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When Lucas was a Junior, he became a leader of his fraternity. His support among the brotherhood was strong, not just because of his funny jokes and raging ability to throw a party, but because of the stories. Everyone knew Lucas was swimming in MILF pussy, and that he had the special ability to make an older woman’s panties slide down her legs and open up for him to enjoy.

And you know what they say: with great power comes great responsibility. So Lucas would sponsor events for the younger brothers: camping trips, vacations, study sessions. Pretty much everything was just another excuse to drink beer and shoot the shit, so it didn’t matter what it was to him.

For Spring Break that year, Lucas offered to drive down the coast with however many brothers could fit in his broken down shitty car. That number was three plus him. Within moments of offering the ride to the group chat, he had three sophomores who eagerly agreed to join him on the trip.

Lucas didn’t know these guys very well, but they seemed chill. Arnold, Benny, and Charlie wanted to join Lucas in taking the ride, and that was alright with him.

“I don’t care where we end up driving, boys,” Lucas announced on the morning of the trip, “As long as we drink and find some pussy.”

“We’ve all heard the stories, man,” Arnold said, “And we know what kind of pussy you like.”

“Yeah, they don’t call you the ‘mother fucker’ for nothing,” Benny added.

“That might be true, boys,” Lucas said proudly, “But pussy is pussy. I’m down to hit the beaches and find some drunk sluts who need a little company in bed. I’m sure that’s fine by you.”

They ended up spending their first night at a hole in the wall hotel on the beach. They hadn’t even gotten very far from the campus’s proximity, but Lucas wanted to treat the guys to a night of heavy drinking on the beach to create a bond.

Three bottles of tequila later, everyone was having a good time. It didn’t matter that they were just four guys together at a table without any women. They were all pals.

“You know man,” Charlie slurred drunkenly, “I’m so glad we are doing this. Because the three of us have been friends for so long and we started out this year terrified of you.”

“Charlie!” Benny yelled, “Shut the fuck up!”

“Let him go on, don’t be embarrassed,” Lucas asked, intrigued.

“Nah man, don’t worry about Charlie here,” Arnold said, “He’s just drunk. Ignore him.”

“I ain’t drunk,” Charlie slurred, “And come one guys, Lucas is cool now. We know him.”

“Why were you scared, Charlie?” Lucas asked.

The sophomore hiccuped.

“Because of the whole mom thing,” he said.

Lucas looked around the table as the other guys hid their heads in shame. They were hiding something.

Lucas stood up and slammed his fists on the table. The three boys cowered back instinctively. Charlie, who a moment ago had been calm and relaxed, now looked terrified.

The older student marched everyone back to their hotel room and opened his laptop. He told each of them to sit down at the computer and do whatever it took: Facebook, Instagram, iCloud. He needed to see a picture of each of their moms, and he needed it now.

The three boys did exactly like they were told. All were too scared to disobey the towering man screaming their orders. Side by side, they pulled up three distinct images, and then Lucas sat down to have a lot.

“Well I’ll be damned,” he said, licking his lips. “MILFs, each and every one.”

Arnold’s mom Alexandra was pale with wavy black hair, and a pair of the heaviest tits Lucas had ever seen. Benny’s mom Britney was fit with rock hard abs and an ass that looked like she had stuffed an airbag in her shorts. And sweet little Charlie’s mom Catherine looked like a Playboy model: perfectly styled blonde hair, fuck-me blue eyes, and long legs that made Lucas’s draw drop to the floor.

“Interesting,” Lucas said, laughing, “Very interesting.”

“Please,” Arnold said suddenly, begging on his hands and knees, “Just leave them alone. We know you’re a good guy, and we can just go back to being bros.”

“Shut up,” Benny whispered, nervously.

“Relax,” Lucas said, “It’s okay. I’m not going to do anything.”

But Lucas tucked those MILF images into his head for later. He was starting to think of a plan…

They drove down the coast the next morning. At first, the car was silent, but Lucas played some tunes and got everyone laughing and in good spirits.

That night, they got dressed up and went to a bar on the beach. Four beautiful women in their mid-20s sat at a table with them, and they said they wished the guys in college when they were there were as funny and cute as Lucas and the gang.

Needless to say, they fucked. Each of the girls brought their dates back to each of their apartments to stay the night. Lucas fucked all night, slamming into her pussy and asshole as she moaned his name. When it was done, the bitch made him breakfast and he rejoined his friends.

But at their hotel güvenilir bahis room, Lucas found not only the brothers, but one of the girls from last night. It was Arnold’s girl, a nice plump brunette with a fat chest. It was hard to articulate, but the fact that Arnold had brought the girl back with him really bugged Lucas. Why couldn’t Arnold just fuck the girl and leave, like he and the others had?

“Hey Lucas,” Arnold said, “Mind if we give Tina a ride back down the coast? She had been planning to take a bus, but I figured why not us?”

This bugged Lucas even more. But it wasn’t like he had a reason to say no, so they all piled into the car.

The drive was long. The three younger students fell asleep in the back, with Tina twiddling silently with her wrists in the front with Lucas. At one point, she turned around to make sure everyone else was asleep.

“Hey,” she said to Lucas, “Your friend back there told me a bit about you last night. Sounds like you’re a lot of fun.”

Lucas looked off the road over to Tina. Was she hitting on him?

“Fuck yea I’m fun,” he said boldly, “Why don’t you find out just how much fun I am?”

Without missing a beat, Tina reached in between Lucas’s legs and pulled out his dick. She held it in her hand for a moment and stared at his eyes, then she tied back her hair and leaned forward into Lucas’s lap.

Getting road head from a busty chick like Tina sure helped with Lucas’s mood. He fucked her face and let her take every inch of his cock. The boys in the back didn’t notice a thing.

“You’re huge,” Tina said between slurps on his cock. Lucas kept his hands steady on the road.

“I know,” Lucas said cockily, and shoved her head back down to do her business.

He shot his load down her throat. She was a true slut, and swallowed everything he gave her. She sat back up and wiped some semen off her chin with the back of her hand.

“That was fun,” she said, glancing back, “I think it’s hot that you don’t care that I’m supposed to be with your friend. You just want your dick sucked.”

“That’s right,” Lucas said, “If some guy’s bitch wants to fuck me, that’s not my problem.”

Lucas kept driving and thinking about what he just said. He looked back at the sleeping Arnold, who had been pissing him off all day.

“You want to hear something really hot?” he said to Tina, who nodded eagerly. He leaned over and whispered his plan in her ear.

When they got to Tina’s destination, Lucas woke everyone up. Tina, as Lucas had instructed, asked Arnold if he wanted to grab dinner, just the two of them.

Arnold was smitten with Tina’s curvy body and sultry voice, so he said yes.

“Don’t worry buddy,” Lucas said with a devious grin, “We’ll keep busy and come get you tomorrow.”

Lucas sped off with Benny and Charlie in the back seat, dizzy from sleeping so much.

“Guys, we got a mission here,” Lucas announced, “So let’s cut to the chase. I’m sure you guys want to bang Arnold’s hot ass mom as much as I do.”

Benny and Charlie looked at each other for a moment, then glanced back at Lucas and nodded.

“Fuck yes. She’s so fucking hot. I was hoping you’d help us bang her.”

“Damn straight, Lucas. Let’s do it, I’ll show you where she lives.”

It was only a short drive on the freeway to Arnold’s hometown, where Lucas and company pulled right up to Alexandra’s home and rang the doorbell.

She answered the door in a tank top that left all of her big tits jiggling and shaking. She hugged Benny and Charlie a familiar hello, and they introduced her to Lucas. With a smug grin, he shook her hand, but she went in for a hug.

“My, you are strong!” she exclaimed, and Lucas took the chance to slide his hand down her hips and reach right around to her ass. Alexandra either didn’t notice or didn’t care as the young man took a squeeze of his friend’s beautiful mom’s ass.

She brought them in for drinks and sat them at the table.

“Sorry to drop by unannounced like this,” Benny said, “We actually came because we wanted to put together a surprise for Arnold. We need to get in his bedroom and get onto his computer. It’s complicated to get into, but we’re going to upgrade his data so that when he comes home next break, he’ll be so surprised and love what we’ve done.” All this was a total lie, but Alexandra bought it.

“Sure thing boys,” she said, and Benny and Charlie got up to ostensibly head to Arnold’s room.

“I’d be happy to stay here and keep you company,” Lucas offered to the buxom MILF.

Alexandra thanked him and sat down on the couch. Lucas gave her the same story he told all mothers: how good he was doing in school, and how excellent their sons were.

“Arnold is lucky to have a friend as talented and handsome as you are,” Alexandra said.

Bingo, Lucas thought.

At this point of the seduction, sometimes Lucas would just pull out his cock. The horny MILFs were usually so buttered up and soaked down in their panties that they’d see his big staff and jump right güvenilir bahis siteleri onto it. But Lucas was having fun playing with Arnold’s MILF, and wanted to take his time.

“Say, would you mind if I did some laundry? I haven’t been home and my clothes could use a wash.”

“Of course dear, absolutely! I have missed doing little Arnie’s laundry ever since he left from school. I probably have a shirt you can wear while your clothes are in the—”

But Lucas didn’t wait for Alexandra to get him a shirt. Instead, he stripped down to his boxers right there in the living room. He could hear the MILF’s panties moisten as she glanced up and down his muscular body. Her chest was beating, her breasts heaving. Lucas was getting close.

“Let me just, uh, put these in the machine,” Alexandra said nervously.

“Don ‘t forget these,” Lucas said, and slipped down his boxers and placed them right into the MILF’s hand.

Rather than chastise him or scream, Alexandra’s face flushed with sweat, and she stood up from the couch like there was nothing unusual going on. She placed the items in the wash and came back to find the nude Lucas lounging on her couch.

“Why don’t you have a seat next to me,” Lucas invited, and Alexandra placed herself right up on the couch, so her back was against Lucas’s bare shoulders.

She flicked on the TV, but Lucas could feel her eyes keep glancing down at his exposed thick package. He was keeping his eyes on her breasts, which were straining to pop out of that tank top she was wearing.

“Hey can I ask you something?” Lucas finally said.

“Sure,” Alexandra said, “What is it?”

“You have a son, so I’m sure you know about raising boys and different issues. I could never talk about stuff like that with my mom, so I was wondering if I could ask you.”

“Uh, yeah,” Alexandra said, trying to disguise how eager she was to answer his questions.

“Well, it’s just, ever since going to college, I’ve tried to be with a number of women, but they all keep saying that I’m too big. That they’re scared.”

Alexandra burst into laughter. “Too big? God, there’s nothing of the sort.”

“What do you mean?” Lucas asked, playing dumb.

“I’m just saying, most of the men I’ve been with have had the opposite problem.”

“Are you saying Arnold isn’t like this?”

“My son? For starters, his father isn’t half the man you are downstairs. And last time Arnold was home and he was lounging around like a bum in his gym shorts, I sure as hell would have noticed if he was packing anything close to the beast you’re wielding.”

She leaned over and squeezed it in her hand.

“You should be proud of that thing. A real woman who knows what she’s doing would take advantage of that thing and have the ride of her life.

“Well,” Lucas said, “Why don’t you show me?”

He gently pressed on Alexandra’s head and guided it down to his crotch. He could feel her hot breath on his shaft as she approached it. Without effort, she parted her lips and took him into her mouth.

She sucked his dick with skill, getting him all slicked up. But this was just foreplay. It was clear from the wet spot on the couch that she wanted to be fucked.

When he was hard and standing at attention, Lucas pulled the MILF off his dick and ripped off her shirt. It sent her breasts tumbling out, jiggling and settling into their round bulbous shape.

From upstairs, the two friends gazed down over the staircase at Alexandra’s exposed breasts and cheered silently. They had always wanted to see their friend’s moms enormous bosom in the flesh.

“I’m so wet for you,” Alexandra whispered, and Lucas felt down her skirt. She was soaked.

He laid back down and let her crawl on top of him. With her big breasts dangling in his face, she grabbed his cock from between her legs and stuck it in. She immediately gushed out a moan in pleasure.

“Fuck!” she shouted, and began to bounce up on his cock. Lucas enjoyed the weight of her big breasts slapping him in the face.

Up on the stairs, the two friends began to jerk off. How could they not enjoy the view of Lucas the legendary MILF fucker splitting Alexandra open like a watermelon?

The two bodies fucked and sweated all afternoon. Lucas took a turn spinning her over face down on the couch and pounding her wet cooch from behind. He fucked her tits and slammed his cockhead against her chin with such force it sent her glasses flying across the room.

Benny and Charlie stroked endlessly, rock hard and dripping their pre-cum and saliva down the wooden stairs in front of them. They didn’t care that they were leaving a disgusting puddle on the floor when they had front row tickets to the best show of their lives.

Alexandra came again and again, drenching her couch cushions in her pungent emissions. Lucas kept his pace and slammed away, but he knew his balls were getting ready for an enormous eruption.

“Fuck, I can’t take it!” she shouted as she came off another orgasm, “This cock is amazing!”

Lucas iddaa siteleri spun her down to the floor and lodged his cock deep in her throat. Only then did he start to cum. He shot seven clean shots of cum into her belly, and then dragged his cock out of her mouthing dripping sloppy drops of jizz onto her big shaking breasts.

Alexandra greedily licked his shaft and her hands, trying to swallow everything.

In the other room, the bell of the laundry and dryer rang. Alexandra stood up and retrieved Lucas’s clothes for him. While he got dressed, she just stared. Her hair was a mess, her tits sticky with cum, and large red marks crossed her hips from where Lucas had held her as he fucked her from behind.

“Well, Alexandra,” he said, zipping up his fly, “It was a pleasure meeting you.”

“The pleasure was mine,” she said, still drooling at his abs.

“Come on boys,” Lucas called upstairs, “Let’s go.”

Benny and Charlie nervously bumbled down the stairs. They gazed sheepishly at Alexandra’s nude, well fucked body.

“Bye boys,” she said with no modesty, waving goodbye to her son’s friends. The two younger boys were oggling her bare skin unabashedly as Lucas headed out.

“I hope you boys didn’t leave too much of a mess for me to clean upstairs,” Alexandra said knowingly, “You know, I used to have to wash the sticky couch twice whenever you would sleep over, you little devils.”

“Uhh, sorry about that,” they said apologetically.

“Don’t be. It was my pleasure now that you brought this friend of yours. You all come back any time now.”

The boys piled back into the car and drove away.

Everyone was exhausted from the fucking, so they stopped at a hotel. Benny and Charlie made the excuse that they would go back and pick up Arnold tomorrow, but Lucas knew they were never going back for that guy.

The next day, the three guys drove further down the coast. Benny and Charlie had enjoyed watching Arnold’s mom getting fucked, but now that the initial glow had faded, they began to worry they had unleashed a monster in Lucas.

“Hey man,” Benny said, “Why don’t we turn around and get Arnold?”

“Yeah,” Charlie added, “It’s not too late, we can still reach him by the end of the day.”

This was the third time Benny or Charlie had suggested going back, and each time Lucas had said to shut up.

Instead, Lucas pulled the car over and parked it on the side of the highway. He turned off the ignition and walked back and swung open the door to the backseat. With his strength, it was easy for him to pull Benny and Charlie out by their shirt collars and toss them onto the grass besides the highway.

“Here’s the deal, fuckers,” Lucas said sternly, “Only one of you is getting back in this car. And I think you know where we’re going once the door is shut and one of you is left out on the side of the road here.”

Instinctively, the two boys froze. They each pictured Lucas’s impressive body fucking the shit out of their respective moms. But Benny was faster. He shoved his friend out of the way and jumped into the car and shut the door closed.

“Very well, Charlie-boy,” Lucas said laughing, “Looks like your friend has decided for you.”

Without another word, Lucas got back into the car and sped away, leaving Charlie on the side of the road.

“Thank god,” Benny said, “I knew it. Let’s go find Charlie’s mom, I promise you she’s even hotter than Arnold’s. I’ve been jerking off to her since I learned how to do it.”

“Just put the address into the maps,” Lucas asked, and Benny dutifully tapped away at the phone.

Once he had the address to Charlie’s mom’s house, Lucas closed the phone and stopped the car. He swung open the back door and with one shove, he launched poor Benny out onto the curb.

“Hope you enjoy Charlie and I visiting your mom,” he said to Benny as he turned around and sped back towards the other boy.

He found Charlie walking not too far, and got him back in. He told him that it had been a prank, and the Benny was an asshole, and they should track down sexy Britney and see if she wanted a ride of Lucas’s impressive big dick.

Just like his friend, Charlie happily betrayed the address of the beautiful unsuspecting MILF. It wasn’t more than an hour away.

When they got to Britney’s house, she was outside doing yoga in the front yard. She was wearing only a tiny sports bra that strained under the weight of her tits, and sweat dripped down her cleavage. She greeted the familiar Charlie with a hug.

Britney said she was planning to go down the street to get a protein shake, so Lucas offered to drive her. On the way, with Charlie in the backseat, he told Britney how good she looked and how fit she was.

“Oh you’re too kind,” she said, blushing, “You must be no stranger to the gym yourself.”

Lucas went over his various workout plans with Britney. He said he was good at everything except pull ups, and that he could never get the technique right.

“Oh please, that’s easy,” Britney bragged.

At the protein shake place, Charlie and Lucas couldn’t stop staring at the juggle of her ass in her tight yoga pants. Only when she turned around and they got a glimpse of her chest did anything startle them away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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