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Chapter 2: The Morning After

We had all fallen asleep in front of the fire, very romantic but not at all comfortable to spend the night. So after a while everybody got up and went to sleep in the bedrooms. We needed the rest as everyone had cum at least twice and the weekend was just starting.

I woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon. mmm breakfast. I go to the kitchen to see Kat and Steve preparing breakfast.

” Good morning everyone, need a hand with something?”

Kat comes over gives me a big wet kiss, and then says, “good morning lover and no we don’t need help, everything is under control here. Why don’t you go and check on Mel she just left to go take a shower maybe she needs help.”

“Ok If you think I can make myself useful somehow I’ll go”

I walk into the bathroom just as she’s getting in the shower stall; I’m greeted by the sight of her beautiful ass. Ho what a sight. She heard me come in so she turns around and asks:

“Coming to wash my back?”

“And anything else you need washed”

I take off my robe, climb in the shower with her and start washing her luscious little body. She takes the other sponge and washes me at the same time. Even though the stall is really big we do it on purpose to stay really close to each other, body parts touching constantly. This is arousing like you wouldn’t believe. We now rinse each other off of all that suds, Mel leans against the wall, grabs my head and pushes it down to her sweet pussy, and I get the message and do my duty. I start by licking and nibbling on her lips, I wanted to take my time and bring up slowly to her orgasm but she had other plans,

” Ho no you don’t, I wanna cum right now so stick that tongue in there and make me cum now pleeeasssse.”

What can a guy do? I went to town on that delicious pussy, tongue fucked her, sucked and chewed that clit like it was the last meal I was gonna have. In no time at all she started bucking and trashing, I had to hold on to her ass really tight to be able to finish her off properly. She then tensed up and bucked a couple more times and I felt her juices splash in my mouth as I tried to swallow it all. This is great I love getting someone off with my mouth. I get up, she still has her hands on my head she pulls my mouth to hers and gives me a deep French kiss as we share some of her pussy juice. By now I’m so hard I could poke a whole trough a wall. Her hand goes down, grads my stiff cock and rubs it up and down slowly, uncontrollably my hips buck and if she keeps that up I’m gonna shoot all over the stall.

Without a word she kneels down in front of me, grab my ass cheeks with both hands, puts her mouth on my cock, pulls me towards her and swallows my whole shaft in one gulp. I’m all the way down her throat my balls pushing against her chin, It’s so fucking good I start blasting off as soon as I hit the back of her throat, she swallows everything I give her without lifting her head off my cock. Spurts after spurts go down her throat. My legs get weak and I start to slide down to the floor. She lets go of me ankara evi olan escortlar and kisses me again, this time I can taste my sperm in her mouth but there’s not enough in there to share she swallowed it all.

She brakes off the kiss, looks at me with a smile and says:

“We better go and join the others, I think the breakfast is ready.”

“Good idea I need food to get some strength back.”

We get out of the stall and dry up.

We’re coming into the kitchen as Steve and Kat are putting the breakfast on the table. Good I’m starved. The rest of the morning is pretty normal, I mean no sex, and we talk and laugh, lot of catching up to do.

After breakfast, the weather ‘s nice so the girls decide they want to go shopping. Steve and me will stay home and relax.

After the girls leaves Steve decide to go take a shower, I go in my Dojo (place to practice martial arts); I get dressed in my Keikogi (martial arts practice uniform) and start on my daily practice. Sex maybe very very important to me but martial arts are my life, nothing is more important to me except my family. I’m right in the middle of a weapon Kata when my concentration is broken by Steve shouting.

“Hey man where are you?”

“Down here where the garage used to be.”

“Holly shit man this is nice, you converted your garage into a Dojo.

“Ya I needed a place where I could practice anytime I wanted without breaking everything in the house. Why don’t you change in one of the uniforms there and join me?”

“Good idea.”

I watch Steve get undressed, his cock is hanging there in front of me and it’s not completely soft, the man’s not thinking about martial arts, my mind is also wandering off. First time I’m in my Keikogi with a hardon, I never mix martial arts and sex. I can’t say I never thought of sex during practice, when you see a beautiful woman on the tatami (practice mats) stretching and sweaty from working hard, well your mind has to wander a little, but it never goes any further then dirty thoughts. My training is serious and those thought go away in a minute and I’m back at training. But this time it’s different, I’m not here with a student or fellow martial artist but with Steve, a buddy with whom I have sex with, so maybe this time I’ll make an exception and mix my two passions. Maybe we’ll do some ground work, I can just see us in a sixty nine on the tatami, his cock in my mouth pushing against my throat while I play with his balls with one hand and I have two fingers of the other hand in his ass. He’s sucking on my balls while jacking me off then his tongue goes down to my asshole and he tongue fucks my ass. Wow this is great.

As all this is going thru my mind, Steve is still getting dressed in the Keikogi, he looks up and sees me looking at his groin dreamily he says to me “should I keep getting dressed Sensei (teacher)?”

This brings me back to earth. “Sorry, Ya, sure, we’re not here to fool around we’re here to practice. Hurry up before I change my mind.”

As I say this the phone rings, I answer and ankara olgun escortlar it’s a couple of my students. They want to know if they could come and practice with me, I never say no at the opportunity to practice with others. So I invite them over. They tell me they’ll be here in five minutes. That’s it for the dirty thoughts.

We spend the afternoon practicing. We start with all the basic Chito-Ryu-Karate Katas then we go through Ju-Jitsu Kansetsu-wasa, Ken-jutsu Boken basic movements are practiced and Bo-no-Kata we then finish the session with my favorite Kata, Tensho with the intensity and concentration it deserves. That was an afternoon well spent. Everyone is soaking wet. The guys go take a shower while Steve and me stay in the dojo to talk and cool down.

“Say Sensei, (in the dojo everyone calls me Sensei even the ones that are not my students, like Steve) have you ever had a little fun with some of your students? Those guys are good looking and I’m sure some of the women are babes also.”

“Steve you’re a pig.”

“Hey you thought me well.”

“Ha ha smart ass. No I never fool around with my students or with fellow artists. I don’t mix sex and Martial arts. But I do have to admit that sometimes it’s hard to stay concentrated with some of the women that come to practice.”

The guys come back in the dojo to say thanks and they’re on their way.

“Care to practice a little more Steve?”

“Ya sure, what do you have in mind?”

“How about some grappling?”

“Good we didn’t do any of that today.”

We start off with some throws, followed by ground defense techniques. We then get into grappling. We both try different holds and locks on each other to get the other one to submit. The more we roll on the ground, the more I get turned on, then I can feel Steves dick pushing against me he’s so hard it’s like he’s got a weapon in there. We end up in a position like we’re almost in a 69 here’s my chance to get him to submit, I slip my hand in his pants and fish out his hard cock and start sucking on it like a hungry baby feeding on his mamas tit, at the same time a play with his balls. He’s good, I’m not really distracting him yet he still holds on to me to try to get me to submit, but I’ve got other tricks. I suck him deep in my mouth and when his cock hits the back of throat my hand slides down to his sweaty ass and I shove two fingers deep in his asshole. With one grunt escaping his throat he lets go of me and falls back he just lays there on his back savoring the moment. All of a sudden I let go of his dick and ass and spin around real fast and get him in a painful leg lock. He has no choice and taps out. I won.

“Hey you dirty cock sucker, that wasn’t fare.”

“When you’re fighting for your life everything is fare. But I have to admit, that wasn’t a technique that I would use on the street. But it worked.”

“Ya it worked all right, you sure threw my concentration off. But look at me now, I’m so frigen horny if I don’t get relief soon I’ll get a case of blue balls.”

“Ha poor baby come ankara sarışın escortlar here I’ll take care of that.”

He stands up beside me. His cock is now level with my face, I grab it and move my hand up and down on it, precum forms on the tip and I lick it. I grab his pants and pull them down. I lick and kiss his cock all over right down to the base where I lick the sweat off his ball and all around his groin. Did I tell you I love the taste of sweat, fresh sweat that is, not sweat from the day before or something, but you know when someone is really clean and then workout really hard, that sweat is nice and salty not bitter, love it. I’m now making love to his dick, kissing it, sucking it, licking it, I sense his legs give up. I lay him down on the tatami and go down on him again doing my best to give him pleasure. I push his legs up as I’m sucking on his cock, I then start licking down the shaft flicking my thong on the underside of it, when I get to his balls I put them in my mouth, sucking on them softly, I then start licking down further lapping up the sweat between his asscheek, licking his rosebud, sticking my tongue in his asshole, my hands are now free as he’s holding his legs up himself. I’m enjoying this as much as he is, I massage his dick with one hand while the other rubs his asscheek all the while my mouth is glued to his asshole tongue fucking him. He is now moaning loudly.

“HO fuck man I’m gonna cum. don’t stop oh fuck yessssssssssss”

I feel his cock jerk, cum is flying out the tip like a geyser, I let go of his asshole and glue my mouth to his cock and suck like a madman, I only missed the first spurt, it landed on my hand, the second hit the back of my throat and I swallow everything he feeds me, I can feel his cock throbbing in my mouth the is fantastic, I put two fingers in his ass his dick swells up one more time and I’m rewarded with two more big spurts of man syrup. I can feel his dick softening in my mouth I let it drop out as I take my fingers out of his ass. He looks at me and sees the cum on my hand, he grabs it brings it to his mouth and licks it clean.

“Holy fuck man that was good, I could just sleep now. But not before I take care of you.”

“You can take care of me later. You rest, I’ll go take a shower. I think the girls are back from shopping I hear the truck pulling in.”

I don’t think he heard what I said, he’s already asleep. I grab a blanket and cover him up.

I walk back into the house as the girls are coming in the front door with bags in their hands. I help them with the packages and kiss Kat, she must of tasted the cum on my lips cause she looks at me and says:

“Have you guys been naughty while we were gone?”

“Just a little, mostly, we practiced, some of the guys came up and we had a great practice session, Steve’s dead, he fell asleep in the dojo. I for myself was going to take a nice refreshing shower. Care to join?”

“No thanks, Mel and me are going up in the bedroom to try some of the outfits that we’ve bought, if you take too long you’ll miss the show.”

With that she blows me a kiss and turns around, grabs Mel by the waist and they head up the stairs.

That’ll be the quickest shower I’ve ever taken.


Until next time. Take care of yourself and enjoy life to the fullest.

If you liked this story, let me know.

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