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The story of two neighbors and their friendship. There are scenes of one-on-one romantic sex (MF), group sex and bisexual sex (MM and FF). If this is not your thing, move on. Otherwise, enjoy, comment and vote.

“So here’s the thing…” Sam was driving over to the condo that she intended to check out. “I spoke to my old friend, Jane, who used to be a Vice-President of Brooklyn Mortgage. She left there a few years ago to start her own boutique mortgage house and she’s become very successful with some very high-end clients. She throws a lot of weight in the business. Here’s the way that she told me to do this. First of all, we’re not potential customers; we’re doing Jane a favor. The story is that she has a potential buyer but cannot come down and look at it, so she asked us to inspect it. See, it’s not on the market yet but this way, since it will be a private estate sale, we can get the inside scoop. I’ll do all the talking, you inspect the house. I have talking points and questions that Jane gave me to work from. Capiche?”

“Sure. You do your thing. I’ll be scarce.”

We drove for about an hour while Sam provided a running commentary. Fortunately, for me, I had smoked a big doobie before we left so I was feeling no pain. “Here we are,” she said. She made a few turns and turned into a small, gated community. “This place only has forty units and thirty-two of them are in these two buildings here along the road. There are eight villas and four of them are better than the other four. We are looking at one of the better ones. Ah, here’s the office.”

We parked. The landscaping in this place was impressive. It was like a tropical jungle with large, spreading ground palms and tall coconut palms towering above. The foliage was very shady and lush. A good sign. Marie, the site manager, showed us to the unit and opened it for us.

“I’m very pleased that Exclusive is interested in us. This is a very good community. We have original owners. I’m sorry to hear about Mr. and Mrs. Biddle.”

“What are the owner association charges,” Sam charged right in to the business.

“They’re high for this area but well worth it. They run about seven hundred fifty dollars a month. There is a guard at the gate until midnight. He is there year-round. The association maintains the clubhouse, the pools, the outsides of the buildings, the landscaping…the usual stuff. This unit is one of the four premium units because of the views, the privacy and a few extras which I’ll show you.”

We walked inside. Wow, this place was amazing. It contained four bedrooms, two with private lanais. The kitchen was new and some of the appliances still had stickers on them.

“How long has this been vacant?”

“The owner bought it a year ago and spent quite a bit on renovation, as you can see. He and his wife, an elderly couple, were due to move in from Washington, D.C. last week but he died of covid. His wife is on a respirator and it doesn’t look good for her. The children are looking for a quick sale to pay the estate and cover the bills.”

“Hmmm.” Sam stood in thought. I moved into the rooms. The master bedroom ensuite was quite large. Floor-to-ceiling windows opened onto a screened-in patio that held a small pool, a hot tub and a patio. The master bathroom was newly redone with a large enclosed rain shower and many mirrors. I went into the hallway and inspected the other bedroom, also nicely appointed with doors to the pool. It, too, was ensuite but the bathroom was significantly smaller. From there, I went into the utility room, with a new washer and dryer. It led into the garage, which was big enough for a car and a half. From there, I headed back in toward the living area.

The Living Room was large but cozy. It, too, had floor-to-ceiling windows that wrapped around two walls. One side opened to the patio where the sitting area was, centered around a table with a fire pit in the middle. The other area opened to a magnificent view of the ocean, which was a few hundred yards away. Although, there was little furniture in the rooms, you could imagine this was where the living room would be. The side facing the patio was where the den would go. In between the ocean view and the large modern kitchen was another room, probably a dining room. This room had large windows and another screened lanai.

“What are the extras that you were talking about?”

“One thing is the loft/office above this room. Come over here.” She opened a door that had a stairway. This went to the loft. The loft was another large room sitting above the dining room and the den. It, too, had large windows facing the ocean and the patio. This room was fantastic with lots of potential. Marie led us back down stairs. “There are lots of skylights. One extra was the push-button shades for when it gets too hot. Another extra is this.”

I hadn’t even noticed that between the living area and the bedrooms was an atrium. It was partitioned off by three half-walls with glass above. It was a big enough space for two people to bahis şirketleri sun or for an indoor garden. It also made the house look larger that it was.

“What’s the square footage?” Sam was scribbling notes like crazy.

“Thirty-eight hundred.”

“Mmmm. Okay, let’s see the exterior.” We went back outside.

“This one three thousand square feet and one less lanai. These two units are connected at the point where the master bedrooms meet. Designed to be angled apart to ensure privacy, that’s the point through which some communal lines pass, above and below. They face another two premium units with a lesser view and are closer to the clubhouse and common pool back there. The four lesser villas are back there.”

“Interesting design and use of space, or perceived space, to convey privacy. So the two apartment complexes buffer the road and that unit anchors the top corner of the property. This unit anchors the properties bottom corner.”

“Right. As you can see, the side and top border of the property is a stream that flows from the lagoon. There are bulkheads. You’re up nine feet from the water so there is little chance of flooding. Only once did the water ever reach the top of the bulkhead but it didn’t overflow.”

I looked around the building for signs of termites or decay and saw nothing. I was impressed. Sam and Marie went back to the office while I surveyed the property. As I passed on of the lesser villas, I heard laughter. There was a couple playing in their pool. They were nude. I was even more impressed with this place.

About ten minutes later, Sam and I left. In the car, she asked, “Well, what do you think?”

“Actually, I was gobsmacked. I loved the layout of the place. I loved the amenities. It must cost a fortune.”

“Jane told me that it can be had for five hundred thousand and the heirs will hold the paper. That’s a great benefit. I think they want to hide the sale. And, I think the condominium board is going to want to put it on the market for nine hundred thousand. I loved it. I want to live there.”

“I wouldn’t mind living there either.”

“Here’s what I’m thinking. I’ll make the deal through Jane. I have the money thanks to my late husband’s will. But what would you say to splitting it with me and we move in together?”

I was shocked! I even stuttered! “Well, w-w-we’ll talk about this. I have to think on it.” My brain was moving in a hundred directions. Did I want to lose my freedom or my independence? I like my castle. What happens when we disagree? How do we deal with that (let alone a thousand other things)? I was stuck; indecision is not one of my attributes. But then again, I rarely meet women whose sexuality is in line with mine, woman who are as compatible as Sam. Why would I want to lose that? “We’ll talk on this later after I work it through my head, all right. I’m not making a decision now.” There was a little tension in the car and it was very uncomfortable.

Just then, my phone rang. It was my friend, Teddy. He finally came down to his house on the key and was settling in. I asked him how his wife, Margie, was but he answered me cryptically. He asked me to come over to his place and he would explain. When he hung up, I told Sam about my call and told her to head for the bridge to take us to the island. I explained that this was my snowbird couple.

We got to his house on the Gulf of Mexico in a few minutes and it was just as beautiful as I remembered it. “This place is gorgeous,” said Sam.

Teddy walked out of the house. He looked a bit odd wearing a full-length striped caftan on a warm day. “Ray, my friend, you look great. This environment is taking good care of you.”

“Hey Teddy, what’s shakin’? Meet my friend, Sam.”

Teddy made a big showing of kissing and hugging her. “Are you taking good care of my buddy, Ray? Come in, come in.”

Once in his house, a thin waif-like man, made some ice tea and brought it out. “This is my lover, Magnus. And this is my other lover, Sidney.” Another tall and thin man, with very pale skin appeared.

“Where’s Margie?”

“Oh. Margie and I divorced some months back. She didn’t care for my new lovers or my new style of life. It was an amenable divorce. She lives in San Diego now. I still live in Chicago.”

“Gee, that’s too bad. I wanted to see her.”

“It’s all for the best. I can now live in the open, happily gay and in the lifestyle.”

“It’s good to see you, Teddy, and so happy. Sam and I have to move along now, we have some errands to tend to.”

“I’m having a big party tomorrow night. It will be a wild orgy. Will I see you two there?”

“I’ll get back to you, Teddy.”

Sam and I pulled out and headed back toward the mainland. “That was a strange visit, Ray. What was that all about?”

“Teddy. This new Teddy. Whew! They were my favorite couple. It was always good sex between the three of us. He was never so outwardly effeminate although… but he was never a diva before. His wife ran the show. Very inventive, bahis firmaları creative and sexy woman. Like you. Anyway, this new Teddy…this whole scene turned me off.”

“It turned me off, too. I have nothing against his sexual preferences but the queen scene turns me off.”

“Yeah, me, too. Raging queens with twinks! Ugh! Most of them creep me out. It’s just not my thing. Others can dig that scene, and there are millions who do, but it’s not for me. I’d be surprised if there were any women at his party. Probably, it will be a bunch of twinks like his lovers.” I said this with some sarcasm. “I think we’ll pass on the party. It’s too bad because I wanted you to meet Margie; she was the better half of this couple. Oh, well. I’ll call Teddy later.”

We drove back quietly. My head was spinning. This was way too much for one day and there was half of it yet to go. We were quiet on the way home and once there, we separated into our apartments. My brain was going a mile a minute. I rolled a thick doobie and sat down to consider things.

On the one hand, Sam and I match sexually. Our sex is always very, very good. That’s not something you want to throw away. Nevertheless, are we psychologically matched? Could we live together? To be honest, I’d have to say that we are pretty much well suited for each other. But living together? I don’t know about that. I’m kind of set in my ways having been divorced for so many years. But here’s the big one: Are we in love? I don’t think so, at least not yet. Could we be in love? Yeah, I’d say that’s possible.

In addition, of course, there are potential problems. What if we each own half the house, when happens if we have a fight? If things go south, it will be one hell of a problem for both of us. So what do we do? So many potentially devastating pitfalls.

If I say no to her idea, am I giving up a great opportunity? Here’s a chance to move into a fabulous house at a phenomenal price with a sexy woman who rings all my bells. How do you throw that away?

This was a lot to process and my head was truly spinning. We would have to talk through all these things to come to some conclusions. For now, I had to rest and clear out the cobwebs. I had to relax and look at the situation with clear eyes. Although it was my natural way, I had to stop over-thinking things and see what path the situation followed. I closed my eyes and meditated in order to get some rest and settle down.

A few hours later, I was still unsettled when Sam knocked on the door. She looked at me and said, “I’m sorry.”

“About what?”

“It was very presumptuous of me to ask you to go in with me on the house. I shouldn’t have. I could see that you have a problem with it so I came up with a better idea.”

“Yes, I am having a problem with it. What’s your better idea?”

“Why don’t we wait? I mean, I’m buying that place. I already called Jane and she’s taking care of the paperwork. I’m moving in there in a couple of months. And there is a new detail.”

“What’s that?”

“It seems that the adjoining unit is up for sale, too. It seems that the owners bought both, one as a residence and the other as a rental. They did this so they could control the decision of who could move in and also to use for guests. This couple was so loaded that it made for a wise choice. They could rent to people who were comfortable to their lifestyle.”

“Gee. That’s rare.”

“Jane says that it happens a lot. When they have so much money that they don’t know what to do with, they invest in personal space and personal security.”

“It’s nice to be able to do that.”

“Yes, but here’s the hook. Since the purchases were made ‘under-the-table’ so they wouldn’t have to pay taxes, they want to unload both properties quickly and privately. $475,000 for the one and $300,000 for the other. $750,000 for both in one purchase and they hold the note.”

“I agree that it’s too good to pass up. It’s worth far more than you are paying for it, it’s an awesome place and an incredible investment. It’s worth buying both.”

“So, here’s a new possibility. I’ll buy one, you buy the other. We can decide on our living arrangements later. Or, we could pass and wait a year? If we are still together, I can still sell half to you. We don’t have to make a decision now, right?”

“That is a good idea, Sam. I’m not ready to give up my independence. And, I have an awful lot of questions. Give me a day or so to chew on this.”

“Good. Now that that is settled, I’m not used to such tension! How about fucking me silly!”

I felt like a weight had lifted. We fucked that way, too, deep into the evening. I will say this; Sam had the sweetest tasting pussy I’d tongued in years. Furthermore, she sucks cock as if it was an art form, reveling in the swallow. She is multiorgasmic and takes a prominent role in seeking that pleasure and giving herself another orgasm. I would say that I am lucky to have had her move in next to me. Maybe I’ll keep her.

The next day, Sam took a ride kaçak bahis siteleri over to the new place and made out a list of things she need to buy. I stayed home and did some maintenance on some of my client’s websites. I called my accountant, Bernie, about the possibility of buying the condo. When I told about the deal, he told me to jump in with both feet. He told me that he would crunch some numbers and get back to me. I felt a whole lot better about the whole thing.

About midday, I received an e-vite from Ruby, the old girlfriend with the killer camel-toe I met on the beach. She was having a private sex party, by invitation only, at her place, a large ranch outside of town. We were asked to wear covid masks. How nice of Ruby to want safety in these fraught times, but I had a feeling that it was pointless. Nevertheless, it was for this Saturday and I responded quickly. I considered how much Sam might dig this.

Later, when Sam returned, I cooked a dinner of burgers and fries and told her of the invitation. I knew that she would be enthused.

“At least, I don’t have to worry about what to wear,” she giggled.

I also told her about my conversation with Bernie. She was very pleased and said that first thing in the morning, she would call Jane to set it up and Jane would get back to us with the next steps.

The week dragged along. This pandemic life sure is boring. I mean, how many times can you clean your house? Saturday arrived with Sam waking up in my bed caressing me.

“Are we going to have fun today? I’m very curious to attend my first sex party. It could be revelatory. I’m not sure how much further my eyes can be opened!”

“Is there something that you want to do?”

“At first, mostly watch but then…well, we’ll see. I mean, if everyone is creepy, we will make a fast exit. We’ll see how it plays out.”

“I doubt that will be the case. Ruby has some amazing friends. Personally, I’m going to enjoy it and I’m pretty sure you will, too.”

At one-thirty, we drove to Ruby’s house. We were about an hour late but I figured it was better to arrive after the festivities began. We were both wearing very little – shorts and shirts – the better to disrobe easily. We pulled into the ranch and it was something. After three marriages – and she was loaded through her family – she bought this ranch and it was sprawling. We heard music and gaiety with a lot of laughter. A pair of men dressed in drag parked in front of us and were walking toward the main house. One of them was very good looking and she/he was dressed to the nines in taffeta and chiffon. I muttered under my breath, “Madame George”, taking a cue from Van Morrison.

Sam noticed my musical put-down and said, “I think his ass is ice-cream. I mean, look at it. You have to agree.”

I said ruefully, “Yes, it is,” and then I added, “She has a great ass.”

“Now, don’t you feel better? That’s not like you.”

I felt shamed by what she had said. She was right. Where does this scorn for drag queens come from? I decided that I would work on it but not now as we were entering the circle directly in front of the front door. Ruby was there welcoming the drag couple. She waved to us and came running toward us. She was masked, as were we.

“Sam, meet Ruby, owner of one the World’s great camel-toes. Ruby…Sam.”

“So, you’re the one that gave my Ray a limp dick the other day. Pleased to meet you.”

“Which day was that? There are so many days when he’s limp when I’m through with him!”

“Ladies, ladies. The object is to keep me hard, remember?”

“Come this way and we’ll see what we can do.” Ruby led us into the house.

“Over there is the kitchen where there’s drinks and food. My houseman, Alejandro, is there serving. I let my staff off for the day but Alejandro would not miss this party for the world and he also enlisted a couple of servers, of a like mind, to help him. Now, over there is the dining room where you can set your clothes – just find a space.” She led us to the left. “Now, this is the living room with goes out to the deck, the pool, the hot tub, the sauna and so on. Completely private. If you want to play naked tennis, it’s that way. And back that way are the bedrooms where who the fuck knows what’s going on there. The den is set up as a mat room and it is that-a- way. Okay, you got it?”

She took Sam’s hand and went back into the dining room. “And now, you have to strip.” She cupped Sam’s breasts in her hands and said, “I want these later. Make sure you find me.” She turned and went into the living room and yelled to the forty or so revelers, “Let’s get crazy!”

“This certainly is an eye-opener,” said Sam as we started to strip down. In two seconds, Sam was down to her sequined black thong.

“You look great. Very hot.”

“Yeah, you think I’ll have fun? Now, get undressed and let’s wade in.”

I was just dropping my shorts. “Come, let’s take a tour.”

“Okay, but I have to get something to drink first.” We headed toward the kitchen. There were eight people there being attended. Alejandro was wore a black bow tie. That was the extent of his uniform. He was a man who was small in stature and yet possessed a ten-inch soft cock hanging between his legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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