knows that any female in my house belongs to me, to do with as I see fit. It makes no difference to me if you were forewarned.”

He bent and sucked at each of my ankara escort bayanlar nipples briefly, then kissed me again. He held my mouth with his, his tongue continuing its total domination of mine. His hands wandered over my stomach and breasts, playing my sensitive skin with his long fingers. My lips felt swollen when he left my mouth and began to suckle at my breasts again. He let my arms free only to grasp them again and pull them above my head. His hand was moving lower and lower, finally he trailed his fingers across my small thatch of hair and dipped them down into my telltale wetness. I tried once again to wriggle away, but he wound his hand in my hair and pulled me up sharply.

“Ohhh,” he growled into my neck, “the lady protests far too vigorously. I think you are far more willing to accept my attention than you have let on, Gabrielle.” He forced himself between my legs and spread them apart with his knees. “Yes, I can see that you are ready for me.”

He positioned himself at my now slippery opening and poised himself for that first thrust. He looked into my eyes before he pushed against me. I could not look away from him, and his eyes held mine as he drove into me. He felt as hard as the cock made of stone in the secret room as he bore into me again and again. He let go of my arms at some point, I do not know when. I only know that my arms and legs were wrapped around him as he plunged his length into me over and over until at last he gave a mighty groan and began to spasm inside me. Dmitri shuddered a few times, then pulled himself away form me and slid down between my legs. He pulled me to the side of the bed and knelt on the floor, reaching under me and holding my legs apart with his hands.

I was pressing myself to his mouth the second his tongue touched me. He licked up and down my slit a few times, then concentrated on my clit, passing his tongue rapidly back and forth over it. I grabbed his head and held his mouth against me as I came. He sucked my clit between his lips and kept sucking it as I writhed against him, calling for him to stop even as I came again.

Afterward I lay on the bed too exhausted to move as he arose and dressed himself in what seemed like mere seconds. He told me again not to worry about Belinda, as she was fully aware of how things were, and had been warned often.

I awoke some time later to find the dress that had been torn from me was gone, and there was a new dress lying across the bed at my feet. I got up and put it on and went to the door, opening it just a crack. A quick glance at the clock at the head of the stairs told me I had been asleep for a couple of hours. I did not hear anyone until I reached the bottom of the stairs. Dmitri and Belinda were already at dinner. I didn’t really want to meet either of their eyes right now, but I was ravenous. I steeled myself and walked into the dining room.

Dmitri stood when I entered, and seated me across the table from Belinda. She smiled at me but I could not judge her mood. She asked if I slept well, and then smiled again. This time I could see a certain mischieviousness behind her smile, but it was more as if the joke was not with me, but about me. “Dmitri told me you were not exactly willing to accept our arrangement. I’m sorry I never explained everything to you, but then he has never come home early before.” she said in an apologetic tone. “You must admit, though,” she added, “it was surely the best punishment you have ever received.” I blushed, knowing that she knew I had enjoyed her lover.

Dmitri finally spoke. “It is good there is no jealously between the two of you. Belinda, as it was agreed, Gabrielle will stay until I am tired of her. If I do not tire of her, then she will be here until the next time I leave.”

I had been happy being there with Belinda, but I did not know if I was ready to stay and share her lover. I looked at the two of them. I opened my mouth but lost all resolve to speak when I saw Dmitri’s face. His magnetic eyes locked with mine and I knew I was at his mercy. I finally looked down at my plate as I felt a dangerous thrill run through my body at the thought of being caught up between the two of them.

I expected to be put in another bedroom now that Dmitri was home, but Belinda told me to come to bed with her as usual. She said Dmitri would expect it that way. “We have shared lovers before,” she told me. “The others have all been women he brought home, though, and he always tires of them in a few days.”

We bathed and got into bed and waited. The clock in the hall struck ten, then eleven. “He is lost in his books, then.” Belinda finally said. She turned and kissed me gently, then more ardently as I turned my naked body toward hers.

We had come to know each other well. I took both her breasts in my hands and began to massage them, my fingers moving ever closer to her rising nipples. She moaned as I took her nipples between my fingers and thumbs and squeezed gently, rolling them back and forth. They were so hard, so beautiful… I pulled my mouth from hers and sucked hard on each one, flicking my tongue across it in my mouth. She moaned again and I sucked harder. Suddenly she pulled my mouth away from her and rolled so that she was over me and ground her pussy against mine.

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