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Ben opened his eyes to a room filled with sunlight. He turned his head to see Gabrielle and Whitney sleeping next to him in the bed.

A smile spread across his face as he remembered the wild Friday night they’d had celebrating Gaby’s birthday.

He watched the two of them for a minute — they looked almost angelic in the morning light.

Nature began calling, and he decided that he also needed a drink and a shower.

He slowly extricated himself from a tangle of arms, legs, and hair, and quietly slipped from the bed; careful not to wake the girls.

He located his boxer-briefs amongst the clothes strewn across the floor during the night’s activities. He pulled them on and crept out of the bedroom.

It was Saturday. Gaby — a teacher — didn’t have to work. He didn’t know what Whit had planned, but he had to meet a client in a few hours. Ben hated Saturday meetings, but in this case it couldn’t be helped. The potential client would only be in the country for one day, so he would have to suck it up and drive on.

He made the necessary stop in the bathroom, then walked into the kitchen.

As he finished a bottle of Powerade, Whitney walked into the kitchen. She had on her dress, but held the rest of her outfit in her hands.

“Hey,” he said, “want some breakfast?”

“Oh, you’ll make me cum and you’ll make me breakfast?” she asked in mock seriousness. “Ben, if you ever leave Gaby, you’d better come knock on my door.”

Ben laughed.

“Thanks, but I think it’s time for me to do the walk of shame back to my apartment,” she said.

He laughed again.

“There’s certainly nothing for any of us to be ashamed of, Whit,” Ben said. “I think we all had fun last night.”

Whitney walked over to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“I really enjoyed last night,” she said. “I hope we can do it again, soon.”

“My birthday is next month,” he said with a smile.

“Mmmm, Gaby and I could play dress-up again,” she said, her body still against his. “Maybe as cheerleaders?”

“Now there’s a thought,” Ben said.

She kissed his cheek again and turned to leave.

Ben walked her to the door and watched as she made her way down the hallway to her apartment.

Knowing that Ben was watching, she gave her hips a little extra wiggle as she walked, making her ass swing back and forth like the pendulum of a clock.

Whitney looked back over her shoulder as she reached her door.

Ben raised his eyes to hers and they smiled at each other.

She opened her door and gave Ben a wave as she disappeared from view.

As Ben turned to close his door, he saw Mrs. Moynahan standing in her doorway, giving him a rather disapproving look.

“Hello, Mrs. M,” he said, standing in his boxer-briefs. “How are you this morning?”

She’d almanbahis obviously seen Whitney leaving the apartment.

“I’m just fine, Benjamin,” she said. “And how is your girlfriend?”

“Oh, she’s still sleeping,” Ben answered, with a smile. “The three of us really wore each other out last night.”

He closed the door on Mrs. Moynahan’s mouth agape look of shock.

Ben took another long, hot shower. He needed it.

He opened the bathroom door and turned to walk into the bedroom. Gaby was still in bed, on her stomach. The sheet and blanket were down at her waist, exposing her bare back. Her hair was a mess.

He loved seeing her like this in the morning, especially when he knew was the reason she looked mussed.

Well, at least part of the reason this morning, he thought, with a smile.

He dressed quickly. As he switched the contents of his pants pockets from the slacks he’d worn last night to the blue jeans he wore now, he stopped to look at the black velvet box he hadn’t had a chance to give Gaby the night before.

He looked at Gaby again.

No, I don’t want to wake her, he thought. I’ll ask her when I get home.

He walked over to her. He leaned down and kissed her shoulder blade, then her shoulder. He reached down and pulled the covers up. He pushed the hair away from her forehead and planted a kiss there, too.

“I love you, Gabriella Sarsaparilla Armadilla,” he whispered.

His meeting was productive…and mercifully short. He’d get the contract — of that he was certain — and the big payday it would bring. He jumped in his Jeep and drove toward home, hoping that Gaby would be awake when he arrived.

He walked in the door of the apartment and called out softly.

Gaby answered him from the living room.

“Come here,” she ordered.

Ben turned and made his way down the short hallway.

Gaby sat on the couch. She had gotten dressed, sort of. She wore the sunglasses, gloves, stockings, and heels she’d worn last night. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

Ben stopped to admire her.

She got up and walked over to him without saying a word.

She pushed Ben back against the wall, then moved her hands down to his belt and unbuckled it quickly.

“What are you…” he began.

“Shut up,” she commanded.

She kissed his neck as she pushed his pants and underwear down, and let them drop to his ankles.

“When I opened that gift box, and saw those clothes, I remembered that unfulfilled special fantasy you have,” she said.

“Yeah, but I didn’t…” he tried to say.

She put a finger to his lips.


She let her hands fall to the bottom of his shirt and she pushed it up to his neck.

“What are…” he started to say, but she looked almanbahis giriş up at him and he stopped speaking.

She trailed her tongue down to his left nipple.

He tried to put his arms around her, but she pushed away his hands. She bit his nipple.

“Fuck,” he cried.

“Keep your hands to yourself, or I’ll stop,” she told him.

Gaby could feel Ben’s stiffening cock against her skin as she slowly dropped to her knees; licking and kissing her way down Ben’s stomach.

She moved her hands between his legs. Her left stroked his shaft, while the right cupped his balls.

Gaby placed her face within inches of Ben’s cock — her warm breath swirled around it — and watched the skin smooth out as he hardened. She was turned on. Her nipples were rock hard, and she could feel the wetness between her legs. It always amazed her that she could cum while pleasing Ben with her mouth.

She looked up at Ben over the top of her glasses.

“Look at me,” she ordered.

Ben complied instantly.

“Is this what you want, Ben?” she asked. “Am I your fantasy?”

“Oh, God, yes!” he answered. “Since the day I met you!”

She took the head of his cock between her lips, and began using both hands to stroke the shaft.

Ben groaned at the sensation.

Gaby quickly took him deeper in her mouth. Because of her petite build, they always had to start out slowly when having intercourse, but Ben was continually amazed at how she could devour him orally.

Gaby attacked his cock with her mouth, taking as much of him as she could and holding it there for several seconds as her hands continued their work. She let the cock slip out until just the head remained inside, then forced herself to take him even deeper.

Ben gasped each time she took him in.

Gaby began stroking him faster and harder.

She took her mouth off his cock.

“I know what you want, Baby,” she said. “I want you to do it! I want you to cum.”

Already getting close, Ben could barely speak.

“Are you sure?” he managed to ask. He knew that, outside of pornographic movies, not many women enjoyed the way he wanted his fantasy to end.

Gaby didn’t answer with words. She opened her mouth and took his cock deep once more, holding him there as his body trembled.

Her body trembled also. She tried to ignore the tingling in her pussy, focusing instead on Ben’s cock.

It only took another minute and Ben cried out that he was going to cum.

Gaby quickly pulled her mouth off his cock. She moved one hand to his balls and squeezed gently while she continued jerking him off with the other hand.

“Oh, Gaby, here I cum,” he cried.

“Yes, give me that fucking cum,” she yelled.

His body bucked, and he fired a stream of cum onto her face, almanbahis yeni giriş stretching across her nose and onto the sunglasses.

She jerked him even harder as she came at the same time.

Gaby closed her mouth as he fired again, spraying her lips with cum.

She moved the hand from his balls back to the shaft to keep a hold on the slippery cock.

His body jerked again and he fired onto her neck and chest.

“That’s it, Baby; give it to me!” Gaby demanded, her voice and body quivering from her own orgasm.

Gripping his cock hard, she milked him for every drop.

His knees nearly buckled as he convulsed again, and another stream of cum struck her neck and chest.

As he put his hands on the wall to steady himself, she took the head of his cock back into her mouth and ran her tongue over the foreskin.

Ben gasped. His now hyper-sensitive cock dribbled cum into Gaby’s mouth.

For more than a minute after he came, Gaby kept Ben’s cock in her mouth, licking him clean.

Tremors still ran through both their bodies when she let him slip free and looked up at him again.

“Mmmm, did I do it right?” she asked, a sly smirk on her face.

“Baby, that was fantastic,” he answered, still short of breath.

She kissed the tip of his cock again.

“Mmmm, another fantasy fulfilled,” she said.

“I bought the clothes for your birthday,” he said, “I hoped someday…but I didn’t think…”

“I know,” she said. “But, last night was all about me, and I wanted to do this for you today.”

He reached down to help her stand up. She leaned against him for a few moments, steadying herself.

“You came too, didn’t you?” he asked.

“Oh, yes,” she answered.

“I love that I can make you cum without even touching you,” he laughed.

“Don’t let it go to your head, my dear,” she teased. “I just get so turned on making you cum.”

She reached up to wipe the cum from her lips with the back of her right hand. Both gloves were covered with his sperm.

“I might need new gloves,” she said. “These are a bit messy.”

“I’ll buy you a dozen pair,” Ben said with a laugh.

She walked to the coffee table and picked up a hand towel. She began to wipe his cum off her face and chest.

He bent down to pull his pants up.

“So, I take it you enjoyed your birthday presents?” he asked.

“I did,” she answered. “They were all great, but I think I got myself the best present.”

They both smiled at that.

“Yes, Whitney was a great birthday present to yourself,” Ben said. “I don’t know how I’ll ever top that.”

“Well,” she said, with a smile, “I guess you’ll have to try harder next year.”

She walked past him into the hallway, heading toward the bathroom.

“What do you say we take a nap, then fuck in the shower before we meet my parents for dinner?” she asked over her shoulder.

He pulled the ring out of his pocket.

“Wait, I think I might have a better present,” he said.

As Gaby turned back toward him, Ben dropped to one knee.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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