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After waking from a glorious nap, Stacey sat up and noticed it was almost dark outside. She found her clothes folded next to a crutch and a bottle of ibuprofen. She dressed and made her way to the cafe for dinner, where she ate an enormous amount of food for such a small tike.

After getting back to the bunkhouse, one of the younger girls of the group approached her and told her that Vicky had assigned her flyer shower duty tonight. She knelt and unwrapped Stacey’s ankle carefully before helping her into the shower, where she washed and rinsed every part of her thoroughly. Towards the end of the shower, she held her in a loving embrace and whispered in her ear.

“Vicky told me I needed to find out how good you are at oral sex. After lights go out I will come to your bunk, is that ok?” She started kissing her neck after she said it, and held her ass with both hands.

“I’ve never done it, but I will try.”

“You can practice on me. I’ll be quiet.” She smiled and kissed her on the lips. Stacey kissed her back. They dried each other off. Conveniently there was a roll of tape on her bunk that the girl used to re-tape her ankle, after wrapping it back up in the bandage. She stole glances of her Stacey’s sated sex while she tended to her, thinking about tonight.

Stace started listening in on the conversation across the room, where four of the bunks had been transformed into two little private cubes, with blankets. They were pushed together and the blankets were tucked under the top mattress on all four sides and dropped down, concealing the interior. One of the girls was practicing spinning a bottle on the floor.

“How about five minutes, is that enough time? Any longer and everyone else may get bored.”

“Five minutes should be good. Any longer and they may not come out.” They all giggled.

After all the girls had made their way back from dinner and were all showered and changed, the spin-the-bottle game was announced and was jokingly called a team-building exercise. Everyone formed a circle sitting on the floor and the bottle was spun. The first two girls the bottle stopped on climbed into one of the little nests, and everyone wondered if they were fooling around in there or not. The bottle next landed on Vicky. There were only four girls left playing at this point so there was a twenty-five percent chance Stacey would be it. The bottle came to rest between her and the girl next to her. Vicky blurted out “flyer!” and jumped up to help her into the remaining bunks.

Once inside Vicky pulled Stacey on top of her and just started making out with her. She held her head with both hands and kissed her with passion. She whispered as softly as she could:

“I set up a little present for you tonight, did Candy tell you yet? Or did you already get it in the shower?” She ran her hands down her back and cupped both of her cheeks, then moved one between them as the other found the back of her neck.

“She told me. It will be my first time.”

“Oh lucky you, she literally tastes like Candy. Enjoy her.” Stacey found herself rubbing her pussy against Vicky’s, their legs locked like two intersecting pairs of scissors. The moans coming from the other hidden bunk and Stacey’s full lips kissing her, along with the thoughts of a few short hours from now, was all just too much. Vicky continued making out with her for a good minute after they were informed their time was up, while the younger girl ground their groins together rather hard, and Vicky pushed back with equal severity.

“Hot,” Vicky said, “but unfortunately for us, times up. If you want, come visit my bed after you finish your Candy.” She nibbled her earlobe lightly after whispering the sweet something.

Stacey hobbled to her bunk immediately, looking for some respite in her book before the long night ahead. She again found herself earnestly awaiting lights out, but this time not for masturbation purposes. Her love button had been well taken care of today, it was soon time to pay it forward.

She practiced licking two fingers pressed together as she read her book, unconcerned if anyone was watching, they were all being just as naughty across the room, and she could hear it inside the little love cages.

Finally, the lights went out. Almost immediately she felt the tractable Candy climb under her covers, totally naked. She just laid there at first, the girls wrapped up in each other, letting their bodies slowly mesh. As they started kissing, Stacey’s hand found her bed-mates shaven genitalia, and instinctually started to press and rub her folds and her button. She felt Candy start to scoot up in the bed, and she started to move down, while she took a preview taste of her moistened fingers. She tasted a lot like herself, maybe a little sweeter.

She licked her. ‘Oh wow, she literally does taste like candy,’ she thought, as her mouth immediately locked on to her, her tongue flicking and tantalizing her little clitoris. It felt very natural and she wanted to taste her cum and put forth every effort Ümraniye Escort to see to it that it happened. Candy arched her back and quietly gasped, spreading her legs while rubbing Stacey’s head and thick hair with both hands.

As her eyes adjusted to the dark she realized they were probably being watched, but it didn’t discourage her as she gave it her all, sinking her tongue into another girl for the first time. She was enjoying it immensely, beyond what her imagination had afforded her fantasies, and she could tell Candy was too.

After several minutes of this relentless tongue lashing, Candy raised her nubile hips off the bed when she came in the flyers mouth, pulling her hair and clamping her head in her thighs probably a little too hard. Stacey drank it in, and kept on lapping, loving the intoxicating pheromones and delighted to please the other girl. Candy also wanted her to keep going.

She was multi-orgasmic and was hoping to give the beautiful flyer as much practice as she wanted, while she gave herself to her virgin mouth. She laid her ass back on the bed and sighed as she cupped her breasts and teased her own nipples.

Stacey brought her to orgasm two more times. She had already figured out that Candy loved her ass cheeks to be squeezed hard while getting licked rapidly, and this helped her come rather quickly the third time, not even very long after her second strong climax. After this, the girls shared a brief cuddle, before kissing for a few moments before Candy crawled out of her bed quietly and tiptoed back to her own, exhausted.

The little flyer wanted more and had already decided while eating Candy that her first night going down on girls was going to be an epic one. After a few pensive minutes, she silently made her way to Vicky’s bed and climbed under her blankets from the bottom of her bed. She felt Vicky’s legs spread, and her hands pulled her head to her pink pussy, already clearly moistened and yearning for her head. She tasted more bitter than Candy but still desirable. The mustiness of her pussy was dirtier, naughtier, and Stacey loved serving it equally as much.

She licked then nibbled gently on her outer lips, and then sucked on her inner lips and engorged clitoris, both bigger than Candy’s were. She fingered her with two fingers, something she hadn’t done to Candy while actually eating her. It took her considerably longer to make the older girl come.

She could imagine a girl with that much ink wasn’t averse to a little rough sex, and it just wasn’t the time or place for that. She kissed her goodnight after getting her off and crawled into bed, finally able to get some more sleep. She felt more like a woman than a girl as she drifted off. It had, after all, been quite the day of firsts.

When she awoke the next morning much of the pain in her shins and ankle had subsided, and she was actually able to put weight on it thanks to the wonderful job Candy had done taping it up. She recounted the images in her head of all the exploits of the previous day and night and giggled inside at how short a period of time it took her to go from perfectly innocent to substantially slutty. She loved it. She had always known she was a minx waiting for the right time to come out of her shell, and it had finally occurred in a rather remarkable way.

Most of the day she was allowed to observe and give herself time to heal. Natasha asked her if she was having a good time so far. She smiled.

“It’s what I was hoping it would be, and more.”

“That’s good to hear. Is there anything specific you want to work on, whether it’s one-on-one or otherwise?”

“I guess I could use some one-on-one. Back at school, I remember you talking about my discipline, I think I need to work on that.”

“Good answer Stacey. I’m willing to put in some extra time tonight at my place, after dinner. Considering you are missing training because of your injury, we can do some intensive discipline work, if that’s what you’re looking for.” Stacey gushed, both figuratively and slightly literally.

“I think I need that, don’t you coach?” She may be pushing it at this point.

“I know what you need far more than you do, and I’ll see to it you get it. Eight pm at my place, don’t be late.” The flyer showed up at seven fifty-five, proud of being so punctual for someone whose notoriously late all the time.

“Hi. How are you?”

“Coach Natasha.”


“Hello Coach Natasha, how are you this evening?” She pulled the girl in by her arm, then went around the cabin closing all of the blinds and shades.

“Oh, huh, sorry.”

“Say it.”

“Hi Coach Natasha, how are you?” Natasha let out a deep sigh.

“Stacey we only have a limited time to teach you some discipline. I realize at your age two weeks seems like a long time. Trust me. It’s not.” Natasha unbuttoned the top two buttons of her own shirt, revealing a bra that looked rather sexy to be wearing for such an engagement.

“What does discipline Ümraniye Escort Bayan mean to you? Address me how I’ve instructed you please.”

“Well Coach Natasha, I guess it means self-control? Practice?”

“Not entirely incorrect. For the purposes of our training, however, it will mean giving some self-control over to me, do you understand? In our exercises here it will mean paying strict attention to what I’ve said, and obedience.” Stacey felt a rush of excitement as her coach was taking control, like she had secretly wished for, and hoped this to be.

“Now, I know you’re smart, I know you get excellent grades. Try the greeting again.”

“Hello Coach Natasha, how are you this evening?” Stacey said, half-tempted to get it wrong on purpose.

“Ah, that’s a good flyer. Very polite, such poise!” She walked over to her and kissed her full on the lips. Not expecting this, Stacey found herself remembering they had recently become rather intimate.

“In the spare bedroom there, you will find some things laid out on the bed. Go change into them for me and then vacuum these floors,” she said, motioning toward a door and smirking.


“Excuse me?”

“As you wish, Coach Natasha.”

“Much better.” Stacey had the feeling she was going to enjoy this. When she saw what she was going to be wearing, she was sure of it. Laid on the bed were a pair of black latex panties that looked much too small for even her, a black lace body stocking that hid absolutely nothing at all, a collar, and one of those French maid’s headbands that nobody wore except to Halloween parties. She daringly closed the door to change, wanting to take the time to make sure she looked good in private before presenting herself to her coach.

She was getting gooey with anticipation of what tonight would bring as she struggled to climb into the latex underwear. It was restrictive and felt like it was cutting off blood flow to her legs but very sexy. Its small size made it so the part that covered her pussy was narrower than it should be. Its hems were tightly wrapping her outer lips rather than sitting in the creases where her legs met her pelvis. There was a hint of a camel-toe and it accentuated her bubbly but.

The silky lace bodysuit had a bow design and fit like a glove, and really made her look like and feel like a woman rather than an eighteen-year-old girl. The same effect came from the headband and the collar. The collar especially caused a tingly sensation in her psyche when she buckled it on, as she wondered if it was going to be just ornamental or practical as well.

She decided to take out her ponytail and quickly give herself twin braids on either side of her head so that Coach would see was making an effort to look the part. Looking sexy as fuck, she stepped out of the room and almost fell as she tripped on the vacuum placed outside her door. The coach was doing dishes, paying her no attention. She quickly plugged in the vacuum and started rapidly running it back and forth on the carpet.

Her coach walked over to her and placed one hand on her hip and one hand over hers on the handle, and guided her briefly so she was running it in a perfectly straight line, starting against the wall, at a more deliberate, slower speed. She watched as her student picked up on the queue perfectly, and ran the vacuum head at the same pace in a perfectly straight line next to the first pass, overlapping it just slightly. She gave her an approving nod and went back to the dishes.

With the vacuuming out of the way, Stacey cleverly got on her knees at the edge of the carpet near the kitchen and sat on her heels with her hands clasped behind her. Natasha couldn’t help but reward her with a large smile.

“You are a quick learner, flyer.” She placed a bowl of milk on the floor and stared at Stacey. Stacey took a guess what she wanted her to do and crawled over to it. She went to pick it up.

“Tah-tah-tah! Use your tongue not your hands. Drink it all.”

Stacey bent over and began lapping the milk, feeling increasingly naughty and submissive.

“Milk is good for your bones,” Nat said, as she circled her, stopping behind- her to grab a handful of the tight fabric covering her ass, and cut a large hole with scissors. She then carefully pinched a small piece of the rubber panties right at her opening, separating it from her body with the precision a surgeon may utilize, and also cut a smaller hole in those, nearly perfectly exposing her pretty pink vulva. She slapped her ass hard.

“Finish it faster.”

“Yes, Coach Natasha.” She lapped and slurped on the milk quickly, feeling herself becoming lubricated with her new exposure. Nat picked up the bowl suddenly and clipped a leash onto her student, guiding her with it to the living room. She pulled her to be facing the television, bent over a hassock, and sat immediately behind her, flipping on the television with a remote.

“Arch your back a little more,” she said as she pinched Escort Ümraniye another piece of latex away from her asshole, and cut another hole. “Spread your legs a little. I want you to look appetizing to me, do you understand?”

“Yes Coach, I’m here for your pleasure.” She left out the Natasha on purpose but figured she was too distracted by her eighteen-year-old snatch and asshole to notice, displayed as it was.

“It’s Coach Natasha. Pay attention and you get pleasure. Make mistakes and you get punished.” She spat right on her young ass and rubbed it all over the puckering hole. “What kind of shows do you enjoy?”

“Anything you want to watch, I want to watch, Coach Natasha.”

“That’s good. Spread your ass cheeks with both hands then, like a good, obedient little girl.” Stacey reached behind her and pulled the tight rubber into a partial wedgie so she could do as she was told. She squeezed her own cheeks as she pulled them apart, feeling more saliva drip onto her as her coaches fingers teased her anus gently, but also started to hint at probing her.

Stacey turned her head sideways, uninterested in the television, also allowing her to relax her neck and focus on keeping her ass wide open for her coach. She had never played with her own butt but was quickly learning how erogenous it was, as her breathing intensified and her face reddened.

“Spread those cheeks harder.” She felt a tongue flick against it and gasped.

“Oh, do you like that?”

“Yes.” ‘THWACK!’. She received a stinging spank.

“Yes, Coach. Coach Natasha. Do it again please.” ‘SLAP,’ another one, this time right on her quivering little entrance.

“Oh, you meant the tongue didn’t you, my bad.” Then she finally started rimming Stacey like she had been starving for her ass, pushing her tongue in as far as she could, then flicking and teasing the hole with the tip of it. Then penetrating it again. She touched her pussy briefly to confirm she was as wet as she was, as she smelled, but then left it alone. Tonight was about her ass, for now.

“WIDER!” Stacey wasn’t sure if she meant legs or bum so she spread both, as wide as she could. It was like being at the dentist when you keep having to open your jaw as it involuntarily closes, but far sexier. She then felt something breach her, not a tongue, she thought it was likely a finger. After the finger fucked her ass and she was spat on again, she felt two fingers invade her.

Slight discomfort turned quickly into pleasure and Stacey began fucking the fingers back, trying to rip her bum open with her hands while she thrust herself onto them, bucking. She wanted Coach to see how disciplined and eager to please her she was.

“Fuck me Coach Natasha, please fuck my little ass.” She could hear her coaches heavy breathing, she was getting off just knowing this was getting her coach off, without even having to touch her pussy. She just squeezed and spread her cheeks and legs with all her strength and gave herself to her coaches hand, ecstatic about being used as her plaything. She just wanted to exist at this moment to fulfill this woman dominating her, to satisfy every dirty desire she had.

“Good girl, you are going to be a good cheerleader yet, if you keep up this hard work,” Natasha said, as she spat on her again, and continued de-flowering her ass with her fingers. After a few more minutes of this, she suddenly disengaged. She walked to her room and came back out holding a flog. Stacey quivered slightly as the coach sat back down behind her. She started nonchalantly flipping TV channels.

“Oh, you can let go of your ass now.” She teased her reddened cheeks with the leather lashes, rubbed them lightly on her ass, and spun them so they just grazed her. She lightly whipped her occasionally. Then finally she ran them up against her wet, opened pussy after she found something to leave on the screen that wasn’t garbage.

“So tell me, has Victoria had you yet?” Victoria? Vicky!

“Kind of?” The whip makes a loud crack as it smashed into her tailbone, very close to a direct hit on her tenderized little asshole.

“YES COACH NATASHA! She had my mouth,” the flyer whimpers, as she suddenly realized this may get very real very fast.

“She’s a leader that one. Captain of one of the best college teams in the country. She’s well disciplined. Did you enjoy it? Was that your first taste of pussy?”

“Yes I enjoyed it. No, she had me eat out Candy first.” ‘Crack’ said the whip as it struck across both cheeks, stunning Stace so much that she didn’t even correct herself. Just cried ‘OW!’ and bit her lip, hard.

“Flip over, slut.” Stacey obeyed, even defiantly leaving her legs widely spread, and her neck arched vulnerably back in a show of surrender and trust. She whipped her belly, ribs, and breasts in rapid succession, hard. Unyielding, the feisty Stacey still didn’t address her coach by her title.

“You girls, playing your games, it’s no wonder you all seem distracted all the time. How did Candy taste?”

“Sweet, just like Candy actually, Coach Natasha.”

“Mmm, that’s what I’ve heard, yummy!” She lightly whipped the young girl’s pubic area, and continued, “I must admit Stacey, you taste pretty delicious yourself. Did you enjoy your massage yesterday?” She dipped a finger into her student, then sucked on it.

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