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Michelle ran her slender fingers through her husband’s hair as he continued sleeping. She always woke up first, alert and ready to face the day. She liked looking at him as he slept, he looked so peaceful. Unusual, because her loving hubby was a grump first thing in the morning. It didn’t matter, she adored him nonetheless.

She touched his face, it was a good face, strong, full of character. She had loved that face for over 20 years, her best friend. The last year had been wonderful, every day Michelle knew she loved him more.

Michelle’s parents had set a good example. From the moment Jon Yin had met Michelle’s mother on a business trip in Vietnam, he had been in love. His family threatened to disown him, yet he could not be dissuaded from marrying the 15-years younger Morena, whom he adored. Her parents had now been married for over 40 years, still blissfully in love. Her father had built a new life with Morena in Vietnam before they emigrated, bringing their young daughter with them.

That was when she had met her Alex. Her buddy, her playmate, her pal. And finally, after both being so blind, so stupid for more years than either cared to count, her husband. One year today. She brushed the hair from his forehead and kissed him.

“Mmmphhh. Cut it out, you. Cancha see I’m sleeping?” Alex was a bear, but he wasn’t mean. It just took him forever to wake up.

“I bet I can think of a way to make you wanna wake up!” she cooed seductively, rubbing her naked body against him. He pulled her close, his eyes now open and alert.

“Woman, you’re insatiable.” Michelle grinned and nodded. “Didn’t you get enough last night?”

Michelle shook her head. “Do I EVER?” He shook his head and Michelle’s warm laughter pealed out. “Besides, wives should be able to seduce their husbands on their anniversary.”

He cradled her close as her hands raked over his chest, he still loved when she did that. “I bet you thought I forgot, didn’t you?”

She grinned over at Alex, that big, goofy wonderful smile that made him love her every time. “Nope. I know you, you wouldn’t dare!”

Her hands were now caressing him, his cock stiffening as she slithered down his body. He could see her engulf his manhood in her mouth, she was the best cocksucker he’d ever known, bar none. Her technique was amazing, she seemed to live to pleasure her partner, she would suck soft, then build up, then practically inhale his shaft, taking it deep as she would fondle, stroke and manipulate his balls. She did all this with her eyes wide open, looking up at him with undisguised lust and passion as she did so, it never failed to excite him.

Rock-hard now, Alex saw Michelle twist her body, facing away from him, her tiny, delicate-looking golden body lowering down on his cock. He was ready for her, she was his little dynamo, his tigress. She only looked delicate, Michelle was wild, untamed, the kind of woman that could kick any man’s ass, his included. Her pussy wiggled, slithered down, inch by excruciating inch, she wormed her way down his dick until he was balls-deep inside her cunt.

Then, she went on a ride. She let loose, Michelle’s long, raven-black hair went flying as she fucked her husband. All burners on, that was her style, she didn’t give an inch. She rode him, taking all she could get from him, her pussy sucking him in deep, demanding that his cock pleasure her. Alex grabbed her hips and pulled her up and down as they fucked, he ran his hands all over her sexy body, caressing her tiny, exquisite tits, marvelling at how in-shape she was, happier than he could ever remember being.

“Uh Uh Uh UH!” she panted as she rode him, Alex’s cock, her MAN’S cock filling her up. Alex loved that she was a noisy lover, but sometimes, it was so good, so intense, so overwhelming, that she couldn’t think of words, just guttural moans and groans emerged. She felt her pussy contract, she felt him let go and the pair climaxed in unison.

She got off, standing beside him on the bed, body glistening, with a “just been fucked” look on her face. She always looked amazing after sex, Alex thought. She went into the bathroom and he heard the water running, she brought him back a washcloth and helped clean him up, still teasing a bit. He just grinned at her and smiled.

“I love you.”

“You’d better.” Michelle giggled, she liked that she could be “girly” with him.

“Good thing it’s Saturday and neither of us has to work. I don’t know how I’d manage after all that.”

“What, that? We have sex almost every night tiger, and you seem to be fine so far!”

“The team says I’m dragging my butt, they say it’s because of my hottie wife.”

“Oh, they do, do they?”

“Yup.” Michelle tossed the washcloth at him.

Michelle padded out to the kitchen to make a bit of breakfast, neither of them ate much in the morning. She didn’t bother getting dressed, being quite comfortable in her own skin. Alex followed a few minutes later, dressed in the velour robe she’d given him on his birthday. free spin He wrapped his arms around her in a strong embrace. “Hey, don’t go cooking bacon like that!” he chided her gently. She swatted him with the spatula and flipped the pancakes.

They ate together, talking idly. “So hon, what do you have to do this afternoon?” Michelle wanted to know.

“I have to pick up your anniversary present, what about you?”

“I have to prepare our anniversary dinner and run a few small errands. What time do you think you’ll be home?”

“About six?”

“Perfect. That’ll give me a lot of time. Okay, guess we should get dressed.”

Alex got in his car a while later, eagerly hoping he could pull off his anniversary surprise to Michelle. If so, it would be an evening neither of them would ever forget. In about 15 minutes, the car pulled up to a nearby apartment complex. He got out, went to the foyer and rang the buzzer.


“Hi Summer, it’s Alex Adams.”

“Alex? Hang on, I’ll buzz you in.”

He walked up the two flights to Summer’s apartment. Knocking, he waited nervously for a few moments, until the door opened and Summer greeted him with a big hug.

“Hey gorgeous.”

“Hey yourself studmuffin. Come on in, take a load off. Can I get you a drink?”

Alex nodded. “Bourbon, if you have it.” She did, pouring him a tumbler full. He needed the courage.

“So hon, what brings you to my humble abode?” The auburn-haired stunner sat down on the couch across from Alex, legs crossed underneath her. Dressed casually in jeans and a tiny halter, she was still stunning, exuding heat. Alex knew men could get lost in her cat-green eyes, he was glad he had Michelle, or he’d have followed Summer around like a dog in heat. Many was the time he had told his wife how hot he thought Summer Dennis was, they were always that honest with each other.

“Well Summer, you know that today is my first wedding anniversary with Michelle?”

Summer nodded. “Yes, congratulations. ‘Shelle mentioned it when we were out to lunch last week.” Summer was one of Michelle’s dearest friends, they had met in Teacher’s College and been tight ever since.

Taking another mouthful of the drink, Alex continued. “She changed my world Summer, you know that. I love her madly, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her.”

Summer smiled, a large grin across her face. “Yes, I am with you so far. So …?”

“You remember that before me, she had a long-term with a woman?”

“Yes, Andrea. I never cared much for Andrea, I always thought she was afraid I was after Michelle.”

Alex grinned. “Well, would you have slept with Michelle if Andrea hadn’t been around?”

Summer uncrossed her legs and leaned forward, staring at Alex intently. “Okay, just what are you getting at?”

Alex sighed, it was now or never. “Summer, I know Michelle loves me and I love her. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. But I wonder sometimes, if she doesn’t miss the touch of another woman, the softness of a woman’s body. So, I was wondering if you’d consider being my anniversary present to Michelle?”

Summer threw herself back on the couch and sighed. “Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding.”

Alex put down his drink and began to stand up. “I’m sorry, I guess I’ve offended you. I’ll be on my way and … “

Summer cut him off. “No, no, you haven’t offended me. It just took me – by surprise, that’s it.” She smiled. “I think it’s a nice idea, but it would change my relationship with Michelle forever.”

“If you’re not willing or worried … “

Again, Summer cut him off. “No, that isn’t it at all. Okay, I’m in! What time would you like me to be there?

Alex grinned, his stomach was doing flip-flops. “We’re having dinner around 6, why don’t you join us for dessert and coffee around 8:30 or 9? Oh, and wear something sexy, my wife likes to dress up.”

“Does she now? Okay, I think I can handle that.” Summer stood up and kissed him on the cheek as he prepared to leave. “I think I can promise you an anniversary you will never forget.”

Alex ran a few more errands, picked up a nice bottle of Bollinger’s and made his way home. Michelle was bustling about in the kitchen, he gave her a peck and let her do her thing. She didn’t like to be disturbed while cooking and as the results were always worth it, he left her to her business, banging and clattering about, enjoying herself as she always did.

Alex went into the bedroom, grabbed a quick shower and changed. He wanted to dress nicely, yet not overdo, choosing a navy turtleneck that Michelle liked on him, and his gray dress slacks. He splashed on a dash of cologne and went into the kitchen, where Michelle was still puttering about. “Hey beautiful, anything I can do?” he asked her.

“I made a nice salad, it’s in the fridge. Toss that while I go and change, okay?” Alex nodded and watched his wife’s cute butt walk into the bedroom. He couldn’t wait for the rest of the evening, he hoped bonus veren siteler Michelle would be accepting of his “gift”.

He checked the champagne to see that it was properly chilled and tossed the salad. Moving into the dining area, he saw that his beautiful wife had set the table with their nicest place settings, arranging candles strategically. He got out the ice bucket and placed the Bollinger’s in the bucket. He heard a sound behind him and smiled broadly when he turned around.

Michelle was wearing a skin-tight, silver lame dress, short and very alluring. She wore a sexy pair of matching heels and dangly earrings, her face lightly accented with makeup. She took his breath away, as she did every time.

“Darling, you look gorgeous!” he said as he swept her up in his arms. He didn’t think he’d ever tire of looking at Michelle, she always made his heart sing.

“You’re not so bad yourself, hun!” she said, kissing him softly on the lips. “I’m hungry babe, I’m going to get dinner out of the oven, can you handle the salad and the drinks?”

Alex did as asked, and soon, they were sitting down to a wonderful meal. They enjoyed the drinks, the Bollinger’s had been an exceptional year, the salad fresh and crisp. They dined on filet of sole in a light dill sauce, with little russet potatoes and asparagus in Hollandaise sauce. It was rich and calorie-laden, but why not? It was a special night for the both of them.

For dessert, Michelle had gone to their favorite bakery and purchased a delightful Lemon-Poppyseed cake, made with real butter. She was about to slice the cake and pour their coffee when the doorbell rang. Looking at his watch, Alex saw it was 8:45, he was happy to see that Summer was prompt. Michelle walked to the door, opened it and exclaimed “Hi Summer, good to see you.”

Alex was slightly taken aback with his wife’s ease at Summer’s surprise appearance, but Michelle was usually unflappable. She took Summer’s coat and Alex nearly gasped.

Summer had gone for “knockout”, her long auburn hair flowing loose, nearly down to her butt. She had opted for a burgundy dress that was semi-sheer, trimmed with black lace. Her exquisite body was nicely showcased, she wore black stilettos and had taken great pains with her makeup. Her eyes looked directly at Alex, she winked. He couldn’t take his eyes off the two women, seeing his wife make love with this stunning creature was going to be one of the highlights of his life.

“It’s nice to see you Summer, we were about to have coffee and cake, would you care to join us?” Michelle invited.

“That would be lovely, thank you!” Summer said, smiling broadly. Even her TEETH were sexy. “Here, this is for you two. Happy Anniversary!”

Michelle squealed, Alex’s sexy wife loved getting gifts. The box was exquisitely wrapped, and it seemed to be heavy. When Michelle got the box open, Alex was pleasantly surprised to find a nice bronze statue of a couple erotically joined together, but it was exquisite, in wonderful taste. “I saw it and thought of you two!” Summer smiled. “The artist is a friend, it’s called ‘The Lovers’, hope you like it.”

“LIKE it? Summer, it’s lovely! Baby, what do you think?”

“Summer, it’s a very kind, thoughtful gift. Why don’t you and Michelle sit down, I’ll go get the dessert.”

Alex went into the kitchen, he could hear the girls chatting animatedly. His hands were shaking as he picked up the tray with the coffee and slices of cake. He didn’t think he’d ever been this nervous, he wanted this night to be so memorable for his lovely bride.

He saw them sharing pleasant conversation, he was glad that Michelle and Summer were so fond of each other. He hoped it would make things easier, hoped it wouldn’t cause a rift. Summer took her coffee, poured some cream and sweetener, Michelle added cream, sugar and sweetener – her own little peccadillo – and Alex drank his black. They chatted a bit, then Alex knew it was time to talk.

“Well, I invited Summer … “”Honey, I invited Summer … “

“YOU invited Summer? I invited Summer!” Both of them were speaking at the same time, then they looked at each other, grinned and looked over at Summer, who had this idiot grin on her lovely face.

“Yes babies, you BOTH invited me. You both had ulterior motives too, naughty people. Michelle invited me last week, at lunch, Alex here, invited me earlier today.”

Alex looked over at his wife, who was giggling uncontrollably. “Okay missy, what the hell —?”

“Alex, we’ve been together for an entire year and you’ve been so faithful. But I knew you had a tiny crush on Summer, so I thought — oooh, wouldn’t it be sexy to see my two best friends fuck? So, I asked Summer and she was cool with it.”

Alex had a big Cheshire Cat-grin on his face. “And I figured you’d maybe been missing the touch of another woman, the intimacy and tenderness, so I thought that Summer might be willing to play. And she was!”

Michelle was a bit taken aback deneme bonusu veren siteler by that. “You and me?” Summer nodded.

Summer spoke candidly to her dear friend. “I’ve always had a thing for you Michelle, since Day One at Teacher’s College. I think you’re beautiful, tough, sexy and smart.”

“You never said … “

“Because you were with Andrea, then this big lug and I knew your personality and …. ” Michelle cut her off with a kiss, it was now Alex’s turn to wear a big, goofy grin.

“I think my husband would like to see us make love. You’re beautiful Summer, I’ve always thought so. If you let me, I’d like to show you how beautiful you are.” Summer couldn’t speak, she just nodded as Michelle nuzzled her neck, Alex watching happily as his gift to her came to fruition. Summer seemed to be melting into Michelle’s intimate kisses, having her neck kissed was a turn-on for Michelle, evidently, Summer enjoyed it too.

“Mmm, you smell nice” Michelle said as she continued nuzzling Summer.

“So do you” Summer sighed as she felt Michelle’s hands reach down and fondle her breasts gently. “Oooohhh, I’ll give you eight hours to stop that.”

“Make it ten.”

The warm sensuality of this moment wasn’t being lost on Alex, who sat back and sipped on a second cup of coffee. Being an outside observer to another side of his wife’s personality was a tremendous turn-on. It was at that precise second he realized the full implications of the evening.

Michelle had invited Summer over for HIM. He too, was going to experience the warmth of Summer’s lush, sensual form, with Michelle watching their play. This night was full of magic.

Michelle’s hands were fluttering all over Summer’s body, fluttering here and there, her lips planting soft, delicate kisses on Summer’s lips. The final time, Summer caught her friend and kissed her back, their tongues meeting, twirling, doing an erotic dance. They tangled and whirled, Alex could hear the two beauties breathing heavier. They weren’t as gentle now either, their passion becoming more evident as they both ran their hands all over each other.

Alex finished his coffee and moved the cups of the two women as they continued to kiss, play and tease each other. He could hear them panting now, really frantic in their mutual, unquenchable lust for each other.

“Ladies? I think we should take this to the bedroom, don’t you?” It took a second for both women to hear him, they stopped kissing and stood up, both women taking a proffered hand. Alex imagined they could hear his heart thumping in his chest, the best was yet to come.

Upon reaching the bedroom, Michelle stood on tiptoe and kissed her husband. “I love you very much, you know that?” He nodded.

Next, the much-taller Summer kissed him, her tongue gliding into his mouth, tasting sweet. She pressed her firm, round breasts against him, he felt his cock twitch. She grinned at him evilly. “That’s a preview lover, but right now, I want your wife.”

Michelle was on the bed, beaming. Her heart was so full of love, she couldn’t have imagined ever being this happy. She held out her arms wide to Summer, who joined the silver-clad beauty on the bed. Alex walked towards the arm chair over in the corner of the room and sat down, making himself comfortable.

“So – you’ve been lusting after me in your heart?”

“Think lower” Summer teased. “This silver thing is verrrry sexy.”

“You helped me pick it out, remember? Even then ….?”

Summer nodded. “I think so, unconsciously. You like my outfit?”

“Very much, but lemme see what’s underneath!”

Summer stood up and began to put on a little show for her lusty audience of two. She shimmied a bit, wiggled her belly and ass sinuously, her hair whirling as she strutted her stuff. Licking her lips, Summer stretched her arms above her head and removed the top. Underneath, she wore a lacy black bra – with holes cut out and her nipples rouged for effect. Both Alex and Michelle found it very sexy, but Summer wasn’t done yet.

She rolled her hips, there was no question she’d have made a superb Exotic Dancer or Belly Dancer, Summer could move. Alex could see the raw lust in his wife’s dark eyes, he wasn’t unmoved himself. Alex could see the desire in his wife’s entire body, he knew how she moved when she was in heat. His own cock was stirring in his pants, but he knew patience would pay off. Michelle was leaning forward, her eyes glued to Summer’s seductively-moving form. She took Summer’s hand and pulled the auburn-haired stunner close to her, their lips meeting again. Summer almost whimpered with delight.

“Do you know how long I’ve had a thing for you?” Summer said, her voice barely above a whisper. “I’ve wanted you for years, I was so jealous of Andrea.”

“Oh Summer, you’re so beautiful, you could have had any woman you wanted.”

“I didn’t want ANY woman, I wanted you.”

“And now – you have me!” Summer lowered her skirt to the floor, she was wearing a tiny maroon thong that had a tiny heart stencilled in the middle. Her skin was dappled with a light dusting of freckles, but it shone with vitality. Michelle watched as her dear friend lowered herself on top of her tinier form. “I want you – naked!” Summer whispered, but loudly enough for Alex to hear them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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