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For the second time in 10 minutes I caught myself glancing in the mirror situated on the wall nearby.

I shook my head quickly, laughing inwardly at my desire to appear casual & carefree when in reality I was more nervous than I had been in a long time.

Picking up my glass, I took a sip and gazed around the bar at the crowd, willing my nerves to disappear. A man in his 30s smiled engagingly at me and indicated he wished to join me. Declining his offer politely, I moved my gaze to the outside street and saw him making his way through the hotel lobby.

My breath caught in my throat & I felt my cheeks flush with excitement. This was the effect that he had on me and he was seemingly oblivious to it. Quite maddening really.

As he entered the crowded bar I caught his eye & waved. He grinned his gorgeous grin and made his way through the throng to join me at our table in the corner.

“Hi spunky” His standard greeting made me smile & I stood to kiss his cheek. He smelt alluring, something slightly woodsy with a hint of musk. It made me want to explore where else this scent was and I couldn’t help but hope it was situated under his blue shirt.

“ came” I had been delighted when he had been able to meet up on such short notice. It was rare that I got into the city & even rarer to be child free.

He left to get drinks & I watched (ok drooled) as he walked away. Years of sport showed in his thick, muscular thighs & his jeans hugged his arse perfectly. It was an arse that made me squirm in my seat. I had wanted to feel it in my hands for months, to bite it & lick it & thoroughly explore it. My breathing grew a little ragged at the thought and my eyes travelled up his broad back to his thick dark hair. Hmmmm a girl could easily get distracted watching this man.

Returning with drinks in hand, we made small talk for a while before our usual flirty banter came into play. I couldn’t help but grin. How I loved this funny man, one of my closest confidants. And here I was ..about to put that relationship to the ultimate test & cross the line.

Reaching my hand to cover his, I looked him in the eye & uttered the words I had wanted to say to him for so long.. “Baby, I want you to come upstairs”.

The look on his face was surprise but not shock or horror. It was almost as if he had wanted to hear the words but wasn’t quite sure that he had.

I leaned over and kissed his cheek before whispering in his ear “I want you”.

He pulled away to get a good look at my face, waiting for the punchline so I thought I should make my intention crystal clear. Leaning into him I kissed his full lips, running my tongue lightly over them before catching his bottom lip between my teeth and sucking lightly.

The effect was immediate. His lips parted and sought mine, his tongue flickering into my mouth and seeking its mate. I surrendered myself to this oral exploration and danced almanbahis my tongue across his as my hands moved to run lightly across his chest before entwining in his hair.

Minutes passed but it could have been seconds or even years. The kiss was so hypnotic that I didn’t want to break away but knew I already had my answer to the question. He was going to be mine, even if it was just for a few hours.

I pulled away and took his hand before standing. We made our way quickly to the elevator, my hand held in his & our breathing uneven. As the elevator arrived to take us to the 19th floor, a family exited, giving us an empty space for a few moments. I swiped my card & pushed the button but didn’t wait for the door to close. Moving quickly I pushed him gently into the side of the cubicle and ran my tongue up his neck then licked and sucked gently on the flesh. My hands skimmed over his stomach making him gasp before they made their way to the buttons on his shirt. I moved my exploring mouth to the spot just beneath his ear & swirled my tongue firmly along the area, following it with firm kisses as I undid the first 3 buttons with my trembling fingers.

He groaned and pulled me closer to him as my fingers explored the top of his chest, tangling in the hair, nails raking across the skin.

I could feel him growing hard against my stomach which sent delightful quivers straight to my already heated core.

The ping of the door opening drew us apart but knowing privacy of my room was only a few feet away was so enticing.

As I closed the motel door behind me I heard him speak

“Nic, we..I; what?” I cut him off with a shake of my head. “No words”

I didn’t want him to question this, just enjoy it.

My mouth sought his again and his hands were on my hips pulling me closer. I pushed into him, feeling his heat, his strength & I let out a small moan. My fingers quickly undid the remaining buttons of his shirt and I all but ripped it from his body.

Bending my knees I turned my attention from his mouth to his chest. My tongue flickered across his body and my fingers grazed each nipple ever so slightly. Hardening instantly at my tough they almost seemed to beg for attention. My hot wet tongue danced across the puckered offering, licking it lightly at first before kissing it firmly, twirling my tongue around the points. My hand moved to the opposite one, twisting it gently in my fingers and tugging it in time to mimic the sucking motion I was giving to the opposite side. My own nipples were rock hard and I knew that I had to explore every inch of this sexy man right now.

I moved my free hand to the buckle of his belt and started to free it. His hands moved mine and he quickly undid it and began to unbutton the denim. I swatted his hand away. This was my prize, my reward..I called the shots & he was about to find out that I had a rather unusual dominant streak.

I almanbahis yeni giriş tugged his nipple hard and bit on the other. Not enough to injure but enough to make him gasp loudly. I stood back and started at him. His mouth was open and he was panting..the rock hard tent in his pants showed me what I already knew. He looked at me, his dark eyes penetrating mine and I smiled.

Without breaking eye contact I reached behind me & unzipped my dress. The silky purple material fell at my feet & I stood before him wearing a deep red bra with matching thong. My creamy white flesh made the striking contrast & I saw his eyes grow did something else.

Taking his hand I lead him into the bedroom. He removed his shoes quickly before I took over. I dropped to my knees in front of him and finished unbuttoning his jeans. Tugging them down slowly I greedily licked and nipped at his upper thighs, careful not to touch his straining cock that was barely contained in black briefs. Removing his pants & socks, I ran my fingers up the inside of his thighs, following with my tongue. Leaning in I breathed hot moist air on his cock through the cotton before skimming my tongue ever so slightly over the tip. It jerked beneath my touch and I laughed with delight. Repeating the process I felt Tony twist his hands in my hair, not guided or taking over, it was more like his silent way of begging for more, for release.

I pulled the material away and pushed it to the floor. His thick tool sprang at my face and my tongue licked greedily at the droplet of pre cum oozing from the tip. His flesh was hot and so hard. Trying to keep my control I let my tongue dance lightly over him, lapping at the flesh but quickly moving to a different place. His hips began to thrust, trying to get more and I pushed him onto the bed. Moving swiftly I spread his thighs and buried my nose against the base of his cock & starting lapping at his balls. I opened my mouth and sucked them gently, running my tongue over them & popping them in and out of my mouth. My fingers lightly ran up his thighs again before I slid them across to tease the space between his heavy balls and his tight little hole. I let his ball slip from my mouth and started licking firmly up his shaft as my thumb started rubbing more insistently on his skin and my index finger began to brush his puckered opening. He was moaning loudly now & was lost in the new sensations. My left hand grabbed his cock and I started stroking him while my mouth planted wet kisses on the underside of the thick head. I ran my tongue up to the tip and swirled my tongue into the tiny slit before taking his throbbing flesh into my mouth. Sucking firmly I took him deep into my throat, feeling each hot inch as he raised his hips.

My thong was getting soaked as I sucked and licked him harder & deeper. I could tell by his movements & noises that he was getting close.

I removed almanbahis giriş him from my mouth and he whimpered.

“Not yet baby” I whispered and leant back. He watched through heavy lidded eyes as I sucked on my finger.

I crawled a little further up the bed and found his mouth. Kissing his lips with passion I kept up the stroking motion on his throbbing cock. His tongue felt incredible against mine and I surrendered myself to his kiss. Pushing my breasts into his chest, I straddled his thigh so he could feel the reaction I was having to him. He raised his thigh to push against my wet mound and I began to rock against him. There was so much of this man that I wanted, no, needed to explore but my body wasn’t interested in that. It just wanted him; right then and there.

He sensed the change in mine intentions and acted upon in. His hands quickly removing my bra, he moved beneath me so my breasts were in line with his mouth. I felt his tongue biting at my nipple gently, and tugging firmly on the other.. mimicking the actions I had done to him. My body felt like it was on fire and he continued to tease & pleasure me. I grabbed his head and pulled him away before I lost control.

I tugged off my thong and moved to straddle him. I could feel his pulsing cock at the entrance of my slick wet opening & I lowered myself slowly, revelling in every single inch. Tonys hands covered my breasts and I leant into him for another one of his mind jolting kisses.

He thrust up hard at the same time that I drove my tongue deep into his mouth. I nearly screamed with the exquisite shock rolling through my body. He was pinching my nipples hard as I started to bounce up and down, rocking slightly in my motion to create the perfect friction. I ran my hands over his chest and thighs, wanting to touch all of him, to memorise each inch. I increased my pace, sliding up higher so he was almost out of me before slamming down onto him. He matched my movements and we were in perfect rhythm. Our tongues never stopped exploring each others as our tempo increased. I could feel the wetness coating both of us and my nipples were painfully hard beneath his touch. It was mind blowing and my body knew it. I began to grind on him and he moved his hands to my hips to hold me as he bucked up into me. Harder and faster we moved, his cock driving into my soaked pussy over and over.

I threw my head back as my body started to twitch; I was so close to the edge but didn’t want this ride to ever end.

My fingers moved to his nipples and I pinched them as hard as he was with mine and the result for both of us was immediate. Our movements became frenzied, he was driving up into me and I was grinding and bucking hard.

Then it hit ..the prickling heat danced through my body and with a scream I fell over the edge and coated him with all of my juice as I quivered and screamed. I felt him drive deep & hard before his roar in my ear, his hot seed filling me over and over again.

We both seemed to pulse forever before we fell slackened in each others arms.

Fighting for breath & willing the spots to disappear from before my eyes I looked at the man beneath me. My friend had just become my lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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