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Sally, a long time hairdressing salon fan sits back in her lounge chair at home wondering when she should have another visit to her favourite beauty salon.

You see, Sally just loves the look and smell of an old fashioned ladies salon, even though she is in her early twenties, she just can’t resist visiting as often as she can.

The one salon she keeps going back to is located in a small narrow side alley off the main street. Not visible from the bustling crowds as they walk by, so you need to know the salon.

She likes that one mainly because it is very feminine looking, and they always have a nice variety of lovely capes. Yes, Sally likes the capes along with all the feminine attention she always gets from Bridget. Her hairdresser. Bridget is in her 30’s, very tall, with just below the shoulder blonde hair. She is certainly very attractive and always looks like a model just prior to a photo shoot.

Bridget always looks forward to Sally’s visits, as she likes the look of the young lady sitting in her chair under her total control. She also knows that Sally likes to sit there being controlled. She is also pretty sure she likes the capes, as on many occasions she has noticed Sally touching herself under the cape. At least, she is reasonable sure that is what she has been doing. But no problems for Bridget, this is something she likes and would like to enhance the experience and take it further.

Sally makes the decision to phone Bridget and make another appointment. Hi there, Sally here she cheerfully says over the phone. Can you get me in tomorrow morning around 10am she asks? Yes of course I can Bridget replies, is there anything special you want, and then silence. Sally felt that this was her opportunity to make a special request as she would just love to be dominated and have various capes put on her, but she just couldn’t bring herself to ask, even though there was an opening there for her. Oh, no, nothing in particular, can I just leave it up to you to do something she replies. No problems Bridget says leave it up to me I

I will see what I can do for you. With that she tells Sally to be there at 10am on the dot and puts the phone down.

Sally can’t help but think that she had an opening there, I should have taken it. I know Bridget has seen me play with myself under the capes, and I know she likes it.

At the same time, Bridget is thinking the same thing. Only she has a few ideas up her sleeve and makes a phone call to her friend.

The morning arrives, and it is now 9.30am. Sally has been busy showering and making her up to look as gorgeous as always. Stunning is the only word for her as she stands in front of the large mirror admiring her new clothes. Short peach coloured skirt with a crisp white short sleeved blouse.

She almost looks school girlish as she twirls herself around, smiles and makes her way to the door for the journey to the salon.

Walking up the alley way at 9.55am there is a definite spring in step. Sally is feeling on top of the world looking forward to a shampoo, cut and makeover, whilst secretly wishing there was something more exciting going to happen.

She opens the door and walks in looking over to Bridget with a friendly smile. Closes the door behind her and springs towards the reception desk. Hi Bridget, how are you today she says.

Great Sally, and you. Fine fine, I feel on top of the world today.

You look gorgeous in that outfit, very sexy I must say, oh, thanks Bridget, I feel sexy too.

Take a seat for a moment Sally; we will be with you in a moment ok. We? Sally asks, oh, yes I decided I would let my friend come in and do some training for the day. You’ll meet him shortly.

Sally takes a seat near the reception desks and finds herself looking around when she just realizes there are no other customers in the salon. This is very unusual for this time of the day she thinks.

Bridget, how come I am the only one here she calls out. Oh, no worries, Sally, I decided not to take any appointments during you time here ok; we have something special for you today. I think you are going to really like it.

Emmm Sally thinks to herself. Letting her imagination run wild she starts fantasizing about various scenarios and suddenly realizes she is being crazy. God I am here for a shampoo and cut, not to get horny. She shuffles slightly and puts her hand down between her thighs and loosens her panties a little as she starts to feel a bit too worked up. Her mind still races with various thoughts when Bridget comes from the back room and instructs her to go over to the shampoo cubicle. An area Sally knows all too well. She loves being reclined back into the shampoo basin with a vinyl cape around her neck. There is just something erotic about it she feels.

She gets up and wanders over in the direct of the cubicle where she notices a few changes.

On the wall next to the shampoo chair there is a new rack with about a dozen new capes hanging down. She can’t help but notice canlı bahis they are all very new, smooth and crisp looking. White, pink, shiny black, one with baby prints on it, and a few pastel colored nylon capes. They all look so inviting as she moves closer only to notice something else has changed.

The shampoo chair, it is not the usual small older looking black vinyl recliner. Instead, there is a new chrome framed very very high up recliner chair that looks like it should be in a gyn exam room.

It has a black seat and black back. Small chrome arms rails with no padding on. There is no foot rest either. As she stands there almost admiring this chair and feeling a little horny, she feels the hand of Bridget touch her shoulder saying, come on, step up on the steps and jump up onto the chair for me.

Sally takes a step on to the steps which are quite high on their own, she takes a large stride upwards and hops up on to the chair letting her legs dangle down in front of her, some distance off the floor.

As she sits there, she can see herself in a large floor to wall mirror that was not there on her last visit. She can’t help but stare at herself sitting there in this very high up chair. The seat must be at least chest height when someone is standing beside it. It feels so erotic she thinks to herself.

As she looks around and studies the chair a little more, Bridget goes back to the room out the back and tells Sally she will be with her shortly and to make herself comfortable in the meantime.

Sally continues to look around beside her chair and can’t help but study the capes. She leans out and touches one of the vinyl capes hanging there. It is a very pale pinkish vinyl, incredibly soft and smooth with a cartoon character print all over it. It feels so lovely as she runs her fingers down the cape.

As she looks around a little more admiring the new set out, her eyes go back to the chair she is sitting on. In the reflection in the mirror she notices that there is an attachment just under the seat area on each side. She is not sure what it is, but it looks like it slides out somehow, and just as she is about to touch it, Bridget comes out saying “oh, don’t worry about that”, you’ll get to find out what they are shortly. I’m sure you will like it.

Sally is now totally dumfounded as to what is going on, there is definitely something very different to her normal salon visit here. And just then Bridget goes over to the door and puts the latch down and says “we don’t want to be disturbed “, we need some privacy for your session today.

OH god, Sally’s mind is racing like never before. On one hand she almost wants to jump down off the shampoo chair and run for the door, but on the other, she knows something good is going to happen today.

Bridget walks back over to Sally, and just at that point her “assistant” comes from out the back.

Oh yes, yes, Sally thinks to herself barely controlling herself. There standing in front of her is this tall beautifully tanned hunk of a man with swept back shiny black hair. He is wearing a tight white tee shirt tucked into a perfectly fitting pair of blue jeans. His muscles clearly pushing against the material of his shirt making him look more like a body builder than a trainee hairdresser.

This is Anton, he is going to be assisting me today ok, hope that is alright with you Sally? Oh, yes Sally replies, barely holding back her intense excitement at the thought of this hunk running his fingers through her hair.

Great, Bridget says, let’s get started then. And with that she tells Sally to sit back into the chair properly, and then proceeds to recline the chair just a little.

Anton walks over to the selection of capes and asks Bridget if there is any particular one she would like to use today. Emmm Bridget replies, yes, I think Sally should have a nice white cape on today.

As Anton takes the cape from the hook and stands beside Sally, Bridget takes a lovely pink towel and wraps it around Sally’s neck and clips it together with a pin under her chin.

You can put the cape on Anton, she says, and steps back towards the basin.

Anton moves closer to Sally’s side where he lifts the white cape up over her body and brings it up slowly under her chin, and then proceeds to pull the neck band around to the back of her head where he pulls it very tightly and fastens the Velcro. That isn’t too tight is it Sally, he asks, no, that’s fine, just fine.

Anton bends over and positions the cape so that if flows over her body and sits down just to her knees and flows just slightly over the side arms rests.

Let’s lean you back now Sally, as Bridget adjusts the so that it reclines right back to almost a totally horizontal position. Anton puts his hand on Sally’s forehead and gently applies a little pressure pushing her head down and neck into the shampoo bowl opening.

Laying there Sally can’t help but feel so vulnerable. She feels quite stretched out lying in the chair which bahis siteleri is so high up in the air. As she lays there and looks slightly to her right at Anton, her head is about up to his chest. Such an unusual height to be at she thinks, but loving every moment of it.

She can feel the tightly fastened cape pulling on her neck under her chin. She likes that feeling as it reminds her she has a nice cape on.

Just as Sally starts to feel the calming effect of the warm water being run over her hair, she notices Anton moving to the bottom of the chair where she hears him fiddling with something that has a metallic sound to it. She hears a clinking sound and then a loud click. Not knowing what on earth it is, she looks to Bridget who is by now thoroughly wetting Sally’s hair down. Oh, don’t worry Sally, she says reassuringly. Anton is just going to put your legs up in the stirrups so that he can make you feel nice. Stirrups, my god, what stirrups she thinks to herself. She tries to lift her head to see, but Bridget holds her head down and tells her to stay still or she will have to restrain her.

Sally is trying her best to see what is happening, whilst at the same time she just wants to lay back and take whatever is coming to her. She is feeling so worked up, but also incredibly apprehensive and anxious.

She had almost forgot about her legs being lifted high up into the air when she feels Anton spreading her legs out to the side and then telling her to relax, just as he places her legs down with her calf’s resting down on the stirrup pads.

Her legs feel like they are ten feet in the air and spread so wide apart she can feel the draft between her thighs.

She then feels straps being pulled around her calf’s and fastened so that she cannot move her legs up out of the stirrups. She is now feeling very exposed, but loving every minute of the experience.

Ok, Sally, you can look up now, but just for a moment ok. And with that, Sally lifts her head and looks down over the white cape to see her legs spread apart in the exam stirrups. She can see herself in the mirror on the wall at the end of her feet. She can’t help but admire the view; it is so erotic and exciting that she immediately starts to get very wet between the legs.

Slowly letting her head rest back down into the shampoo bowl, she looks up to the ceiling wondering what is coming next.

She hears the crisp sound of one of the capes being taken off the hook, and she looks slightly sideways where she sees Anton holding a lovely pink cotton cape. It is so new looking, and can hear it opening up as he unfolds it before her eyes seeing the crisp lines of the creases where it was nicely folded.

As it unfolds she sees that it is a medium sized rounded cape, it looks so lovely she can’t wait for it to go around her neck. She lifts her head slightly so that Anton can place the cape around her neck and tightly ties it at the back. He lets the ties flow down behind her like apron strings falling down the back of someone with an apron on.

She lets her head fall back down into the basin while Anton fusses over the cape making sure it fits nicely around her neck and flows over her chest area nice and neatly.

There, he says, you are almost ready for us now.

As Bridget continues to lather Sally’s hair, she feels her wrists being held and placed to her side against the chrome arm rests, where she then feels metal handcuffs being clicked around her wrists and fastened to the rests. She can move her arms up slightly, but only a few inches and then the handcuffs prevent her from moving any further.

She then feels her legs being touched, and pushed slightly outwards more until she feels like she is stretched out to her max. Just adjusting the stirrups Anton says. All done.

From an outsider view point, there is Sally stretched out on the shampoo chair which is so high up off the ground, laying back into the shampoo bowl, fully caped tightly around the neck, and legs spread wide apart in exam stirrups. Just lying there ready for some fun. Her mind still racing with a variety of weird thoughts, but she is loving the feeling of the thick shampoo lather being gently massaged on her scalp with the warm water being run down through her long hair. She finds herself starting to moan and groan with ecstasy when all of a sudden she feels a large gag being pushed into her mouth. Ok, that will stop you from making all that noise. I know you are enjoying it, but we can’t have to crying out like that says Bridget, as she goes back to massaging Sally’s scalp.

Sally twists her head slightly to one side trying to see if she can see Anton. She gets a quick glance of him holding up a pair of scissors just as he moves around in between her legs. The thoughts running through her head at that point put a little fear into her, then she feels the cold metal of the scissors touching her inner thigh as it runs up to her private parts. Oh god, what is he going to do, desperately trying to call out, bahis şirketleri she can’t as the gag is placed firmly into her mouth and strapped behind her head. She can’t move her legs as they are firmly strapped into the stirrups.

She lays back and waits, and then just then realizes Anton is starting to snip away at her panties.

A sort of relief runs throughout her body as she feels her panties being pulled away from under her buttocks. She can definitely feel the cool draft coming between her legs, and all she wan

to do is move her hand down between her legs and touch her wet pussy, but her handcuffs prevent her from moving more than an inch or two.

Bridget stands back, takes another towel and wraps it around Sally’s head as she gathers up her long wet hair. She tucks the towel in and tells Sally that she is all done there, and now it is time for some fun.

Moving down to where Anton is now sitting (between her spread open legs), Bridget looks back at Sally and smiles. Leans over and touches her gently running her fingers along the side of her pussy and spreading the sticky slippery pre cum.

Anton asks if he can play now, and with that Bridget tells him yes, but to be gently for now.

Sally eyes widen even more in anticipation of what is coming next. She tries to move, but can’t. And resides to the fact that she is just going to have to lay there restrained and take whatever comes.

She hears the sound of items being clinked together and moved around. Use that one, she hears, that should feel really nice inside her Bridget says.

As Sally lays there spread open for all to see, she starts to feel something cold touching her lips, and being run around the inner inside of her thighs, then moving up slightly and slowly being inserted inside her. As she feels the object slowly going inside, she voluntarily tries to spread her legs even further apart as she starts to enjoy what is happening to her.

The feeling of a slow vibrating sensation starts to run through her body from down below getting slightly faster and faster as she feels the object being pulled in and slightly out ever so gently.

Then she feels Bridget’s fingers caressing her clitoris, it feels so gently and smooth as her fingers slide around inside making her eyes water with pleasure.

She can feel herself stretching out in the stirrups and pushing her thighs against the large vibrator that is now well and truly deep inside her vibrating as it moves around.

Sally is trying to scream out in pleasure but finds herself frothing at the sides of the mouth as the gag stifles her cries.

Thrashing form side to side in the chair and pushing back and forth she can feel herself starting to cum, and tries to slow it down as she doesn’t want it all to end.

Anton leans forward and gently runs his hands down the inside of her thighs as he moves the vibrator in and out with the other hand.

Bridget puts her hands on the upper inside of Sally’s thighs and tries to spread her legs a little wider as she sees Sally starting to cum. Sally is pushing so hard down on the vibrator it pushes Anton’s hand back where is thrusts it back in just as Sally explodes in the most exhaustive orgasm she has ever had in her life.

If feel like forever that she lays there slowly thrusting back and forth getting slightly slower and gentler on each thrust. She doesn’t want it to stop as the feeling of her orgasm slowly recedes and she finds herself settling back down into the reclined shampoo chair.

Anton and Bridget continue to gently caress her inner thighs and tease around her pussy as Sally tries to sigh as she lays there heart beating out of her chest, and sweating profusely. She feels the vibrator being slowly withdrawn from inside her, and tries to wriggly around to stop it. But to no avail, the vibrator pulls out that last inch and she closes up almost with a snap.

Bridget then takes one of the pink towels from the shelf, runs it under the warm water and commences to wipe around Sally inner legs and over her pussy cleaning any mess away.

The warm towel feels so sensual between her legs; Sally starts to feel horny already.

I think it is time for you cut now Sally, Bridget calls out. We can have a little more fun later, so for now, just lay back and relax, and Anton will take your legs out of the stirrups ok.

Sally lets herself just totally relax as she feels herself falling into the chair with her arms sliding down the inside of the arms rests, only to be halted by the cuffs around her wrists. Here, I’ll undo these for now Bridget says, and with that she unfastens the handcuffs, and lets Sally’s arms flop down beside her. Almost totally exhausted from the experience, Sally just wants to lay there enjoying the moment.

Anton proceeds to undo the straps around the stirrups, and then lifts her legs up and over them letting them come down and flop down in front of the chair.

Sally sits up with the help of Bridget where she sees the stirrups sticking out to the sides and in front of the chair. She can’t help but think how menacing but exciting they look. She has never been spread in stirrups like that before, and secretly dreams she can do it again.

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