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Freedom is in the eye of the beholder. To some, freedom is the ability to do what you want when you want it. That was the freedom I thought I wanted. I moved out when I wanted. I went to the college I wanted. I majored in journalism so I could write and do photography when and where I wanted. I even lived in a camper for a year, because I wanted to. It sounds great, right? The problem was I never felt free. I felt like I was still, in some way, doing what I was expected to do. I was buying into the idea that I needed to be independent by being a strong woman that provided for herself and stood on her own. The independent woman.

It was right before my 21st birthday, that my outlook changed. I was living in my camper in a beautiful campground in Tennessee. There was a lake, cabins if i wanted to go that route eventually, and I was not far from civilization. I had started working online as a virtual assistant to bring in an income and had even taken my graduate studies online. Everything was going great. I was also finding myself in chat rooms and meeting people, safely of course. That is when I met Ryan. We talked about everything from gaming to social issues and sexual viewpoints.

One night, while talking to Ryan, we got on the subject of current fetishes and how fetishes reflect society. I asked him how so, and he responded with something I had never thought about. He pointed out a chat room that he and I both were in. There were several areas within the chat site and all were based on some form of a fetish. He told me to look at the list. I did, and Ryan asked me if I noticed anything. He went on and said, “Look at the fetishes that are the most popular. Family, breeding, and submissive.” I did notice that each room had at least 50 or more people in them. All were active. It was then that I noticed I had never thought about it.

We talked about it for the next hour. We talked about how freedom for a woman could be the simple choice of being a true woman. I pointed out that I had always felt that women had lost their feminine nature in the drive for feminism. We had forgotten what it felt like to wear a dress, be sexy, be desired. It was now a bad thing to be pampered. If you were a woman who did dress sexy for a man, got their attention, and were provided for by that man that you were a golddigger or some sort of rinser or sugar baby.

That is when Ryan asked me if i had ever been with a Daddy before. I thought he meant in a father daughter sort of way and I said no. He laughed and told me, “No, a Daddy. A Daddy dom, a daddy type sweetie.”

I had to admit that I hadn’t. In fact, the first thing that came to mind was this idea of the sleazy old man creeping on the girls and saying “daddy’s canlı bahis home” as an intro to any conversation online. I told Ryan that and he said, “Well, I’m a Daddy dom. Have I ever creeped on you?”

I told him no. He responded a few minutes later with the invitation that would change my world forever. ” We are both in Tennessee right now right? How about this? You meet with me in a public place. We have dinner. I tell you what my ideal lifestyle is. I tell you what my idea of freedom is. That’s it. We go from there. If you never want to see me again, fine. It is all up to you.”

I didn’t know what to say at first. My first thought was all the horror stories of meeting people online. I mean there was a girl in Australia that had died at the end of her bad date. Part of me was screaming no, but what came out of my mouth was yes.

We set up a date and a time. When I got there, I started looking around for Ryan. He had told me what he looked like, and I had seen this picture of him in the chat room. I figured he was probably nothing like that, so I was setting myself up for anything and everything but what I had seen. A few minutes of standing in front of the bar was all it took. I heard a deep voice behind me. The kind of voice every girl dreams about when they are reading a romance novel.

“So, you did show up. Great first step.”

I turned around and saw a 6’1 brunette standing behind me. He was dressed in a cream white henley, jeans, and combat style boots. He had gold rimmed glasses and hair that was short but had that little bit of bang. His smile was nice and inviting. He was athletic, but not overly so.

I smiled at him and stepped to him. I found myself in a hug a few seconds later that felt warm and perfect. I felt my heartbeat faster, my stomach tighten, and my first thought was wondering what his fingers would feel like inside of me.

His voice shook me out of it. “We have three food choices. Pizza, dine-in, or food truck. Which one do you feel gives you the best escape?”

The question was said with such a stern and serious look, it took me a minute to realize that he was actually joking. I laughed followed by his laughter. He put his arm around my shoulders and we stepped over to the food truck. We grabbed some burgers and drinks and stepped over to this small sitting area by a fountain and small stone garden.

We made small talk for a bit, and the whole time I could not shake the image of his mouth on me, his fingers working me, his mouth suckling at my nipples. The thoughts were making me wetter and wetter. I even started to squirm. I tried to hide it and kept talking to him. I finally decided to get my mind off my own thoughts and ask him what his ideal lifestyle bahis siteleri was like, since he had mentioned telling me about it.

Before I could speak, he wiped his mouth and glanced up at me before taking another bite of burger. “Warm, wet, stretching, releasing, soothing.”

I blinked as he took a bite of the burger and swallowed. I must have clearly had the look of what the hell on my face because he smirked and then leaned over. He put his fingers on my cheek and leaned into my ear to whisper. “That’s what my mouth and fingers would feel like on your young sweet pussy.”

My eyes shut and my mouth opened in a small gasp. I felt his hand on my face move from just fingers on my cheek to his warm palm cupping my cheek. My legs were already spread a bit because of how we were sitting on the stone wall of the fountain and garden. I was in a simple cotton dress, denim jacket, and sandels. My cheek was just moving to his touch when I felt his fingers moving up my dress, to my inner thigh, and to my wet panties. He was rubbing lightly as his lips softly touched my neck.

“Do you like that? Do you like the thought of daddy touching you here?” His fingers began rubbing gently. Brushing against my wetness. I grabbed my bottom lip with my teeth.

“Do you want to feel daddy’s mouth on you kitten? Do you want to feel my fingers in you, pumping you, making you moan, making you feel free? Tell daddy, kitten.”

I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t answer. All I could do was sit there, in a very public place, feeling Ryan’s fingers brush along my panty covered wet pussy. For the first time I wanted to be a good girl. I wanted to feel daddy’s fingers in me. I wanted to feel him touching me, kissing me, teasing me, and making me do things. I wanted to feel daddy and be his good girl. I nodded only slightly and was about to say yes when he totally pulled back.

In one move, his hands were off me. He was sitting back as if nothing had happened. It was like you see in movies when the girl is day dreaming and the dream ends only to have her sitting in reality with nothing changed. I gasped and felt the cold air on my empty pussy. My belly ached. My face felt cold where he had been touching me. I felt so empty and cold.

Ryan took a sip of his drink and began crumpling up his burger wrappers. “So, Bella. How do you feel? Do you feel liberated? Do you feel liberated and independent? Or. Do you feel trapped and cold? Do you feel like you are trapped and unable to accomplish and fulfill what you need to?”

I didn’t answer at first. Instead I pulled my denim jacket around myself tighter even though it was only 70 degrees outside at most. I felt like it was 10 below. I heard him let out a small bahis şirketleri laugh. He stood up and held out his hand to mine. I looked up at him and put my hand out.

“What would set you free Bella?” I was looking up at him. All my life I had never been asked what would set me free. I was never asked what would make me feel fullfilled and free. I could feel his thumb rubbing over the top of my hand in long soft strokes. I was looking at a man that was maybe 5 or so years older than me. He was smiling at me softly. I licked my lips.

The voice that came out of me next was soft and small. it didn’t sound like my voice at all. “Being yours.”

Ryan smiled and tugged me up. He kissed me gently. His tongue licked at my lips until my lips opened. I felt his tongue slide into my mouth and over my tongue. Coaxing me to lick and lap back at his. I felt my hands grip at the back of his neck as I leaned up and into him, sucking his tongue like a cock. Moaning into his mouth like a whore. His hands rested on my waist as he groaned just a bit letting me suck his thick tongue. I felt him harden against me. All I wanted was to feel that hard cock in me. I wanted to feel it taking me over and over again, stretching in me, shooting hot cum into me.

Ryan moved his hands from my hips to my face and pulled me back giving me two short kisses. He smiled and brushed my hair back.

“Let me take you back to your camper.” He kept moving my hair back and smiling at me.

“Why my camper?” My pussy was drenched, nipples were hard, heart was racing. I wanted him in me now.

He leaned in and whispered to me. “Because daddy is going to take that dripping wet pussy.”

He took my hand putting it on his cock and continued. “Daddy is going to take this hard cock, do you feel it, yeah you feel it. That’s it. Rub it. Be a good girl. MMM. Good girl. Daddy is going to take that hard cock and thrust it into you bareback. I’m going to make you cum on me, on my cock, my tongue, my fingers.”

He moved one hand down to my flat belly. His palm flattened on my tummy as his cock twitched under the denim that was keeping me from touching him totally. He licked my neck and whispered. ” Then, after you cum all over me, I’m going to shoot into this tummy and make you my special pregnant beautiful girl. Do you want to be my special pregnant girl Bella?”

I nodded. I couldn’t stop myself. I wanted that. I wanted to be seeded by him. I wanted to be his special girl. His whore.

He pulled back and smiled. Taking my hand and leading me to the trash can to toss our trash in. I saw a few people looking at us, whispering about me. I couldn’t hear them but i was sure that I was a whore to them. For the first time though, I didn’t mind being a whore. I was Ryan’s whore. That thought brought a huge smile to my face as he lead me to his SUV.

He opened the door and let me in. This was just the beginning. There was so much more to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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