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The water was deep and cold and numbed her limbs, making it impossible to escape. Jenny thrashed hopelessly, crying out, occasionally receiving a mouthful of dirty liquid for her troubles, which made her splutter. She knew what this was, almost as though she were looking down on her own life from a great height; a dispassionate observer. She was trapped in a recurring dream that she’d experienced since childhood and which, incidentally, had become much worse after the cruel treatment by her ex-boyfriend and best friend.

The floodwaters were steadily rising and she was drowning. However, Jenny also knew that, in this particular dream, her grandmother could always be relied upon to save her. Looking around in anticipation, she saw Harriett struggling in the shallow waters. With utter horror, Jenny realised that for the first time ever, her grandmother wouldn’t rescue her. With increased terror, she screamed. She started to struggle even more, only to realise the water had been replaced by thick, black, oozing mud which started to fill her mouth, her lungs… Movement became impossible. She was paralysed. She was going to die. Suddenly, seemingly from out of nowhere, a pair of strong arms embraced her, dragging her onto the surface and away to safety…

‘Hey, hey, it’s alright baby,’ soothed Finn, as he held Jenny’s shaking form to his chest. It had taken him a couple of false starts to reach her, hitting his shin painfully on various boxes and furniture items. Finally, he’d managed to grope his way through the darkness of the room, to be reunited with his whimpering, inconsolable houseguest. Cradling her tenderly, he spoke kind, comforting words until he was sure the nightmare’s spell had been broken. Gratefully, Jenny clung to his strength, warmth and safety; a solitary rock within a swirling sea of emotions. Meanwhile outside, a violent storm broke around them, the rain hammering on the old building, searching out cracks in her defence. Finn couldn’t help but hope his strategically placed buckets, in less robustly roofed areas of the farmhouse, would hold firm until morning.

‘Thank you,’ Jenny managed to utter at last, her voice a long, rattling sigh, almost lightheaded with relief.

‘That’s okay,’ said Finn compassionately, starting to release her. ‘I’ll just be sitting over here, if you need me again.’

‘No!’ she exclaimed, her hand shooting out to find his chest in the darkness. ‘Please lay here beside me. Please hold me,’ she begged.

‘If you like,’ he replied, shuffling down the mattress into a horizontal position. For a short while, the two of them repositioned cushions and blankets in an attempt to make a small, single mattress comfortable enough for two adults to share.

Unable to read any body language or facial expressions through the blackness, after a moment’s pause, Finn raised his arm to wrap it around Jenny, allowing her to snuggle up against him. Fortunately, sight wasn’t necessary; her acute sigh of relief told him everything he needed to know. Despite realising that they had both stripped down to underwear and shirts during the night, Jenny sank into the feel of his warm, firm body and allowed Finn’s comforting strength to overwhelm her.

‘You’re right,’ she stuttered at last. ‘I am sometimes afraid…of what I see, of what I feel. Of life in general, I guess.’ Jenny’s words dried up as she felt her throat constricting with emotion.

‘Everybody’s afraid sometimes,’ soothed Finn, tenderly circling her shoulder with the palm of his hand.

‘I guess my biggest fear is that one day, maybe sooner than I care to believe, my only supporter will abandon me and leave me completely alone.’

‘Your grandmother is not your only supporter,’ said Finn softly. ‘And if you’re talking about her death, you mustn’t think in such a destructive way. Your perception is all wrong.’

‘What other way is there to think about it?’ she sniffed.

‘Death is inevitable, but when she leaves you, it won’t be abandonment. I’ll bet any money you like, that the final thought that will pass through the mind of that amazing lady will be about you and your happiness. That’s not abandonment, sweetheart,’ he said gently. ‘That’s a degree of love that most people can only dream of.’

It was Finn’s final sentence that broke down the barrier Jenny had maintained for so long. Sobbing in his arms, he simply let her cry it out, holding her close, listening to the strength of the storm begin to fade to nothingness. By the time she’d reached the hiccupping stage, Finn was smoothing the hair back from her face with his spare hand, the other still continuously stroking her back.

‘You were right about me,’ she gulped. ‘I’m guilty of not living life to the full. Sometimes, it feels as though I’m just on a treadmill, fighting to get through each month, without any recollection of living. And all the while, time simply passes.’

‘Well, you’re doing a pretty good job of living right now,’ said Finn kindly. ‘Besides, I was wrong to say that about almanbahis you. It was unfair. I did it to cause a rise, as has happened many times during our brief association,’ he admitted. ‘But I do think you need to look through the other end of the telescope sometimes. Treat every day as an adventure. See the opportunities life affords and take the occasional risk.’

‘Is that how you saw me in the supermarket?’ queried Jenny. ‘An opportunity?’

‘No,’ said Finn, gently shaking his head. ‘I’ve never viewed you like that. But you are certainly a risk,’ he admitted, after a short pause.

‘How?’ she asked, genuinely curious.

‘With you, I risk my heart getting hurt.’ Jenny exhaled sharply, but said nothing. Then, as naturally as breathing, she moved her hand to lie directly above his heart, savouring each strong, slow beat. In reaction, Finn coiled his spare arm around her quivering body, allowing both of his hands to drift lovingly across her entire back. One of Finn’s great joys was to give massages. As his fingers slowly began to burrow along her muscles and run suggestively through her hair, Jenny found she could do no more than dribble and groan.

‘God! You’re incredible at this!’ she grunted. After much exploration, Finn identified a knot in her left shoulder and started to carefully release the tension she’d been holding.

‘It’s one of my kinks,’ he chuckled, allowing his fingers to move to her neck, where he kneaded gently.

‘Only one of them?’ she gulped, suddenly aware that their naked legs had become firmly entwined during Finn’s amazing massage. Furthermore, only two thin layers of clothing separated their upper bodies too.

‘Yeah, one of them,’ he sighed, overwhelmed by the simple act of holding Jenny against him. ‘To give pleasure. This is being done quite selfishly. I’m getting just as much from this as you are.’

‘I seriously doubt that,’ she groaned. ‘Dare I ask what your other kinks are?’

‘You can ask but I think we’d need to know each other a lot better, before I share that kind of privileged information,’ he chuckled.

On the tip of Jenny’s tongue were the words ‘How much better?’, but in the end, she wasn’t brave enough to ask.

Finn’s exploratory fingers continued, both unhurried and unimpeded. As his attention moved onto Jenny’s sensitive neck and ears, she was unable to suppress her soft groans.

‘Jenny,’ he rumbled. To her ears, it sounded more like a release of pained regret, than the spoken word.

‘Uh-huh,’ she managed to respond breathily, as his attention moved to her smooth forehead.

‘Don’t forget you hate me.’

‘I certainly don’t hate you,’ she admitted quietly, daringly raising her hand in the darkness. As it came into contact with his strong, stubbled jawline, Finn exhaled laboriously.

‘What then?’ he demanded, his fingers walking along the nape of her neck, to tickle her hairline, sending bolts of cautionary desire straight into the base of her skull.

‘Let’s just say, it helps that it’s pitch black,’ she shuddered. Finn’s rich, throaty chuckle immediately filled the air and she allowed herself to bathe indulgently in that sweetest of sounds.

‘Thanks very much! You certainly know how to compliment a guy!’ Jenny smiled, entirely confident that he was only exhibiting mock offence. The combination of his continuously stroking fingers, along with a wide smile evident from his tone, were a giveaway.

‘I didn’t mean it like that! Although if only you were actually French, we might be having a quite different conversation,’ she giggled.

‘Or no conversation at all,’ he added meaningfully, causing a dull quiver to pass down the backs of her legs. ‘I can always be French again,’ Finn growled in his best French accent, before immediately reverting to normal. ‘But I think you much prefer an English bad boy.’ This final statement was accompanied by his hand running straight down the length of her spine, to skim across her ass, before returning to her shoulders once more.

The effect on Jenny’s body was immediate and absolute. A deep heavy heat flooded her abdomen and made her inhale sharply. Finn’s teasing touch had already turned Jenny on to levels she had previously not experienced. What she was shocked to discover was the apparent ease with which he continued to ramp up her levels of arousal. Her heartrate was undoubtedly now at maximum levels, but his latest action had caused a prickling sensation to start in her lips and fingertips. Anxiously, she clamped her jaw down to try and counteract her body’s responses, which she simply didn’t understand.

‘Huh?’ he pressed, cheekily.

‘English is fine,’ she stuttered, trying to regain control of her mouth, which was starting to feel numb.

‘Just not with the lights on?’ he grinned, playing his advantage.

‘Perhaps I find you intimidating,’ she admitted shyly.

‘Oh… right,’ he said, sounding a little deflated.

‘You’re intimidatingly attractive,’ Jenny was forced almanbahis giriş to reluctantly explain. ‘In the darkness, your looks are one less thing for my overloaded brain to have to contend with.’

‘You’re saying you can’t currently handle the entire package,’ Finn queried, attempting to keep the amusement out of his tone. He clearly wasn’t successful. Mere seconds later, they were both doubled up with laughter, tears being wiped from their eyes, like two naughty teenagers.

Hugging each other tightly, it provided momentary relief from the extreme sexual tension that had built up. At last, their giggling subsided and Finn pulled Jenny incredibly close to him, in the longest, most amazing hug she had ever experienced. Indeed, the silence lasted for so long that she thought he must have fallen asleep. Eventually, he dropped a soft kiss on the tip of her nose.

‘I’m also pretty grateful we’re in the dark, to be honest,’ he admitted quietly.

‘You are?’ Automatically, Jenny lifted her head to face him. She couldn’t imagine why. Cupping her soft jaw in his large hand, Finn repositioned himself slightly.

‘Yeah, I am. You can be pretty intimidating too, you know?’ he growled, slowly lowering himself towards her.

The moment seemed to last forever; hanging in the air, frozen in time. At last, their mouths impacted, as Finn gently captured Jenny’s top lip between his own, before pulling away and releasing. Jenny found she could do no more than moan submissively, whilst pushing her wanton body towards his. Drawing out her longing, Finn then captured her bottom lip and released in the same way. As her eyes rolled back in her head, Jenny could feel herself giving in to the sensations which overwhelmed her, and allowed him to dominate proceedings. After all, there was no doubt he knew exactly what he was doing.

Finn returned to capture her top lip but, this time, just before releasing it, he ran his soft tongue along the length.

‘Fuck!’ she gasped, a bolt of heat flooding her pussy.

‘Mmmm,’ he groaned, before lowering his mouth onto hers. With a heavy pulse ricocheting through her ears, blocking out all other sound, it was all Jenny could do to retain consciousness. Her entire being seemed to be on hyper-alert as, with the smallest movements of their lips, they slowly began to explore. Pressed against each other, Jenny found the experience so much more emotional than either of their two previous kisses. They knew each other better now; there was a mutual trust and understanding. And, of course, they were working together this time, rather than fighting.

With almost unbearable tenderness, their kiss deepened. With every sweep of Finn’s tongue, Jenny felt a corresponding contraction and fluttering, deep within her pussy, as though the two were inextricably linked. Aware of the low rumbling vibrations of a muted groan deriving from deep within his throat, Jenny responded in kind. As Finn repositioned them both slightly, she became aware of his heavy erection trapped between them. It delivered a dull pressure against her swollen clit and Jenny felt liquid pooling between her legs and flowing through to her silk panties.

Unlike any previous lovers however, Finn seemed in absolutely no rush progress further. They were both simply allowed to enjoy the act of kissing, drowning in their desire, learning about each other’s intimate needs. Quite simply, Jenny could have stayed locked within Finn’s embrace forever. Heavens only knew how long they actually remained there and, all the while, his fingers never ceased touching, caressing, stroking, adoring, and ultimately turning her on. At last, they unwillingly broke apart, breathing heavily.

‘You’re beautiful,’ he growled, his voice breaking slightly with emotion.

‘Thank you,’ smiled Jenny, tears lining her eyes. ‘I’d like to say something equally affectionate, but the truth of the matter is, I have never wanted anybody like I want you right now,’ she admitted brazenly, pulling Finn urgently towards her.

‘Tell me what you want.’

‘I should probably say to tenderly make love, but that wouldn’t be true. I want to fuck you,’ she said, shocking herself with such demands. ‘And I want to be fucked by you.’ Far from being shocked, however, Finn sounded delighted by her response.

‘Mmmm I feel the same. The time for tenderness is tomorrow, or next week, or next month. Right now, all I can think about is holding you down, easing myself inside you and feeling you disintegrate with pleasure around my thick cock,’ he admitted, placing a hand under her ass to pull her closer towards him. Jenny gasped, both from his words and his actions. ‘I want to make you come so many times. To give you more pleasure than you’ve ever imagined.’

‘Oh God,’ she trembled. Finn talking dirty was all she needed; she was scarcely holding it together as it was.

‘Unfortunately,’ he continued. ‘I think we might need to take a rain check… unless you’ve got any condoms on you?’

‘Oh almanbahis yeni giriş shit!’ she exclaimed with obvious frustration. Her overwhelming response was a strong desire to cry. Jenny’s tone obviously gave her away as Finn immediately cradled her even more tightly.

‘I’m sorry,’ he sighed. ‘I don’t have any protection on me either.’ Jenny could almost imagine him closing his eyes and rubbing his forehead in frustration. ‘And there isn’t a lot we can do to rectify that until tomorrow.’

‘How very unprepared of you,’ she attempted to joke.

‘Well, forgive me that being equipped to make love with a woman who despised me, wasn’t at the top of my priority list when I walked into the loft with her earlier today.’

‘I wish I could see your expression right now,’ breathed Jenny, brushing her fingers across his rough jawline.

‘I’m smiling,’ he admitted in a soft tone. ‘Very contentedly.’

‘Why?’ queried Jenny. She wasn’t finding much to smile about, given her pressing needs and their current situation.

‘Because I know that, when the time is right, we can make love, or fuck, or whatever level of energy, dominance and determination you require from me,’ he murmured. ‘And in the interim, I can still make you feel amazing.’

‘What do you mean?’ she whispered, scarcely wanting to know.

‘I mean, my cock is not the only part of my body that is capable of giving you pleasure.’

‘How then?’ she gasped.

‘Gonna use my arms, gonna use my legs,’ he began to croon. Immediately Jenny burst out laughing, although this seemed to do nothing to deflect him.

‘Gonna use my style, gonna use my sidestep,’ Finn continued, the amusement evident in his tone.

‘How about your fingers?’ suggested Jenny cheekily, in between her giggles.

‘Undoubtedly,’ he agreed, suddenly stopping her joviality dead in its tracks.

‘As well as my, my, my imagination. And, trust me,’ he added in a whisper. ‘My imagination is the part you should be most concerned about.’ This single admission sent a deluge of goosebumps down the nearside of Jenny’s body.

‘Please go steady with me,’ she requested meekly, any bravado being drowned out by her uncertainties, which were significant. ‘I’m nowhere near as experienced as you.’

‘You have no idea how experienced I am,’ smiled Finn.

‘I’ve got a fair idea,’ she said seriously. ‘Please be gentle.’

‘Noted,’ he replied. ‘At least for tonight.’ The doubting voice inside Jenny’s head dared to tell her that was fine; there was no guarantee Finn would want her after tonight anyway. Her attention was momentarily diverted with shock at how much that realisation hurt her. It only took a second for him to ensure she was fully re-focussed, however.

‘The second you feel like you want me to stop,’ he breathed, before kissing a line from her chin to her ear. ‘Or you feel uncomfortable for even a second,’ he whispered, before migrating down the side of her neck. ‘Just say,’ he groaned, breathing in the pulse point at her neck, from which he could pick up faint traces of perfume.

Sliding his hands playfully to the top button of her shirt, he sprang it open with ease, before moving down to the next one.

‘Oh fuck!’ she groaned, her hips unconsciously rolling with frustrated desire as his fingers successfully cleared each barrier presented by her clothing. Nuzzling against her recently exposed skin with his nose and lips, Finn revelled in the desperate gasps coming from the beautiful woman currently lying beneath him. As his fingers set to work on undoing the next button, Jenny’s trembling ramped up.

‘Tell me what you’re craving right now,’ he growled, gently pulling open her shirt to expose her breasts.

‘You,’ she admitted instinctively. ‘In whatever form you take.’ Jenny couldn’t help but gasp, as Finn dropped down closer. She could feel his breath bouncing across her sensitive skin. To know he was so near, without touching her, was unbearable. Arching her back, she growled in frustration.

‘Just imagine what it will feel like. My lips and tongue gently drawing your hard nipples into my mouth…the sensation of my teeth closing around them.’ This time, Jenny could only manage an animal cry, filled with barely contained longing.

‘Please,’ she whimpered, as Finn began to kiss in a wide circle around her breasts, never once coming into contact with the areas of her body that were silently screaming for his caress.

‘Please, don’t tease me,’ she begged, as his mouth came so, so close, before moving away once more.

‘Never ask something like that of me,’ chuckled Finn. ‘Of course I’m going to tease you…and taunt you…and take you right to the edge where I can play with you for hours. Unless you’re begging, you’re not getting what you need. How else do you expect to get as wet as you are?’

‘How do you know I’m wet?’ she gasped.

‘I can smell your arousal,’ he admitted and for a moment, Jenny felt embarrassed. ‘I can smell it seeping through your panties and I’ll tell you a secret,’ he groaned. Suddenly, with a feather-light touch, he swept his tongue over each nipple in turn, causing Jenny’s hips to leap into the air as though she’d been electrocuted. ‘I can’t wait to taste you for myself.’

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