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Author’s note:

Okay, chapter 7 ladies and gentlemen. I hope you all like it.

Also, this will most likely be one the last sexless chapter of this story, so be prepared for that if you want to continue reading it in the future.

Enjoy 😉

Connor’s POV:

What did I get myself into just now? This whole thing was bound to be a disaster from the get-go. It had been the exact display of this Dutch saying that Leo had taught me.

“He who burns his butt, has to sit on the blisters.” That had been hilarious when he told me. Now, not so much.

This should have been easy-going. With a down to earth attitude and not the slightest inkling of it being a big deal. But I had made a big miscalculation.

I was trying to collect my thoughts and think of all the things I had to say to my dad. We’d had the typical American Dream father and son relationship. Hell, the whole family was like that. Happy and without worries. Now there was a fundamental change that we had to deal with, or so it suddenly felt to me as I made my way through the trees and bushes leading up to the spot where my dad was hiding.

I almost mindlessly traced his exact steps. Like I’d done a million times before.

Of course he was here.

The steady stream of clear water that flowed by our yard looked beautiful as ever, reflecting the stars and the moon in perfect resemblance.

He was sitting on the old fallen tree that had been there ever since I was a child. It had been through many a season, yet it still looked the same to me. The stream was broad enough for a rowboat to pass through it, but that never happened. Maybe it was a creek? I wasn’t sure what to call it.

We used to swim across to the other side and be adventurous and stupid in the forest there. Eventhough we owned a piece of land with a perfectly good forest on this side of the stream, it was always more exciting to tread on forbidden territory.

Those were the times. When everything still made sense and I didn’t have to worry about watching the boy next door, Tommy, skinny dipping. I never knew what all that could mean back then. Now it all made sense. And yet everything was more complicated.

‘I’m sorry.’ I said to my dad’s hunched figure. His suit’s jacket was draped over the log along with his tie, and he had loosened a few buttons on his shirt. After a minute or so of me standing there and him sitting quietly, he patted the spot next to him gesturing me to sit beside him.

I did so gently, watching the small patterns in the stream that were conducted by the soft gush of a warm summer breeze. We stayed quiet for a couple of minutes. I wasn’t sure of what to say. I was torn between trying to guess what he was thinking, and wanting to yell at him for some reason. I wanted him to be okay with it because there was no reason not to be.

Hell, even grandma was okay, or so it seemed at least. Maybe dad was more like grandpa. That was a battle for another day.

After what seemed like at least an hour I heard him sigh. The suddenness of it startled me a bit. ‘Look, Connor… I just..’ he said, looking at me. Then he paused, thought for a while, sucked in a large breath and continued. ‘I didn’t really expect this. Hence my reaction.’ he said.

‘I can get into that, yeah.’ I replied. To be fair, even I hadn’t expected this whole big thing.

‘It’s just that… Your mother and I, we had our suspicions of course. The way you look and act around girls… You were never nervous, never blushing or stuttering. You didn’t like girls that way. Not like other boys did.’ Dad said, smiling to himself. ‘You have to explain that whole Caytlin charade to me sometime.’ He raised his eyebrow. ‘I just hadn’t expected… that just now. I didn’t even expect you to realise you are gay since it’s not even that obvious apart from the not being into girls thing.’

I felt content there, eventhough Ayden made me see that I shouldn’t worry about other people’s opinions on me being gay or being who I am. I was glad that dad confirmed the image I had of myself.

‘It was mom’s idea.’ I said.

‘Yeah, no shit. She was waiting for you to come out. She must’ve been ecstatic when you told her… Why didn’t you tell us together? That would have been easier.’ he said.

‘Well… I was drunk when-‘

‘Of course you were.’ Dad cut me off. ‘That’s just wonderful.’

I laughed softly. And nervously.

‘So,’ he continued, ‘How does it feel, huh? To be out in the open with it?’

I had to think for a second before I gave him an answer. How did it feel? ‘It feels… Better than ever, actually. Knowing that I don’t have to worry about it… Grandpa doesn’t seem too thrilled though.’ I said.

Dad laughed and grinned at me, ‘That’s because he and grandma are going to take dancing lessons now.’

At my confused expression, my dad explained. ‘He lost a bet with your grandmother.’ He said.

I still didn’t understand.


My dad kaçak iddaa sighed, ‘Sometimes I really wonder who you got that lack of brains from, Con. You better find a boy with at least three braincells to take care of you.’ He looked at me as if I was a high-schooler who couldn’t figure out 2 x 3.

‘Your grandparents had a bet going against each other on you being gay or straight, grandma won.’

What the fuck?


After I gave that statement some thought, I felt relieved though. But also a little used.

‘Well, at least you don’t have anything to worry about anymore. Means you can make room for all of the new things you have to worry about now.’ Dad said with a far away look in his brown, tired eyes.

‘Like what?’ I asked confused.

‘Like how to have safe gay sex, and how to get a boyfriend. You are NOT gonna be that lonely sad gay son all the stereotypical families have. Oh, and figure out how to get us some grandkids. Your mother might be happy and giddy now, but just you wait until she figures out what being gay actually means in terms of making babies.’ He spewed matter-of-factly.

‘Shit, dad! Don’t talk about gay sex! Better yet, don’t talk about sex ever. That’s so wrong,’ I scoffed. ‘And besides, I can always do the surrogate thing, or adopt. Hell, I’m not even sure I want kids at all!’

‘Oh bud, you have no idea how the world works do you?’ He said, his tone bittersweet as he looked up into the sky. ‘All those options become more abstract and unlikely when you grow older. I agree though, don’t waste time worrying about that stuff now. You have a life to live.’

I thought for a while, again. A heart to heart with him was very rare. It made me feel good though, knowing that we could still do it. Following my dad’s gaze towards the stars I replayed what he’d said in my mind.

‘I guess I don’t.’ I said finally.

My dad eyed me. ‘You don’t what?’

‘Know how the world works.’

A look of mild concern and guilt appeared in his eyes. ‘I guess taking you out of school and putting you in the show-off business wasn’t the best choice…’ he trailed off. He looked down at the twigs and leaves by his feet and shuffled them around a bit. ‘Are you going to be okay out there, Con? In London? I mean, I know you can handle yourself, drive and all that. But still… They sure made life easy for you in showbizz.’ Dad looked even guiltier now. ‘We did. Your mom and I. We should probably have put our foot down and made you finish school. Can you even do a British accent?’

I looked sheepishly into his eyes. Acting in such a big movie, going overseas without any supervision, having to live life and be responsible all by myself…

But then there was Leo.

‘Yeah, I’m going to be just fine dad.’

He was surprised and glanced at me as if to say “You sure?”. When I matched him with a determined look he nodded.

‘Good,’ he said as he smacked my back. ‘I’m proud of you, you know? We both are.’

‘I know, dad. Thanks.’

‘Then let’s join the gaylebrations, huh?’ He sniggered. I groaned and stood up from my spot, making my way towards the house along with my dad.

In a few short hours I would make my way to the airport and start a whole new chapter of my life.

Hopefully it would be the first chapter of a very, very long book.

Leo’s POV:

Toothbrush, laptop, wallet, cellphone charger, and most importantly: earphones.

I was packing up my suitcase and checking everything I might need on the way, including all travel documents neatly put together in a plastic folder in the order I’d need them at the check-in. A tip from Monica Geller.

I was making my last round through the bedroom when my phone rang. One look at the caller ID told me it was “;)”. More commonly known as Jeffrey.

‘Hey Jeff! How are you?’

‘I’m good L… Hey, listen-‘

‘I’m really sorry Jeffrey but I’m just about to leave for the airport. Any chance you can make this quick?’ I picked up my backpack with one hand and my suitcase with the other, my phone wedged between my cheek and my shoulder. I’d almost kicked open the door to the livingroom when I heard Jeffrey’s tone change.

‘Well, uhm… this is kind of important Leonard.’ He said in a strained voice. I promptly dropped my luggage on the ground and my butt on the bed.

‘Jeffrey, what’s going on? Is it your mom? Did it come back? The cancer? What do you need?’ I rambled on before he cutt me off.

‘No, no. Leo that’s not it. It’s… well it’s me, actually.’ My heart dropped straight through my stomach.

‘Oh god, Jeff.. What? What do you mean? You have cancer? Wh- when? How?’

‘No! No Leo, no. I don’t have cancer! It’s something else.’ Jeffrey sounded completely lost. It didn’t make me feel better at all.

‘Then what? Tell me! What is it? What do you need me to do?’ I was slightly panicking at this point. I felt a river of sweat run down my back, soaking my shirt. I heard a deep kaçak bahis breath and a long sigh on the other end of the line.

‘I need… I need you to get tested Leo. I’m sorry, I had no idea.’ I didn’t catch on.

‘Tested? Tested for what?’

‘Chlamydia. Look Leo if I’d known I would have never let anything happen between us at the gym. I’m so, so sorry. I really didn’t know… It turns out it doesn’t come with obvious symptoms.’ The tone of Jeffrey’s voice was so remourseful that I almost forgot what he said and just wanted to comfort him.

‘W-well. How do you know? I mean, do you know for sure? How did you find out?’ I asked hurriedly. This wasn’t part of my plan, so to speak.

‘Well, the test came back positive. I got it two days ago. My bi-monthly check-up. I’m so sorry… Look, they said it’s very treatable. My treatment starts in four days and they expect me to be cured in about a week from then. It’s not supposed to be very harmful, but still. Get tested asap. I don’t know what will happen if you don’t.’

‘Y-yeah, yes of course… Are you feeling okay?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, yes I’m fine. Don’t worry about me okay?… Look I’m really sorry for dropping this bomb on you just before you have to leave-‘

‘Don’t do that, Jeff. It’s not your fault. I’m glad you called me. I mean… well…’ A thought crossed my mind. One that I dreaded from the moment I’d heard the word “chlamydia”.

‘What Leo? What is it?’ Jeffrey still sounded very glum and guilty.

‘Well, what if it’s me? What if you got it from me in the first place?’ I muttered.

‘Nope. It was me. They said I’d had it for two weeks or so before we… worked out together.’ A small chuckle escaped his lips. I don’t know if I was just nervous or trying to make light of the situation, but I couldn’t help but chuckle along.

‘Well still, don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault.’ I tried to console him a little. I felt bad for him. Jeffrey is not the kind of guy who sleeps around a lot. Neither of us are. He must have been really unlucky.

‘Any idea how you got it? From who I mean?’ It was a rude question. But I was too curious not to ask.

‘I’d uhm… I’d rather not tell you. Not now anyway.’ He told me honestly.

‘No, of course. I’m sorry for asking, that was tactless. No worries… Thanks again, for telling me. Call me again if you need anything okay? Or just want to talk.’ I said.

‘Thanks Leo. I will.’ I could practically feel the relief dripping from his voice. ‘Hey, all set to go? Feeling nervous about going to London?’

‘Yes, I am a little. But it’ll be fine… I am going to miss you, you know?’ I mumbled. Jeffrey was silent for a while.

‘Yeah.. me too.’ He chuckled.

‘What’s so funny?’ I asked.

‘N-nothing.’ Jeffrey tried to contain his laughter on the other end.

‘Oh come on.’

‘Okay.’ He laughed. ‘I wad just thinking when you said you’d miss me.. You’ll, you know. Sort of have something to remember me by.’ This time we both laughed out loud. And didn’t stop for a couple of minutes.

We said goodbye a while later and hung up.

I sighed to myself, put my phone in my pocket and picked up my luggage again.

Minor setback, but time to go.

‘Finally got everything?’ I heard Lisa’s sleepy voice coming from my sofa as I walked into the livingroom.

‘Yeah, yeah Sleeping Beauty I’m all packed up and ready to go.’

She had crashed here after an amazing going-away-party my friends had thrown for me. It was a really nice way to say goodbye to them, since I was going to be staying in London for at least 4 months to shoot the film. The bittersweetness of it all was that I had only spent such a small amount of time with them before I had to go away again.

And the happy surprise I’d just gotten from Jeffrey of course. I tried to put that away for a moment though. I’d worry about that once I get settled in London.

I was both extremely excited and very nervous. I was finally going to meet Connor in real life.

I made sure to pack all my best outfits. Black and white briefs are sexy, right? I hope they are. Not that I was going to get the chance to show them off in front of Connor, but having them with me couldn’t hurt.

Everything was done and ready. Billy, Carmen, Danny, Gerard and Esther were going to pick us up in a few minutes to bring me to the airport and see me off. My flight was leaving in about two and a half hours. I had skyped Connor late last night, just before he had gotten on his flight. He was already waiting at the gate when we ended the call.

I had promised to skype him again once I would get on my own flight. By then he’d be around 2 hours away from London, just like me.

I was extremely nervous. The first thing I’d see when I got off my flight would be Connor. Actual, real-life Connor. Oh, man.

I made sure to wear something nice. A pair of slimfit jeans, a plain white T-shirt, black denim jacket and my darkbrown boots. illegal bahis I was ready to meet the guy I fell for. I just hoped I wouldn’t be all too obvious.

I heard the door to my apartement open and in came my friends.

‘Hey L, are you ready for your adventure?’ Billy said as he hugged me tightly. The small flutter in my chest was a reminder of how I was about to leave everything between the two of us behind. I felt like I was about to leaving an incredibly intricate jigsaw puzzle behind in Amsterdam, only to start working on a second one in London.

These last view days, and minutes gave me a boatload of thinking to do. Nonetheless, I couldn’t push away that giddy feeling that you feel when you stand in line to get on a rollercoaster you’re not really sure you want to get on.

‘Yes, I’m ready! I can’t wait to start with it all! I’m so ready to get out of here.’ I said.

‘Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?’ Danny cut in.

‘Oh, come on! You know I didn’t mean it like that. I’d never leave you guys like that.’ I said as I picked up my suitcases.

‘Here, let me help you with that.’ Billy said as he took one of the suitcases out of my hand. He struggled a little to actually lift it which made me laugh, but I knew he meant well.

A good-looking body is one thing, but I’m still stronger than him. As always. It’s good to know that some things do stay the same.

‘Here big boy, let me handle that.’ Danny chuckled as he snatched it from Billy’s hands.

Danny was big. Sort of our gang’s bodyguard really. His body was sculpted like a Greek God’s due to his gym-addiction. But I couldn’t complain.

When we made our way out of my appartement building Danny and I lifted my luggage into Esther’s pick-up truck. We all got in, Carmen and Esther in the front, the rest of us in the back. Carmen blasted a U2 song on the stereo. One of the many CD’s she and I had collected over the years.

We listened to the music together as Esther sped us off to Schiphol Airport.

I was becoming more and more anxious. Which shouldn’t be the case since I have lived in London for 6 months already during my internship. But now there’s Connor. And I was transformed back into an angsty teenager again.

It seemed like we arrived at the airport in no time. Esther parked the truck and we all got out. Danny grabbed my luggage and the rest started to say their goodbyes. Lisa flung at me with her arms wide open.

‘Oooh, I’m going to miss you so much! You remember the deal right? If you make it, I’m going to be your first red carpet plus one.’ She exclaimed as she suffocated me in a hug.

‘Hmmph- I’m going to miss you too Lisa… I’m going to miss all of you guys.’ In an instant I was crushed by all of them.

‘Good luck out there Leo, and be careful, yeah?’ Esther said, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

‘Come back a moviestar okay, big boy?’ Carmen kissed my other cheek. Danny just gave me a hug and smiled.

Gerard grabbed me and hugged me tight. ‘Don’t you dare get celebrityitis and come home a pretentious asswipe, understand? I can’t handle these kids without you Leo.’ I smiled when he pulled back. ‘I wouldn’t dare, Gerry. I’ll miss you.’

‘I’m going to miss you too, buddy.’

And then there was Billy.

‘Just be safe, okay? And don’t be nervous about that guy. I’m sure he’ll be head over heels for you.’ Billy hugged me tightly and smacked my ass. I squeezed his in return earning a squeal and a blush… and a poke. As well as a strange look from Danny and a raised eyebrow from Gerald when they caught each other’s eye.

‘I’ll be fine. You just worry about your own stuff, alright? Call me whenever.’ I whispered, only for him to hear. When he smiled at me I knew he knew what I had meant. ‘Oh, and take care of Mr. and Mrs. Bubbles for me, would you?’

‘Yeah, yeah. Don’t worry, I got it.’ He smirked. Billy loved those goldfish even more than I did. I hoped he wouldn’s steal them while I was away.

‘I’ll try to figure things out, and you come home with a boyfriend, deal?’ He smiled. Eventhough there was some hidden pain behind it which caused a pang in my chest.

‘Deal, hot stuff.’ I chuckled. And we released each other.

I picked up my suitcases, and gave my friends one last smile. ‘Bye, guys. I’ll call as soon as I get there, yeah?’

‘You better.’ Lisa and Billy said together. I smiled, turned around and made my way into the airport. My hands were shaking with nerves.

Today is the day, Leo. Make it, or break it.

Connor’s POV:

‘Sir, I’m really sorry but there’s just nothing I can do about it. You will just have to be patient.’

‘But you don’t understand. I don’t have time to be patient!’ I yelled, noticing the people that were seated around me giving me strange looks. I toned down my voice.

‘What am I supposed to do now?’ I almost whined at the flight attendant. She looked like a nice lady, but why couldn’t she just make it work?

Leo was going to be arriving at the airport in London at an hour or so, and I needed to get his flight information to know which arrival hall to wait at for him. I was going to be there in twenty minutes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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